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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And there are 150 lucky runners-up who will get a video of the blockbusting 18 certificate sci-fi thriller.
▪ I enter the sci-fi disco den.
▪ I love sci-fi and action films-the Arnold Schwarzenegger action roles.
▪ It's not often you see a face this hideously deformed outside sci-fi.
▪ Ladbroke Grove urban guerilla psychedelic sci-fi warriors probably sums it up.
▪ You can also buy additional video clips on topics ranging from sci-fi to nostalgia.

n. (context colloquial English) (short for science fiction English)

  1. Redirect Science fiction
Sci-Fi (G.I. Joe)

Sci-Fi is a character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and cartoon series. He is the G.I. Joe Team's laser trooper and debuted in 1986.

Usage examples of "sci-fi".

He had a reassuring, avuncular manner, like one of those Middle European professors that always turned up in old sci-fi movies.

This is a piece of a sci-fi story that got misaddressed in cyberspace.

Sci-Fi Buzz divides its time fairly equally between books, movies, comics, television, special effects, and games, but the overall product is a watchable way to spend a half hour.

Sirius IX, or the aquatic monocellular intelligences of the perky little seventh planet of Aldebaran B, or whatever-the-fuck-else-civilizations the sci-fi writers like to imagine.

First he had thought he was going to puke, then he thought he might die, then he had found himself inside one of those kaleidoscopes, then they spent forever squatting on the bed and staring at each other to the tune of some kind of sci-fi flic music, during all of which the treacherous schlong which had gotten him into this mess in the first place remained limp as the proverbial wet noodle.

The Psi Phi girls were known as the Trekkies, after the old sci-fi TV series, Star Trek.

The New Age Gurus, Crystal Channeling Fruitcakes, and Born Again Lemurians, versus the Stink Tank Futurologists, Sci-Fi Nerds, and Cyberwonks!

The designer scientists and mystical wiseguys, the sci-fi writers and New Age gurus, the double-domes and intellectual superstars, were colorful characters, had good stage presence, were all motormouths, had good comic timing for the star to work off, and a lot of them were even funny themselves.

In fact, sci-fi movies are about as closely related to science fiction as Popeye cartoons are to naval history.

Hacker bulletin boards generally sport grim, scary, sci-fi heavy metal names like BLACK ICE -- PRIVATE or SPEED DEMON ELITE.

He's an alien from an interstellar civilization far more highly developed and advanced than our own, but not in that creepy sci-fi fanboy kinda way.

Dick recognized his personal fascination and identification with the yance-men of Callisto, but surely by the time he had decided to rework that old material into a novel, he knew himself to be a yance-man--albeit one employed in the lower echelons of the power structure--as a hack writer producing sci-fi paperbacks.

And with the help of multiple websites, good publicity from its distributor, Artisan (who also handled last year's low-budget si sensation Pi), and a mockumentary on the mockumentary, "The Curse of the Blair Witch," which ran -- repeatedly -- on the Sci-Fi Channel, the buzz kept building.

The underlying theology seemed to be Celtic, but it was mixed in with a bit of New Age, a bit of post-millennial anxiety, a lot of sci-fi stuff about UFOs.

By this time the techs are on the bus, after the hotel-exit scrum but before the Saginaw-entrance scrum, and since it's only a ten-minute ride they have their cameras down and sticks retracted but all their gear still strapped on, which forces them to sit up uncomfortably straight and wince at bumps, and in the Pimpmobile's mirrored ceiling they look even more like sci-fi combat troops on their way to some alien beachhead.