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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a limited/special edition (=a small number of special copies produced at one time only)
▪ They have produced a new limited edition CD.
a particular/special niche
▪ As a player, he's carved out his own special niche on the team.
a special attraction
▪ A special attraction is the tropical greenhouse.
a special award
▪ He received a special award for his work as a movie director.
a special bond
▪ There was a special bond between him and his mother.
a special category (=one that nothing else belongs to)
▪ The constitution was defined as a special category of law.
a special celebration
▪ There’s a special celebration tonight to mark the school’s 50th anniversary.
a special ceremony
▪ The winners will receive their awards at a special ceremony in London.
a special commission
▪ A special commission was set up to investigate the killings.
a special committee
▪ A special committee of scientists was set up to study the disease.
a special correspondent (=one with a special area of responsibility)
▪ He was a special correspondent for animals and the environment.
a special discount
▪ Some of the hotels offer special discounts during the winter.
a special display
▪ There was a special display of local photographs.
a special effort (=one that you do not normally make)
▪ I made a special effort to be nice to the children.
a special favour
▪ I agreed to deliver the parcel as a special favour to Paul.
a special invitation
▪ We received a special invitation to attend a reception at the embassy.
a special occasion
▪ She used her best china on special occasions.
a special relationship (=a particularly close relationship)
▪ I did not want to risk losing this special relationship we shared.
a special request
▪ Do you have any special requests?
a special requirement
▪ He modified the car to suit his own special requirements.
a special/reduced rate (=a lower charge)
▪ Reduced rates are available for groups of 10 or more visitors.
deserve a (special) mention (=used especially in speeches to mention someone's good work or actions)
▪ Richard deserves a special mention for all his hard work on this project.
exceptional/special circumstances
▪ The court may allow this evidence in exceptional circumstances.
magical/special/miraculous powers
▪ Diamonds were once thought to have magical powers.
niche/specialist market
nothing special (=it was not unusual or interesting)
▪ The meal was nothing special – just fish with a cheese sauce.
particular/special emphasis
▪ The new legislation places particular emphasis on energy conservation.
professional/expert/specialist advice
▪ It’s advisable to get professional advice before starting any building work.
special agent
special arrangements (=particular preparations other than those usually made)
▪ Please inform us if any guests have disabilities or need any special arrangements.
Special Branch
special consideration
▪ Two other major difficulties need special consideration.
special constable
special delivery
special dispensation
▪ Caroline’s marriage was annulled by special dispensation from the church.
special education
special effect
special equipment
▪ You don’t need any special equipment, just a pair of running shoes.
special forces (=who are specially trained to fight against guerilla or terrorist groups)
▪ Special forces were employed to support the local army.
special forces
special interest group
special interests
▪ Special interests donate millions of dollars to political campaigns.
special leave (=time that you are allowed away from work for a special reason)
▪ Some firms grant special leave when you move house.
special licence
special needs
▪ children with special needs
special offer
▪ The hotel has a special offer of five nights for the price of three.
special permission
▪ The paintings cannot be taken out of Russia without special permission.
special pleading
special praise
▪ My sister was constantly singled out for special praise.
special privileges
▪ He had no special privileges and was treated just like every other prisoner.
special prosecutor
special school
special significance
▪ This place has a special significance for Icelanders.
special thanks
▪ Special thanks are due to John Bryden for his advice.
special/express delivery (=that delivers mail and packages very quickly)
▪ A brown package arrived by special delivery.
specialist/expert knowledge
▪ Making profitable investments requires specialist knowledge.
special/particular interest
▪ Natural history was a special interest of his.
special/particular mention
▪ Mrs. McMillan deserves particular mention for all her hard work.
special/specialist expertise (=a lot of knowledge about a particular subject)
▪ Our haulage company has specialist expertise in transporting hi-tech products.
special/specialist expertise (=a lot of knowledge about a particular subject)
▪ Our haulage company has specialist expertise in transporting hi-tech products.
take on a new/special etc significance (=start to have it)
▪ Sporting competitions took on a new political significance during the Cold War.
▪ What is so special about higher education as opposed to any other part of the educational system?
▪ What is so special about a hot meal anyway?
▪ It felt so special carrying this little person inside me.
So what makes him so special?
▪ What the hell has she got that makes her so special?
▪ Big winners in past decades makes the rivalry so special.
▪ To complete the learning experience, we have even discovered that we are not so special after all.
▪ Some one so special that his qualities would leap across any division of class, caste, culture.
▪ Therefore, the receptionist, whether male or female, has a very special role to play in the establishment.
▪ We already have a very special place in golf.
▪ He was courteous and considerate and treated her like some one so very special.
▪ For the end of her litany, Dalim reserved a very special prayer, one that she herself composed.
▪ Unless she's very special, if you take my meaning.
▪ We really had a very special time.
▪ There was something very special about their relationship.
▪ A number depend upon special arrangements with one or more local schools, in either the state or the independent sector.
▪ As in teaching by example, special arrangements do not need to be made for individual supervision.
▪ The adults were mostly farmed out, by special arrangement, to Sybille's friends' châteaux.
▪ Apart from watching two ex-music pupils shine Mr Livingstone will hear some of his special arrangements for the choir performed.
▪ But as regards the City of London there are special arrangements in relation to business rate income to enable this to happen.
▪ In Bolton the education authority made special arrangements for clients with a learning difficulty to go to local colleges.
▪ Moorlands has a special arrangements for guests with a local country club.
▪ Sir Patrick made a special arrangement with the Treasury whereby additional funds would be made available to meet the cost.
▪ In the context of the right or the freedom to protest it merits special attention.
▪ Individually, too, children on polio wards sometimes received considerable special attention, which could make their stays pleasurable.
▪ No wonder the World Bank is targeting the popular-education movement for special attention.
▪ He took out the photograph from his pocket and studied it again, paying special attention to the eyes.
▪ I loved him for his special attention towards me; he made me feel important - if only to him.
▪ It was precisely this kind of special attention paid to them.
▪ We will pay special attention to the underlying social problems in high-crime areas, particularly to prevent young people drifting into crime.
▪ Marines need special attention to water quality.
▪ Bright new facilities and therapies were provided, plus enlightened teaching and special care.
▪ The brave became a great chief, and he always took special care of his colt, which became a great horse.
▪ Country roads are often narrow and winding, so drivers should take special care and slow down.
▪ He took special care of the remaining one, and often slept with it in the corral.
▪ This type of hair tends to be naturally dry and prone to breakage, so it requires special care.
▪ Thousands upon thousands of dollars would go into special care, training, and equipment for her.
▪ Every facility can be provided in hospital, and this is particularly important if special care should be needed.
▪ Within Edinburgh three quarters of accidents happen at road junctions so take special care when travelling to or from this cycle track.
▪ The Szekeres solutions are only flat behind the wave front in the special case when.
▪ This can be seen by looking at the special case of Britain.
▪ In Section 7.4 we look at the special case of inherently restrictive adjectives.
▪ At least during the special case of reversals, it may be steered by the mantle.
▪ All the same, the Sonata No. 3 is a special case.
▪ Even where a general model is not available, however, study of special cases can still yield useful insights.
▪ Further facilities should be provided to enable ultra high speed updating to be performed in special cases.
▪ But this is a special case.
▪ Various adjustments are made to allow for special circumstances affecting local costs of providing particular services.
▪ In general, they can not, although special circumstances may lead to some exemptions.
▪ Although a total prohibition exists for the third category above, special circumstances may exist for the first two services.
▪ In special circumstances, such as a disabled child living in the home, the state waives the recovery of the money.
▪ Allen v. Hyatt suggests that the courts are willing to recognise special circumstances which alter the nature of the relationship.
▪ At present, solicitors can appear in higher courts in special circumstances.
▪ In each country, special circumstances play their part.
▪ Courts have a discretion, in special circumstances, to award an alternative remedy to damages for breach of contract.
▪ The head then went on to describe the aims and provision of special education.
▪ Parents convinced that the illness is real must lean on schools to provide special education services.
▪ The structure reflects traditional curricular preoccupations in special education.
▪ The staff recommended special education, individual help.
▪ Early intervention could prevent some of the problems and costs of special education that occur in later life.
▪ Many special education materials do not lend themselves to the precise categories of a system designed for different times and different needs.
▪ George Dionisovich had no special education in art.
▪ Its special education payments are already close to the state average.
▪ This vehicle now has a full school programme as well as being present at special events.
▪ She was the publicist for a syndicate of galleries in Soho, an impresario of special events.
▪ NoGGIN members mixed with many members of staff and friends of the University at this very special event.
▪ Is it going to be baseball-only, or will it be used for holding special events?
▪ There will be a tree lined pedestrianised square, new public toilets, pedestrian crossings and an open space for special events.
▪ When it was, it was a special events theater.
▪ Members receive regular information about forthcoming attractions, and special events are organised.
▪ What the Liquor Board was most interested in is what was happening with the funds generated from these special events liquor licenses.
▪ His medical special interests had been embryology, paediatrics, and homoeopathy.
▪ They could have the effect of simply making it cheaper for special interests to buy the system.
▪ This may include out-of-school clubs for children who would otherwise return to an empty home, holiday schemes and special interest activities.
▪ Government officials were always fair game to be bought by special interests.
▪ The same applies to the subject of Section 10-4: the impact of special interest groups and class conflict.
▪ But even if it is, the incident raises concerns about the influence of special interests.
▪ With regards to John's regular locomotive, the nameplates are of special interest.
▪ He said he wants to take power away from special interests and return it to voters.
▪ There is a special kind of cytoplasm, called the pole plasm, already present at one end of the fertilized egg.
▪ Jack Cheney was a special kind of student.
▪ BStill, while school is crucial, it takes a special kind of determination for these neglected children to overcome their circumstances.
▪ It does a special kind of number on you, growing up next to a highway.
▪ Obsidian is a special kind of rhyolite; it is a natural glass, whereas ordinary rhyolites are not.
▪ It had to be a battle in which his side would fight with a special kind of weapon: civil disobedience.
▪ This is because these felines have been carefully selected for their special kinds of coats.
▪ You are going to make a model of a special kind of bridge called a cantilever bridge.
▪ David Whitehead of the University of Sheffield received a special mention and a prize of £100.
▪ Tonight, she figures her contribution on the court is worth special mention.
▪ And there are neighbouring glens on the east side of the watershed, also lovely and deserving of special mention.
▪ Two of these behaviors deserve special mention.
▪ In a month-long seat belt campaign during 1992, this group received special mention and considerable media attention.
▪ The chairman thanked all committee members, with special mention of Violet Scrace's Friday coffee mornings.
▪ deserves a special mention, because unlike most directories, is a topics are and by expert guides.
▪ One other case deserves special mention.
▪ For special occasions, you can be more extravagant and go for dramatic, impressive displays.
▪ She would wear it for Chapel Anniversary, I would think, because that was a very special occasion in Baldersdale.
▪ How do you find the one who can make your special occasion really special?
▪ So now you know how to turn any mean into a special occasion!
▪ Formerly it heralded special occasions and, it is said, will be blown to announce the coming of the Messiah.
▪ Months and years when he had marked each special occasion with a gift.
▪ He did not want anyone to think of this as a special occasion.
▪ They enjoyed the special places reserved for them in the synagogues which were in full view of the congregation.
▪ She has always assumed her regular place on the couch, the special place where the starters sit.
▪ Aberdeen was examined separately because of its special place in the North Sea oil industry.
▪ It may be a special place where you like to camp out.
▪ It seemed to me that each person living in a house needed his or her special place, a sort of perch.
▪ We already have a very special place in golf.
▪ No, I don't have a special place for them.
▪ When Miles loved the Waldo books, they, too, were given a special box, a special place.
▪ There were no special privileges for the Hollywood star.
▪ The company car, the company plane, the special privileges will have to be justified.
▪ The problem is the special privileges that a group known as floor traders have, according to the mutual fund industry.
▪ The old were regarded with respect and age had its special privilege and authority.
▪ Smith did not believe that anyone should have special privileges.
▪ Its administrative monopoly gave it special privileges and preferential economic treatment.
▪ Some one wrote in all capital letters that unqualified disabled workers were slacking off and getting special privileges.
▪ Often advertising special rates on home repairs. 2.
▪ Homeowners who have borrowed from Coventry for five years or more are charged a lower special rate of 6.99 per cent.
▪ Patent examiners also are paid special rates.
▪ Those taking several trips abroad a year should consider special rates offered on annual cover.
▪ They have special rates and inclusive hotel and self-catering holidays.
▪ Adults lose special rates for specific jobs, shift pay, holiday pay and unsocial hours pay.
▪ However, the restrictions imposed on these special rates tend to limit their usefulness for many advertisers.
▪ The New Moon in your opposite sign of Sagittarius highlights a special relationship and a piece of news.
▪ So they have several years to think about how that can be reconciled with the Anglo-Saxons' special relationship.
▪ A neonatal intensive care unit is, on this view, a good example of special treatment.
▪ That would raise eyebrows, as well as suspicions of special treatment.
▪ It is hoped she will help and advise patients who need special treatment.
▪ But as San Francisco characters, the Mitchell brothers always got special treatment from the press.
▪ However, your being in my prison won't bring you any special treatment.
▪ It can single out for special treatment the special aggravating features of a crime.
▪ Five-foot sash cramps sort out the main frame; the brackets need special treatment.
▪ Also the workers felt a certain status and a privilege to be singled out for special treatment.
▪ "Are you doing anything this weekend?" "No, nothing special."
▪ A special committee was formed to study various bridge designs.
▪ a book of recipes for every day and special occasions too
▪ Ann's making her special spaghetti sauce.
▪ Bob's been on a special diet since his heart attack.
▪ Did you do anything special at the weekend?
▪ He has a dark suit, which he only wears on special occasions.
▪ I don't want an ordinary wedding. I want something special.
▪ I made a special effort to be nice to him.
▪ I only wear this suit on special occasions, like weddings.
▪ I would only buy expensive shoes for a special event such as a wedding.
▪ Is there any special reason why I should let you borrow my car?
▪ Jane's bringing a very special friend of hers to the party.
▪ Joe has a special gift for mathematics.
▪ Let us know if you have any special dietary needs in advance.
▪ Lianne's doctor put her on a special diet and told her to exercise regularly.
▪ No special equipment is needed to install the heater.
▪ Of my nine gold medals, this one is the most special.
▪ Prisoners are only allowed to visit their families in special circumstances.
▪ She had a special talent for learning languages.
▪ Disabled facilities are provided in the toilets at Dalby and there is a special wheelchair walk at Staindale Lake.
▪ It involved the pupils, teachers and parents of three schools - one special, one primary and one secondary school.
▪ On July 1, 1849, President Herrera called a special session of Congress to consider the questions of public finance.
▪ Only visitors and VIPs got that special reception.
▪ Since Sussex offered the most direct line of communication with Normandy, it received special attention.
▪ There is one special boy I care about.
▪ There was nothing special about her life at the recreation camps; only her death was special.
▪ They are special in international law, very special.
▪ The menu changes regularly and there are daily specials to choose from.
▪ In addition to the regular menu, daily specials are offered.
▪ Or check out the chalkboard for daily specials.
▪ Trendy restaurants in New York are offering movie nights with the daily specials, says Vogue.
▪ In 1890 the Great Western inaugurated two daily express milk specials from Swindon Junction.
▪ The daily specials posted at Takamatsu demand serious consideration.
▪ Lunch here features a fixed menu of sandwiches, salads and individual pita bread pizzas alongside a chalkboard of daily specials.
▪ Although Le Bistro has a regular menu from which to order, the board of daily specials is the way to go.
▪ Another pricing policy is the offering of specials.
▪ But Washington hotels often offer weekend specials that represent savings of as much as half off their weekday prices.
▪ Today's lunch special is smoked salmon with rice.
▪ We have Bud beer 6-packs on special at $5.
▪ We watched an interesting TV special on coyotes in Yellowstone Park.
▪ A chalkboard with scribbled house specials changes daily.
▪ EastEnders has occasional specials in which two people, nearly always women, talk about birth or copulation or death.
▪ However, a number of specials are worth making.
▪ In addition to the regular menu, daily specials are offered.
▪ Open all day with drink specials.
▪ The specials, publicized only on the Internet and good for weekend getaways, are far lower than any other fares.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Special \Spe"cial\, a. [L. specialis, fr. species a particular sort, kind, or quality: cf. F. sp['e]cial. See Species, and cf. Especial.]

  1. Of or pertaining to a species; constituting a species or sort.

    A special is called by the schools a ``species''.
    --I. Watts.

  2. Particular; peculiar; different from others; extraordinary; uncommon.

    Our Savior is represented everywhere in Scripture as the special patron of the poor and the afficted.

    To this special evil an improvement of style would apply a special redress.
    --De Quincey.

  3. Appropriate; designed for a particular purpose, occasion, or person; as, a special act of Parliament or of Congress; a special sermon.

  4. Limited in range; confined to a definite field of action, investigation, or discussion; as, a special dictionary of commercial terms; a special branch of study.

  5. Chief in excellence. [Obs.]

    The king hath drawn The special head of all the land together.

    Special administration (Law), an administration limited to certain specified effects or acts, or one granted during a particular time or the existence of a special cause, as during a controversy respecting the probate of a will, or the right of administration, etc.

    Special agency, an agency confined to some particular matter.

    Special bail, Bail above, or Bail to the action (Law), sureties who undertake that, if the defendant is convicted, he shall satisfy the plaintiff, or surrender himself into custody.
    --Wharton (Law Dict.).

    Special constable. See under Constable.

    Special damage (Law), a damage resulting from the act complained of, as a natural, but not the necessary, consequence of it.

    Special demurrer (Law), a demurrer for some defect of form in the opposite party pleading, in which the cause of demurrer is particularly stated.

    Special deposit, a deposit made of a specific thing to be kept distinct from others.

    Special homology. (Biol.) See under Homology.

    Special injuction (Law), an injuction granted on special grounds, arising of the circumstances of the case.

    Special issue (Law), an issue produced upon a special plea.

    Special jury (Law), a jury consisting of persons of some particular calling, station, or qualification, which is called upon motion of either party when the cause is supposed to require it; a struck jury.

    Special orders (Mil.), orders which do not concern, and are not published to, the whole command, such as those relating to the movement of a particular corps, a detail, a temporary camp, etc.

    Special partner, a limited partner; a partner with a limited or restricted responsibility; -- unknown at common law.

    Special partnership, a limited or particular partnership; -- a term sometimes applied to a partnership in a particular business, operation, or adventure.

    Special plea in bar (Law), a plea setting forth particular and new matter, distinguished from the general issue.

    Special pleader (Law), originally, a counsel who devoted himself to drawing special counts and pleas; in a wider sense, a lawyer who draws pleadings.

    Special pleading (Law), the allegation of special or new matter, as distingiushed from a direct denial of matter previously alleged on the side.
    --Bouvier. The popular denomination of the whole science of pleading.
    --Stephen. The phrase is sometimes popularly applied to the specious, but unsound, argumentation of one whose aim is victory, and not truth.

    Special property (Law), a qualified or limited ownership possession, as in wild animals, things found or bailed.

    Special session, an extraordinary session; a session at an unusual time or for an unusual purpose; as, a special session of Congress or of a legislature.

    Special statute, or Special law, an act of the legislature which has reference to a particular person, place, or interest; a private law; -- in distinction from a general law or public law.

    Special verdict (Law), a special finding of the facts of the case, leaving to the court the application of the law to them.
    --Wharton (Law Dict.).

    Syn: Peculiar; appropriate; specific; dictinctive; particular; exceptional; singular. See Peculiar.


Special \Spe"cial\, n.

  1. A particular. [Obs.]

  2. One appointed for a special service or occasion.

    In special, specially; in particular.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"sweetheart, lover; special person or thing," c.1300, from special (adj.) or from noun use of the adjective in Old French. Meaning "special train" is attested from 1866.


c.1200, "better than ordinary," from Old French special, especial "special, particular, unusual" (12c., Modern French spécial) and directly from Latin specialis "individual, particular" (source also of Spanish especial, Italian speziale), from species "appearance, kind, sort" (see species).\n

\nMeaning "marked off from others by some distinguishing quality" is recorded from c.1300; that of "limited as to function, operation, or purpose" is from 14c. Special effects first attested 195

  1. Special interests in U.S. political sense is from 1910. Special pleading first recorded 1680s, a term that had a sound legal meaning once but now is used generally and imprecisely. Special education in reference to those whose learning is impeded by some mental or physical handicap is from 197


a. 1 Distinguished by a unique or unusual quality. 2 Of particular interest or value; certain; dear; beloved; favored. 3 (context euphemistic derogatory English) retarded; mentally handicapped 4 Constituting or relating to a species. 5 Chief in excellence. n. 1 A reduction in consumer cost (usually for a limited time) for items or services rendered. 2 (context broadcasting English) Unusual or exceptional episode of a series 3 (context British colloquial English) A special constable. 4 Anything that is not according to normal practice, plan, or schedule, as an unscheduled run of transportation that is normally scheduled. 5 (context video games English) special move

  1. n. a special offering (usually temporary and at a reduced price) that is featured in advertising; "they are having a special on pork chops"

  2. a dish or meal given prominence in e.g. a restaurant

  3. a television production that features a particular person or work or topic; "the last of a series of BBC specials on Iran is being shown tonight"

  1. adj. unique or specific to a person or thing or category; "the particular demands of the job"; "has a paraticular preference for Chinese art"; "a peculiar bond of sympathy between them"; "an expression peculiar to Canadians"; "rights peculiar to the rich"; "the special features of a computer"; "my own special chair" [syn: particular(a), peculiar(a), special(a)]

  2. for a special service or occasion; "a special correspondent"; "a special adviser to the committee"; "had to get special permission for the event"

  3. surpassing what is common or usual or expected; "he paid especial attention to her"; "exceptional kindness"; "a matter of particular and unusual importance"; "a special occasion"; "a special reason to confide in her"; "what's so special about the year 2000?" [syn: especial(a), exceptional, particular(a)]

  4. adapted to or reserved for a particular purpose; "a special kind of paint"; "a special medication for arthritis"

  5. having a specific function or scope; "a special (or specific) role in the mission" [syn: limited]

  6. first and most important; "his special interest is music"; "she gets special (or particular) satisfaction from her volunteer work" [syn: particular]

  7. added to a regular schedule; "a special holiday flight"; "put on special buses for the big game" [syn: extra]


Special or specials may refer to:

Special (Lost)

"Special" is the 14th episode of the first season of Lost. The episode was directed by Greg Yaitanes and written by David Fury. It first aired on January 19, 2005, on ABC. The characters of Michael Dawson ( Harold Perrineau) and his son Walt Lloyd ( Malcolm David Kelley) are featured in the episode's flashbacks.

Special (Garbage song)


"Special" is an alternative rock song written, performed and produced by Garbage, and was the third international single to be released from the band's platinum second album Version 2.0. "Special" gained much attention in the music press upon the 1998 release of Version 2.0, as it contained a vocal interpolation of a lyric taken from "Talk of The Town" by The Pretenders.

A moderate hit in the United Kingdom and Australia in October 1998, "Special" became a sleeper hit in the United States the following year. The song's success was marked by becoming nominated in the Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group categories at the 2000 Grammy Awards, and winning a Wisconsin Area Music Industry award for Song of the Year and a Citation of Achievement from the BMI Pop Awards. The sci-fi inspired music video for "Special" also received nominations from music industry award panels; winning a D&AD Award, a MTV Video Music Award, and a VH1 Visionary Video award.

In 2007, "Special" was remastered and included on Garbage's greatest hits album Absolute Garbage.

Special (lighting)

In stage lighting, a special refers to a lighting instrument that is used for a very specific purpose, rather than being a part of a system of light such as an area light or color wash. It is typically, although not always, used alone, or at a higher level than the other instruments. Specials can also be used to highlight specific objects onstage, such as a piece of furniture, or to fill in gaps which are not covered by the less specific area lights. Specials can also be instruments used to create a very specific effect onstage, such as sunlight through a window, or the rotation of gobos. Specials are generally placed on their own circuit, dimmer, and channel so they can be independently controlled.

Category:Stage lighting

Special (film)

Special is a 2006 comedy-drama psychological thriller science fiction film satire written and directed by Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore. It was released in theatres in the UK on November 17, 2006 and on DVD in the UK on March 5, 2007. It was released in theatres in the US on November 21, 2008.

Special (album)

Special is the third studio album by American R&B singer Vesta Williams, released on A&M Records in 1991. The album peaked to number 15 on Billboard's Top R&B Albums chart. William's scored her biggest charting R&B hit with the lead single, "Special" peaking to number two on Billboard's Top R&B Singles chart.

Special (Six60 song)

"Special" is a single from New Zealand band Six60 released in 2014.

Usage examples of "special".

It seems that a special alignment of the planets would open a vortex to the Void that night, releasing Abraxas and his Demon Horde.

The Duchesse de Luynes allowed the special wheelbarrow she had had made in acajou to be wheeled by the flower girls who were her teammates.

A special test for sulphide may be made by adding a drop or two of solution of acetate of lead to four or five c.

One of the ways a correct burial was achieved was by means of a special board, on which a spoon was spun.

A man on Venus, unless equipped with special breathing apparatus and oxygen tanks, would die of acidosis within a few minutes.

Then, a bell sounds, and acrasin is released by special cells toward which the others converge in stellate ranks, touch, fuse together, and construct the slug, solid as a trout.

Kosmos that produced the human brain are being, to some degree, recognized by that brain: in this special sense, they are discoveries, un-coveries, recognitions, anamnesias, recollections, apprehensions of patterns and worldspaces present as potentials but only now being actualized or apprehended in individual cases.

Alfalfa has special adaptation for mountain valleys of the entire West, but it will also grow in good form in parts of all, or nearly all, the other States.

There are cases where it is advisable, in states too poor or niggardly to care adequately for their defectives and delinquents, but eugenists should favor segregation as the main policy, with sterilization for the special cases as previously indicated.

In America, because of the special conditions which prevailed there, unique in Western history, the word politics came to mean adherence to a group or an idea from a chicane motive.

United States, might not, without any special authority for that purpose, in the then existing state of things, have empowered the officers commanding the armed vessels of the United States, to seize and send into port for adjudication, American vessels which were forfeited by being engaged in this illicit commerce.

Moreover, it was this special combination that adumbrated the style of expertise upon which Lawrence, Bell, and Philby built their reputation.

Sure that the sigh of Ammon came from air within the adytum beneath, Ravion had gone to the temple and burned a special preparation.

Duff, a New Zealand anthropologist who has made a special study of adze distributions, claiming that no adzes with butts tanged as an aid in lashing the handles have been established for Western Polynesia, whereas tanged adzes have been found throughout Eastern Polynesia, has argued that this is not in accord with what one would expect from random voyaging.

The man was just disappearing from sight when van Effen crossed to the other man on the river missile site, his hand round the burgundy Yves Saint-Laurent aerosol with the special fragrance.