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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
infinity pool
▪ This invariably shows some modest dip in earnings in the immediate future to be followed by continual improvement stretching to infinity.
▪ She had wanted the night to stretch into infinity - but of course it had not.
▪ Regular payments stretching into infinity are definitely out of fashion.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Infinity \In*fin"i*ty\, n.; pl. Infinities. [L. infinitas; pref. in- not + finis boundary, limit, end: cf. F. infinit['e]. See Finite.]

  1. Unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity; eternity; boundlessness; immensity.
    --Sir T. More.

    There can not be more infinities than one; for one of them would limit the other.
    --Sir W. Raleigh.

  2. Unlimited capacity, energy, excellence, or knowledge; as, the infinity of God and his perfections.

  3. Endless or indefinite number; great multitude; as an infinity of beauties.

  4. (Math.) A quantity greater than any assignable quantity of the same kind.

    Note: Mathematically considered, infinity is always a limit of a variable quantity, resulting from a particular supposition made upon the varying element which enters it.
    --Davies & Peck (Math. Dict.).

  5. (Geom.) That part of a line, or of a plane, or of space, which is infinitely distant. In modern geometry, parallel lines or planes are sometimes treated as lines or planes meeting at infinity.

    Circle at infinity, an imaginary circle at infinity, through which, in geometry of three dimensions, every sphere is imagined to pass.

    Circular points at infinity. See under Circular.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French infinité "infinity; large number or quantity" (13c.), from Latin infinitatem (nominative infinitas) "boundlessness, endlessness," from infinitus boundless, unlimited" (see infinite). Infinitas was used as a loan-translation of Greek apeiria "infinity," from apeiros "endless."


n. 1 (label en uncountable) endlessness, unlimitedness, absence of a beginning, end or limits to size. 2 (label en countable mathematics) A number that has an infinite numerical value that cannot be counted.


n. time without end [syn: eternity]

Infinity (Journey album)

Infinity is Journey's fourth album, released in January 1978 on Columbia Records. It was the band's first album with vocalist Steve Perry and the last to feature drummer Aynsley Dunbar.

Looking for a stronger lead vocalist, Journey briefly enlisted Robert Fleischman and even recorded a few tracks with him, one of which, "For You", later appeared on the Time compilation album and Fleischman's solo album Perfect Stranger. Fleischman was soon replaced by Steve Perry, due to musical and management differences. Fleischman would later resurface as the first singer of the glam metal band Vinnie Vincent Invasion.

In "Feeling That Way", Perry dueted with keyboardist Gregg Rolie, who sings lead vocals on "Anytime".

"Patiently" was the first song Perry and Neal Schon wrote together. Perry wrote the lyrics, in which he expresses the sadness of being on the road and away from home, while also expressing admiration for the band's fans, and Schon wrote the music for the song. Other popular singles included "Lights" and " Wheel in the Sky". The latter was co-written with temporary frontman Fleischman.

Journey's manager, Herbie Herbert, enlisted English producer Roy Thomas Baker to engineer Infinity. Baker produced a layered sound approach, similar to his work with Queen, as demonstrated on tracks such as "Winds of March". In addition, Baker's method of stacked harmonies, notable on several other albums he produced, became trademarks of Journey's sound. He achieved this by having each vocalist (usually Perry and Rolie, sometimes joined by Valory and/or Schon) sing each harmony part in unison. This had the effect of making three or four voices sound like more, and is notable on the songs "Feeling that Way" and "Anytime", which are often played in tandem consecutively on radio stations as presented on the album.

The addition of Perry gave the band a more mainstream sound, and helped Journey attain their highest chart success to date.

Infinity (disambiguation)

Infinity (∞) is the notion of boundlessness in mathematics, philosophy, and theology.

Infinity or infiniti may also refer to:

  • Infinity (philosophy), in the metaphysical sense, the state of unboundedness
Infinity (comics)

Infinity is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Infinity first appears in Quasar #24 (July 1991). The character was created by Mark Gruenwald and Greg Capullo.

Infinity (Devin Townsend album)

Infinity is the third solo album by Canadian musician Devin Townsend, and the first released under his real name. The album was released in October 1998 on Townsend's label, HevyDevy Records.

Infinity (band)

Infinity is a Eurodance band from Norway that formed in the late 1990s. Its current members are Kjell Gabriel Henriksen from Asker and Birgitte Moe from Bærum.

Infinity (film)

Infinity is a 1996 American biographical drama film about the early life of physicist Richard Feynman. Feynman was played by Matthew Broderick, who also directed and produced the film. Broderick's mother, Patricia Broderick, wrote the screenplay, which was based on the books Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! and What Do You Care What Other People Think?, both written by Feynman and Ralph Leighton.

Infinity (audio)

Infinity Systems is an American manufacturer of loudspeakers founded in 1968. Since 1983, Infinity has been part of the Harman International Industries group headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. Infinity produces packages for a range of audio applications, including multichannel surround sound home theatre packages, in-wall home speakers, and marine applications. Other products include powered subwoofers and car audio amplifiers.

Infinity products are installed as an option in Hyundai Motor Group vehicles, some Mitsubishi vehicles from the 1990s to 2006, and many Chrysler vehicles.

Infinity (Deep Obsession album)

Infinity is the debut album from New Zealand pop duo Deep Obsession. The album peaked at No.8 in the New Zealand album chart, and included three No.1 singles.

Infinity (upcoming video game)

Infinity is the postponed massively multiplayer online space simulation video game originally intended to be the first game built on the I-Novae engine by I-Novae Studios. While the I-Novae engine has been in development since 2004 (as a personal project until 2010), development of Infinity never started.

In Infinity, the player controls a spacecraft and travels throughout a galaxy trying to make a name for themselves. Players will be able to connect to an online server on which large numbers of other people are playing in a persistent world.

A pre-alpha combat prototype was launched in 2006 and a tech demo video was released in 2010. In 2013, the development team announced the postponement of Infinity the MMO and a new plan to fund Infinity: Battlescape, a space combat game, through Kickstarter.

Infinity (John Coltrane album)

Infinity is an album credited to John Coltrane, released on Impulse! Records in 1972. It features overdubs with strings of Coltrane's pieces recorded in 1965 and 1966, at the hands of Alice Coltrane. Her controversial "re-imagining" of her husband's late works was criticised by both fans and critics, as she took his original performances and superimposed them over lush orchestral backgrounds and re-dubbed rhythm section parts, as well as recording new solos on piano, organ, harp and timpani.

Tracks 2 and 3 were originally recorded by the "classic quartet" ( John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones) in 1965, while tracks 1 and 4 were recorded by Coltrane's later ensemble ( Pharoah Sanders, Alice Coltrane, Garrison, Rashied Ali, and extra percussionist Ray Appleton). On the 1965 tracks, Alice retains the original rhythm section parts, adding string and tamboura parts only, but on the 1966 tracks, Garrison's bass parts are replaced with new recordings by Charlie Haden, and she herself records new solos.

Infinity (philosophy)

In philosophy and theology, infinity is explored in articles such as the Ultimate, the Absolute, God, and Zeno's paradoxes. In Greek philosophy, for example in Anaximander, 'the Boundless' is the origin of all that is. He took the beginning or first principle to be an endless, unlimited primordial mass (ἄπειρον, apeiron). The Jain metaphysics and mathematics was the first to define and delineate different "types" of infinities. The work of Georg Cantor first placed infinity into a coherent mathematical framework. In Judeo-Christian theology, for example in the work of Duns Scotus, the infinite nature of God invokes a sense of being without constraint, rather than a sense of being unlimited in quantity. In ethics infinity plays an important role designating that which cannot be defined or reduced to knowledge or power.

Infinity (Plavi orkestar album)

Infinity is the seventh album by the Bosnian rock band Plavi orkestar released in 1999. It contains a greater usage of keyboards unlike in their previous work.

Infinity (Guru Josh song)

"Infinity", also known as "Infinity (1990's... Time for the Guru)", is a song by British acid house musician Guru Josh. It was originally released in December 1989 as the lead single from his debut album of the same name. The song was re-released in 2008 in a remixed version called "Infinity 2008" and enjoyed renewed success in many countries.

Infinity (Lee Morgan album)

Infinity is an album by jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan released on the Blue Note label. It was recorded on November 16, 1965 but not released until 1981 and features performances by Morgan with a quintet featuring Jackie McLean, Larry Willis, Reggie Workman and Billy Higgins. The album was reissued on CD in 1998 as a limited edition.

Infinity (End of Green album)

Infinity is the debut album of German alternative metal band End Of Green. This album was released by Nuclear Blast in 1996 and re-released by Silverdust Records in 2002.

Infinity (EP)

∞infinity∞ is the first mini-album from Japanese singer Emi Tawata under the label Techesko. The album managed to reach the #110 spot on the Oricon ranking and charted for 4 weeks. This mini-album includes a reggae cover of Fumido's "Yura Yura." and the song Negai no Sora which managed to get the #1 spot on the Indies chart as a single.

Infinity (Girl Next Door song)

"Infinity" is the fifth single by the band Girl Next Door and it was released on June 10, 2009. Infinity was used as the theme song of Japanese drama Atashinchi no Danshi.

Infinity (AberMUD)

Infinity is a MUD, a text-based online role-playing game, founded in 1993.

Infinity (de Rivera)

Infinity is an Abstract sculpture, designed by Jose de Rivera and created by Roy Gussow. It is located at the south entrance, of the National Museum of American History, at Madison Drive, and 12th Street, Northwest, Washington, D.C.

It was dedicated on March 28, 1967. It cost $104,520. It slowly rotates on its base.


Infinity (symbol: ) is an abstract concept describing something without any bound or larger than any number. Philosophers have speculated about the nature of the infinite, notably Zeno of Elea, who proposed many paradoxes involving infinity, and Eudoxus of Cnidus, who used the idea of infinitely small quantities in his method of exhaustion. Modern mathematics uses the concept of infinity in the solution of many practical and theoretical problems, notably in calculus and set theory, and the idea also is used in physics and the other sciences.

In mathematics, "infinity" is often treated as if it were a number (i.e., it counts or measures things: "an infinite number of terms") but it is not the same sort of number as natural or real numbers.

Georg Cantor formalized many ideas related to infinity and infinite sets during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In the theory he developed, there are infinite sets of different sizes (called cardinalities). For example, the set of integers is countably infinite, while the infinite set of real numbers is uncountable.

Infinity (K-Space album)

Infinity is the third album by British- Siberian experimental music ensemble K-Space. It was released in the United States in August 2008 by Ad Hoc Records, an affiliate of Recommended Records, and was a new type of CD that is different every time it is played.

"Infinity" will not work in a standard CD player and requires a computer to play it. Each time the CD is played, supplied software remixes source material located on the disc and produces a new 20-minute musical piece. The CD cannot be paused or fast-forwarded, and there are no tracks to select. The only controls available are "PLAY" and "STOP".

The music produced by the CD is electroacoustic improvisation that is rooted in Tuvan shaman ritual music.

Infinity (McCoy Tyner album)

Infinity is an album by McCoy Tyner released on the Impulse! label in 1995. It was recorded in April 1995 and features performances by Tyner with Michael Brecker, Avery Sharpe, Aaron Scott and Valtinho Anastacio. The album won the 1996 Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental Performance (Individual or Group), while Michael Brecker won the Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental Solo for the track " Impressions".

Infinity (Jesu album)

Infinity is a full-length studio album, and the ninth overall release by British post-metal band Jesu. While it is a full-length studio release, Broadrick has made it clear that he does not consider Infinity to be Jesu's third official LP. The album consists of a single song, lasting approximately fifty minutes, with all instrumentation performed and recorded entirely by Justin Broadrick. The album was initially released on CD in a six-panel sleeved digipak. The vinyl edition was released in a run of 1300 copies, of which the first 400 are pressed on grey vinyl and the other 900 on standard black vinyl.

On August 19, 2009, Daymare Recordings released Infinity as a two-disc set in Japan, with an exclusive second track, not featured on version previously released worldwide.

Infinity (Charice album)

Infinity (stylized as ∞) is the second international studio album (fifth overall release) by Filipina pop and R&B singer Charice. The album was released exclusively early in Japan on October 5, 2011 by Warner Bros. Records.

Charice launched a seven-city tour across Asia in order to promote the official Asian release of the album in Summer 2012. The tour began on March 2, 2012.

The album's release in America was planned, but eventually cancelled.

Infinity (Vivid album)

Infinity is the debut album released by the Japanese band Vivid. This was released in two different versions: a limited CD+DVD edition, and a regular CD only edition. It is the band's first studio album and first album after going major with EPIC Records. The regular edition came with an extra track, "EVER". The song "live your life" was also used as a theme song for the multiplayer online role-playing game Dragon Nest.

Infinity (Guru Josh album)

Infinity is the debut album by English acid house musician Guru Josh, released in the UK in July 1990 by BMG Victor Inc. The album features the single " Infinity" which was released in December 1989 and reached number 5 in the UK Singles Chart on 24 February 1990.

Infinity (Infinity Ink song)

"Infinity" is a 2012 song recorded by music production and DJ duo Infinity Ink. The duo found fame in 2012 through "Games" on the Hot Creations label followed quickly by "Infinity" on the Crosstown Rebels label, released on 14 May 2012. The single was certified platinum by the Belgian Entertainment Association.

The song was sampled by Flo Rida on his 2013 single " Can't Believe It".

Infinity (Shtar album)

Infinity is the debut studio album by Jewish hip hop band Shtar. Produced by then-drummer David Epstein, the album was originally released by the independent Shemesh Music label on May 2, 2010. After the band was signed to the larger indie label Shemspeed a year later, it was re-released by that label on March 5, 2012.

Infinity (Yann Tiersen album)

, also known as Infinity, is an album by French musician Yann Tiersen released in 2014.

Infinity (comic book)

"Infinity" is a 2013 comic book crossover storyline that was published by Marvel Comics. Written by Jonathan Hickman with artwork by a rotating team of artists including Jim Cheung, Jerome Opeña, and Dustin Weaver, the series debuted in August 2013 and ran through November 2013.

The storyline concerns issues built up in multiple Marvel comic books as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative, primarily Avengers and New Avengers. These issues include a threat to the universe by an ancient race of aliens known as the Builders. The second is the mysterious ailments plaguing the universe with Earth at the center. The third is the political ramifications these events have on Earth's relationship to the rest of the galactic community.

The story itself involves Thanos attacking Earth while the Avengers are in space uniting the universe against the Builders, with the events of the 2013 " Age of Ultron" storyline acting as a catalyst for the rest of the universe to formally target Earth. The various tie-ins tell Thanos's attack from the perspective of various Marvel characters.

The aftermath of the event leads directly into the " Inhumanity" storyline, in which the Terrigen Mist is released throughout Earth, activating the latent abilities of dormant Inhumans.

Infinity (Russian band)

Infinity are a Russian electropop group whose two main members are Tatiana Bondarenko and Aleksey Kutuzov. The group formed in 1999 under the name Black and White. Bondarenko writes the lyrics and music, while Kutuzov works in mixing and sound production.

In 2006, the group adopted their current name, and released their debut album ('Now and Forever'). The album went on to sell over 60,000 copies, gaining gold status in Russia. In 2007, the group signed with Gala Records, and in 2008 released their follow-up album (Where are you), which enjoyed success in the Russian charts and radio. The lead single from the album, self-titled "", was particularly successful, winning a Golden Gramophone at the MTV Russia Music Awards in 2008. By this time, the group had become very successful in the digital music market, selling over 1 million digital downloads of their tracks.

The group won Russian Grammy awards, in 2008 and 2010.

Infinity (wargame)

Infinity the game (also known as Infinity: A Skirmish Game) is a tabletop miniature wargame with 28mm scale metal miniatures that simulates combat and special operations in a Science fiction environment created by Gutier Lusquiños of Corvus Belli. The games aesthetics are largely inspired by Manga, particularly the work of Masamune Shirow.

Each player controls a set of miniatures to represent soldiers on a tabletop battlefield, taking actions during play to achieve their set goals and prevent their opponent from achieving theirs, while also seeking to destroy their opponents soldiers.

Unlike many tabletop games, the rules for Infinity are freely available for download and supported by a fan-made but officially endorsed wiki.

Infinity (producer)

Jordan Suecof (born December 2, 1983), known primarily by his alias Infinity, is an American producer. He is best known for his work with artists like Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly, Ciara, Jacob Latimore, and Ludacris.

Infinity (role-playing game)

Infinity is a role-playing game published by The Infinity Company in 1979.

Infinity (Mariah Carey song)

"Infinity" is a song by American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey from her sixth compilation album, #1 to Infinity (2015). It was released by Epic Records on April 27, 2015, as the only single from the album. Carey wrote the song in collaboration with Eric Hudson, Priscilla Renea, Taylor Parks and Ilsey Juber. Carey and Hudson also produced the track. It is an R&B song; the lyrics are about Carey putting herself first and emancipation. However, many critics likened the content to the singer's separation from her then-husband, entertainer Nick Cannon.

Critical response to "Infinity" was positive, with Carey's vocals and humorous songwriting praised. Particular emphasis was placed on the reference to Fritos. In the United States, the song reached number eighty-two on the Billboard Hot 100, and charted on several R&B component charts. In Europe, it peaked at number twenty-seven on the UK R&B Chart, and made the top twenty in Spain and top thirty in Hungary. Carey performed a medley of her 1990 debut single " Vision of Love" with "Infinity" at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Live! with Kelly and Michael and Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The accompanying music video was directed by Brett Ratner and filmed during one of Carey's Las Vegas residency shows.

Infinity (One Direction song)

"Infinity" is a song by English-Irish boy band One Direction from their fifth studio album, Made in the A.M. (2015). It was released as a promotional single on iTunes and Apple Music on 22 September 2015. The song was at first announced as the third official single from the album, but was eventually scrapped in favour of " History".

Infinity (series)

Infinity is a series of visual novel video games mainly developed by KID. The first game in the series, Never 7: The End of Infinity, was originally released for PlayStation in 2000, and was later ported to other platforms. Since then, four more games have been developed, as well as a remake of the second game. The first three games were directed by Takumi Nakazawa, and the first four were planned and written by Kotaro Uchikoshi and composed for by Takeshi Abo. The fifth was written by the otome writing group Run & Gun, and featured sound production by the band Milktub. Alongside Memories Off, Infinity was KID's flagship series.

Initially, the series focused on romance with a light use of science fiction themes; as the science fiction themes were positively received by reviewers, the series gradually moved away from the romance themes, with the third game focusing entirely on science fiction. Starting with the second game, the series has featured the theme of escaping from an enclosed space, which was used by the development team as a way of embodying humanity's instinctive desires. During the development of the fourth game, KID filed for bankruptcy; their assets were acquired by the company Cyberfront, which finished development of the fourth game and developed a fifth.

Usage examples of "infinity".

As he notes, the Greek word for infinity is apeiron, meaning unbounded, but also undefined, indefinite.

Heir to Infinity to the office where he can await the Atabeg, may he live forever, in comfort.

Jill looked through the viewfinder and switched to a twilight setting, then set the autofocus on infinity and zoomed out for a wide shot.

Beyond them great racks of volumes, decimal system markers lit in neon, stretched far away into what was the illusion of a Borgesian infinity.

Each night, as he entered the Borgesian metropolis of electronic pornography with its infinities, its immortalities Clint was, in a sense, travelling towards women.

His most anxious works, though, prefer the denumerably infinite -- that is, the prospect of counting forever, meeting infinity by exhaustion.

But when real Spirit descends, it blasts to smithereens the mother archetype, the father archetype, and every other itty bitty finite archetypeit is coming from the other direction with the force of infinity, and not some merely past and finite evolutionary habit.

The language of the sixteenth century -understood not as an episode in the history of any one tongue, but as a global cultural experience - found itself caught, no doubt, between these interacting elements, in the interstice occurring between the primal Text and the infinity of Interpretation.

The rub remains: with an infinity of available enciphering keys, a meaningful string of letters can be translated into any available gibberish.

Problems of the kind which had defeated Euclidean thinking became soluble directly human thinking was able to handle the concept of infinity.

Weird Tommy, my sole employee, sat at his console humming to himself while he played some game involving Fibonacci Sequences and countable infinities with a color palette that would make an A.

Number at all events it possesses in the objects of its contemplation: it is thus one and many, and the many are powers, wonderful powers, not weak but, being pure, supremely great and, so to speak, full to overflowing powers in very truth, knowing no limit, so that they are infinite, infinity, Magnitude-Absolute.

Infinity smelled not just the sharpness of the oranges, but the heavy sweetness of a profusion of orange buds and blossoms.

Gazing into the infinity of space human existence seemed but the scum upon a rainpool, human warfare but the frenzy of insectivora.

And farther away still, far off there beyond the fine line of the horizons, over the curve of the globe, the shoulder of the earth, he knew were other ranches, and beyond these others, and beyond these still others, the immensities multiplying to infinity.