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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wap \Wap\, v. t. & i. [See Whap.] To beat; to whap. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]
--Sir T. Malory.


Wap \Wap\, n. A blow or beating; a whap. [Prov. Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a hit, a blow," late 14c., probably of imitative origin. The verb (late 14c.) originally meant "to throw quickly or with violence," and in slang c.1560-1730 it meant "to copulate." Related: Wapped; wapping.


n. (context UK dialect English) A blow or beating; a whap. vb. (context UK dialect English) To beat; to whap.

Usage examples of "wap".

He declared that he could swallow a bowl of punch and two mugs of bumbo without any difficulty whatever, and told a long tale of how, being in Wapping, he had a fierce toothache and could find no one but a woman to pull the rogue, which she did with so muscular an arm that he thought she must be a man in disguise, until inquiring further he found that she was a woman indeed.

Wapen je toch meteen groote dosis onverschilligheid in den strijd van het leven.

They were going downriver again, back towards the station at Wapping where they were headquartered.

Now Durban was dead, but before his death he had recommended Monk to succeed him in his place at the Wapping station.

So here he was sitting in the thwart of a boat throwing his weight against the oar as they passed under London Bridge heading south towards the Tower and Wapping Stairs.

Portpool Lane she had taken the omnibus westwards and over whichever of the bridges was appropriate, but since they were directly opposite Wapping, it made sense for Monk to cross by ferry and be at the police station in fifteen minutes or so.

And Monk needed to return to Wapping and start earning some of the loyalty he was going to need from his own men.

He went first to Wapping station simply to ascertain that no crisis had arisen demanding his attention, then he took a hansom westwards to the Old Bailey to see Rathbone.

Young Benson reports that neither publican can recall a visit from him after sunset and that both seem surprised at the question, Wapping is one of the few exceptions where a cheersman never visits at night.

But whereas her work in Auckland involved rolling up her sleeves and nursing the sick and the frail, the poor of Wapping and some of the poorer part of New Town see her in quite a different light.

Roger Tichborne he had sworn himself to be, or whether he was Arthur Orton, the butcher of Wapping, whom he swore he was not.

However, he did his best to reform his error by getting married again by a Roman priest, although he made another blunder, and forgetting he was Sir Roger Tichborne, married as Arthur Orton, the son of the Wapping butcher.

As MACK WALKED DOWN THE MUDDY LANE KNOWN AS Wapping High Street he felt he knew what it must be like to be king.

It was dark, but Wapping High Street was busy, and candlelight gleamed from tavern doorways, house windows and handheld lanterns.

Roland MacPherson, a justice of the peace in Wapping, and I hereby declare a riot.