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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
erotic pictures
▪ A number of scenes in the film were very erotic.
▪ He wrote both poetry and erotic literature.
▪ His erotic caresses, his musky masculinity warmed with the scent of his cologne.
▪ The law does not bar service members from having erotic publications, films or tapes, or from sharing them with others.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Erotic \E*rot"ic\, n. An amorous composition or poem.


Erotic \E*rot"ic\, Erotical \E*rot"ic*al\, a. [Gr. ?: cf. F. Of or pertaining to the passion of love; treating of love; amatory.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from French érotique (16c.), from Greek erotikos "caused by passionate love, referring to love," from eros (genitive erotos) "sexual love" (see Eros). Earlier form was erotical (1620s).


a. Relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement. n. An amorous composition or poem.


adj. giving sexual pleasure; sexually arousing [syn: titillating]

Usage examples of "erotic".

This man was her friend, buyer of unneeded pickups, acceptor of her erotic video collection.

Most of the blood still had not returned to his brain, he had been enjoying the afterglow of one of the most erotic, sensual interludes in his life, and this impossible woman had to pick a fight with him, ruining the moment.

Her hair maintained its erotic contact with the Arachno, sipping information from his skin to verify what Corvax said.

Carrying his penis in his hand to shield it from the sharp metal, Vaughan climbed into the front seat and began to draw the outline of his penis against the instrument panel and centre arm-rest, marking out the erotic focus of a crash or sex act, celebrating the marriage of his own genitalia and the skull-shattered dashboard binnacle against which this middle-aged woman dentist had died.

Then I had an erotic dream about Ed, which upset me, followed by a nightmare about Citronella Pratt.

He was an amusing rogue, knowing by heart a quantity of erotic songs and of smutty stories which he could tell in the most laughable manner.

First the clash of cymbals and then the cloaked figures, shielded by parasols and borne by slaves, steeped in the erotic aura of mystery.

There was something intensely erotic about the nightlily, which as depicted was both phallic and softly, dewily open.

My erotic inconvenience made me very uncomfortable, my mind felt deeply the consciousness of my degradation, and I did not possess a groat!

Thus, in her first three issues, the Oracular Vulva delivered disquisitions on the erotic art of the Japanese painter Hiroshi Yamamoto, the epidemiology of syphilis, and the sex life of St.

Di Filippo is a forthright eroticist, and his erotic descriptions are forthrightly explicit.

I seem to be instructed in one of the mysteries of erotic esotery, yet on my word I am no wiser.

The sight of dark fighting figures in front of the foolfeel facia, an undulating screen of moving erotic abstracts, was archetypical of the Zone.

First the tentative withdrawal, and now the ingenuous response, was more erotic than any flagrant vice of the most skilled lover.

They had received their fair share of fustigation, feathering, yes, and fucking too, with the little fillip of erotic excitement which all of us procured in having mother and daughter perform the secret and mystic rituals of Lesbos.