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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a bilingual dictionary (=with translations from one language into another)
▪ A bilingual dictionary is an essential purchase for anybody learning a foreign language.
▪ Until we recognise the particular skills bilingual children bring to mathematics lessons, we are likely to continue to underestimate their abilities.
▪ The distribution of bilingual children varies widely across the country, but the total numbers and diversity are certainly significant.
▪ I have learned that there are no special practices or techniques we must learn in order to teach mathematics to our bilingual children.
▪ The Sandinistas quickly conceded the principle of bilingual education, and incorporated local languages into the 1980 literacy crusade.
▪ Some educators pose the same kind of questions about Ebonics that have been raised about other bilingual education programs.
▪ It also proposed bilingual education in schools and the creation of a secretariat of external relations and an environmental agency.
▪ Here, in this otherwise familiar classroom, bilingual education is being practiced.
▪ This means that bilingual education must be focused on from an early age and given a high profile throughout the school system.
▪ More aid also is proposed for bilingual education, special education and school construction and repairs.
▪ If this measure could indeed alienate Latinos, why do several recent polls show overwhelming support from Latinos for dismantling bilingual education?
▪ About 80 percent of the school's students are bilingual.
▪ I'm bilingual - my mother was French.
▪ Many of the pupils are bilingual in Welsh and English.
▪ In addition to this, students deepen their understanding of early literacy and a special study is made of bilingual under- fives.
▪ Must have a good understanding of the ethnography of speaking in the bilingual context, particularly that of interpreted interviews.
▪ There is a need for talks by bilingual service providers, information tapes and videos with voice overs in different languages.
▪ This is a completely bilingual city.
▪ Where bilingual ballots do fill a need is in the initiatives such as bond issues, charter amendments and the like.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bilingual \Bi*lin"gual\, a. [L. bilinguis; bis twice + lingua tongue, language.] Containing, or consisting of, two languages; expressed in two languages; as, a bilingual inscription; a bilingual dictionary. -- Bi*lin"gual*ly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1818, from bi- + lingual. Latin bilinguis meant literally "two-tongued," and, figuratively, "speaking a jumble of languages," also "double-tongued, hypocritical, false."


a. 1 Having the ability to speak two languages 2 Spoken or written in two different languages 3 Characterized by the use or presence of two languages alt. 1 Having the ability to speak two languages 2 Spoken or written in two different languages 3 Characterized by the use or presence of two languages n. A person who is able to use two languages.


adj. using or knowing two languages; "bilingual education"


n. a person who speaks two languages fluently

Bilingual (album)

Bilingual is the tenth album (sixth containing all original material) by the English electronic duo Pet Shop Boys, released in 1996. The album has sold about 1,000,000 copies worldwide. The album reached number 4 on the UK Album Chart, lower than their previous five studio albums which had all reached the Top 3 and was their first not to receive a Platinum certification there. It yielded five singles which all reached the Top 20 - all but one of which went Top 10.

Bilingual (disambiguation)

Bilingual may refer to:

  • multilingualism, the capacity of speaking more than one natural language (for instance, French and German)
  • bilingual inscription, a term used in epigraphic contexts
  • Bilingual (album), a Pet Shop Boys album
  • Bilingual, a song by Ivy Queen, featuring Remy Ma from the album There's Something About Remy: Based on a True Story
  • The Bilingual Review, a scholarly and literary journal of Hispanic-American bilingualism and literature
  • Bilingual Review Press, a publishing house affiliated with the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University
  • Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, an academic journal
  • Official Bilingualism in Canada, the policy of Canada's federal government giving English and French privileged legal status.
  • Official Bilingualism in Ottawa, the policy of the City of Ottawa, giving privileged status to English and French.

Usage examples of "bilingual".

He was 28 years old, left-handed, bilingual, Catholic, twice married but never in the Church, and was currently being sued for bigamy by one Juanita Torres Fuentes in San Diego.

Ressler explains: a bilingual molecule, with specific amino acid at one locus and corresponding anticodon at another.

Almost every well-intended and enlightened gesture designed to help immigrants in the last three decades - de facto open borders, bilingual education, new state welfare programs, the affirmation of a hyphenated identity, a sweeping revisionism in southwestern American history - has either failed to ensure economic parity or thwarted the processes of assimilation.

The new man must be bilingual in German, a sabotage expert, and have had plenty of experience of our Russian friends.

The ordinance is a relic of Anglo defiance that offends many Hispanics, bilingual or not.

Los Angeles Times and News Director for bilingual KMEX-TV, walked into the place and sat down on a stool near the doorway to order a beer he would never drink.

The Utopian tongue might well present a more spacious coalescence, and hold in the frame of such an uninflected or slightly inflected idiom as English already presents, a profuse vocabulary into which have been cast a dozen once separate tongues, superposed and then welded together through bilingual and trilingual compromises.

He had attended the Wednesday labor auctions several weeks on end in search of a bilingual woman or girl who could be trained as a waitress, then had bid me in as well to obtain Margrethe - but he wished to tell me that he had not regretted it as he had never seen the scullery so clean, the dishes so immaculate, the silverware so shiny.

So he hadn't felt the least embarrassment about resolutely tabling all suggestions about bilingual education programs.

Working comfortably with a group of fellow aspiring journalists and liberal public policy advocates from around the country, I was assigned to one of the foundation's projects, the Student Press Service, a youth-run newswire that dispatched reports from the nation's capital on federal policy dealing with young people-financial aid, child welfare, bilingual education, youth employment, national service-to subscribing high school and college newspapers.

She emphasized the word barrio, rolling the rs off her tongue in rich Mexican Spanish, which Carson found even more irritating, as if she were showing off her bilingual ability.

Tiffany would like to say something reassuring to the family, but she knows no Portuguese, an infuriating language, or so the average bilingual San Franciscan thinks of it.

Todd, not bothering to hide his disgust, much less his own honorable battle scars, had listened unrepentantly to the bilingual conversation.

Carlos, who'd grown up bilingual, was back at Hasty already, using a Spanish accent as part of his disguise.