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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a tall building
▪ The park was surrounded by tall buildings.
a tall tale (=one that is difficult to believe and unlikely to be true)
▪ She enjoyed making up tall tales to tell the children.
grow taller
▪ Victor seemed to grow taller every day.
▪ John stood six feet tall.
tall, dark, and handsome
▪ Sam was tall, dark, and handsome.
tall poppy syndrome
tall ship
▪ I walked with the tall grass brushing my knees.
the best/tallest etc in the world
▪ We want to become the best team in the world.
the world’s best/tallest etc
▪ It is the world’s largest car manufacturer.
▪ The wheels were almost as tall as he was.
▪ McCarran was hardly as tall as his shoulder.
▪ That blade was almost as tall as Felix, and Felix was a tall man.
▪ Next to the ring was a large box as tall as I, also filled with dead, empty gloves.
▪ He wasn't as tall as the marquis, but he had a wiry physique and a sound constitution.
▪ And Moira Charles would be almost as tall as David in high heels.
▪ Topaz had pictured her as tall and brawny as befitted a martinet.
▪ He was at least as tall as me, perhaps an inch taller.
▪ Ask me how tall I am, and, without prevarication or hesitation, I will tell you.
▪ He brings a bottle of bubbly and a basketball. How tall, fair, gentle he is!
▪ She bet - and lost - £100,000 to record company mogul David Geffen over exactly how tall Perry was.
▪ I du n no how tall it is, but the Christmas tree outside the caff is blummin huge.
▪ Innes McInnes was taller than I'd expected, but then how tall should a millionaire be?
▪ Jacob squeezed Katherine's hand, urged her up. How tall she had grown, and beautiful.
▪ Mildred had pressed for more details. How tall?
▪ Well, how tall is tall anyway?
▪ Fen was much taller and broader and his swarthy colouring was not something that had appealed to her hitherto.
▪ An interviewer who happens to be very short may take an instant dislike to having a general manager who is much taller.
▪ At Ostia the block is much taller, generally four storeys high and the walls are brick faced.
▪ By twenty, Ezra had not grown much taller than the boy he was in 1941.
▪ I was much taller than he was.
▪ She was tall, tall enough to meet Fergus Wolff's eyes on the level, much taller than Roland.
▪ Elaine, his wife, was much taller than him, with shoulder-length blonde hair and long legs carrying a well-rounded body.
▪ They were much taller than me with long brown arms covered with green leaves.
▪ She was not so fair, nor so tall - nor so beautiful.
▪ The trees have grown so tall, they obscure part of the view, she noted.
▪ He was so tall he had to pull down his head when he went through most doors.
▪ Not so tall and powerfully built that she felt as though she might break if he so much as touched her.
▪ They make a funny mental picture because she is so short and he is so tall, just for starters.
▪ The other man was not so tall and not nearly so good looking.
▪ Because she was so tall and slim all the clothes looked marvellous on her and the other girls would groan their envy.
▪ She was too tall, too blonde to be anything but Hung Mao.
▪ Yet, among a variety of other sweet incompatibilities, he is too tall.
▪ Claire: It is too tall - now take some off.
▪ The bride was too tall, and riding into the city could not fit under the city gate.
▪ The problem was that the spire was just a little too tall and too thin for its own good.
▪ Last year, I cut the tops off to keep them from becoming too tall.
▪ A measured, geometric square, stood on edge, seems too tall.
▪ I say to Ted, recalling the inconvenience of being a head too tall in a rainstorm.
▪ The yellow lights on their anorexic columns look mad, like cyclopean triffids, very thin, very tall.
▪ I expected some one very small or very tall.
▪ At four corners are smaller octagons, replicas in design of the large one and all very tall.
▪ Time you had some aspirin and a very tall glass of water.
▪ He was a very tall and good-looking gentleman.
▪ So these early groups used the newly-acquired strength of their stems to grow very tall and become trees.
▪ The sitting-room door opened and there entered a very tall woman.
▪ She wasn't very tall - tiny, really.
▪ Pleasant and popular, the tallest boy in the world is not a freak at home.
▪ Cornelius was a tall boy who had not as yet grown into his body.
▪ A tall boy in a shrunk-up ivory sweater strolled by, hands in his pockets, singing.
▪ The tall boy rose awkwardly, stretched and put his best foot forward.
▪ It was furnished in a style which was new to the tall boy.
▪ Near the Guardian bureau there is a small park, overlooked on three sides by tall buildings.
▪ Before the steel skeleton, tall buildings were made of stone.
▪ A few minutes later the spaceship was falling towards a planet covered with tall buildings.
▪ He did one of New York tall buildings, a sunny day.
▪ When she reached Soho, a policeman directed her to Manette Street; a narrow alley between two tall buildings.
▪ Urban environments imply low air quality very high levels of light pollution, and serious obscuration of the sky by tall buildings.
▪ Once a smaller one buzzed by like a transparent bumble bee, below him but still above the tallest buildings.
▪ Kuala Lumpur has twin towers that are the tallest buildings in the world.
▪ You barricaded your door against its tall figure.
▪ A tall figure appeared in the canyon gloom; it had an enormous head.
▪ Away below, a tall figure moved slowly through the trees of the demesne.
▪ A tall figure came into view, then just as quickly vanished.
▪ Theo saw an exceptionally tall figure.
▪ No tall figure loomed over the till as she was serving, or appeared suddenly from behind the window displays.
▪ I followed her gaze down the long empty platform and there at the other end stood a tall figure.
▪ The urgent blare of his car horn drew their attention back to the sheriff's tall figure.
▪ In desperation, they asked Sally Carmichael for eight of her tallest girls to make up the line.
▪ After that, to the Air, there would be a pasdedeux with the taller girls in the background.
▪ She was a tall girl, quite pretty, I thought, and she always wore a lovely kimono robe.
▪ Four tall girls removed all the books, then went out and returned with trays which were handed round.
▪ As he turned the corner, a girl was heading toward him, a tall girl with a lot of blond hair.
▪ One tall girl with curly hair only hitched for two minutes before a smiling family picked her up.
▪ The tall girl who had despatched Rose to the telephone was now studying her face in the wall mirror.
▪ The newt was still squirming in the tall glass of water.
▪ Time you had some aspirin and a very tall glass of water.
▪ He washed and went out to the nearest bar for a tall glass of water and a coffee.
▪ She stands quietly, to the side of a tall glass case.
▪ She held a book, reached out to a tall glass of pale gold wine, a twin to Jay's.
▪ It was still early and the bar seemed strange without voices and laughter and the clink of ice in tall glasses.
▪ Yvonne was sitting at the table with a cheroot and a tall glass of wine.
▪ Water trickled from the brown earth near the roots of the bush and traced a dark line through the tall grass.
▪ Weedy thickets and tall grass grew under occasional trees.
▪ Gazzer crawled up the bank and lay down in the tall grass, pole-axed by fatigue.
▪ Miguel drove into the tall grass with a loud crunch.
▪ A cricket chirruped suddenly in the tall grass by his ear.
▪ Next to the cemetery was a large pond covered with moss and tall grass crowned with silver blossoms.
▪ To either side great chunks of masonry lay in the tall grasses, pieces of fallen statuary among them.
▪ The sixteen slicks flared in unison with Yellow One and settled into the tall grass.
▪ The effect is similar to dressing a tall man in a pinstripe suit - it simply accentuates the length!
▪ Chutra became a tall man in the saddle.
▪ T'ai Cho was a tall man, more than five ch'i, his height emphasised by the diminutive size of the Clayborn child.
▪ Inside the car were three dark men and a tall man in a white suit and straw hat.
▪ He was a tall man of about 45.
▪ The contractor was a tall man with a beer belly and a cowboy hat.
▪ Chips Salter was an enormous man, at one time the tallest man in the Force, and he took himself seriously.
▪ A tall order, but the price of failure could be the end of collective security for the West.
▪ To ask for definitive answers to such grandiose questions would, of course, be a tall order.
▪ Holding these seemingly incompatible forces together would seem a tall order indeed.
▪ That's a tall order, even for some one with Howard's apparent integrity.
▪ A tall order, perhaps, though Mena Iskander was a lady of resource and intrigued by the whole situation.
▪ It can be a tall order sometimes.
▪ If this sounds a tall order, it is.
▪ This is a tall order for busy parents.
▪ That had been their perfect existence before the empire builders had come in their tall ships.
▪ The tall ships are sailing down the harbor for the Fourth.
▪ But there's still time to remember tall stories from previous superintendents.
▪ Horden's design blended innovation and massing A tall story or a tourdeforce?
▪ With his feeling for tall stories he's a radio natural, though.
▪ He wowed his colleagues after hours with tall tales.
▪ No Baron Munchausen would have dared to imprison his saga within the limits of a tall tale.
▪ And yet all his life, his integrity warred with a flair for the theatrical, a fondness for tall tales.
▪ There were tall trees here and there on either side, oak and sycamore and ash and occasionally a sweet chestnut.
▪ With three air-force pilots along for the ride, James flew along a railroad track bordered by tall trees.
▪ Many of the country roads are lined on either side with tall trees, at times breathtakingly beautiful.
▪ The valley was scrubby here: elephant grass, occasional tall trees, and dry rice paddies.
▪ Protected by high pearl-grey walls, the Palace is set in spacious grounds with many tall trees.
▪ In addition, date farmers are finding they can make good money by selling their tallest trees to landscapers.
▪ See the tall trees, bracken and undergrowth which skirt the clearing.
▪ There was nothing to focus on except the trunks of the tall trees.
▪ He examined the long split-level room stretching away from him to the tall windows at the far end.
▪ Sometimes it is a stone schoolhouse with tall windows.
▪ Blue light, and silver and bronze, streamed and bounced and danced through tall windows.
▪ Long green satin curtains had been pulled to cover the tall windows.
▪ A dull grey winter Saturday morning was kept out by tall windows hung with faded velvet drapes.
▪ Outside the tall windows the darkness came suddenly, unexpectedly, without any long twilight.
▪ There the Shah worked in a large salon that looked out through tall windows on to the city below.
▪ A rectangular conference table and four chairs, of a type provided for senior public servants, stood between the tall windows.
▪ Although she was not a tall woman, she had to stoop low to get through the doorway.
▪ She walked over to a tall woman whose hair was tied with a colorful bandanna.
▪ The sitting-room door opened and there entered a very tall woman.
▪ She was a tall woman with a large head, a hooked nose, and an excessively large bosom and hips.
▪ The tall woman strode to his desk and laid the folder open in front of him.
▪ She was then a tall woman, which meant that there was nothing forthcoming for fat to grow into.
▪ His patient was getting on for fifty, a handsome, tall woman, very well-dressed.
▪ Leaning against her was a taller woman whose face glowed.
stand tall
▪ Fenton stood tall and stared down the gunmen.
▪ Before such a leader, all enemies will cower, While Devi Lal stands tall.
▪ But there was Elder Seth, standing tall, and smiling just like her old man.
▪ Of the Warriors playing Sunday night, only Todd Fuller stood taller than 6-foot-9; four were guards.
▪ The only Senate list on which we stand tall: Best-Dressed, &.
▪ Theodora stood tall and handsome in the tiny modem hall.
▪ They stand tall, jut their chins out, call no one Sir and can lick any man in the house.
the biggest/tallest/most expensive etc ... on earth
walk tall
▪ And walking tall: Out of the wheelchair, and into karate.
▪ And walking tall: Why Harry the penguin loves his new mum.
▪ I walked taller and the ground I walked on seemed firmer.
▪ Latinos have walked taller ever since.
▪ She walks tall and straight, a little stiff.
▪ They proceeded slowly back uphill, with Hyacinth walking taller at each step as she appreciated the glamour of her new condition.
▪ We walk tall, no longer cowed by writs.
▪ Whether they won or lost, they should walk tall.
▪ At the age of fifteen he was already six foot three and the tallest boy in the school.
▪ Do you need to be tall to play basketball well?
▪ First, we need to find a nice tall tree.
▪ Lorna is a little taller than her husband.
▪ Martin was tall and thin, with curly blond hair.
▪ Sebastian was now fifteen, and had grown tall and strong.
▪ The cat was hiding in the tall grass in the backyard.
▪ The photographer asked the taller people to stand at the back of the group.
▪ Two tall marble columns stood at either side of the entrance.
▪ Who is that tall bloke standing next to Diane?
▪ Chutra became a tall man in the saddle.
▪ It was then that she noticed a tall blond man busy coaching some young local boys in football.
▪ She was a tall girl, quite pretty, I thought, and she always wore a lovely kimono robe.
▪ Siward, taller than anyone else, was behind him and to the left.
▪ The valley was scrubby here: elephant grass, occasional tall trees, and dry rice paddies.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tall \Tall\, a. [Compar. Taller; superl. Tallest.] [OE. tal seemly, elegant, docile (?); of uncertain origin; cf. AS. un-tala, un-tale, bad, Goth. untals indocile, disobedient, uninstructed, or W. & Corn. tal high, Ir. talla meet, fit, proper, just.]

  1. High in stature; having a considerable, or an unusual, extension upward; long and comparatively slender; having the diameter or lateral extent small in proportion to the height; as, a tall person, tree, or mast.

    Two of far nobler shape, erect and tall.

  2. Brave; bold; courageous. [Obs.]

    As tall a trencherman As e'er demolished a pye fortification.

    His companions, being almost in despair of victory, were suddenly recomforted by Sir William Stanley, which came to succors with three thousand tall men.

  3. Fine; splendid; excellent; also, extravagant; excessive. [Obs. or Slang]
    --B. Jonson.

    Syn: High; lofty.

    Usage: Tall, High, Lofty. High is the generic term, and is applied to anything which is elevated or raised above another thing. Tall specifically describes that which has a small diameter in proportion to its height; hence, we speak of a tall man, a tall steeple, a tall mast, etc., but not of a tall hill. Lofty has a special reference to the expanse above us, and denotes an imposing height; as, a lofty mountain; a lofty room. Tall is now properly applied only to physical objects; high and lofty have a moral acceptation; as, high thought, purpose, etc.; lofty aspirations; a lofty genius. Lofty is the stronger word, and is usually coupled with the grand or admirable.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"high in stature," 1520s, probably from Middle English tal "handsome, good-looking; valiant; lively in speech; large, big; humble, meek," from Old English getæl "prompt, active," from Germanic *(ge)-tala- (cognates: Old High German gi-zal "quick," Gothic un-tals "indocile"). Main modern sense "being of more than average height (and slim in proportion to height)" probably evolved out of earlier meanings "brave, valiant, seemly, proper" (c.1400), "attractive, handsome" (late 14c.).\n

\nSense evolution is "remarkable" [OED], but adjectives applied to persons can wander far in meaning (such as pretty, buxom, German klein "small, little," which in Middle High German meant the same as its English cognate clean (adj.)). Meaning "having a (defined) height," whether lofty or not is from 1580s. Meaning "exaggerated" (as in tall tale) is American English colloquial attested by 1846. Phrase tall, dark, and handsome is recorded from 1906. Related: Tallness.


a. (context of a person English) Having a vertical extent greater than the average. For example, somebody with a height of over 6 feet would generally be considered to be tall.

  1. adj. great in vertical dimension; high in stature; "tall people"; "tall buildings"; "tall trees"; "tall ships" [ant: short]

  2. lofty in style; "he engages in so much tall talk, one never really realizes what he is saying" [syn: grandiloquent, magniloquent]

  3. impressively difficult; "a tall order" [syn: tall(a)]

  4. too improbable to admit of belief; "a tall story" [syn: improbable, marvelous, marvellous, tall(a)]

Tall (surname)

Tall is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ahmadu Tall (19th century), Malian imam
  • Amadou Tidiane Tall (born 1975), Burkinabé footballer
  • David A. Tall (born 1963), English cricketer
  • David O. Tall (born 1941), British educator
  • El Hadj Umar Tall (circa 1797 – 1864), West African politician
  • Gora Tall (born 1985), Senegalese footballer
  • Ibrahim Tall (born 1981), Senegalese footballer
  • JoAnn Tall (21st century), American environmentalist
  • Lida Lee Tall (1873–1942), American university president
  • Mamadou Tall (born 1982), Burkinabé footballer
  • Modou Tall (born 1953), Senegalese basketball player
  • Mountaga Tall (born 1956), Malian politician
  • Siraj Al Tall (born 1982), Jordanian footballer
  • Stephen Tall (1908–1981), American writer
  • Stephen Tall (politician) (born 1977), British politician
  • Tidiani Tall (circa 1840 – 1888), Caliph of the Toucouleur Empire
  • Tom Tall (born 1937), American singer

Tall may refer to: Jake C

  • A degree of height
    • A degree of human height
  • Tall (surname), a surname
  • Tall, Semnan, a village in Semnan Province, Iran
  • Tall: The American Skyscraper and Louis Sullivan, 2006 documentary film
  • River Tall, a river in Northern Ireland, UK
  • Mr. Tall, a fictional character in the Mr. Men series
  • A tell, a type of archaeological site

Usage examples of "tall".

Well over six feet tall and built like a brick outhouse, he often found it necessary to enter a room sideways, his shoulders being too broad to be accommodated by a standard doorframe.

Fleda knew what it was an allusion to, and his pathetic air of having received a little slap in the face, tall and fine and kind as he stood there, made her conscious of not quite concealing her knowledge.

He was very pale, and his eyes seemed bulging out as, half in terror and half in amazement, he gazed at a tall, thin man, with a beaky nose and black moustache and pointed beard, who was also observing the pretty girl.

Puzzling over this farmhold, surely the strangest he had seen, Taran drew closer, dismounted, and as he did so a tall figure ambled from the shed and made his way toward the companions.

Filfaeril sat alone in the apse of a silent throne room, staring down a long ambulatory bounded by double-stacked arches and tall columns of fluted marble.

Then he made a tall drinking glass such as he had never made before, and then, in contrast, a tiny ampulla, so small that he could almost hide it in his hand, with its spout, yet decorated with all the perfection of a larger piece.

She sat tall and still as she appraised the half-dozen men sitting around the table.

Taller than Rulagh by three inches, Arroyo flexed his muscled arms and waited with his legs braced for action.

Beside him was a taller, more assured youth, arrogantly swaggering into the lens, dripping with self-importance.

Presently Lang took off the tall hat he was wearing, placed it on his knee, produced paper and pencil, set the paper on the crown of the hat and began to write like a spiritualist automatist, if that is the right word, all the time keeping up a flow of argument and conversation with A.

And for the autumn, at the back of her border, there were orange and yellow chrysanths, but a totally different orange and yellow from the nasturtiums, much deeper, much more autumny, and also tall rain-smelling Michaelmas daisies.

The tall windows had been closed against the chill of the afternoon, and she worked at the latch desperately, biting her lip as the balky fastening jammed, then released suddenly, nipping her flesh and drawing a pinpoint of blood.

Fayr Ballat, was a man of middle age, blond and bearded, tall and loose-limbed.

A Long Tall Texan Summer Diana Palmer 227 He winked at Kitty and nodded at Drew before he strode off toward the Ballenger brothers and their wives.

In addition to the Renaissance desk and the Singer sewing machine, his equipment included a tall, narrow mirror, reaching up to the ceiling paneling, of the kind to be found in tailor shops and ballet schools.