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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a taxi/bus/truck etc driver
▪ Car drivers face a new daily charge to enter the capital.
by car/train/bus/taxi etc
▪ They travelled to Chicago by train.
courtesy bus/taxi/car/phone etc
▪ The hotel runs a courtesy bus from the airport.
▪ Most reviewers receive a courtesy copy of the book.
hail a cab/taxi
▪ The hotel doorman will hail a cab for you.
taxi rank
▪ When our taxi driver picks us up, he looks like he has just been told a good joke.
▪ Another of those badly hurt was Mr Alan Ray, a taxi driver.
▪ The taxi driver was a friend of ours so we were able to relax driving to the Airport.
▪ Kee paid the taxi driver, and went in.
▪ Mum and I said goodbye to David the taxi driver and went into the airport.
▪ I know what profession she's in, and no wonder that taxi driver was giving me the big smirk.
▪ The 21-year-old had seized 58-year-old taxi driver Derek round the throat and grabbed his £68 takings.
▪ It usually covers the cost of accommodation, breakfast, a main meal and return taxi fare from airport to hotel.
▪ Shortly after midnight, Josie handed Lucy her taxi fare and told her to scram.
▪ Don't be afraid occasionally to challenge claims for taxi fares and expensive meals.
▪ He still faces four charges of dodging taxi fares of between eleven and 50 pounds.
▪ So now he worked for a taxi firm.
▪ Paradise Cars in Oxford is one of the few taxi firms run by women for women.
▪ Last week the eight taxi firms declared a boycott of Golcar, a Pennine village on Hudderfield's fringe.
▪ Some taxi firms said they did not want blood in their cars.
▪ Detectives want to speak to a man who phoned a taxi firm in Berkeley on that same morning.
▪ He owns a taxi firm in Hartlepool and lives in Wolviston.
▪ Mr. Needham I know of no surreptitious exercise being carried out by my Department in regard to private taxi firms in Belfast.
▪ He scurried over to the taxi rank.
▪ But the taxi rank outside the hotel had been full and idle and the target had been straight into a vehicle.
▪ The men were shot as they waited to pick up fares at a Castle Street taxi rank.
▪ The front line is this taxi rank in the town centre.
▪ The centre is a thirty minute walk or a five minute taxi ride away.
▪ She says did you enjoy your taxi ride?
▪ Urban transport would be reduced by 40 percent and taxi services would be limited to taking people to hospital or to funerals.
▪ He ran a taxi service for a time and also a souvenir store.
▪ Women-only taxi services are being encouraged under the same Safer Cities programme.
▪ This means that nobody is around to use the local amenities including shops, taxi services, libraries and the like.
▪ Read in studio A taxi service with a difference is being launched which looks certain to become a runaway success with tourists.
▪ Carole telephoned his taxi service three times that week.
▪ It wasn't till the news that night that we realised we had been filmed while doing these taxi service for people.
▪ On being caught out playing taxi service at the bottom of the North Sea?
▪ A network of subsidized cargo barges and water taxis would be introduced on the city's canals to compensate.
▪ Each day, private water taxis will take the group to and from Isola Bisentina, once a retreat of popes.
▪ Narrow wooden piers with sunbathing platforms stretch into the clear sea, host to visiting water taxis and yachts.
▪ Eventually we came to an ancient tree-lined canal with a long-tailed water taxi parked at a dock.
▪ At about 10.45 a.m. on Sunday morning, he called a taxi.
▪ Theresa called a taxi for them.
▪ The only difference is that they are called taxis.
▪ I packed my reliable trainers instead and called for a taxi.
▪ She would leave at once, call a taxi and get back to Paris.
▪ He distinguishes between two different types of order, which he calls taxis and cosmos.
▪ I caught a taxi home with Gina that night.
▪ She stopped a local man in the train station and asked where we might catch a taxi.
▪ On being caught out playing taxi service at the bottom of the North Sea?
▪ He was attacked and robbed while waiting to catch a taxi home from a dance.
▪ I am just a very confused mortal who has to get up and go to work driving a taxi in the morning.
▪ For a few weeks, he drove a taxi while searching for a permanent appointment.
▪ Then he drove the taxi fast down the road.
▪ Suddenly, Kiah drove the taxi off the road.
▪ Ivor Krutch used to drive a taxi in Toronto.
▪ The men found work driving taxis to support an extended family with 15 members crammed into one small first-floor apartment.
▪ To my consternation, I found the taxi was empty.
▪ He found a taxi and came with us, escorting us into the hospital.
▪ I find Rainbow in her taxi, on the prowl.
▪ She went back to her office, put on her coat, and went to find a taxi.
▪ She managed to find a taxi in the cavernous gloom of the station.
▪ He ran out into the wet streets saying he would find a taxi.
▪ They must have found nothing with the taxi companies and rent-a-car.
▪ As she got a taxi three other women tried to get in as well and a row ensued.
▪ I could get a taxi easily enough, or perhaps you'd care to drive me.
▪ She got out of the taxi on Des Voeux and handed the driver a crumpled fistful of Hong Kong dollars.
▪ Then we get back to the taxi, and there you are waving your weaponry, and kidnapping us.
▪ She'd never get a taxi in this weather.
▪ I got a taxi as soon as I stepped out of the back door.
▪ But Aileen couldn't or wouldn't stop crying, and finally Doug suggested that she get a taxi and go home.
▪ She'd have to get a taxi home.
▪ Rachel left the office and ran out on to Des Voeux, hailing a taxi to take her home.
▪ He wanted it all to go smoothly right down to hailing a taxi.
▪ Not to be denied, at least a dozen fans hailed waiting taxis and set off in pursuit.
▪ Converse walked the several blocks to Pasteur Street and hailed a taxi, taking care not to signal with the Offending Gesture.
▪ At the third attempt I gave up and hailed a taxi.
▪ Mark hailed a taxi and they were away.
▪ He hailed a taxi, directed it to First Avenue and Sixty-third Street.
▪ Tony hailed a black taxi sailing past and they leapt into the back.
▪ I take a taxi to Belcourt, the area where Albert Camus grew up.
▪ Bernard and I took a taxi to a hostel.
▪ He bought a couple of newspapers, then took a taxi with his luggage to the Hotel Palma.
▪ They took a taxi to his place, and once inside the cab his hand wandered on to her knee.
▪ Gardette Armour, a 19-year-old waitress, says she has stopped walking home at night and takes a taxi.
▪ On the mad, bad roads of Moscow, there's no point taking a registered taxi.
▪ She and the wife of another detained paramilitary officer took a taxi shortly afterwards.
▪ A taxi journey from the Airport to the University takes approximately 20 minutes.
▪ Angry taxi drivers responded by boycotting a planned workshop on treating customers courteously.
▪ Getting a taxi is a battle.
▪ He went searching for a taxi, his subconscious mind at work.
▪ In the back of the taxi, our two temporary travelling companions sit as far apart as possible.
▪ The taxi driver who approached us outside the terminal was fluent enough to say he had been sent by the tour company.
▪ The tube workers had a whip-round to pay for a taxi to the railway station.
▪ Wally said brightly to the suddenly befuddled taxi driver.
▪ An hour later, taxiing across the glimmering surface of the lake, the floatplane approached the jetty.
▪ It was a wonderful feeling to put up an affirmative two fingers as the mechanic helped me taxi in.
▪ Packer and Sheehy were both taxiing around Sydney airport in their respective corporate jets on Tuesday when they accidentally collided.
▪ Slim Gordon started the motors and they were off, taxiing into position.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

taxi \tax"i\, n.

  1. same as taxicab.

  2. any vehicle that carries passengers for a fare, as a water taxi.


taxicab \tax"i*cab\, n. an automobile with a professional driver which can be hired to carry passengers; -- also called a taxi, and informally called a cab or a hack. The driver of a taxicab is referred to as a cab driver or cabbie, and sometimes as a chauffeur or hackie.

Note: Taxicabs may be engaged by a prior appointment made, e.g. by telephone, or they may cruise for passengers, i.e. they may drive in city streets and stop to pick up pasengers when they are signalled by a prospective passenger. The act of signalling a taxicab (usually by a wave of the arm) is often called

to hail a cab or

to flag down a cab.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1907, shortening of taximeter cab (introduced in London in March 1907), from taximeter "automatic meter to record the distance and fare" (1898), from French taximètre, from German Taxameter (1890), coined from Medieval Latin taxa "tax, charge."\n

\nAn earlier English form was taxameter (1894), used in horse-drawn cabs. Taxi dancer "woman whose services may be hired at a dance hall" is recorded from 1930. Taxi squad in U.S. football is 1966, said to be from a former Cleveland Browns owner who gave his reserves jobs with his taxicab company to keep them paid and available ["Dictionary of American Slang"], but other explanations ("short-term hire" or "shuttling back and forth" from the main team) seem possible.


1911, of airplanes, from slang use of taxi (n.) for "aircraft," or from or reinforced "in allusion to the way a taxi driver slowly cruises when looking for fares" [Barnhart]. Related: Taxied; taxiing.


n. 1 A vehicle that may be hired for single journeys by members of the public, driven by a taxi driver. 2 (context South Africa English) A share taxi. vb. To move an aircraft around an airport under its own power.

  1. v. travel slowly; "The plane taxied down the runway"

  2. ride in a taxicab

  3. [also: taxying, taxies (pl)]

  1. n. a car driven by a person whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for money [syn: cab, hack, taxicab]

  2. [also: taxying, taxies (pl)]

Taxi (TV series)

Taxi is an American sitcom that originally aired from 1978 to 1982 on ABC and from 1982 to 1983 on NBC. The series—which won 18 Emmy Awards, including three for Outstanding Comedy Series—focuses on the everyday lives of a handful of New York City taxi drivers and their abusive dispatcher. Taxi was produced by the John Charles Walters Company, in association with Paramount Network Television, and was created by James L. Brooks, Stan Daniels, David Davis, and Ed Weinberger.

Taxi (1998 film)

Taxi is a 1998 French action-comedy film starring Samy Naceri, written by Luc Besson, and directed by Gérard Pirès.

It has three sequels, Taxi 2, Taxi 3, Taxi 4 and one remake, Taxi. It also provided the premise for the US TV show, Taxi Brooklyn in 2014.

Taxi (2004 film)

Taxi is a 2004 American remake of the 1998 French film of the same name, starring Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon, and Gisele Bündchen. It is directed by Tim Story.

TAXI (advertising agency)
  1. Redirect Young & Rubicam#TAXI

Category:Advertising agencies of Canada Category:Companies based in Toronto


TAXI may refer to:

  • TAXI (TV series)
  • TAXI (advertising agency)
  • TAXI (A&R), an American A&R company
  • TAXI - The Global Creative Network, a website specializing in design
Taxi (chocolate)

Taxi was the name of a chocolate biscuit sold under the McVitie's biscuit brand. It was produced by the European food manufacturer United Biscuits. The bar consisted of layers of wafer, caramel, and chocolate creme, and was covered in chocolate, and was suitable for a vegetarian diet. Taxi used to be available in multi-packs using a yellow and blue wrapper, in a New York taxi cab style design.


TAXI is an Independent A&R company, based in Calabasas, CA, that was founded in 1992 by music veteran Michael Laskow with the intent of helping songwriters, artists, bands, and composers get their music heard by record labels, music publishers, and supervisors of film/TV projects.

Taxi (book)

Taxi is a collection of 58 short stories by Khaled Al Khamissi, first published in December 2006.

A book dedicated "to the life that lives in the words of poor people." Taxi is a journey of urban sociology in the Egyptian capital through the voices of taxi drivers. Through recounting the stories of different taxi drivers he encounters, the author offers some insight into contemporary Cairo and Egypt.

Taxi (disambiguation)

A Taxicab or taxi is a vehicle for hire with a driver.

Taxi may also refer to:

  • Taxiing, moving an aircraft on the ground under its own power
  • Taxi (book), a 2007 collection of stories by the Egyptian writer Khaled al-Khamissi
  • Taxi (chocolate), a chocolate biscuit
  • Taxi (pinball), a pinball machine
Taxi (pinball)

Taxi is a pinball machine designed by Mark Ritchie and Python Anghelo. It was released in 1988 by WMS Industries.

Taxi (Romanian band)
There are other music bands named Taxi.

Taxi are a Romanian pop-rock band. Their sound is an eclectic mix of rock and contemporary pop, occasionally introducing other influences such as hot Nashville-style guitar licks.

The band was founded March 13, 1999 in Bucharest. Dan Teodorescu, songwriter, lead vocalist and the band's leader, first recruited Adrian Bortun, with whom he had previously played in Altceva ("Something Else"). Bortun recruited his former bandmate Andrei Bărbulescu from Sarmalele Reci ("The Cold Sarmale"; sarmale are meat rolls with cabbage); Dan recruited Georgică Pătrănoiu with whom he had also played before.

Their first Romanian hit was "Criogenia salvează România" ("Cryogenics saves Romania"), which gained them fans even among the members of the Romanian Parliament with its ironic political lyrics.

Hai să ne băgam cu toţii-n niște frigidere mari Să ne congelăm pentru vreo sută de ani Și să-i așteptăm liniștiţi pe-americani Poa' să vină japonezii, poa' să vină și nemții Să ne facă reformă că noi nu avem pretenţii Doar atât le vom cere: să nu ne uite-n frigidere - Dan Teodorescu - "Criogenia salvează România" Let's put ourselves all in some huge refrigerators To freeze for about 100 years And let the Americans come and solve our problems. Even the Japanese and the Germans may come To reform our economy; We will not complain, but we have a small thing to ask: "Please, do not forget us in the fridge!..."

It was followed by an EP Jumătate de album (Half an album), after which drummer Andrei Bărbulescu left and was replaced by Lucian Cioargă. Shortly after their song "Luna" (" The Moon") became the Romanian nominee to the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest. They came in seventeenth, a higher rank than any other Romanian band ever had, but disappointing nonetheless. A few months after the Festival in Stockholm, they debuted an English-language song called "E.B.U - European Broadcasting Union": "We played poker by their rules... But in the end, they told us that four jacks are stronger than four aces." The song continues on, using an obscene expletive to express their disregard for the contest.

Taxi welcomed the 2000 millennium with a song "Doi zero zero zero" ("Two zero zero zero"). Jumătate de album was expanded in July 2000 to a full album Trag un claxon (Honk a Horn). A succession of Romanian hist included "Comunitaru" ("Stray Dog"), which addresses Bucharest's plan of spaying and euthanizing ownerless dogs from the point of view of one of the dogs. The song describes, ironically, the state of the Romanian economy and society, then goes on to a chorus:

Castrați-mă, castrați-mă, Sau, dacă vreți, eutanasiați-mă, Pentru că singura voastră problemă Sunt eu, câinele comunitar'. - Dan Teodorescu, "Comunitaru" (Castrate me, castrate me, Or, if you like, euthanize me, Because your only problem Is me, the stray dog.)

This appeared on their 2001 album Americanofonia, the title track of which is a song about the flood of English-language expressions entering Romanian:

Business, meeting, briefing, trading, Casting, shopping, fashion, trend, Dealer, broker, leader, joker, Manager, advertising, P.R., brand, Lobby, hobby, weekend, party, Timeout, fifty-fifty, supermarket, copyright, Discount, cash, card, net, mail, chat, standby, D.J., V.J., L.P., C.D., bye-bye! Oops, yeah... Suntem anglofoni, americanofoni, Suntem bu-bu, bu-bu, bu-bufoni. - Dan Teodorescu, "Americanofonia" (We're English-speakers, American-speakers, We're foo-foo foo-foo foo-fools.)

Teodorescu was married for four years to Melania Medeleanu; the autumn 2006 divorce was amicable, and Medeleanu sings on one track of the 2007 Taxi album Romantica. There are several other collaborators on the album, including Cheloo of Paraziții.

In late 2010, they released the single "Cele două cuvinte" (The two words). The video featured more than two dozen male Romanian celebrities (actors, singers, TV personalities, athletes, filmmakers) explaining men's inability to say "I LOVE YOU" and became a YouTube hit, receiving more than 1,500,000 views in less than 2 months.

Taxi (song)

"Taxi" is a song written and performed by Harry Chapin from his 1972 album Heads & Tales. Chapin debuted the song on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1972, which was followed by many calls and telegrams sent from viewers to NBC demanding that Chapin return to the show. It was the first time in the show's history that host Johnny Carson brought a performer back the very next night for an encore performance. "Taxi" thus front-lined his defining work. The single helped establish Chapin's musical style and fame, and as a result, many Chapin items featured taxi-related imagery. Legendary WMEX-Boston Radio Personality Jim Connors is credited with a Gold record for discovering Chapin and pushing his single "Taxi" to #24 on the Billboard charts, where it would last 16 weeks on the Hot 100, in the United States. Billboard ranked it as the No. 85 song for 1972. In Canada, the song reached number three.

Taxi (Nikos Karvelas album)

Taxi is the second studio album by Greek singer-songwriter and record producer Nikos Karvelas, released by Minos in 1983. It is composed entirely of English-language material.

Taxi (1996 film)

Taxi is a 1996 Spanish film directed by Carlos Saura, starring Ingrid Rubio and focusing on the emergence of far-right and racist groups in Spain during the 1990s.

Taxi (1953 film)

Taxi is a 1953 American drama film directed by Gregory Ratoff from 20th Century-Fox starring Dan Dailey.

Taxi (2015 film)

Taxi (full title Jafar Panahi's Taxi; ), also known as Taxi Tehran, is a 2015 Iranian docufiction starring and directed by Jafar Panahi. The film premiered in competition at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Golden Bear and the FIPRESCI Prize. In 2010, Panahi was banned from making films and travelling, so his niece Hana Saeidi, who also appears in the film, collected the award on his behalf.

Taxi (Portuguese band)

Taxi are a Portuguese rock band, one of the most influential and biggest of all time in Portugal. The band originated it the '80s, influenced by ska and the new wave of Police. The band is originally from Oporto, and was formed in 1979 by João Grande, (a.k.a. Big John) (b.1954) (voice), Henrique Oliveira (b.1957) (guitar), Rodrigo Freitas (b. 1958) (drums), and Rui Taborda (a.k.a. The Rock!) (b. 1958) (bass).

Being strongly influenced by the London Punk Scene they initially composed and sang in English, but this would change after a concert in German School of Porto, when two elements of Polygram discovered them and invited them to record an album, the only condition being that they would have to sing in Portuguese. They released four albums via PolyGram and made other contributions to the Portuguese music scene. To this day, their first hit Chiclete (1981), its still one of the most played tunes on the radio, and one of the icons of the Portuguese '80s music scene.

They've been mostly inactive since 1998, but meet up occasionally for the odd gig.

Taxi (Gibraltar band)

Taxi is a Gibraltarian pop rock band founded in 2005 after the break-up of Melon Diesel. After the quintet's break-up, its members dissolved into two different bands: Taxi (Dylan Ferro, Dani Fa and Danny Bugeja) and Area 52 ( Guy Palmer and Adrian Pozo). Whilst the latter moved on to play alternative rock in English, Taxi kept loyal to Melon Diesel's Hispanic fanbase, composing songs in Spanish. Their songs maintain a certain similarity to those of Melon Diesel although slightly more upbeat with more pop influences.

On September 2010, Taxi was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in the Best Pop Album category by a duo or group with vocals by "Aquí y Ahora".

Taxi (Bryan Ferry album)

Taxi is the eighth solo studio album by Bryan Ferry, the former lead vocalist for Roxy Music. The album was released on Virgin Records in April 1993, over five years after the release of his previous album Bête Noire. This was Ferry's third solo album since the second demise of Roxy Music in 1983, ten years earlier. The album was a commercial and critical success, peaking at No. 2 in the U.K., it was certified Gold by the BPI.

The first single, " I Put A Spell On You" was the album's only top 20 hit in the U.K., peaking at No. 18. The second single, " Will You Love Me Tomorrow" narrowly missed the U.K. top 20, peaking at No. 23. The third and final single, " Girl Of My Best Friend" peaked at 57.

TAXI (website)

TAXI – The Global Creative Network is an international multidisciplinary design website that features news, competitions, websites, portfolios and events across the global creative industry. It has its seat in Singapore. It publishes news related to the world of design, creativity and innovation; the news are updated on a daily basis.

It features three sections:

  • DesignTAXI: a professional network for creative professionals, in association with design businesses, institutions, organizations and individuals.
  • The Bazaar: an online marketplace for creatives to sell their artworks.
  • The Creative Finder: a global directory of professional creatives such as illustrators, photographers, designers, and art directors.

TAXI also publishes articles at the website of Asian Correspondent.

In May 2012, TAXI received a mention in Forbes's 'The Top Five Sites for Keeping Up With Creativity and Design'.

In July 2012, TAXI was featured in TIME's 'The 140 Best Twitter Feeds Of 2012'.

BBC names DesignTAXI as "Website of the Week" in May 2013.

In March 2013, DesignTAXI teams up with UNIQLO, one of the world's largest fashion retailers, to release co-branded t-shirts worldwide. The T-shirts were later sold out online.

Usage examples of "taxi".

August, after that idiot from Anchorage tried to taxi through the wall.

The record, he knew, would be permanent, and might be used to trace his route to New Jersey, because when they found Jabbar-dead in his taxi, they might connect him to Asad Khalil.

He watched as Bluey switched on the taxi and landing lights, flipped in twenty degrees of flaps, trimmed for takeoff, and shoved the throttle in.

Bernard Boulting was all ready in his overcoat and scarf when the taxi arrived the following afternoon to take them to Harrogate station.

There was a shortage of taxis and we suppose Bunchy had walked so far, hoping to pick one up in a side street, when this fellow came along.

If it was one of the guests he may have made up his mind only when he caught a glimpse of Bunchy standing alone in the mist, waiting for a taxi.

I had been waiting at the bus stop for twenty minutes when a taxi driver leaned out of his cab to tell me that no buses were running.

It was noticeable that there were no buses on the streets and as I subsequently ascertained from a passerby, the taxi driver was telling the truth.

All buses were off the streets, no underground trains running and no taxis were available.

There had been no noise loud enough to hear above the general traffic, the diesel buses and taxis.

Squadron was deserted, except for a slim figure that sat, rather uncomfortably, on an upturned chock, as a Sopwith Camel, considerably damaged, landed and taxied up to the hangars.

He waved the chocks away after the engine had been run up and taxied slowly out into position to takeoff.

I mean you coulda got rid of the badge and the card and the police pistol before you climbed outta the taxi.

And, replacing the daguerreotype, Soames took a taxi to the Poultry, reflecting as he went.

As the Devastators taxied down the short runway, she lifted up her mask, grateful to be seeing clearly out of both eyes and happy to be up in the air, even if it meant playing pirates for a little while longer.