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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a computer/video game
▪ He was up all night playing computer games.
a department store/video store/food store etc chain
▪ Morgan was the owner of a computer store chain.
a video camera (=that records moving pictures)
▪ They hired a video camera to use at their wedding.
computer/video/stereo etc equipment
▪ Ageing computer equipment should be replaced, not upgraded.
home video
make/keep a video diary
▪ The group decided to make a video diary of the cycling trip.
pirate videos/CDs/software etc
video arcade
video blogging
video camera
video cassette recorder
video cassette
video conferencing
video diary
▪ The group decided to make a video diary of the cycling trip.
video game
video jockey
video nasty
video recorder
video shoot
▪ She’s out on a video shoot.
video snacking
▪ Claimed applications include image processing, digital video and digital audio.
▪ Our digital video strategy meandered around in the desert for 40 years.
Digital cameras and digital video cameras began to appear last year.
▪ In the case of full motion video, the need for very fast information retrieval is acute.
▪ Data volumes can also be cut by not using full screen video.
▪ Is full frame, full motion video really important?
▪ Using this process, full motion, full frame video can be delivered together with the full range of other media types.
▪ It can not deliver full frame, full motion video although this may be available in later models.
▪ The possibilities range from display panel technology with a Presentation Manager programme driven by menus, to full interactive video displays.
▪ In reality, what is being funded is not interactive video but a solution to an urgent educational problem.
▪ An interactive video explains the significance of the symbols and the logic of their arrangement along vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.
▪ So far, for example, interactive video has hardly received enough evaluation to determine what its effect on education actually is.
▪ However effective interactive video is in training, it is this kind of tenfold cost saving that is its most influential argument.
▪ In addition, customers will be able to conduct electronic information searches, complete financial transactions or choose interactive video services.
▪ For example, consider an application involving an interactive video system.
▪ However, even if its impact has been modest, interactive video has at least helped to establish the effectiveness of multimedia.
▪ Although we can not properly analyse the fortunes of the interactive video industry here, we can at least summarise.
▪ Install two new video display boards.
▪ That might be an investigation of a new video opportunity or it might be a review of some other research.
▪ The problem is, the supermodel's new exercise video could give you more than a bruised ego.
▪ One hundred thousand people have bought Jethro's new video this month-more than Lock will play to in his lifetime.
▪ Have a look at the Bulletin Boards to find out about two new videos.
▪ The Kama Sutra, for 2,000 years the Lover's lexicon, is beautifully brought to life in the new video.
▪ It's part of a promotional video, that claims to give the facts about fox-hunting.
▪ Leaflets have been delivered and the school is even making a promotional video.
▪ The extra facilities allow the school to introduce media studies and make its own promotional videos.
▪ A promotional video can be prepared for showing at induction meetings for parents of new children.
▪ See before you buy - get a copy of the promotional video which is very convincing.
▪ Lucy has also worked on production of a promotional video illustrating aspects of Medau which can be enjoyed by all age groups.
▪ These shapes might look cool on stage and in promotional videos but tend to be uncomfortable to wear.
▪ Free copies of a promotional video were sent to local doctors and accountants.
▪ Local authorities using video cameras determine their own controls.
▪ Cubs fans follow him around with their video cameras.
▪ Ask to see the ones which are specially made for video cameras.
▪ The Collection Machine roamed all night long until its video camera spotted the shape of a soda can on a desk.
▪ Still video camera prices start from £500.
▪ In a few excavations, video cameras are also used.
▪ Dexter stood at the back of the conference suite behind the video cameras and serried ranks of reporters.
▪ It is a simple closed circuit television system, a video camera photographing a speech being rolled beneath it.
▪ They have the potential to produce 28 million video cassettes a year.
▪ Lybrand nine days after Forbes magazine reported that Hollywood depreciated the value of its video cassettes more slowly than competitors.
▪ As far as minimum requirements go, you will need to take at least one blank video cassette with you.
▪ Last year one Middlesex student became the first to submit a postgraduate thesis as a video cassette tape.
▪ Hartwig ran through the names in the notebook that corresponded with the numbers on the spines of the video cassettes.
▪ They keep a video cassette player nearby for just such an eventuality.
▪ The whole programme is divided into two 30-minute video cassettes.
▪ Thomson has managed to hold its own on some soil, but it has done lamentably in selling domestic video equipment.
▪ The effect results from technical limitations in the video equipment.
▪ When Control acknowledged his message, he was told not to leave until he had retrieved the video equipment from Beirut.
▪ You could rent office space and video equipment there.
▪ The new law was principally designed to deal with thefts of bicycles and video equipment, which quickly lose their value.
▪ The technique uses video equipment which produces a three dimensional impression.
▪ And they presented him with video equipment they bought for a children's charity.
▪ It is with great pleasure that I now enclose a copy of the video film made of the first semi-final round.
▪ But video films of fires carried out on the test rig suggest that alarms will sound too late.
▪ Police had made video films of such people, but there were few arrests as most victims were scared to testify.
▪ You could even have video films, semi-darkness, no-smoking sections, paper bags.
▪ When using video film or broadcasts for history, pupils should be encouraged to make the distinction between primary and secondary sources.
▪ Police are asking for anyone who took photographs or video film during the day to contact them.
▪ The evidence of video films is that the police advanced at a trot and that at all times they were controlled.
▪ In 1984 the wholesale company, Nurdin &038; Peacock, commissioned a set of video films on the management of small shops.
▪ Those who don't indulge in the video games world may be losing out in many more ways.
▪ Naturally, rows of televisions and VCRsstocked with the latest video games and first-run films-could ring the lobby.
▪ Hornby, founded in 1908, has now moved on from trains and cars to sell dolls and video games.
▪ Unfortunately, too many kids think Mortal Kombat or other video games are more fun than playing in the yard.
▪ I was a video game addict.
▪ Male speaker It's great it's just like being in a video game except you're completely involved in it.
▪ Hand-held video games are big news this summer for the fashion-conscious.
▪ Those who don't indulge in the video games world may be losing out in many more ways.
▪ Naturally, rows of televisions and VCRsstocked with the latest video games and first-run films-could ring the lobby.
▪ Calculators, watches and pocket video games reveal another failing.
▪ Unfortunately, too many kids think Mortal Kombat or other video games are more fun than playing in the yard.
▪ Hornby, founded in 1908, has now moved on from trains and cars to sell dolls and video games.
▪ Unlike most video games that are over in a few minutes, this one can go on for days.
▪ Hand-held video games are big news this summer for the fashion-conscious.
▪ The latest is Sony's plan to introduce a hi-fi modification of its Beta home video system.
▪ Ruggles is now licensing electronics companies around the world to sell add-on quad decoders for home video.
▪ Television audiences, notably on the home video blooper shows, have to be from some other solar system.
▪ This home video was taken by a passer-by and shows how quickly the flames engulfed the building.
▪ This fall, it will be expanded to 10 hours for home video release.
▪ Notice the critical importance of home video to Hollywood revenues in Table 7. 3.
▪ In 1990 home video accounted for an estimated 10. 4 percent of movie industry revenues.
▪ However this is beginning to apply to classroom video materials too as more and more people today have video machines at home.
▪ Consider a loan system if teachers have video machines at home.
▪ Back at the Barracks Maxim had to wait until after midnight before he had the officers' mess video machine to himself.
▪ After what we've said about visual support, it might seem perverse to use a video machine without the picture.
▪ Contemporary things have no regard for gravity, except video machines.
▪ All he's got is a mattress on the floor and this video machine.
▪ This is because video machines need to synchronise and not all are built to do this.
▪ It is also equipped with a pool table, darts, video machines and football machine.
▪ You could think of using video material occasionally as an input to these activities.
▪ The main aim of several sets of video materials is to present examples of language in use in an appropriate context.
▪ However this is beginning to apply to classroom video materials too as more and more people today have video machines at home.
▪ Alternatively a range of different video materials could be used in a period earmarked for video.
▪ This section surveys sources of non-ELT video material you might have access to.
▪ The Video Plans in this chapter are taken from Teacher's Guides and other print support produced for published video materials.
▪ A different approach to video materials is to look at how they communicate their message.
▪ Of course we can teach video materials in a very similar way to audio materials.
▪ In the case of full motion video, the need for very fast information retrieval is acute.
▪ As far as motion video, in particular, is concerned, the constraints of available technology force multimedia into a seemingly impossible situation.
▪ Full motion video is not quite within the reach of us mortals, despite the protestations of the add men.
▪ Multimedia Presentation Manager/2 is included and adds enhanced audio, basic image and software motion video playback capabilities.
▪ Is full frame, full motion video really important?
▪ Now let us look at television information and gain some sense of the amount of data needed to represent motion video.
▪ They claim that the dial up approach cuts the cost of two-way motion video by up to 90 percent.
▪ It can not deliver full frame, full motion video although this may be available in later models.
▪ The launch programme in March 1995 mainly consisted of music videos.
▪ And it has proposed similar warnings for music videos.
▪ However, record company sales forces do supply music videos to the limited number of record shops which stock them.
▪ Watching Dash was as disconcerting as watching a music video.
▪ Football news programmes on Sky and some music video channels use the same techniques.
▪ Now they play music videos and comedy clips.
▪ The Power Station Latest chart-topping music videos, fashion and comedy.
▪ Temple has made some of the best music videos that exist.
▪ You will, of course, need a video source which can either be a video player or camera.
▪ Bedrooms have video player and safety deposit box, bathrooms with hair dryer.
▪ There is also a video player, 2 pool tables and a good sound system.
▪ I carry the video player around on motorcycle!
▪ In other words you the teacher can do the teaching, using the video programme in whatever way you choose.
▪ Do they also feature in cartoons in print which you might use along with the video programme?
▪ A group of students undertakes as a project to produce a video programme.
▪ This means that the same video programme can be driven in different directions by different computer programs.
▪ A video programme about the same topic could be a welcome addition to that unit.
▪ With the latter it becomes possible to add your own subtitles to a video programme.
▪ House raid: Detectives are investigating the theft of a video recorder from a house in Millpool Close, Hartlepool.
▪ Modern video recorders with their freeze-frame facility offer further possibilities.
▪ It is the deregulated, free-market media world of satellite television and video recorders where the real violence is played out.
▪ The purchase process for a new house, car, cooker or video recorder may have been a quite lengthy process.
▪ There were about 50 burglaries in the last week, with televisions and video recorders being the most popular.
▪ Bob has taken the plunge &038; acquired a video recorder - masquerading as my birthday present to him.
▪ Typical examples might include: a duvet, gardening equipment, a video recorder, a home computer, hobby materials and so on.
▪ This contains a software interface for personal computers and can also link to devices such as synthesisers or video recorders.
▪ Suppose now that you wish to dub music to a video recording with only a simple linear mono sound track.
▪ However from the students' point of view, the making of a video recording was the purpose of the exercise.
▪ A video recording of a meeting could give practice in taking notes of main points.
▪ This is a two-machine set-up by which original video recordings can be transferred on to copy tapes.
▪ Will the Government now reconsider their decision not to introduce video recording of interrogation procedures?
▪ The making of a video recording provides a goal for learners to work towards and this is a motivating factor.
▪ The Home Office is to produce a Code of Practice on the use of video recordings for this purpose.
▪ Opening it, she found herself in a large room in which row upon row of men sat behind video screens.
▪ In the front, on another video screen, three well-built specimens cavorted on the tailgate of a pickup truck.
▪ Giant video screens were erected, for example, to greet passengers arriving at the main London rail termini.
▪ Huge video screens profile each new batter and replay how he fares at the plate.
▪ None of the surface panels is visible in either this or the photograph taken from the video screen.
▪ The stage will be built facing the main stand and will be flanked by giant video screens.
▪ The backs of the heads of the first and second officer and engineer flashed on the video screens.
▪ Through cobwebby windows I saw a relief model of the surrounding mountains and a large vacant video screen hanging from the ceiling.
▪ How could we have guessed 10 years ago that there would be a video shop on every street corner?
▪ It is the stuff in the video shop, to which people have consciously turned in preference to what is broadcast.
▪ The video shop wasn't open yet.
▪ She owns a video shop with her husband, in Mile End.
▪ The video shop didn't open up until a few minutes after ten.
▪ People are switching off, or going to the video shop, in droves.
▪ You can buy them in your video store now.
▪ As currently envisioned, video on demand is merely a cheaper or more convenient replacement for the corner video store.
▪ All priced at £9.99 and available from high street outlets and leading video stores, the six titles are: Silent Hunter.
▪ In my neighborhood video store yesterday, I spotted a typical soft-core offering.
▪ Ernie just got paid from his video store job so he bought several rounds of rum and cokes.
▪ After skating Jim suggested that the family go to the lo-cal video store and rent a movie.
▪ Intermagnetics-Agra now has 11 video tape plants around the world, either operational or under construction.
▪ Coding the Descriptions Each subject's descriptions were subsequently compared to the video tape of the drive.
▪ His biggest break comes in May when Sony starts to sell Beta hi-fi video tape recorders.
▪ Play a video tape of a soccer match during tea.
▪ It could be video from any other analogue source such as video tape or videodisc.
▪ But they're taking a video tape - rather like a film, you know.
▪ Yards of video tape spilled on to the deck, along with pieces of broken plastic.
▪ The topics were supported by video tapes.
▪ Store detectives undergo extensive training routines which include role playing and watching videos of mock incidents.
▪ But there are helpers that play video and audio in real time.
▪ Users will be able to play video in a 320 by 240 window at 30 frames per second.
▪ If Jackson fails to show, the organisers will play the video instead.
▪ Now they play music videos and comedy clips.
▪ Several publishers have produced video recordings of meetings, for instance.
▪ Some experimental discs are being produced, using conventional video.
▪ They have the potential to produce 28 million video cassettes a year.
▪ We are currently negotiating with various companies who are eager to produce a video for us.
▪ David Tinnion and Phil Weaver have produced a video called Breakthrough 2000 outlining their scheme.
▪ Ann Kite produces an excellent video, very clear and with enough repetition for understanding, not boredom.
▪ A group of students undertakes as a project to produce a video programme.
▪ Audio tapes are much easier and cheaper to produce and use than video.
▪ In contrast Farc released a video showing its freed guerrillas saluting stiffly as they were greeted by an honour guard of rebels.
▪ And the adventures are released on video in 10 volumes, out now from Polygram at £8.99 each.
▪ It's released a video aimed at encouraging people to take a holiday - in Swindon.
▪ Video those magic moving moments ... Capture those moving moments - for ever, when you rent a video camera from Radio Rentals.
▪ Customers would go in and give their five-digit card number to rent videos.
▪ You could rent office space and video equipment there.
▪ Suppose, for instance, you have shot some video on a harbour-front.
▪ Similarly, there is now available a fundamental choice between shooting on film or video.
▪ Our stuff was incredibly ugly, shot on video and very cheap.
▪ The video was shot by renowned photographer Herb Ritts who has a history of shooting sexy videos.
▪ Children are being shown a new video, which shows just how serious the consequences can be.
▪ Nobody goes to see him unless he's showing a video.
▪ He had a premarital dust-up with the woman who is now his wife, and the networks showed the video.
▪ They were shown a video about the department and introduced to members of the team who are setting up the service.
▪ I showed her videos of a couple little girls.
▪ One enterprising airway promotes this idea by showing an in-flight video that leads passengers through such a work-out.
▪ Then they don't show the video in its entirety.
▪ I watch videos and read manga, and that's about as far as I want to go.
▪ Voters expecting to meet him were asked instead to watch a video and listen to a telephone conference call.
▪ The director sits watching a video of a film made, usually, several years previously.
▪ I left, defeated, and through the window watched him replace the videos on the shelf ready for the next customer.
▪ I've done nothing but read thrillers since the exams, apart from watching videos and playing patience to kill time.
▪ Pupils boast of having watched up to eight videos in a day.
▪ Sent you out for some fresh air, did they - stop you watching endless videos?
▪ Murray also arranged for the players to watch a video of the game on the coach on the way to Stockport.
a CD/record/video etc player
▪ But nomes hear sounds slowed down and stretched out and deeper, like a record player in a power cut.
▪ But we didn't have a record player, so every night we'd get it out and look at it.
▪ Hatton said something about buying him a record player for a wedding present.
▪ Inside she found a record player and some old 78s.
▪ There is also a video player, 2 pool tables and a good sound system.
▪ There was a thumping noise coming from above that was a record player.
▪ You will, of course, need a video source which can either be a video player or camera.
cassette recorder/tape recorder/video recorder etc
▪ Communication has changed greatly in the age of video.
▪ Let's rent a video tonight.
▪ the video store
▪ A secretly-filmed video details what are claimed to be breaches of regulations meant to protect animals.
▪ A standard disc could contain only 25 seconds of video.
▪ And I have got to say, I have watched that video of her on the stage over and over again.
▪ I did a very poignant malaria detection kit video.
▪ I mean, who wants a video of Nottingham Forest or Derby County?
▪ Then they're made to watch graphic videos of the potential results of their crimes.
▪ What makes it special is it is a personalized video where you are part of the action.
▪ For the band's first shows, Towa was onstage, videoing, taking photographs, appearing to operate this and that.
▪ Volunteers at the centre have been videoing this pair of kingfishers and so far it looks as though the experiment is a success.
▪ One of their captors filmed the shootings with a video camera.
▪ The judge already has decided to ban from the courtroom not only video cameras but print photographers working for newspapers and magazines.
▪ Mitra installed a video camera on a tree nearby to watch over the kiosk and observe what the children did.
▪ A simple monochrome digital video camera is fitted to the hoe and trained on the crop just in front of the machine.
▪ Nixon recommends practicing before a video camera.
▪ Recently, video cameras and editing desks have been developed that could enable everyone to become a film-maker.
▪ The video camera links the color spots of the wands to a nest of computers set up by graphics wizard Loren Carpenter.
▪ Technological advances will soon allow users to send colour pictures, music and even video clips instead of just plain text.
▪ The sound and video clips included, though, are first rate, both in quality and variety.
▪ None of the 50-plus song or video clips lasts more than a minute.
▪ Because of the limited storage space, sound and video clips are sacrificed.
▪ Also disappointing are the video clips, mainly from the more recent chapters in Ranger history.
▪ The program also features a neat video clip of Norman introducing the game and wishing players good luck.
▪ The new system allows users with the right equipment to receive graphics, sound and even short video clips over their computers.
▪ The visual evidence accumulates in the courtroom without argument: maps, video footage, satellite imagery and photographs.
▪ Our spies tells us the news director pressed the suspended Epstein for video footage, which he adamantly refused to provide.
▪ Police are currently studying video footage to identify protesters involved.
▪ On the video footage, which was shot by investigators the spring after the nightmare, birds twitter.
▪ In February the team started transcribing 100 hours of video footage.
▪ And the Pok mon series was among the industry's top-selling video games.
▪ Ellison said he is talking with video game makers and sees partnerships with them rather than competition.
▪ His show was accompanied by artificial sounds of gunfire and explosions, as if it were a huge video game.
▪ Nor would I make playing video games the reward for having read.
▪ Congressional interest in video game violence has decreased.
▪ The manufacturers of records and video games have come more easily into tow, and now have rating systems of their own.
▪ You can also use his interest in computer or video games to motivate him to join in other activities.
▪ Women are ignored by manufacturers of video games, which are mostly war games of one sort or another.
▪ And the Pok mon series was among the industry's top-selling video games.
▪ Andrew Walsh's designs skilfully use video games and shape-shifting computerised images to question Shaw's futuristic vision.
▪ He saw her playing with the video games, checking out the board games, giving the stuffed animals trial hugs.
▪ The Internet is just one more damn thing we have to monitor, like television, movies, video games and caffeine.
▪ The self-absorbed child who is bright and verbal may be-come quite expert in computer, chess, and video games.
▪ Nor would I make playing video games the reward for having read.
▪ The manufacturers of records and video games have come more easily into tow, and now have rating systems of their own.
▪ Like nearly everyone else in the courtroom, he watches the images on a video monitor before him.
▪ Newscasts of the chaotic minutes after the attack flash across nine video monitors.
▪ Another set of ads may be running on the video monitor strategically perched above the pump.
▪ Over the next few years, the company got into video production and has since started designing a curriculum for interpreters.
▪ More than 1, 000 pirate videos and 63 video recorders were also seized.
▪ Even with the kids, wanting to show them things on the video recorder.
▪ Automobiles, video recorders, washing machines, personal computers, and most furniture are good examples of consumer durables.
▪ Fans watched highlights of the season on a large video screen as they waited for the players and marching bands.
▪ Their pages are often displayed on video screens.
▪ Mr O'Sullivan filled an enormous cavity completely painlessly, while a video screen showed a blow-up of the tooth being worked on.
▪ A video screen flashes scans of the brain.
▪ It flips open to reveal a small video screen and a computer-style keyboard.
▪ He also throws open the rear door, revealing a video screen.
▪ Redness lights the interior of the submersible; the glow from dials and video screens reflects softly off the burnished titanium hull.
▪ Play with the facades of the present buildings to create video screens and light shows, yes.
▪ Congress passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to accelerate the transition of telephone and video services from regulated to competitive markets.
▪ The principal shortcoming of the existing communications infrastructure lies in its inability to provide integrated voice, data, and video services.
▪ The earlier strategy was not clear due to regulatory constraints that forbid RBOCs from offering video services in their region.
▪ The goal is to offer its customers hundreds of new cable channels and video services.
▪ The bill also repeals prohibitions on local phone companies to provide video services.
▪ Chief Executive Ernesto Pascale has said in the past that Stet is not interested in providing video services.
▪ They look haziest in the newest and strangest businesses: Internet access and, especially, video service.
▪ By the way, who is managing the video store now Barry has jacked it in?
▪ Choosing a video store is a very personal decision.
▪ That doesn't stop Hedley from dreaming of owning a video store, even though it seems near impossible.
▪ When bad weather turns up, one of the first places people turn to is the video store.
▪ Clearly, then, extenuating factors such as the attraction of video stores and the ability to browse are sometimes overlooked.
▪ The other day, I was going to the video store when this guy backs up his car and almost hits me.
▪ Schuster publishers and the Blockbuster video store chain.
▪ They promised to release a video tape of the interrogation, but the film has not been issued.
▪ A 1-year-old who has yet to be captured on video tape.
▪ Other tasks investigated whether the animal recognised itself in a video tape image, a photograph, or even its own shadow.
▪ The video tape library at the Metro East Center helps teachers to see and to do.
▪ Endorsed by famed consultant Zig Ziglar, Drury instructs over 50,000 each year at live presentations and through video tapes.
video equipment
▪ But the real thrill for some riders is the chance to perform for the video camera.
▪ Choosing a video store is a very personal decision.
▪ Covert video cameras and hand-held laser devices will be among the equipment used at weekends, they warn.
▪ Mitra installed a video camera on a tree nearby to watch over the kiosk and observe what the children did.
▪ On the video footage, which was shot by investigators the spring after the nightmare, birds twitter.
▪ The video ref gave it and Lansdowne Road erupted, especially after O'Gara added the conversion from wide on the touchline.
▪ The video version was shot at Stonehenge.
▪ Your full-motion video advisers will be William Shatner as Capt.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1935, as visual equivalent of audio, from Latin video "I see," first person singular present indicative of videre "to see" (see vision). As a noun, "that which is displayed on a (television) screen," 1937.\n\nEngineers, however, remember the sad fate of television's first debut and are not willing to allow "video transmission" (as television is now called by moderns) to leave the laboratory until they are sure it will be accepted.

["The Michigan Technic," November 1937]

\nvideo game is from 1973.

n. 1 television, television show, movie. 2 a short film clip, with or without audio (as in a music video, or one of the plethora of user-generated short movies on sites such as YouTube). 3 Motion picture stored on VHS or some other format. 4 (context dated English) VHS. vb. To record using video equipment

  1. n. the visible part of a television transmission; "they could still receive the sound but the picture was gone" [syn: picture]

  2. a recording of both the video and audio components (especially one containing a recording of a movie or television program) [syn: video recording]

  3. broadcasting visual images of stationary or moving objects; "she is a star of screen and video"; "Television is a medium because it is neither rare nor well done" - Ernie Kovacs [syn: television, telecasting, TV]


Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media.

Video systems vary greatly in the resolution of the display and refresh rate. Video be carried on a variety of media, including radio broadcast, tapes, DVDs, computer files etc.

Video (Pakito album)

Video is the first album by French DJ Pakito. It's a dancefloor album with big electro sounds.

Video (disambiguation)

Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying and broadcasting of moving visual images.

Video may also refer to:

Video (song)

"Video" is the first single released by American singer-songwriter India Arie from her album Acoustic Soul. This song is her most successful one to date on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2002, "Video" was nominated for four Grammy Awards: "Record of the Year", "Song of the Year", "Best Female R&B Vocal Performance" and "Best R&B song". The song also contains a sample of "Fun" by Brick and a sample of " Top Billin'" by Audio Two.

Video (2 Plus 1 album)

Video is the ninth studio album by Polish group 2 Plus 1, released in 1985 by Savitor. The album was a follow-up to the highly successful 1983's Bez limitu and retained similar musical direction. The band have been working on this LP with popular songwriters Maciej Zembaty and John Porter, and the latter also contributed vocals in "Chińskie latawce". The album was preceded by the release of the single "Wielki mały człowiek" in 1984, which became the band's last big hit. Video hasn't been yet released in CD format.

Video (magazine)

Video is a discontinued American consumer electronics magazine that was published from 1977 to 1999 by Reese Communications with a focus on video and audio devices. The magazine showcases new audiovisual products, analyzes current practices and trends in the field, and provides critical reviews of newly marketed products and equipment. During its early years, it competed fiercely with contemporary journals like Video Review and Video Buyer's Review—ultimately culminating in a 1980 trademark infringement suit over use of the term "Video Buyer's Guide". In March 1995, Video was acquired from Reese by Hachette Filipacchi, and in 1999 it was merged with their bi-monthly Sound & Image magazine to become Sound & Vision.

Today, the legacy of Video lies in the history of video game journalism as its regular column, "Arcade Alley", represents the earliest example of a video game column in a mainstream publication. Arcade Alley is credited with having popularized the nascent medium, leading its two main writers to create the first US video game magazine, Electronic Games.

Usage examples of "video".

Dottie stood up from her hiding place behind an overturned sofa across the room, and made her way across the smashed lights and broken video equipment to his side, absently reloading from her bandoleer.

This man was her friend, buyer of unneeded pickups, acceptor of her erotic video collection.

Wishing to maintain as much privacy as possible, Ake had turned off the video half of the transmission.

And I make myself some Gobi Aloo Sag with red food coloring in it and some strawberry milk shake for a drink, and then I watch a video about the solar system and I play some computer games and I go to bed.

The final video in the Anabasis files showed Nimrod drifting down the shaft toward the waiting team.

She walked slowly away from the bank of phones, turned into a video garden where the heavy music warred with the arrhythmic beep and jangle of game consoles.

Then Bucca showed Refai another video, in which he slipped past the security gate on another day behind a coworker named Stephen Brown.

Other subscribers would help with ground coverage, risking the Mulch to bring video images of the hunt back to the Canopy, with cachets to those who obtained the most spectacular footage.

As he reached the street and dropped onto all fours in the gravel, he saw that the camcorder was really a video projector.

Andrew, with camcorder in hand, is video taping activity in the kitchen.

However, another meta-analysis by Clum and Gould of 34 published self-help books and videos confirmed that popular material also seemed to be about as helpful as therapy by professionals.

Examples include sonar and firecontrol, fast speed reactor main coolant pumps, and the wardroom video machine.

And someone had unearthed a short video clip of Dinah herself, caught unawares about six months before by a news crew as she was working on interviews for her magazine article about Haven House.

People immediately around her van were snapping photographs with all the zeal of journalists or documentarians and others ran video cameras.

Off the top Oscar, I said off the top, they have gross participation deals, percentage of the gross cash receipts that come in from the movie theatres, networks, cable, home video, foreign exhibitors, net they figure on an accrual basis after their negative costs and distribution, advertising the rest of.