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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Unwin was one of the main architectural protagonists for the Garden City movement.
▪ In Diva much of the shooting highlights the interiors of the domiciles of the two main protagonists, Jules and Borodin.
▪ One way to gain insight into these issues is to view them through the work of some of the main protagonists.
▪ The main protagonists are the chief officers and chairs of the committees.
▪ The antics of the main protagonists certainly seemed to prove that something was radically wrong in the way our schools were organised.
▪ The U.N. Security Council has influence with some of the protagonists in the conflict.
▪ After this declaration, one of the protagonists must go.
▪ And the protagonists sounded fairly confident in their attempts to resolve the dilemma.
▪ Birds are the protagonists of Jean-Luc Mylayne's photographed imaginary story at Meteo until the end of the month.
▪ Racine has entered the drawingroom, and these protagonists engage either in anguished self-revelation or in disillusioning judgments about each other.
▪ The protagonist of Alfredo also represents virtue and vice combined in a single protagonist.
▪ Their supernatural protagonists had encapsulated the virtues and vices of human beings, thoroughly homogenized.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Protagonist \Pro*tag"o*nist\, n. [Gr. prwtagonisth`s; prw^tos first + 'agonisth`s an actor, combatant, fr. 'agw`n a contest.] One who takes the leading part in a drama; hence, one who takes lead in some great scene, enterprise, conflict, or the like.

Shakespeare, the protagonist on the great of modern poetry.
--De Quincey.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s, "principal character in a story, drama, etc.," from Greek protagonistes "actor who plays the chief or first part," from protos "first" (see proto-) + agonistes "actor, competitor," from agon "contest" (see act (n.)). Meaning "leading person in any cause or contest" is from 1889. Mistaken sense of "advocate, supporter" (1935) is from misreading of Greek protos as Latin pro- "for."


n. 1 The main character in any story, such as a literary work or drama. 2 A leading person in a contest; a principal performer. 3 An advocate or champion of a cause or course of action.

  1. n. a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library" [syn: supporter, champion, admirer, booster, friend]

  2. the principal character in a work of fiction [syn: agonist]


A protagonist is the main character in any story, such as a literary work or drama.

The protagonist is at the center of the story, should be making the difficult choices and key decisions, and should be experiencing the consequences of those decisions. The protagonist should be propelling the story forward. If a story contains a subplot, or is a narrative that is made up of several stories, then there may be a character who is interpreted as the protagonist of each subplot or individual story.

The word protagonist is used notably in stories and forms of literature and culture that contain stories, which would include dramas, novels, operas and films. In those forms the protagonist may simply be the leading actor, or the principal character in the story. More formally, the protagonist, while still defined as a leading character, may also be defined as the character whose fate is most closely followed by the reader or audience, and who is opposed by a character known as the antagonist. The antagonist will provide obstacles and complications for the protagonist; the antagonist will create conflict, which will test the protagonist — thus revealing the strengths and weaknesses of their character.

Protagonist (film)

Protagonist is a 2007 documentary film about the parallels between human life and Euripidean dramatic structure. The film was written and directed by Jessica Yu.

It featured extensive interviews with German terrorist Hans-Joachim Klein, ex- gay Christian evangelist Mark Pierpont, Mexican bank-robber Joe Loya, and martial-arts enthusiast Mark Salzman (and the director's husband). Interspersed with the interviews are scenes from ancient Greek drama performed by puppets.

Protagonist (disambiguation)

A protagonist is the leading actor or the principal character in a story whose fate is most closely followed by the reader or audience. Protagonist may also refer to:

  • Protagonist (film), a 2007 documentary written and directed by Jessica Yu
  • Der Protagonist (The Protagonist), a 1926 opera by Kurt Weill with libretto by Georg Kaiser
  • The Protagonists (I protagonisti), a 1968 Italian film directed by Marcello Fondato

Usage examples of "protagonist".

The basic conflict of the story, the mainspring that drives it onward, is an emotional conflict inside the mind of the protagonist.

Metaverse, and in the Metaverse, Hiro Protagonist is a warrior prince.

Even in the first moment of glimpsing the Rattler he had thought it blandly evil, a scene without any possible protagonist.

And yet, when some burly protagonist would thrust himself too rudely into the ring, and try to bear down opposition by sheer vehemence of declamation, from the corner where he sat ensconced in unregarded silence, HE WOULD SUDDENLY SLING OUT SOME SHARP, SWIFT PEBBLE OF THOUGHT, which he had been slowly rounding, and smite with an aim so keen and true as rarely failed to bring down the boastful Anakim!

The letters of John and Abigail Adams number in the thousands, and because they both wrote with such consistent candor and in such vivid detail, it is possible to know them--to go beneath the surface of their lives--to an extent not possible with other protagonists of the time.

It seems certain that what he wrote was only the beginning of a novel that would have been longer by several hundred pages, about Algeria from the arrival of the French to the Second World War, including the war itself, and the Resistance to the German Occupation as lived by the protagonists in a love affair.

But, in developing it, its protagonists have moved away from how biological brains and psychological minds might work and instead concentrated on solving problems embedded in the silicon of computer chips and in mathematical logic - an approach which may produce bigger and better machines, but has become entirely indifferent to their relationship with the biological systems they were once attempting to model.

Predictions of Parousia frequently feature children as central protagonists.

Tell them that it was the Baron Meliadus who dared swear an oath on the Runestaff and thus set into motion these events which will destroy completely one protagonist or the other.

Remove all technobabble and Godlike explanation, and focus, with complete exclusion of all else, on the experience of the protagonist.

In shojo manga, love stories are structured through the exaggeration and aestheticization of the protagonists who are the same sex as the readers.

That is why I prefer to use the word antagonist to describe the character who clashes against the protagonist.

The two conflicts also conflict with each other, placing the protagonist on the horns of an impossible dilemma.

Your protagonists will be you, to a large degree, together with some mixture of people you know.

All this adds up to a simple fact: Your protagonists will be you, to a large degree, together with some mixture of people you know.