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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a fashion photographer
▪ Later he worked as a fashion photographer for Vogue.
a press photographer
▪ A group of press photographers was waiting for her outside.
freelance journalist/writer/photographer etc
renowned author/actor/photographer etc
▪ a world renowned expert in the field
▪ Friedrich Paneth, a Viennese chemist and keen amateur photographer, was particularly successful with the process.
▪ This hard backed book is an invaluable source for the amateur photographer who wants to make the break into studio work.
▪ Meanwhile, local amateur photographers are having a field day trying to capture the agricultural cloth of gold on film.
▪ An amateur photographer on the shore captured last week's clash on videotape and its revelations aroused outrage.
▪ Along the side of the lake, a long promenade runs in front of the town; no wonder amateur photographers come back raving!
▪ Cleaning and maintenance press. Commercial photographers publications.
▪ Just out of college in the early 1970s, Wick worked as a commercial photographer and learned about lighting.
▪ In June 1923 she went to work for an established commercial photographer and there learned how to develop color film.
▪ He continued to pursue photography after his stint in the military, eventually becoming a highly successful commercial photographer.
▪ Mr Knospe is a solid professional documentary photographer, not an artist with work in museums.
▪ The Health Secretary posed for the lens of the famous photographer of beautiful women, Terry O'Neill.
▪ He finds a job as assistant to a famous fashion photographer, the amusingly named Vesuvi.
▪ A supposedly famous photographer in the sixties, he was now most famous for the farce and frequency of his suicide attempts.
▪ Colm Henry is unquestionably Ireland's best known rock photographer, although he by no means limits his skills to the music area.
▪ This is where a good photographer, plus a gifted amateur, come in.
▪ We're a team and he's the best photographer in the business.
▪ Setting up the picture Briefing To take really good pictures photographers need to be properly briefed.
▪ Helpful Hints Book early, the best photographers are always in demand.
▪ But I think some of the best photographers are women.
▪ Staying on the edge of being a good photographer you felt committed to trying to be there.
▪ You can learn a lot also from looking at photographs by good photographers.
▪ Both historians proceed to a greater or lesser extent by way of discussion of great photographers.
▪ She'd entered and won a competiton run by a local photographer, Colin Wakeham.
▪ Pictures of Western women in tank tops, short-shorts, and tights also attracted the attention of local photographers.
▪ Meanwhile, local amateur photographers are having a field day trying to capture the agricultural cloth of gold on film.
▪ But she finds refuge with another man, ironically a local braggart photographer who is not so much successful as handy.
▪ As the aircraft landed and the pressmen poured out, they were met by a hoard of local photographers.
▪ The town had another local photographer, Harry Hodges Tansley.
▪ With a programme of slides and films taken by local railway photographers.
▪ At Derek's we found a local photographer called Steve Blay waiting for us.
▪ The bride and groom pose for photographs to be taken by the official photographer and relatives who have brought their cameras.
▪ After the press photographers came the official photographers from both governments.
▪ The trip's official photographer Alan Selwood is one of the helpers working towards that aim.
▪ But it was preserved by his official photographer, Heinrich Hoffman.
▪ In leafy Whitegate Drive: the car faces the wrong way for the official photographer. 3.
▪ In 1909 Trevor moved to Hampstead and for several years worked as a professional photographer.
▪ Mr Knospe is a solid professional documentary photographer, not an artist with work in museums.
▪ At the same time we see the emergence of the professional travel photographer of whom Francis Frith is probably the best known.
▪ A professional photographer will capture the chain of events, from the bride leaving her home to the cutting of the cake.
▪ A professional photographer really gets down to it ... The big moment arrives and everything is a spectacular success.
▪ The plaintiff was a professional photographer.
▪ He came to the county to leave teaching behind and start a new life as a professional photographer.
▪ Many of the writers are also professional photographers and this certainly shows - the book is crammed full of sumptuous colour pictures.
▪ I think a lot of younger photographers aren't.
▪ It's a problem which applies to all young photographers apparently, not just operating in the music field.
▪ Even that has been a mixed blessing. Young photographers aiming at the poster market have taken to copying his style.
▪ Later he worked as a fashion photographer for Vogue, snapping a young Brigitte Bardot amongst others.
▪ He finds a job as assistant to a famous fashion photographer, the amusingly named Vesuvi.
▪ Clive Nichols is a freelance photographer specialising in gardens.
▪ During the riot a freelance photographer sustained injuries from which he died three weeks later.
▪ Nigel Hillier, 31 year-old freelance photographer did just that.
▪ Those who fall between the official schemes - like freelance photographer Melanie Cox - need it.
▪ The couple's remaining daughter, Lynn, a 22-year-old freelance photographer, was last night being comforted by relatives.
▪ The Institute of Journalists also has a list of freelance photographers.
▪ In general, the photograph will be protected by copyright which will be owned by the publisher or perhaps a freelance photographer.
▪ Two lorries crammed with riot policemen arrived and fired tear-gas canisters, rapidly dispersing the small crowd, which included news photographers.
▪ Police made three misdemeanor arrests, including one of a news photographer, for failing to keep back.
▪ Sportsmen, journalists, newspaper photographers and local political figures were among the many walking in the cortege.
▪ From early morning the hotel was besieged by television crews, newspaper photographers and reporters.
▪ With us came Dmitri Baltermants, a leading Soviet war photographer.
▪ The opening shot was a photo history of war as seen by war photographer Don McCullin.
▪ Langford was forty years old, and at the height of his reputation as a war photographer.
▪ I think you will be very successful as a war photographer.
▪ He allowed photographers to take these pictures without any hindrance at all.
▪ Dunaway also would not allow a photographer to shoot pictures of her during the interview for this article.
▪ Do not allow the photographer to stamp the back of the photograph.
▪ Hastings said he might allow photographers into the courtroom for the verdict and the final arguments by attorneys.
▪ A photographers platform on the platform-less side became a permanent fixture allowing photographers to get next to the lip to capture the action.
▪ Her father wanted her to go to Cambridge University and get a good degree but she wanted to become a photographer.
▪ During those six years Salgado, the economist who became a photographer, took pictures of the face of globalisation.
▪ He also became an accomplished photographer, publishing privately a volume of excellent portraits of contemporary scientists.
▪ Mike Wilkinson didn't choose to become a press photographer - it was one of those things that just happened.
▪ They posed holding hands for photographers before turning back to the screeching fans and signing yet more autographs.
▪ She cursed a lot, she dressed in boots and sunglasses and black clothes and posed for photographers holding a gun.
▪ They posed for photographers at the star-studded show, giving the lie to rumours they had been separated for several weeks.
▪ They should send out their own photographers, let them risk their lives.
▪ Paramount News sent another of their photographers, Andy Fulgoni, up to Trepassey to wait there for the fliers.
▪ Later he worked as a fashion photographer for Vogue, snapping a young Brigitte Bardot amongst others.
▪ Just out of college in the early 1970s, Wick worked as a commercial photographer and learned about lighting.
▪ Army where he worked as a photographer for the Army newspaper Stars and Stripes.
▪ A few moments later the two photographers came sheepishly to tell me that the video camera was out of action.
▪ Elaine Querry, another photographer whose work I admire, submitted relatively weak works.
▪ I then walked across to the photographers and lost my temper, lost my head.
▪ Mr Knospe is a solid professional documentary photographer, not an artist with work in museums.
▪ Taken probably between 1861 and 1865, these were put on sale by the photographer Hippolyte Jouvin.
▪ The harsh lights that the photographers had used still glared down on the scene.
▪ The Health Secretary posed for the lens of the famous photographer of beautiful women, Terry O'Neill.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Photographer \Pho*tog"ra*pher\, n. One who practices, or is skilled in, photography.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1843, agent noun from photograph (v.). (Photographist also is attested from 1843).


n. One who takes photographs, typically as an occupation.


n. someone who takes photographs professionally [syn: lensman]


A photographer (the Greek φῶς (phos), meaning "light", and γραφή (graphê), meaning "drawing, writing", together meaning "drawing with light") is a person who makes photographs.

Photographer (film)

Photographer is a 2006 Malayalam drama film written and directed by Ranjan Pramod. It stars Mohanlal, Master Mani, Neethasree and Biju Menon in major roles. It was the directorial debut of Ranjan Pramod, who has been a successful screenwriter in Malayalam cinema. The film also marks the debut of Kannada actress Neethasree in Malayalam cinema as well as the comeback of veteran composer Johnson after a sabbatical of a few years.

The film is based on the Muthanga incident, in which a policeman and a tribal were killed. Mohanlal plays dual roles in the film, one of a wildlife photographer and the other a farmer. Master Mani, who played the role of a tribal boy won that year's Kerala State Film Award for Best Child Artist. Johnson received the Mathrubhumi Award for Best Music Director for the soundtrack and Mullasserry Raju Music Award for the track "Enthe Kannanu Karuppu Niram".

Photographer (disambiguation)

A photographer is a person who takes photographs using a camera.

Photographer(s) may also refer to:

  • Photographer (film), a 2006 Malayalam drama.
  • The Photographer, a chamber opera by composer Philip Glass.
  • The Photographer (film), a 2000 film directed by Jeremy Stein.
  • The Photographer (graphic novel), about a Médecins Sans Frontières mission during the height of the Soviet war in Afghanistan.
  • Photographer, a Ukrainian trance music producer called Dmitry Chumak in reality.

Usage examples of "photographer".

A photographer stood three feet back from the wall, killing time taking artsy shots of the hands.

Bredow or Reinholm, the Vesco sisters, Klauschen Geitel, or Rama the ballet photographer, who has retouched most of the photographs here displayed, for no neck must show strain and every instep wants to be the highest.

Behind the wheel the fat photographer had begun to weep at the sight of the dark Ford growing in the rearview mirror.

As far as I could make out the Misses Tripp were vegetarians, theosophists, British Israelites, Christian Scientists, spiritualists and enthusiastic amateur photographers.

The photographer posed them with Jane Asher, a seventeen-year-old red-haired actress who had been a guest panellist on the BBC TV show Juke Box Jury.

It was the sleek, clean-shaven face of Donald Perdy, the art photographer.

Savage observed a photographer taking photoflash pictures of the scene.

It had been easier to send a photographer who could write stories than it had to send a photographer and a reporter, especially in the little one-seater Hitoris they were ordering now, which was how I got to be a photojournalism And since that had worked out so well, why send either?

They agreed because they found fascinating the people Will had already recruited and Markowitz turned out to be a would-be professional photographer.

One of the Property Protection staffers, a serviceman, and the same photographer as before were clustered around an exterior electric meter near the side door.

After a few dozen more pictures for the press, Gavin moved the photographers on, and Waring returned to the table.

There were several huge police dogs on the lawn, squatting near a pleasant-faced man with a close-cropped grey beard whom I took to be Akeley himself - his own photographer, one might infer from the tube-connected bulb in his right hand.

The Antillean refugee Jeremiah de Saint-Amour, disabled war veteran, photographer of children, and his most sympathetic opponent in chess, had escaped the torments of memory with the aromatic fumes of gold cyanide.

They reached a park, where the moonlight glimmered on the waters of a curving canal - one of those serpentine waterways where aquaplaners frequently disported for the benefit of newsreel photographers.

MAYFAIR was not in the Argus apartment, which was full of detectives from the homicide detail, an assistant district attorney, photographers, print men.