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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
alpha version
beta version
miniature version
▪ He looked like a miniature version of his father.
watered-down version
▪ a watered-down version of the original
▪ There is another slightly different version of the story of treasure in the Selvagens.
▪ Both parts can be seen as different versions of one another, but there is an absence of inner connection between them.
▪ So why on earth are we stuffed full of so many different versions of genes?
▪ Everybody I talk to has a different version of Jim's life.
▪ The significance of rape in the story grows when we find the persistence of assault in the different versions.
Different agencies use rather different versions of this, but they all look broadly similar.
▪ The Senate approved a different version of the bill without the amendment.
▪ In later years, the post developed into an early version of that we know as Chancellor of the Exchequer.
▪ The company expects the early versions of the chip will go into low-end desktop computers primarily sold outside the United States.
▪ In an early version, at the beginning of each paragraph the relevant node-link-node triple was printed.
▪ With earlier versions, a single line appears in both instances.
▪ Also included are earlier versions in prints by Durer, Holbein and others, 19 January until 13 March.
▪ And Feinstein had voted for an earlier version when it was coupled with a minimum wage increase.
▪ To refine the final video an early version of the cartoon was screened for children from five different countries.
▪ The world champion had played an earlier version of Deep Blue in February 1996 and beat it handily.
▪ Just as manual catalogues are not harmonised retrospectively, so electronic versions are unlikely ever to be.
▪ Among the most exciting Journal developments last year were the launch of two new electronic versions of the paper.
▪ The electronic version is being test marketed in the United States.
▪ As a result the publication will be made available in an electronic version from 1 February 1994.
▪ Also promising are electronic versions of the Yellow Pages and other directories, complete with thousands of computerised maps.
▪ Next year an electronic version of the Apacs scheme is due to start.
▪ The images are reproducible electronic versions of scanned illustrations, slides, microscopic and other visual material.
▪ Pre-final spec T9000-based versions will ship in June/July followed by final spec versions in the fourth quarter.
▪ Republican governors in particular were intimately involved in crafting the final version of the measure.
▪ Is it beyond the wit of Byers and his legal eagles to include a sunset clause in the final version?
▪ But the two chambers must agree on a final version before Clinton can sign it into law.
▪ A final version has already been mooted.
▪ He asked Bill Hope to draft a final version that could be tested one more time back in the company.
▪ The government was able to accept most of its recommendations, and the final version was published in March 200080.
▪ The final version endorsed current Pentagon policy allowing women in combat in certain circumstances, a position endorsed by Dole.
▪ L Latest - the latest available version of this module.
▪ In its later versions, Bacon is much cleverer than this.
▪ If you're running Windows, update your system to the latest version of Internet Explorer and be done with it.
▪ So what has Renault done with the latest version of its supermini?
▪ Do you know how to upgrade your software to the latest version for the least cost?
▪ The user can specify an issue number or use the default which is the latest version.
▪ Earlier versions of the scanner have passed this module, but the latest version is more exacting.
▪ This effect is well established empirically and is dealt with by all modern versions of the standard associative model.
▪ Today, modern versions of windmills, called wind turbines, are used to create electricity.
▪ The modern commercial version is very similar to Saint Paulin.
▪ And out of this fascination with man two modern versions of him are born.
▪ Sun saloon 10, a modern version of the old cross-bench car, upon delivery in 1939.
▪ Is it a modern, corporatist version of the old patrimonial autocracy?
▪ The modern versions of Taylorism are expressed in terms of job design and work study.
▪ They are, ironically, the modern version of the church of the Middle Ages.
▪ Each session will create a new version in the Working-Set.
▪ The new version has an automatic roof designer that generates standard roof as well as specialty styles.
▪ They then worked as a class to produce a new rewritten version which they hoped would be more comprehensible.
▪ The new version of Navigator, due for release this spring, will feature two-way e-mail.
▪ Some months ago I suggested that this could be done in a new version of Question Time.
▪ Many people get along using the same programs and never move on to new versions.
▪ It is not clear even to Lotus when the new 1-2-3 version for Alpha will be rolled-out.
▪ It makes you wonder when a new version of the photo will feature only an empty stoop.
▪ The original version of the model is depicted in Figure 8.
▪ This program has made dramatic leaps in ease-of-use and reliability from its original version.
▪ It will cover the changes that have taken place in assessment since the original version was first published in 1988.
▪ Pacino cuts them together for a truly original version of Shakespeare that could only be realized on film.
▪ The Labovian model can be used to explore further the similarities and differences between the idealised and original versions.
▪ The original versions were reduced to ashes when an earlier Capitol burned in 1881.
▪ The original version, also included, still sounded fresh ten years on.
▪ The arrangement to the original version is like, when the song starts, you get this protection.
▪ A hard act to follow, but its stars are confident that the small screen version will prove just as popular.
▪ A small version of the caldo and plenty of tortillas accompany the entree.
▪ Duncan had guessed right about it being a Shogun, the smaller, two-door version.
▪ Each outer cave or vault can only entered through a small version of the iris-like Vadinamian Valve.
▪ Also new is the Spectrum S, a smaller version of the touring single for the lighter paddler.
▪ Border fork A smaller version of a digging fork; very handy for working among close-spaced plants and lifting individual seedlings.
▪ There was no manual with the beta version, but the package as a whole is a cinch to use.
▪ As it's a beta version, it's tricky to give ClarisWorks a star rating.
▪ There will be a development environment and beta versions of the complete environment tailored for vertical markets running up to its release.
▪ Some of which were cover versions that one or other of us had found.
▪ In cover versions of Prince and Lloyd Webber?
▪ The album consists of cover versions recorded this summer at the Funny Farm.
▪ However, this cover version of Bronski Beat's first single is really very good indeed.
▪ There will be an album from the band, full of unlikely cover versions.
▪ A film version of J K Rowling's first novel is expected to boost sales.
▪ Meanwhile, the film version of Skipped Parts begins production this summer.
▪ One way that many directors in theater differentiated their work from film versions was through interpretation.
▪ He was the first actor chosen for the film version, which Douglas produced.
▪ The offices are so old-fashioned that one was used as Scrooge's office in a recent film version of A Christmas Carol.
▪ In the film version it makes no difference whether he gets there in time or not.
▪ Only additional module names can be entered or the existing module version ranges extended.
▪ Transition: A transition consists of a new state which the module version is set to.
▪ Only development version number allowed An approved version number has been entered at the new package version or new module version prompt.
Module version information may be restricted to details on approved module versions only, with details on intermediate development versions omitted.
▪ Future developments include a wireless version, which is already being piloted.
▪ The premium increase was not included in the House version of the spending bill that is now the subject of negotiations.
▪ Also included are earlier versions in prints by Durer, Holbein and others, 19 January until 13 March.
▪ The development, administration and interoperability modules do not include run- time versions of Unix.
▪ However, reliability checks have been included in the latest version of the program.
▪ These values include a macho version of masculinity and an embracing of violence.
▪ And now-at last-Lotus have introduced a new version of their roadster.
▪ Hummingbird will also introduce version 3.3 of exceed/W, its personal computer X Server software for Windows.
▪ Visioneer first licensed this idea to Compaq Computer Corp., which introduced its version first.
▪ The company on Monday introduced a new version of its tax preparation software.
▪ Note: Is it fair to add that Gustave's journal offers a different version of the story?
▪ He devoted most of his remarks in the closed-door session to offering his version of events in the ethics case against him.
▪ A better choice, if offered, is the version of Internet Explorer 3.03 for Windows 3.x that includes its own Winsock.
▪ Simpson later offered a revised version of the identification system that would include substantial safeguards.
▪ By the 1960s, however, photographers were concerned to offer more personal versions of the nature of social existence.
▪ Most restaurants are offering a version of this new darling of desserts.
▪ He said Boeing offered a freighter version of its 747-400 airliner for between $ 165 million and $ 170 million.
▪ Now perhaps they should produce an Apple Macintosh version, which would be exactly the same but cost twice as much.
▪ Each gene gives up its individual life by co-operating with many others to produce superior versions.
▪ Konrad Lorenz wrote that birds even in total isolation are able to produce a recognisable version of the song of their species.
▪ I am therefore writing to ask if you would be interested in our working together to produce AppleMac versions of the programs.
▪ Later developments, however, have produced greatly improved versions of this type of cladding.
▪ Actors and actresses produce a version of Noël Coward when they try.
▪ Was he going to produce a London version of Oz?
▪ The new editorial policy complicates the process of producing authorised versions, but it does not substantially change it.
▪ A few weeks later, they release a Mac version.
▪ Microsoft recently released versions of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh and Windows 3. 1.
▪ They expect to release a version priced at £50 during 1992.
▪ And in almost every case, the previously released version was the superior cut.
▪ ProActive will release new versions of its software to meet emerging requirements, but won't sell source code, says Sippl.
▪ A number of companies have released IBM-compatible versions of their programs before turning their attention to Mac versions.
▪ Microsoft Corp has released version 2.1A of LANManager for Unix.
▪ Moreover, a growing number of software makers are releasing short demonstration versions of their programs.
▪ The T-shirt and three-button T-shirt show it as a border design using the central tile version.
▪ If you include dairy foods, use low-fat versions, and only small portions.
▪ Having used version 5.5 for only a few days I could never go back.
▪ Upgrade at home if you use the latest version at work.
▪ In this article, when appropriate, this implementing statute will be used as the relevant version of the Hague Rules.
▪ Make sure you use the latest version.
▪ You use a version of email to send a message, usually called a posting, to a newsgroup.
draft proposal/copy/version etc
▪ During the process of editing and using critical consultation, your first draft copy could disappear.
▪ In its draft version the report declares that market forces alone will not ensure more efficient use of energy.
▪ It is relevant to the agricultural sector and there are several references to environmental considerations in the draft proposal.
▪ The draft proposals tend to emphasize advisory structures and roles.
▪ The draft proposals were to be discussed with the trade unions and opposition parties before being submitted to the People's Assembly.
▪ The draft version for comment incorporates practices and interpretations that have become established over the years and includes some new provisions.
▪ The assembly divided itself into five committees and 26 sub-committees to dissect the 131 draft proposals it has received.
potted history/biography/version
▪ Keeping a job file Your employer will have a personnel file containing a potted history of your career with the company.
▪ Martin's potted history of each railway is certainly sufficiently detailed to whet the appetite enough to free buttocks from armchair Dralon.
▪ They were farcically satirical potted biographies in sets of two rhyming couplets.
▪ Woven into these personal accounts are potted histories of disturbing events, ancient and modern.
▪ I had trouble understanding the French, so I got the English version of the book from the library and read it.
▪ Most people would agree that the Italian version sounds better.
▪ A discordant and high-spirited version of an old tune rang out into the evening air.
▪ Here are recipes for some of the updated versions of macaroni and cheese.
▪ However, the Mac version comes with all the bells and whistles.
▪ The children's version says nothing about Joseph's views on his wife's mysterious pregnancy.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Version \Ver"sion\, n. [F., from L. vertere, versum, to turn, to change, to translate. See Verse.]

  1. A change of form, direction, or the like; transformation; conversion; turning.

    The version of air into water.

  2. (Med.) A condition of the uterus in which its axis is deflected from its normal position without being bent upon itself. See Anteversion, and Retroversion.

  3. The act of translating, or rendering, from one language into another language.

  4. A translation; that which is rendered from another language; as, the Common, or Authorized, Version of the Scriptures (see under Authorized); the Septuagint Version of the Old Testament.

  5. An account or description from a particular point of view, especially as contrasted with another account; as, he gave another version of the affair.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, "a translation," from Middle French version, from Medieval Latin versionem (nominative versio) "a turning, a translation," from past participle stem of Latin vertere "to turn, change, alter, translate" (see versus). Also with a Middle English sense of "destruction;" the meaning "particular form of a description" is first attested 1788.


n. A specific form or variation of something. vb. (context computing English) To keep track of (a file, document, etc.) in a versioning system.

  1. n. an interpretation of a matter from a particular viewpoint; "his version of the fight was different from mine"

  2. something a little different from others of the same type; "an experimental version of the night fighter"; "an emery wheel is a modern variant of the grindstone"; "the boy is a younger edition of his father" [syn: variant, variation, edition]

  3. a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form; "the play is an adaptation of a short novel" [syn: adaptation]

  4. a written communication in a second language having the same meaning as the written communication in a first language [syn: translation, interlingual rendition, rendering]

  5. a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something [syn: interpretation, reading]

  6. manual turning of a fetus in the uterus (usually to aid delivery)


Version may refer to:

In computing:

  • Software version, assigning unique version names or numbers to unique states of computer software
  • VERSION (CONFIG.SYS directive), a configuration directive in FreeDOS

In music:

  • Cover version
  • Dub version
  • Remix
  • Version (album), a 2007 album by Mark Ronson
  • Versions (Poison the Well album), 2007
  • Versions (Thievery Corporation album), 2006
  • Versions (MYMP album), 2005
  • Versions (Robby Krieger album), 1982
  • Versions (Zola Jesus album), 2013

Other uses:

  • Version (eye)
  • External cephalic version
  • Versions of the Bible
Version (album)

Version is the second album by New York-based English producer Mark Ronson. It is an album of cover versions with a retro-inspired sound, which Mark Ronson describes as " Motown/ Stax". Version was released on 14 June 2007 in the iTunes Store, and it entered the UK Album Chart at number two on 22 June 2007.

The album reached number 2 on the UK Albums Chart and has sold 105,584 copies as of January 2015.

Usage examples of "version".

She carried several versions of analysand in working memory, and ran the new programs through the most comprehensive of the group, barely watching the lines of code as they flickered past on the screen.

It need hardly be said that this version of anarchic belligerence did not recommend itself to the engineers and technologists of the Committee of Public Safety.

The Antiphonary of Bangor proves that Ireland accepted the Gallican version in the 7th century, and the English Church did so in the 10th.

Little wonder he describes himself as humming happily as the machine all summer, eager for the first trial print-out in the fall: I myself was as involved by this time in his quest as if it had been my own, and searched vainly, heart-in-mouth, among his technical appendices and catalogues to see whether they might include the Pattern for Heroes, which surely Polyeidus must have plagiarized from him -- unless, as seemed ever less implausible, Computer itself was some future version of my seer.

Of course: these would be his own versions of the maps he had seen in the archive in Istanbul, copied from memory after his adventures there.

We sat in silence, reluctant to take the machine on-line, to bring up the doctored version of programs whose results, both digital and analog, we had no way of forecasting.

And during the time of the antipopes, how many schismatic Orders were fabricating their own versions of things, and passing off their versions as the work of earlier men?

The full version of an antiviral program scans, analyzes, identifies, tracks, localizes, destroys, repairs, and reports.

The first versions of cyborg-bacteria operated on organic power sources, the way ordinary bacteria do.

But because these Bradley-drawn pictures were celebrating me I fell in love with the pictures and then in a standard move I fell in love with the guy himself as the creator of the images in which a beautified version of me appeared.

The game on Apatros followed a modified version of the Bespin Standard rules.

This was to be another version of their everlasting billiards competition and Bloom was going to win.

The experimental voyager Eric de Bisschop added a refinement to his version of this theory by suggesting that the voyagers, on initial exploratory probes to the north and south and back again, noted that they had been displaced by currents in relation to the home islands.

He maintained a slight version of his blurring shield, not wanting to be seen nor to draw attention.

But it struck me that you should write up a first-person account of your run-in with the Dacget your version into a databank first, and you might be able to afford three or four replacements for the bonsai you lost.