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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ My answer to this point will be more philosophical than empirical.
▪ In fact, the 14-member group will put forward a more philosophical statement.
▪ Putting aside more philosophical speculations, what does it tell you about the future of, er, your job?
▪ Or perhaps it is an opportunity to be more philosophical, less clinging, over money?
▪ A conundrum for minds of a more philosophical cast than mine.
▪ Another more general philosophical argument is closely linked with the theory-dependence of observation.
▪ It hardly needs saying that how this story is told will depend upon philosophical argument.
▪ These fundamental rights are variously described and vindicated by a variety of philosophical arguments to which we can not do justice here.
▪ Such philosophical arguments can go on endlessly as is the nature of philosophy.
▪ What constitutes meaningful is the basis for a philosophical argument.
▪ If the philosophical basis for these inroads into the general principle is paternalism, what legal bases or justifications are there?
▪ Mobilizing the media and millions of teachers to explain Article 18 would have meant explaining the philosophical basis of the secular state.
▪ This, too, offers a philosophical basis for liberalism.
▪ They do not indulge in philosophical debate on pain or the meaning of a cry.
▪ Many of us realize that this is a deep philosophical debate about the future of this country.
▪ This lasting antipathy coexisted in his mind with a rare mastery of philosophical debate and classical literature.
▪ He will replace Clark, who last week was forced to resign because of philosophical differences with the business-oriented council majority.
▪ There are no philosophical differences between me and the senator.
▪ For meditation, yoga or for a philosophical discussion, try a blend of frankincense, myrrh and cedarwood.
▪ I use e-mail a lot, and have had many productive philosophical discussions this way.
▪ This is rather like an attitude one might take to the philosophical discussions about whether we have free will or not.
▪ And at least he could rely on Freeborn to answer it without initiating a philosophical discussion about the basis of the self.
▪ Such a religion might also contain certain philosophical ideas, ideas which could be deduced from apriori reason.
▪ While its philosophical ideas reached every sphere of social life, it is its relationship with the arts that interests us here.
▪ The strength of the general reason for the ordinary belief depends partly on the resolution of large philosophical issues.
▪ Neither Jantzen nor McFague really gets to grips with the philosophical issues involved.
▪ Most recent work is often concerned with philosophical issues within feminism itself.
▪ Agreement on philosophical issues does not risk endless postponement, as does agreement in the special sciences.
▪ Nevertheless, some general, if brief, discussion of some of the more directly relevant philosophical issues may help clarify matters.
▪ In the other three novels frothy dialogue and sparkling wit tend to overshadow the deeper philosophical issues at stake.
▪ Never a department to succumb to philosophical fashions, it continues to represent a wide variety of philosophical positions and approaches.
▪ They are each used here to gesture at a range of philosophical positions.
▪ The philosophical position I have just outlined is not like a scientific theory: it can not be tested experimentally.
▪ There was no single discipline of ecology created in response to a theoretical initiative, or to a particular philosophical position.
▪ Moreover the ontological reductivist can not state his own philosophical position coherently.
▪ It is possible to distinguish, albeit rather grossly, between two contrasting philosophical positions regarding the relationship between theory and data.
▪ Normative theory specifies how things in society ought to be, given a desired set of outcomes and philosophical position.
▪ He argued that such a philosophical position could not cope with the phenomena of dreams and especially hypnosis.
▪ Organic farming frequently encounters such philosophical problems.
▪ There are security issues, there are philosophical problems that I have with it.
▪ Philosophy Modules have been developed to introduce students to the major philosophical problems.
▪ There appears to be a philosophical problem here.
▪ It is a philosophical problem, a fact recognised by scientists themselves on both sides of the argument.
▪ Unlike Searle he admires Derrida, and believes that he is genuinely concerned with major philosophical questions.
▪ This can not in itself resolve the philosophical questions which underlie the controversy.
▪ Star Trek raises deep, even philosophical questions in a school panto environment.
▪ I want now to turn to a less philosophical question about my passage from my armchair to the kitchen.
▪ Putting aside more philosophical speculations, what does it tell you about the future of, er, your job?
▪ The seat of awareness is a subject of philosophical speculation.
▪ This subject is one which all Eastern religious and philosophical systems thoroughly understand.
▪ These aim at implanting basic skills and making students acquainted with some fundamental topics and some classic philosophical texts.
▪ An examination of Lacanian psychoanalysis will therefore assist in developing my thesis that philosophical texts represent a form of self-construction.
▪ We can trace the process of self-constituting, meaning-producing activity in the examination of philosophical texts 6.
▪ Such a view of the human subject requires us to change our interpretations of philosophical texts.
▪ The idea that acts of love are inferior to principled acts is a deep-rooted philosophical tradition.
▪ Out of which great religious or philosophical tradition does the call of compassion come to you?
▪ The unique features of Bruno's universe arose from an original blend of several philosophical traditions.
▪ Whether these characterizations apply equally well in all situations for all philosophical traditions is a question that I leave open.
▪ The feminist criticism of this volume is the more powerful because its contributors come from a variety of philosophical traditions.
▪ In the philosophical tradition there have been two tendencies with respect to epistemological concerns and concerns about the social order.
▪ Which means: was there a single philosophical tradition, running from Al-Kindi to Averroes?
▪ Yes, there was one philosophical tradition.
▪ Rousseau's philosophic writings
▪ He will replace Clark, who last week was forced to resign because of philosophical differences with the business-oriented council majority.
▪ In the philosophical tradition there have been two tendencies with respect to epistemological concerns and concerns about the social order.
▪ Reagan had amply demonstrated his political creativity and philosophical consistency in his earlier Supreme Court appointments.
▪ Such philosophical arguments can go on endlessly as is the nature of philosophy.
▪ The people concerned, however, do not cross over to make a philosophical point.
▪ This can not in itself resolve the philosophical questions which underlie the controversy.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Philosophic \Phil`o*soph"ic\, Philosophical \Phil`o*soph"ic*al\, a. [L. philosophicus: cf. F. philosophique.] Of or pertaining to philosophy; versed in, or imbued with, the principles of philosophy; hence, characterizing a philosopher; rational; wise; temperate; calm; cool. -- Phil`o*soph"ic*al*ly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c.; see philosophy + -ical. Related: Philosophically.


a. 1 Of, or pertaining to, philosophy. 2 rational; analytic or critically-minded; thoughtful. 3 detached, calm, stoic.

  1. adj. of or relating to philosophy or philosophers; "philosophical writing"; "a considerable knowledge of philosophical terminology" [syn: philosophic]

  2. characterized by the attitude of a philosopher; meeting trouble with level-headed detachment; "philosophical resignation"; "a philosophic attitude toward life" [syn: philosophic]

  3. characteristic of or imbued with the attitude of a philosopher or based on philosophy; "that breadth of outlook that distinguishes the philosophic mind"; "their differences were philosophical" [syn: philosophic] [ant: nonphilosophical]


Usage examples of "philosophical".

In Rome in the early years, Christians often paraded their ignorance and lack of education, associating independent philosophical thinking with the sin of pride.

Moreover, Padmasambhava warns that without having developed a high degree of attentional stability and vividness, even if one apprehends the nature of awareness, it remains only an object of intellectual understanding, leading merely to philosophical discourse at best and dogmatism at worst.

Moreover, all these Buddhist philosophical schools share in common a wide range of contemplative practices, such as techniques for enhancing attentional stability and vividness.

Her Hands ignored this philosophical inquiry and proceeded to make room for herself at the hearth, swinging her solid little bum deftly back and forth like a battering ram.

To thee, and to the philosophical Strode, To vouchesafe, where need is, to correct, Of your benignities and zeales good.

One hundred years before the birth of Christ, a philosophical treatise, which manifestly betrays the style and sentiments of the school of Plato, was produced by the Alexandrian Jews, and unanimously received as a genuine and valuable relic of the inspired Wisdom of Solomon.

There is no method of reasoning more common, and yet none more blameable, than, in philosophical disputes, to endeavour the refutation of any hypothesis, by a pretence of its dangerous consequences to religion and morality.

I was listening to the philosophical discourses of the Bonze, every word of which I heard and understood, and was trying to laugh him to scorn.

She sounded quite philosophical about it, and yet Brat could have sworn that when he came up she had tears in her eyes.

Ferraris farm Bray sang a little and muttered certain philosophical remarks about the fact that there were probably no really important events in any one area of the universe.

To which is added historical, philosophical, and explanatory notes, translated from the French of Raymond de St.

With historical, philosophical, critical, and explanatory notes, from Raymond de St.

Philosophical Transactions contain the account of a case of hydronephrosis in which there were 240 pounds of water in the sac.

The first is a hypostatized legend, the second a metaphysical personification, the third a philosophical hypothesis.

To this epoch of ardent abstractions and impassioned logomachies belongs the philosophical reign of Julian, an illuminatus and Initiate of the first order, who believed in the unity of God and the universal Dogma of the Trinity, and regretted the loss of nothing of the old world but its magnificent symbols and too graceful images.