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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I just bopped her on the head with the handbag.
▪ We were bopping around town, doing some shopping.
▪ Go forth and bop till you drop.
▪ Three o'clock in the morning, bopping through a weird limb-jerking dance routine, and she looks like a child at playschool.
▪ Well, if you can spare ten minutes, I thought I would bop over and bring you a coffee.
▪ Ambrosetti is a brilliantly assured player in the neo bop mould.
▪ Chrissie knew who he was because she had a real background in screaming teeny bop stuff.
▪ Hard bop was heavy music, difficult to resign to the background.
▪ Next year, he's hoping his idea for a bop of the hops will strike a better note with the council.
▪ Three thousand miles away, his previous associates were developing hard bop, primarily on the Blue Note label.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

bop \bop\ n. an early form of modern jazz (originating around 1940).

Syn: bebop.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1948, shortening of bebop or rebop; as a verb, "play bop music, play (a song) in a bop style," from 1948. It soon came to mean "do any sort of dance to pop music" (1956). Related: Bopped; bopping.\n

\nThe musical movement had its own lingo, which was in vogue in U.S. early 1950s. "Life" magazine [Sept. 29, 1952] listed examples of bop talk: crazy "new, wonderful, wildly exciting;" gone (adj.) "the tops
--superlative of crazy;" cool (adj.) "tasty, pretty;" goof "to blow a wrong note or make a mistake;" hipster "modern version of hepcat;" dig "to understand, appreciate the subtleties of;" stoned "drunk, captivated, ecstatic, sent out of this world;" flip (v.) "to react enthusiastically." [Life Sept. 29, 1952]


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BOP or Bop may refer to:

  • Bop, a smack, strike, or punch
  • Bop, (to bop or boppin') a style to dance solo to rockabilly or blues music, common since the 1950s
  • Bop, shortened form of Bebop, an early modern jazz developed in the 1940s
    • hard bop, a style of jazz music that is extension of bebop (or "bop") music
  • Bop, organised party or club night at many British universities
  • Bop, west coast U.S. slang for whore
  • Bop (magazine) an American magazine for teens
  • Bop (song), a single by Dan Seals, released in 1986
  • Bop (glass), a standing glass.
  • Bop, a celestial body in Kerbal Space Program
Bop (magazine)

Bop magazine was a monthly American entertainment magazine for kids 10 years of age and teens. It began publication in the summer of 1983 and was published by Laufer Media, which also publishes Tiger Beat magazine. The headquarters of Bop was in Studio City, California.

Popular features included articles, mini-mags, interviews, and the Fly Free To Hollywood contest, where readers had to correctly guess the stars, whether it was identifying their eyes, finding their names in a word search, or identifying them by their hair (the photos had the celebrities with their faces blacked out). A spinoff magazine, Big Bopper, later called BB, was released in the fall of 1986 and was published until 2000. Bop and Tiger Beat were very similar, as they share an editor and feature the same celebrities. Bop was sold by its founders (Julie Jenkins, Teena Naumann, Kerry Laufer and Scott Laufer) to Primedia in 1998. Primedia sold it (along with Tiger Beat) to Scott Laufer in 2003. Bop ceased publication in July 2014.

Bop (song)

"Bop" is a song written by Paul Davis and Jennifer Kimball, and recorded by American country music artist Dan Seals. It was released in October 1985 as the second single from the album Won't Be Blue Anymore. It reached #1 on the Country singles chart in early 1986. "Bop" was his second number one hit, but his first as a solo artist. It was a major crossover hit as well, peaking at #42 on the US Hot 100, and at #10 on the US Adult Contemporary Chart.

Usage examples of "bop".

But John Omally said no more, as at that moment Neville swung his knobkerrie and bopped him on the head.

As they were streaking through a planetary atmosphere with the savage brilliance of a dying comet, Odel was happily bopping away to a Slippy Martin track.

Grades finer than BOP are called fannings, PF for Pekoe Fannings, and the smallest particles are referred to as dust.

Escalla flew over the wreckage, spotted one drow still alive and unparalyzed, and bopped it unconscious with a single blow of her staff.

And for many reasons I wish now that I had, for there was, without doubt, something very strange about that Shottle Bop.

Anyway, I got my bright idea and headed for Tenth Avenue and the Shottle Bop.

We went back up the avenue with our eyes peeled, and not a sign of the Shottle Bop did we see.

I walked past it, thinking of the engagement ring in my pocket and how it had just been handed back to me by Audrey, and my mind was far removed from such things as shottle bops.

Her rounded fleshy shoulders rolled to the music of the night, her full breasts heaved ecstatically to the music of the night, mournful music that oozed from the cellar dives of Isola, pounded with the beat of a glittering G-string, music that came with mathematical precision from the cool bop bistros, music that bounced with the cornball rhythms of the supper clubs.

Miss Highpockets and in the meantime you got Lucy to do the horizontal bop with when the sun goes down.

We hud a couple ay bops but it wis maistly jist sittin doonstairs, talkin sounds.

At the time I was in a car with Del Hardy, working on some robberies over in Pico-Robertson, and the two of us bopped over right away, Mirandized him, and listened to what he had to say.

He turned the pages slowly, checking out the characters in various poses, one leg bopping up and down to the music, his hands in a different time zone, moving with patient slowness through the pencil and charcoal sketches from the weeks before.

There was a fair sprinkling of real weapons in the mobnonlethal bop guns, stunners, and electro prods.

By eleven-thirty Robin bopped in, Spike in tow, and informed me she had to deliver two repaired D’Angelico archtops to the Los Feliz home of a movie star who was considering playing Elvis in an upcoming flick.