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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
swimming pool
▪ A sun terrace with deck-chairs and umbrellas surrounds the swimming pool.
▪ Do you want to go swimming in the swimming pool?
▪ He told McMurphy this while we were all being taken over to the swimming pool.
▪ In addition to seven gyms and an Olympic swimming pool, New Trier operates a television station.
▪ There is a swimming pool with terrace set amidst the sunny garden.
▪ We don't have a kidney-shaped swimming pool, but I do possess several palettes.
▪ You get free use of all the hotel's facilities such as swimming pool and sauna.
swimming pool

n. A pool of water used for swimming, usually one which has been artificially constructed.

swimming pool

n. pool that provides a facility for swimming; "`swimming bath' is a British term" [syn: swimming bath, natatorium]

Swimming Pool (film)

Swimming Pool is a 2003 French-British erotic thriller film directed by François Ozon and starring Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier. The plot focuses on a British crime novelist, Sarah Morton, who travels to her publisher's upmarket summer house in Southern France to seek solitude in order to work on her next book. However, the arrival of Julie, who claims to be the publisher's daughter, induces complications and a subsequent crime.

While the film's protagonist is British and both of the lead characters are bilingual, the majority of the story takes place in France – thus, the dialogue throughout the film is a mixture of French and English, which is appropriately subtitled.

Swimming Pool premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on 18 May 2003, and was released in France a few days later, with a U cinema rating, meaning it was deemed suitable for all ages. It was given a limited release in the United States that July, and was edited in order to avoid an NC-17 rating due to its sexual content and nudity. It was subsequently released in North America on DVD in an unrated cut.

The film ignited controversy with audiences because of its ambiguous nature and unclear conclusion which can be interpreted and argued in various ways – while in France many comparisons were made with Jacques Deray's 1969 film La Piscine ("The Swimming-pool"), starring Romy Schneider and Alain Delon.

Swimming Pool (1976 film)

Swimming Pool is a 1976 Malayalam-language Indian feature film, directed by J. Sasikumar, starring Kamal Haasan, M. G. Soman, Sumithra, Rani Chandra and Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair in lead roles.

Swimming Pool (2001 film)

Swimming Pool is a 2001 German slasher film, known in Germany as Swimming Pool - Der Tod feiert mit and The Pool in the USA. It is directed by Boris von Sychowski.

Swimming Pool (album)

Swimming Pool is the last album by the noted British folk/ blues/ rock songwriter, guitarist and singer Al Jones. It marked his return to writing and recording after many years of relative obscurity. All the tracks are written by Jones himself and published by Rogue Music. The album was recorded at Le Nevek, Cornwall.

Swimming pool

A swimming pool, swimming bath, wading pool, or paddling pool is a container filled with water to enable swimming or other leisure activities. Pools can be sunk into the ground or built above ground (as a freestanding construction or as part of a building or other larger structure), and are also a standard feature aboard oceanliners and cruise ships. In-ground pools are most commonly constructed from materials such as concrete, natural stone, metal, plastic or fiberglass, and can be of a custom size and shape or built to a standardised size, the largest of which is the Olympic-size swimming pool.

Many health clubs, fitness centers and private clubs, such as the YMCA, have pools used mostly for exercise or recreation. Many towns and cities provide public pools. Many hotels have pools available for their guests to use at their leisure. Educational facilities such as schools and universities occasionally have pools for physical education classes, recreational activities, leisure or competitive athletics such as swimming teams. Hot tubs and spas are pools filled with hot water, used for relaxation or hydrotherapy, and are common in homes, hotels, clubs and massage parlors. Special swimming pools are also used for diving and other water sports, as well as for the training of lifeguards and astronauts.

Swimming pool (disambiguation)

A swimming pool is an artificially enclosed body of water used for swimming.

Swimming pool may also refer to: