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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Emerging local ska finds no better form than super-tight, supremely energetic and consistently sensational Warsaw.
▪ He'd play all kinds of black music, everything from ska to soul and blues.
▪ The Slackers' fans agree they're the best ska band on the circuit these days.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1964, Jamaican, of unknown origin.


n. A style of Jamaican dance music combining elements of Caribbean calypso and mento with American jazz and rhythm and blues.


SKA or ska may refer to:

  • Acharnes Railway Center (SKA), a railway junction in Athens, Greece
  • Armed Forces Office (Germany) or Joint Support Office, Streitkräfteamt in German, an agency of the German Armed Forces
  • Republic of Korea Army, also known as the South Korean Army (SKA)
  • Shotokan Karate of America
  • Ska, a style of music
  • Ska (leafhopper), a leafhopper genus in the tribe Erythroneurini
  • SKA Brewing, a microbrewery in Durango, Colorado, United States
  • Skagen (The Skaw), a town in Denmark
  • Ska-P, a Spanish ska punk band
  • Square Kilometre Array, a radio telescope under design
  • Sachkhoj Academy, an Indian religious academy of Nihang Singhs

Usage examples of "ska".

Now watch them turn on Ska, the new king Gothan has given them, when it seems my star rises again!

You said I lashed the people with whips of rawhide--has Ska stroked you with parrot feathers?

The crowd on the battlements and in the streets surged and eddied, while Ska glared, bewildered.

If Ska loses, then you shall accept me as your rightful queen and goddess!

But Ska, having never encountered armor before, made his fatal mistake in supposing it to be apparel or ornament through which his weapons would pierce.

Athelstane who rushed with unexpected quickness, like a charging bull, and before that terrible onslaught Ska, bewildered by the breaking of his hatchet, was caught off his guard--flat-footed.

A dozen feet away fell Ska, king of Bal-Sagoth, to lie shattered and dead in a ghastly welter of blood and entrails.

But a few days have passed since they were yelling as wildly for Ska the liberator--scant hours had passed since Ska sat enthroned, master of life and death, and the people bowed before his feet.

To the northwest they could trace the general course of the Wakon valley, though the stream itself was nowhere in view, even among the broader levels toward its mouth, for everything down the Ska beyond a point three miles away was hidden from their sight by the bold cliffs that jutted out almost into the foaming waters.

The grass was still wet with rain and probably goddanged slippery, especially if an unsuspecting SKA came thee-ing and thou-ing along in shoes with slippery leather soles.

His strategy dictated the infliction of maximum enemy losses, while incurring a minimum of his own: a kind of war for which he had shaped his army and which put the Ska at disadvantage.

The second, or middle, fair started on that evening known to the druids as 'Pignal aan Haag', to the fairies of Forest Tantrevalles as 'Summersthawn', to the Ska archivists as 'Soltra Nurre', in the language of primaeval Norway: a time marking the start of the lunar year, defined as the night of the first new moon after the summer solstice.

Elsewhere a few peasants clustered in squalid villages, hiding at the approach of the Ska press-gangs, even though at Xounges, King Gax still maintained his nominal rule.

The Ska commander, a tall black-haired man in a three-pronged steel helmet and a white cap over the pangolin scales of his armor, stood immobile on the afterdeck and so sank with his ship.