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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Urus \U"rus\, n. [L.; of Teutonic origin. See Aurochs.] (Zo["o]l.) A very large, powerful, and savage extinct bovine animal ( Bos urus or Bos primigenius) anciently abundant in Europe. It appears to have still existed in the time of Julius C[ae]sar. It had very large horns, and was hardly capable of domestication. Called also, ur, ure, and tur.


n. A species of wild goat, (taxlink Capra caucasica species noshow=1), native to the western Caucasus.


''' Tuř ''' is a village and municipality in Jičín District in the Hradec Králové Region of the Czech Republic.

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Tur (mythology)

Tur (Tur – son of Fereydun) is a character in the Persian epic Shahnameh. He is the second son of the legendary Iranian king Fereydun and brother of both Salm and Iraj. His name, meaning "brave", was given to him by his father when the young prince bravely fights the dragon that had attacked him and his brothers. When Fereydun divides his empire among his sons, he gives Turkistan and China to his second son Tur. This is the beginning of the nation of Turan, the neighbor and rival of the Iranians. Some of the most important characters of Shahnameh, such as Afrasiab, are his descendants.

Tur (river)

The Tur is a tributary of the Tisza River. Its sources are located in the Oaş Mountains in Romania. The Tur starts at the confluence of its headwaters, the Gorova and Turişor. It then flows through Satu Mare County in Romania. The main town on the Tur is Turulung, The river then forms the border between Romania and Ukraine on a reach of 5.2 km, and the border between Romania and Hungary for 1.1 km. The Tur joins the Tisza river near Szatmárcseke in Hungary. Its basin size is .

Tur (mite)

Tur is a genus of mites in the family Laelapidae.

Tur (cuneiform)

The cuneiform sign for tur, is used to denote one syllabic usage, tur, or the sign's sumerograms; it is used in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the 14th century BC Amarna letters. The sign is based on the i (cuneiform) sign, with the one small added vertical stroke.

Besides tur, it is for sumerograms ( logograms) BÀN, DUMU, and TUR. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, it is used in the following numbers: tur-(11 times), BÀN-(3), DUMU-(25), TUR-(2). The large usage of DUMU in the Epic is for the sumerogram being the equivalent of "son", Akkadian language "māru".

Usage examples of "tur".

Like a beast of prey he slunk noiselessly upon all fours into the shelter directly behind the unsuspecting Tur.

They appeared ill at ease and I could guess that they were recalling the episode in the temple when they had deserted their Jeddara and even hurled her roughly at the feet of the Great Tur, but Valla Dia soon put them at their ease.

Then Valla Dia summoned the odwar of the Guard, who would be in our world a general, and she told him to clear the palace of every living being from the temple level to the roof an hour before the evening meal, nor to permit any one to enter the temple or the levels above it until the hour appointed for the assembling in the temple to hear the word of Tur, excepting however those who might be in her own apartments, which were not to be entered upon pain of death.

The chariot halted before the altar and Valla Dia descended and knelt and the voices that had been chanting the praises of Xaxa were stilled as the beautiful creaTure extended her hands towards the Great Tur and looked up into his face.

I let the eyes of Tur rove about over the audience and then brought them to rest upon Valla Dia.

Three, black-robed and tur baned, with silver-mounted belts and daggers which were exactly the legal length permitted display guards, immediately flanked the prince.

He glanced toward his boarding skiff and, in his own language, ordered, "Duwin tur voxyn.

Word filtered down to the suppressed on Rugarian, Deski, Iginish, Turs and Terran home worlds, and on the compulsorily colonized planets.

We got tur see if the fisty cuss hit Chelton Raymond with thot thur bullet.

And when color returned, it fluxed tur quoise and green, with a dusting of ghttering gold.

One of the Turs gobbled his down as if he hadn't eaten in days ‘He didn't know the Cats had packed us rations,’ Lenny said.

It had the Tur tree, emblem of Turia, in the southern hemisphere, on the porcelain stone.

The ones on the ground were mainly aliens: the goblinesque, squatty Turs, never very pleasant to deal with and given more to grunts than words, some hairy Rugarians and the green-skinned Morphins.

He was glad to be rid of the Turs, sullen argumentative bastards, and the Morphins had always been difficult to deal with in the barracks at Barevi.

So they formed a human ‘lift' system for the escapees: humans, Deskis and Rugarians, three green Morphins and two Turs, the goblins who were so short that Zainal was slinging them up.