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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Two percent claimed to be conservative while a whopping 91 percent described themselves as liberal or moderate.
▪ Among married women who took part in the poll, a whopping 86 percent of them reject this idea.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Whap \Whap\, Whop \Whop\, n. A blow, or quick, smart stroke.


Whap \Whap\, Whop \Whop\, v. i. [Cf. OE. quappen to palpitate, E. quob, quaver, wabble, awhape, wap.] To throw one's self quickly, or by an abrupt motion; to turn suddenly; as, she whapped down on the floor; the fish whapped over.

Note: This word is used adverbially in the north of England, as in the United States, when anything vanishes, or is gone suddenly; as, whap went the cigar out of my mouth.


Whap \Whap\, Whop \Whop\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Whapped; p. pr. & vb. n. Whapping.] To beat or strike.


Whop \Whop\, v. t. Same as Whap.


Whop \Whop\, n. Same as Whap.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"to beat, strike," mid-15c., of imitative origin. Compare Welsh chwap "a stroke," also of imitative origin; also see wap. Related: Whopped; whopping.\n


n. A blow or strike. vb. (context transitive informal English) To throw or move (something) quickly, usually with an impact.

  1. v. hit hard; "The teacher whacked the boy" [syn: whack, wham, wallop]

  2. hit hard [syn: sock, bop, whap, bonk, bash]

  3. [also: whopping, whopped]


WHOP can refer to:

  • WHOP (AM), a radio station at 1230 AM licensed to Hopkinsville, Kentucky
  • WHOP-FM, a radio station at 98.7 FM licensed to Hopkinsville, Kentucky

WHOP (1230 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a News Talk Information format. Licensed to and serving Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA, the station serves the Clarksville-Hopkinsville area radio market. The station is currently owned by Forcht Broadcasting.

Usage examples of "whop".

There was sleet that evening, with a whopping wind, but neither this storm nor that other which so imminently threatened him held place in the consciousness of Bibbs Sheridan when he came once more to the presence of Mary.

We saw nothing to speak of on the next leg, save a glimpse of a gorgosaur out of range and some tracks indicating a whopping big iguanodont, twenty-five or thirty feet high.

Jack Trehan wrote one whopping big check, but Keely had made some very satisfying purchases in the past two days.

Emir, gorgeously clad in silver pantaloons, a rose-and-silver jacket sashed with violet, and a violet-colored turban plumed with rose-colored feathers held in place with a whopping great amethyst, pressed his face deeper to the ground and then looked up at his King with eyes as sad and melting as if he had just lost his best friend, if indeed he had ever had one.

Besides salary and per diem, each Secret Service employee received a whopping twenty-five dollars for each boodler he captured.

In April 1921 the Allies had presented Germany the bill for reparations, a whopping 132 billion gold marks - 33 billion dollars - which the Germans howled they could not possibly pay.

Few of us have ever met an angel, and probably would not recognize it if we saw one, and our images of an impersonal or suprapersonal God are hopelessly subhuman--jello, featureless light, homogenized space, or a whopping jolt of electricity.

Under fire from angry constituents, legislators are fumbling around with a sham responsea whopping three-day waiting period.

And, most significantly, the number of Americans who voted for Nader in 2000 increased by a whopping 500 percent over those who voted for him in 1996.

All this, you must realize, was in the good old days when the sight of a motor-car on the street was an event, and it was quite safe for tiny children to go tricycling and whopping their way to school in the centre of the highway.

Man whopped and slapped his thigh so hard it would have broke if it had been Dorothys.

That was a whopping mean-looking snake that went across the path there, and I ain't going another step nearer the icehouse!

First of all, here's what we know: Basco, thirty years ago, dumped some whopping transformers on the north side of Spectacle Island.

It would include a talent show, dancing, and ethnic foods, all for a whopping one-hundred-dollar admission fee.

The batter's name appeared on the Scoreboard as Babe Fujiwara and his batting average stood at a whopping .