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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a film company/studio (=a company that produces films)
▪ a European film company trying to compete with the major Hollywood studios
a film studio (=a special building where films are made)
▪ Many of the scenes were shot in a film studio.
a studio apartment (=with just one main room, which you use for sleeping, cooking, and eating)
▪ Studio apartments can be a good option for those who want a cheap place in a good location.
a studio flat (=with one main room)
▪ I might just be able to afford a tiny studio flat.
recording studio/equipment etc (=a studio etc used for recording music)
studio audience
▪ Walt was a scenario writer for a major studio, and Sally created gowns.
▪ There is now an animation renaissance under way, and several major studios are building feature-animation departments.
▪ What we try and do here is show young musicians how a major studio works.
▪ By contrast, a successful film by a major studio now must break about $ 100 million to be considered a hit.
▪ He was more instrumental than any other independent producer in breaking the stranglehold of the major studios.
▪ Didn't it occur to you that a major studio might like to handle its own news?
▪ Twice, Judy had been evicted from her studio apartment for nonpayment of rent.
▪ Vegh was the whole staff, assisted by his answering machine and his MacIntosh computer in his University Heights studio apartment.
▪ It was a large studio apartment at the top of a solidly built Edwardian villa tucked behind Regent's Park Road.
▪ We were cramped in my studio apartment, but the thought of the family being together was reassuring.
▪ Do you know what studio apartments are renting for in this neighborhood?
▪ Without discussing it with her, I found myself a small studio apartment and moved out.
▪ It's controlled from a panel above the studio audience.
▪ The show was certainly not as great as the studio audience apparently felt it was.
▪ He did so, and he looked like the questioner in the studio audience rather than the answerer.
▪ Nobody was using a studio audience and that was an accident.
▪ Inside the studio we were brought back sharply to reality by a studio audience, all of whom shared two characteristics.
▪ It simply involves Morton, a small studio audience and the cameras.
▪ It was five or ten minutes before they and the studio audience could control themselves.
▪ The studio audience at the Sally Jessy Raphael show roared approval.
▪ First, big film studios have been made responsible for their own fund-raising and budgets.
▪ Begin at the northwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street, site of the earliest film studios.
▪ Instead most of the 13 film studios are being used for filming.
▪ If ships no longer call there, Pier 35 may be marketed as a film studio, he said.
▪ We were a whole week in Westway film studios making the video with Ken Russell directing.
▪ While Lewis' film studio experience is the foundation for her salon idea, it also shapes other aspects of her business.
▪ The same thing happens in film studios.
▪ Read in studio Police have begun a campaign against car tax dodgers.
▪ Read in studio Police hunting the so called Fishermead rapist in Milton Keynes have new leads following a nationwide appeal.
▪ Read in studio Police have opened a motorway service station to encourage drivers to take a break.
▪ Read in studio Police have now named the three rugby fans who were killed when their light aircraft crashed into a field.
▪ Read in studio Police are parading a range of race and rally cars in an attempt to make speeding motorists slow down.
▪ Read in studio Police have released a photofit of a man they believe carried out an armed raid on an estate agents.
▪ Read in studio Police are appealing for the owners of hundreds of stolen items to come forward and claim their property.
▪ Read in studio Police are claiming success for a new campaign to tackle crime in the countryside.
▪ He began in the music business running a recording studio and in band management.
▪ Taylor, 47, was taken ill last week while working on his third album in a Florida recording studio.
▪ Until the record's recent completion, the room served as a home recording studio for Neneh, Cameron and Dollar.
▪ From these it is clear that the star created mayhem in any recording studio.
▪ Collectors would give anything for the chance to hear him project his art to us from the clarity of a recording studio.
▪ Top prize is a day at a recording studio.
▪ While Sinitta was on tour, she loaned the recording studio in the basement of her home to another songwriter.
▪ I was in a large recording studio, walls and ceiling covered in acoustic tiling.
▪ There was a small bistro near the television studios which suited her perfectly.
▪ Clinton was taping an interview at television studios across town at the time.
▪ She's angry at the way it portrays handicapped people, and has helped organise a blockade of a television studio.
▪ It even approaches the television studio production standard.
▪ I had been in television studios before but never with a live audience, so that was a bit different.
▪ Inside, a bowl of red roses wilted under the lights of a makeshift television studio he could not face.
▪ A politician denied access to one television studio might find another welcoming him very readily.
▪ Read in studio Voice over There's growing support for a campaign to get cartoons accepted as a serious form of art.
▪ Read in studio Voice over That's it for the first half.
▪ Read in studio Voice over Kevin Maxwell has caused a stir by turning out for his village cricket team.
▪ Female speaker Read in studio Voice over A report has condemned the state of prisoners rooms at a low security gaol.
▪ Read in studio Voice over Detectives have started a murder investigation after part of a human torso was found in a lake.
▪ Read in studio Video-Taped report follows Read in studio Voice over Good evening.
▪ Read in studio Voice over A youth has been charged with the murder of a security guard.
▪ Video-Taped report follows Read in studio Good evening.
▪ Video-Taped report follows Read in studio Welcome back ... coming up late a floral spectacular.
▪ Read in studio Video-Taped report follows Read in studio Voice over Good evening.
▪ Video-Taped report follows Read in studio Welcome back ... later on ... it's revolting but is it art?
▪ But for as long as there's an Oxford University, some things will never change. Read in studio Good evening.
▪ And, keeping them on their toes ... the doctors who walk eighteen miles a day. Read in studio Good evening.
▪ Video-Taped report follows Voice over Read in studio Hello.
▪ Time allowed 00:17 Read in studio Welcome back to Central South.
▪ LYDBROOK/Gloucestershire Time allowed 00:23 Read in studio Eight police officers were injured in a mass brawl outside a nightclub.
▪ Time allowed 00:20 Read in studio More than a thousand jobs have been created by car manufacturers Honda in Swindon.
▪ The band performed raggedly because they were nervous to be in a recording studio.
▪ Locked out of the limelight, the trio hunkered down in a recording studio.
▪ And then they couldn't sing a ballad in the key that they recorded it because of some studio trick!
▪ In the most obvious sense we recorded in a better studio.
▪ On the second date, the short plays will be recorded in a studio with professional actors.
▪ Still others mimic professional recording studios by letting users finely control many aspects of the musical sounds.
▪ There will also be a recording studio, library, gym, sauna, dancefloor and he is adding a conservatory.
▪ Producers had originally started off as sound-men and moved into recording a studio product made specifically for dancing.
▪ To safeguard the priceless treasures they work with Barley studios have no signs at the door ... they don't advertise.
▪ From 1924 until his death, he lived and worked in a studio adjacent to the park.
▪ Store any works away from the studio in a dry, dust and moisture free environment.
▪ Alan is currently working in the Elderslie studio on the 10 week attachment prior to using his travel part of the award.
▪ This, too, has made an enormous difference - no longer having to work in a studio.
▪ He currently works from his studio and workroom built in a large living room at home in Bethnal Green, East London.
▪ a recording studio
▪ Universal Studios
▪ Dublin's brand of rock music merges at times with traditional music, and the studios are used for both styles.
▪ It also served as a useful stop gap exercise whilst the band started work on a new studio album.
▪ Kelly also took the musical film out of the studio and on to the street.
▪ People at a studio might call me, or tell the act to get in touch with me direct.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Studio \Stu"di*o\, n.; pl. Studios. [It. studio, properly, study. See Study.] The working room of an artist.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1819, "work-room of a sculptor or painter," usually one with windows to admit light from the sky, from Italian studio "room for study," from Latin studium (see study (v.)). Motion picture sense first recorded 1911; radio broadcasting sense 1922; television sense 1938. Studio apartment first recorded 1903.


n. 1 An artist’s or photographer’s workshop or the room in which an artist works. 2 An establishment where an art is taught. 3 A place where radio or television programs, records or films are made. 4 A company or organization that makes films, records or other artistic works. 5 A studio flat/studio apartment, especially one having the kitchen, living area, and sleeping area in a single room.

  1. n. workplace for the teaching or practice of an art; "she ran a dance studio"; "the music department provided studios for their students"; "you don't need a studio to make a passport photograph"

  2. an apartment with a living space and a bathroom and a small kitchen [syn: studio apartment]

  3. workplace consisting of a room or building where movies or television shows or radio programs are produced and recorded


A studio is an artist's or worker's workroom, or the catchall term for an artist and their employees who work within that studio. This can be for the purpose of acting, architecture, painting, pottery ( ceramics), sculpture, origami, woodworking, scrapbooking, photography, graphic design, filmmaking, animation, industrial design, radio or television production broadcasting or the making of music. The term is also used for the workroom of dancers, often specified to dance studio.

The word studio is derived from the , from , from studere, meaning to study or zeal.

The French term for studio, atelier, in addition to designating an artist's studio is used to characterize the studio of a fashion designer. Atelier also has the connotation of being the home of an alchemist or wizard.

Studio (band)

Studio was a Swedish electronic music band. They have been described as the missing link between The Cure and Lindstrøm - while simultaneously touching upon Can, Neu, Happy Mondays and The Smiths - in their creation of an " afrobeat- dub- disco- indie- pop" adventure. Their album West Coast was chosen by Rough Trade in London as one of the 10 best albums of 2007 and they have remixed artists such as Kylie Minogue and A Mountain of One.

Studio (disambiguation)

A studio is an artist's or worker's work room. "Studio" may also refer to:

  • 24Studio the online retail site for Studio (catalogue)
  • 3D Studio Max, a mesh-animation tool
  • Android Studio, an IDE for Android
  • Film studio
  • GameMaker: Studio, a proprietary game-development tool
  • Okam Studio, the video-game developers who wrote the Godot game engine
  • Photographic studio
  • Recording studio (or Radio studio)
  • Studio (band), a Swedish band
  • "Studio", a song by Schoolboy Q
  • Studio apartment, a style of apartment
  • Studio editions: different editions of computer products such as:
    • JDeveloper Studio Edition, an IDE provided by Oracle Corporation
    • My Passport: Studio Edition
    • HardSID 4U Studio Edition
    • Scratch Studio Edition
  • Studio Magazine, an early 20th-century British magazine
  • Television studio
  • Visual Studio, an IDE by Microsoft
  • Xamarin Studio, IDE for Monodevelop
Studio (song)

"Studio" is a song by American hip hop recording artist Schoolboy Q, released on April 22, 2014 by Top Dawg Entertainment and Interscope Records, as the fourth official single from his third studio album, Oxymoron (2014). The song, which features vocals from American singer and songwriter BJ the Chicago Kid, was recorded in 2013 and produced by American record producer Swiff D.

Studio (TV channel)

STUDIO was a subscription television arts channels available in Australia on the FOXTEL and AUSTAR platforms.

The channel launched in April 2010 as STVDIO, and is owned and operated by SBS Subscription TV, a subsidiary of free-to-air broadcaster Special Broadcasting Service.

STUDIO is Australia's only channel dedicated to the arts and entertainment and themed nights. It shows classical and popular music, literature, film, visual arts and dance with documentaries and performances.

As part of a brand redesign in March 2012, the channel was renamed to STUDIO, suggested to be a more accessible name.

The channel was forced into closure on 27 March 2015 as they were unable to re-negotiate their contract with Foxtel, and was instead replaced with Foxtel-owned channel Foxtel Arts. As a result, a number of the channel's arts programming moved to SBS and its video on demand service.

Usage examples of "studio".

Eo cum venisset, circuitis omnibus hibernis, singulari militum studio in sumrma omnium rerum inopia circiter sescentas eius generis cuius supra demonstravimus naves et longas XXVIII invenit instructas neque multum abesse ab eo quin paucis diebus deduci possint.

Ginsberg began his album over again in an independent studio with Miles producing.

Towards the end of making the White Album, the Beatles were in such a hurry to meet the deadline that they often had two studios in use at once.

After a marathon twenty-four hour session, utilising studios One, Two and Three as well as listening rooms 41 and 42, the huge double album was finally mixed and sequenced at 5 p.

Linda arrived in London in time to catch the recording of the last ten or so tracks for the White Album, though mostly she just went to the studio to watch the mixing.

The following Wednesday there was a long meeting in which George outlined his conditions for staying in the Beatles: no more filming at Twickenham, no concert in Tripoli, no television show, and the songs they had rehearsed to be used in a new album to be recorded at the studio that Magic Alex was building for them in the basement of Apple.

The White Album itself was quite complex in its studio techniques, but it was a step towards simplicity, compared to Sgt.

The Beatles worked on it together only as much as they had on the White Album, appearing in the studio when absolutely necessary or to work on their own tracks.

One of the execs at the media studios had been trying to contract Argent for a shadowrun over the last three weeks.

Television requires the existence of studio technicians, narrators and others in the transmitting side - and the availability of a viewer in the receiving side.

Hank Bindle and Bruce Marmelstein chattering animatedly near one of the canvas-topped studio jeeps.

Abidan said, leading them through a ghost studio, devoid of people, full of bleeping equipment.

Space, off Carnaby Street, that was done out like a spaceship, the doors to the sound booths were like airlocks and all the speakers were housed in swoopy blobby cabinets that looked like they were in the middle of a flashback, and there was this other very weird studio called ADR round the back of Kings Cross where there was a stream running half-way up the walls, all the seating was made out of the boots of cars, Minis converted into couches, and you got upstairs to the recording suites through a door opening out of a large tree in the corner of the reception.

I turn and I leap for her, to touch her, to complete the circuit, a last desperate attempt to bring her with me, and my outstretched hands pass through her translucent, insubstantial chest, and I fall, gasping and retching out my anger, alone on the transfer platform of the Cavea, in the Studio, in San Francisco.

Don Procopio, per cui Gianni aveva affittata una stanza in vista dello studio di Manlio.