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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Headwater \Head"wa`ter\ (-w[=a]`), n. The source and upper part of a stream; -- commonly used in the plural; as, the headwaters of the Missouri.


n. (context chiefly in the plural English) The source (and the initial part) of a stream

Headwater (band)

Headwater is a band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They have played as featured acts in festivals such as the TD Canada Trust Vancouver International Jazz Festival in 2008 and Merritt Mountain Music Festival in 2007.

Their debut studio album in 2006, My Old Friend, sold four thousand copies in B.C. in its first sixteen months. Their follow-up album, Lay You Down, was released in 2008. Songs from both albums are in regular rotation nationally on the CBC.

April, 2012 Headwater released a new single, "Your Love" from their third studio record, PUSH. A limited run of hand numbered vinyl will be sold to promote the new EP, recorded by Marc L'Esperance and Bill Buckingham in Vancouver, B.C.

Headwater was recently included in the 2012 Peak Performance Project.

Current touring band members are:

  • Jonas Shandel: vocals, guitar
  • Noah Walker: Guitars
  • Michael Rush: Bass
  • "Dizzy" Daniel Moorehead, Saxophone