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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I moved slightly, and wham, the bear hit me again.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a heavy blow," 1923, of echoic origin.


n. 1 a forceful blow 2 the sound of such a blow; a thud vb. to strike or smash (into) something with great force or impact

  1. v. hit hard; "The teacher whacked the boy" [syn: whack, whop, wallop]

  2. [also: whamming, whammed]


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Wham (disambiguation)

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Usage examples of "wham".

OTHER GUARDS run towards him, Steed swivels gracefully and - slams the bowler in their faces, a sartorial knuckleduster -- wham -- !

They had a big row right off and, wham, she left for Florida again the same night.

Wham, Wham, Wham, it went and, terrified, filled with physical pain, she called to it.

There I was, having the worst attack of acrophobia in history, and then wham!

Even his eyesight had begun to wham in and out a little, making dots of light race across his field of vision.

Scots, wham Bruce has aften led, Welcome to your gory bed, Or to victory!

The "afterglow" period of delicious brainlessness was measurable in microseconds, and then, wham, I was back inside my skull, brain buzzing, chewing on well, that wasn't as good as I hoped nor as bad as I feared and Jeez I've got my back to Snaker and my legs spread, will he think I?

As usual, the two players were surrounded by backseat drivers, and we all looked up with a start as Bert's blast whammed overhead.

You breed two close kins with the double dose of double helix, and wham, you've got a Taltos.

Rosie leaned over, just avoided whamming her head on the side of the table, and got a bottle of Evian water from the cooler.

Because he'd promised Jonnie not to go anywhere without testing, he'd taken a vial of breathe-gas and the remote, and he had been tossing the breathe-gas bottle thirty feet ahead of him and turning it on and off and WHAM, it flashed!

The shift still whammed me on the knee bone, but everything else was fine.

But the King, nothing daunted, put on his Markov chain mail and all his impervious parameters, took his increment to infinity and dealt the beast a truly Boolean blow, sent it reeling through an x-axis and several brackets--but the beast, prepared for this, lowered its horns and wham!

Sure there was some trouble, some mooks ate lead, but then capo Kirk came along and wham!

The comforting hiss of an oxygen mask, keeping his nose warm for once - WHAM.