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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a share certificate (=proving what shares someone owns)
▪ She kept official letters and share certificates in a locked case.
common/shared humanity
▪ We must never forget our common humanity.
divide/split/share sth fifty-fifty
▪ The companies split the profits fifty-fifty.
file sharing
market share
▪ Honda is trying to increase its market share.
market share
ordinary shares
profit sharing
share a characteristic
▪ The group shared one characteristic - they were all under 25.
share a prize
▪ They will share the first prize of £500.
share a secret (=tell it to someone because you trust them)
▪ I trusted Alexander, so I decided to share my secret with him.
share a taste (=have the same taste as someone else)
▪ You obviously share her taste in literature.
share a view (=agree with it)
▪ This view is not shared by his colleagues.
share an apartment
▪ I’m sharing the apartment with a group of friends.
share index
share of the vote
▪ The Greens increased their share of the vote from 2.9 to 4.9%.
share sb's disappointment
▪ We all shared her disappointment in failing to get the job.
share sb's optimism (=feel the optimism that someone else feels)
▪ After so many problems, I found it hard to share his optimism.
share sb’s enthusiasm
▪ I’m afraid I don’t share my husband’s enthusiasm for camping.
share sb’s values
▪ They vote for the candidate who shares their values.
share the blame
▪ He admitted he shared the blame for their World Cup defeat.
share the burden
▪ I was glad my brother was there to share the burden.
share the cooking (=both cook the food)
▪ Pete and I usually share the cooking.
share the lead (=when more than one player or team is in the lead )
▪ At the end of the first round, two golfers share the lead.
shared facilities (=facilities to be shared, especially bathrooms)
▪ The less expensive rooms have shared facilities.
share/exchange ideas (=tell someone else your ideas, and learn their ideas)
▪ an opportunity for local business people to share ideas
▪ The relationship between music and the spiritual and emotional aspects of healing is widely shared.
▪ These four key elements are well developed and widely shared within the research communities of every natural and applied science.
▪ It may well be a belief which has been and still is, widely shared by top industrialists themselves.
▪ Helms' enthusiasm for Albright was widely shared.
▪ This view is now widely shared.
▪ However foolish they had come to seem, his instincts had been widely shared.
▪ Information was being shared widely with social workers and social services agencies.
▪ Alternately, the same participative emphasis may be irrelevant in an organization in which power is already widely shared.
▪ It was a small house so they had to share a bed.
▪ Every woman has her own ideas, and often those ideas are not shared by the man who shares her bed.
▪ They'd shared a bed in Cumberland and she had comforted Gordon because nothing was quite right.
▪ The couple and four children share a bed and a fold-out cot in the only bedroom.
▪ We shared the bed, the bills, even the shopping.
▪ The fact that sharing a double bed with my sister made me uncomfortable.
▪ This meant my brother and my mum had to share a double bed and I slept in a single one.
▪ We stayed in hotels, sharing single beds in small dark rooms.
▪ For Buckle, this laid the foundations for a thoroughgoing science of history, and others shared his belief.
▪ Sezer shares the military's belief in republican and secular values.
▪ All individuals with sophisticated belief systems do not necessarily share the same core beliefs.
▪ Milan coach Fabio Capello did not share the belief they would be able to play more freely now the record was gone.
▪ And it is helped immeasurably if two unrelated people can share in the belief that indeed they are already blood relatives.
▪ In consequence, both share a central belief in displaying speech as evidence.
▪ Liberals, Sowell claims, share a belief that people can improve their lives through collective effort.
▪ Hence, she is considered to share the blame.
▪ Pitta's critics concede that many quarters share the blame for Sao Paulo's afflictions.
▪ Beeny and Wetherall would have to share the blame, but there was no glaring mistakes.
▪ If recession and rising unemployment are now the results, she must share the blame.
▪ With Prince Philip, she has to share the blame for the disastrous decade which has engulfed the royals.
▪ If the Dole jibe rings true now, Dole himself must share the blame.
▪ Pears and a square defence must share the blame for John Taylor's shock early goal.
▪ The farmers who have undoubtedly profited from producing heavier crops of higher-yielding varieties that rely on nitrates also share the blame.
▪ They attended a county Latino Education Summit last month, where parents from other schools shared similar concerns.
▪ His book comes out at a time when anyone who shares his concerns may be feeling particularly down-hearted.
▪ In addition, Zatkin said Kaiser shares the concerns of others about inadequate funding and government control.
▪ Sadly, population planners and contraceptive manufacturers do not seem to share women's concerns.
▪ When her distraught daughter shared her concern, she too began to cry.
▪ Do you share your deep concerns?
▪ Short-lived, spontaneous aggregations of people who share a political concern are identified by Almond as anomie interest groups.
▪ Not every-one shared our enthusiasm for Sheldrake's proposition.
▪ And students, too, do not seem to share Diamandopoulos' enthusiasm.
▪ Moscow's political elite does not share the popular enthusiasm for Putin.
▪ That he shares her enthusiasm for women and their struggle for equality reassures.
▪ See if you can find a vet who shares your enthusiasm.
▪ On the Glomar Challenger, and back on shore, Hall met others who shared his enthusiasm for the ocean floor.
▪ The researcher could share enthusiasms, be a shoulder to cry on and help brainstorm alternatives.
▪ I do not share your enthusiasm for trickle filters.
▪ This social aspect of reading, of sharing a pleasurable experience, should begin at this stage.
▪ Ask them to share experiences with slides.
▪ It is healthy that people move in and out, and thus contribute to a sharing of experience.
▪ Over three months leading salesmen, traders, and financiers shared their experiences with the class.
▪ The event will offer opportunities for partnerships new and old to share experiences and learn from each other.
▪ Participating in the videos are real doctors and patients sharing their experiences.
▪ I was interviewed and was able to share different experiences and stories while in London.
▪ Like DeWine, other lawmakers shared their personal experiences with organ donation on Tuesday.
▪ However, that view is not shared by the House or, I believe, by the hon. Lady's management committee.
▪ There they shared a house sheltered by love.
▪ Hay, who shared Bryan's house in Fulham, south London, always forgave him.
▪ A proper rented room in a shared house in Chiswick.
▪ What it means is they will share the gavel until House Speaker Newt Gingrich takes over as permanent convention chairman.
▪ It will celebrate the successes of science teaching in schools and colleges and will share the latest ideas.
▪ Have each group share its ideas.
▪ I wish I thought that his colleagues were beginning to share that idea - perhaps we have an alliance here.
▪ The authors share their ideas and analysis of the works with each other, not the reader.
▪ The manager does not have the opportunity gregariously to share and sort out ideas with staff colleagues.
▪ At the seminar I met a number of interesting people and explored ways we could interact by sharing ideas.
▪ Given his admiration for the scientific achievements of Galileo and Harvey, it is no surprise that Hobbes shares their methodological ideas.
▪ He rushed home to share the idea with his wife, Claudia, a secretary in the Department of Defense.
▪ There are also leasing companies happy to share information.
▪ Failure to share information is potentially dangerous.
▪ He is strongly dedicated to the sharing of sound information with others in the collective life.
▪ No one has all the right answers but there is now a willingness to share information.
▪ It even went so far as to share financial information that previously had been restricted to management.
▪ When management shared such information, employees could understand the need to change.
▪ That shared interest led the two men to announce the world's largest merger this week.
▪ She said they also shared an interest in religion.
▪ We speak the same language, share similar interests.
▪ Both 17, the pair from Sugar Land, Texas, shared an interest in a school theater group.
▪ They shared political and intellectual interests and were often thrown together.
▪ She owned the ice cream parlor, plus a shared interest in a strip mall.
▪ We share interests in oral history, qualitative research and social theory.
▪ Leisure activities offer opportunities for older people to meet others who share similar interests.
▪ After living together for two years, sharing each other's lives joyfully, excluding anyone else from their intimate happiness.
▪ They share the life of books.
▪ Here I am, knocking 40 any year now and sharing my life with a woman who is seven years my junior.
▪ This helps avoid a lot of misunderstandings down the shared road of life.
▪ But we do not only communicate with people with whom we share our personal lives.
▪ Even as I write this, the shared facts of our lives continue to thread their way through our flesh.
▪ George is a quiet, fairly shy person, who is not very imaginative and needs some one to share a life with.
▪ The women, both 33, have been living together and sharing their lives for the last six years.
▪ In the absence of an express provision, the profits are to be shared equally.
▪ I know you have experienced a conflict in Phoenix about discrimination in Super Bowl profit sharing.
▪ The shareholders in the company would hold their shares in their individual profit sharing ratios within the partnership.
▪ Some hotels offer profit-sharing plans, educational assistance, and other benefits to their employees.
▪ The purpose of the research project is to examine the effects of profit sharing at the microeconomic level.
▪ The four students and the staff work out the running of the household between them and share the responsibilities.
▪ Dan Mulligan, a San Francisco lawyer who specializes in handling lending and foreclosure cases, agreed that homeowners shared responsibility.
▪ Rates Rates have their origin in attempts to share responsibility fairly among local residents for services provided in common.
▪ Elers and Bayer will share the responsibilities of chief executive.
▪ They shared their responsibilities for the smooth running of Zone I with the enthusiasm of those bound by a loveless marriage.
▪ Unfortunately, the prospects for progress beyond an apparent willingness to agree to share responsibility for Hebron are extremely poor.
▪ It is sometimes possible to arrange for both ministers to be at the ceremony, sharing the responsibility between them.
▪ Workplace 2000 emphasizes shared responsibility for group performance.
▪ The children who've lost their classroom will share another room, until a prefabricated replacement arrives.
▪ They share a room in the Tenderloin district.
▪ Steve and I shared the one room upstairs and tried to do it up a bit.
▪ For years, the supervisors have shared bathrooms and conference rooms and worked in cramped offices.
▪ Davey and I were lucky: we didn't have to share a room.
▪ Children aged 5-16 years will be given a 50% reduction on the adult price if sharing a room with an adult.
▪ The five-person group shared a single room, with a small anteroom to the side.
▪ They do not share our sense of causality, and so tend to view events as discrete and unrelated.
▪ We share with Jake a sense of distanced knowing, even delectation.
▪ Whether Ursula shared her growing sense of foreboding she did not know.
▪ Race relations, cordial when blacks and whites had earlier shared a sense of purpose, grew increasingly tense.
▪ On the other hand, you may fully share the sense of significance held by a majority of people.
▪ It is, provided that other people share your sense of humour and the timing is appropriate.
▪ Yet, with all the activity getting under way, they also shared a sense of foreboding.
▪ They are defined as all those who do not share the values and goals of opt-outs.
▪ This is especially true in acquisition or merger situations, where there are no shared corporate values.
▪ But a shared sense of collective values can still hold society together at the local level.
▪ In Workplace 2000, control is shared and coordination flows from shared values and goals.
▪ But it is easier to feel solidarity with those who broadly share your values and way of life.
▪ And when you add the power of shared values, you have an unbeatable combination.
▪ Tolonen had been of the same generation as the T'ang and they shared the same unspoken values.
▪ Most of us like to believe that others share our values and our ideals.
▪ I neither understand nor share that view.
▪ Polls show a distinct majority of New Yorkers share Pataki's view and support the ban on hand-held phones.
▪ He valued the individual as a person and was patient with those who did not share this view.
▪ Not surprisingly, the rest of his family appears to have shared his views.
▪ It also points to alternatives for those who do not wholly share his views.
▪ Investors seem to share his view.
▪ The Prime Minister I share the view expressed by my hon. Friend.
▪ Oddly enough, conservative extremists shared his views, largely for unrelated internal political motives.
▪ I married Danny because I was madly in love and wanted to share my life with him.
▪ Would you want to share his litter box?
▪ He hoped it was a star and wanted us to share in the good luck.
▪ He wants to share it among friends as well as foes.
▪ And Diana wants her boys to share it.
▪ Many wanted to share their strange feelings of malaise.
▪ I just wanted to share it with my friends first.
▪ After the students write their stories, they may want to share them in pairs or with the whole class.
blue-chip companies/shares etc
have had more than your fair share of sth
▪ Tim's had more than his fair share of bad luck this year.
slice/share/piece of the pie
▪ Smaller capitalist countries are maneuvering to gain a bigger share of the pie.
▪ That meant nearly one in five students was moderately to severely work-inhibited-a considerable slice of the pie.
▪ Virtually every academic institution, it seemed, wanted a piece of the pie.
the lion's share (of sth)
▪ The Lopez family owns the lion's share of the country's farmland.
▪ Everybody brings a dish to share with everyone else.
▪ I share your concern about this.
▪ I have my own room, but we share the kitchen and bathroom.
▪ If you think it would help to share, we're here to listen.
▪ It's only fair that they should share the running costs of the car.
▪ Judy and I shared the driving, so it wasn't too tiring.
▪ Learning to share is a difficult process for toddlers.
▪ My husband and my mother share the same birthday.
▪ None of us are close friends but we all share an interest in sport.
▪ One thing united all three men - they shared a burning hatred of the political regime under which they lived.
▪ She shares the job with another woman who also has a young child.
▪ They share an interest in 16th century architecture.
▪ We all share some of the blame for the accident.
▪ We can share the cost of gas for the ride.
▪ We pay rent separately, but we share the other bills.
▪ You could share a taxi with me if you like.
▪ Everywhere I turned in the dorm, there were white faces, except for two black students who shared a room.
▪ Sometimes this shared understanding may lead to more practical solutions.
▪ The more freeway access there is, the less San Franciscans have to share their streets with out-of-towners.
▪ The rejoicing was not shared by the weary infantrymen who had just fought their way on to it.
▪ The relationship between music and the spiritual and emotional aspects of healing is widely shared.
▪ Very rarely has such experience been shared amongst a wider group of community partners.
▪ But he has had more than his fair share of injuries in that time.
▪ Fishermen are willing do their fair share to protect these magnificent fish.
▪ All good drama has its fair share of controversial characters; one of those is Kiran.
▪ Each worker waits petulantly for a sign that others are getting more than their fair share.
▪ They often require more than their fair share of your time.
▪ Photography by Keith Adamson Pauline Bishop has done more than her fair share of globe-trotting.
▪ The Isle of Skye, as well as being a magnet for walkers, also attracts its fair share of strange tales.
▪ He'd already had his fair share of accidents there.
▪ Poly-unsaturated fats should constitute the next largest share of your fat intake, after mono-unsaturated fats.
▪ Credit card balances account for a larger share of that indebtedness than ever.
▪ There were more Crips and they had a larger share of the market in illegal drugs.
▪ Price Pfister is paying the largest portion of the settlement because it has the largest market share.
▪ Solicitor mediators are only now getting a larger share of the mediation market.
▪ You work so hard as my farm manager that I want you to have a larger share of the profits.
▪ This meant that the married women left at home came in for a large share of the work about the croft.
▪ The reason for the exception is to give all shareholders an opportunity to participate in large share purchase operations.
▪ The convertibles swap into Caird ordinary shares at 535p, compared to a share price of 479p, down 12p, yesterday.
▪ This represents a 3.63% share of the enlarged issued ordinary share capital of Stoddard.
▪ The respective attributes of ordinary shares and preference shares have already been discussed.
▪ They are bought through a stockbroker in the same way as ordinary investment trust shares.
▪ Accordingly, canals offered the only widespread opportunity of investing in £100 ordinary shares.
▪ The ordinary shares become ex-dividend on 19 April 1993.
▪ Venture capitalists will usually want ordinary shares as well as loan capital or preference shares in return for their investment.
▪ Zero dividend preference shares are also being issued in a ratio of 37 for every 63 ordinary shares.
▪ Types of takeover offer General offer A general offer is an offer for the entire issued equity share capital of a company.
▪ The capital redemption reserve is a non-distributable reserve and represents paid up share capital.
▪ This overriding limit is subject to adjustment in the event of certain specified alterations to the Company's share capital.
▪ History of the share capital including details of any bonus, rights or other issues. 11.
▪ Share: The aggregate of called up share capital and all reserves, excluding minority interests. 13.
▪ A company may expand by increasing the share capital and the number of directors.
▪ The rest of their liabilities are raised through deposits from the general public, share capital and deferred taxation.
▪ They are quoted on the Stock Exchange and underwritten by similar institutions to those which underwrite share issues.
▪ The purchase is being paid for with £1.1m cash and the balance satisfied by a share issue, which has been underwritten.
▪ He is a cost accountant and also acts as company secretary in respect of share issues, pensions and the like.
▪ However, continuing financial uncertainty meant that privatisation by means of a share issue to the public was out of the question.
▪ In the event of a share issue a bank may handle the advertisement, application and allotment of shares.
▪ Of this, 25 percent would come from a share issue in 1990 or 1991 and new bank borrowings.
▪ The re-launch of the share issue is expected in the next few weeks.
▪ Several trends have contributed to the growing attraction of peddling a new share issue in a number of markets simultaneously.
▪ The firm now has a market share of 27%, second only to Coopers &038; Lybrand which has 30%.
▪ In some categories, however, the market share would be sharply higher.
▪ This combination of lower costs and increased market share makes the business well placed to benefit from any improvement in trading conditions.
▪ Some companies go out of business because market share is captured by competitors.
▪ Four years ago, the respective market shares were roughly 50/50.
▪ Industry estimates show Remington's market share has fallen to 28 percent from a peak of 40 percent in 1986.
▪ In the short run, other goals, such as growth through acquisition or increased market share may be emphasized.
▪ Consequently share option schemes are a thousand better than profit-sharing schemes.
▪ Executive share option schemes are also spreading.
▪ Earnings figures exclude share options and pension contributions.
▪ The informal ceiling placed on share option deals by institutional investors is said to be one reason.
▪ They sold low-price share options - and pocketed huge profits as City prices soared.
▪ It would have no equity base, and therefore would be unable to offer the share options that attract good managers.
▪ The Chancellor will also announce a set of more generous tax breaks for companies granting share options.
▪ The bidder will, in particular, need to consider the terms of any employee share option schemes.
▪ The issue of perpetual preference shares is being offered by underwriters led by Lehman Brothers.
▪ The offer also values each Lloyds preference share at 255. 5 pence.
Preference shares, particularly redeemable preference shares, are sometimes considered to be more akin to loan stock than share capital.
▪ Should the parent undertaking's consolidated balance sheet show a minority interest in respect of the preference shares?
▪ So there is no requirement to recognise a minority interest in respect of the preference shares.
▪ Nevertheless, in terms of the rights which attach, redeemable preference shares are more akin to debt than shares.
▪ Ordinary or preference shares may be issued.
▪ The increase in rates initially sent London share prices tumbling.
▪ Early in 1995, he intended to raise the minimum share price and other financial measures, such as market capitalization.
▪ The Legal &038; General share price was nearly 700% up at the end of last year.
▪ As a result each share represents a smaller portion of the company, and the share price falls.
▪ Its share price closed on Friday at 474p, valuing the group at £282.2m.
▪ Its share price rose 25 cents to 22. 5 rand.
▪ The figures on relative shares then become highly variable, depending on factors such as share prices and house prices.
▪ Performance data are total returns, which include both share prices and reinvested dividends.
▪ Thus new savers can buy shares only from existing holders.
▪ In Brussels, prices rose, after late buying of baskets of shares overcame profit-taking.
▪ The evidence for this is mixed, showing that a great number of those who bought shares were already Conservative supporters anyway.
▪ The companies bought the shares in the third quarter of 1995.
▪ I bought the shares because I thought Nestle was a low-risk investment.
▪ Many companies allow plan participants to buy shares once a month.
▪ A customer walking into a Barclays branch can leave within a few minutes having bought or sold such shares as he wants.
▪ A company sets up a trust fund into which it contributes new shares of stock or money to buy existing shares.
▪ Yesterday, the shares closed less than 1 per cent higher at R35.25.
▪ McCormick shares rose one-quarter to close at 26 1 / 8&038;.
▪ Burmine shares closed 69 cents higher at A $ 3. 90.
▪ Yesterday Railtrack's shares fell 25p to close at 968p.
▪ Gasgoyne shares closed up 19 cents at A $ 2. 60.
▪ Its shares closed up 1 / 2 at 16 1 / 2.
▪ Maybelline shares closed unchanged Wednesday at 39 1 / 2.
▪ Non-residents may only hold registered shares.
▪ Its widely held Class B shares fell 1 1 / 4 to 39, their 52-week low.
▪ These funds hold a selection of shares and most offer savings schemes where you can contribute from £25 a month.
▪ Airbus said the partners will hold shares in the new company equal to their stake in the existing consortium.
▪ The reasons for these Institutions holding our shares are, no doubt, varied.
▪ Virgil had cut the same for Glover, who had grabbed up burlap to hold his share of the loot.
▪ Not high-grade stuff, Patterson had said, but bloody useful to get the figures in advance if you held shares.
▪ The company said it is holding shares to help finance possible acquisitions in the future.
▪ The multiples in particular are increasing their share of the market.
▪ Meanwhile, the United States increased its share of the world production of steel from 29 to 43 percent.
▪ From an accounting perspective, a split requires a simple memo entry showing the increased number of shares.
▪ This suggests that firms may have formally agreed to share out capacity growth, but then invested to increase their share.
▪ It's also the logical result of the extreme perversity of a system whose sole aim is to increase market share.
▪ We will then continue steadily to increase the share of Britain's national wealth invested in education.
▪ This will increase the shares on offer to the public from 23.5 percent to nearly 30 percent of the issue.
▪ Starwood is offering $ 67 a share in stock and $ 15 in cash.
▪ Presumably, Hongkong is not a buyer because it wants to offer shares rather than cash.
▪ The party gave the three some guns and offered them their equal share of the remaining rations.
▪ Accordingly, each of these five albums offers a fair share of revelatory moments.
▪ Like the brick she was, Trish had kindly offered to subsidize my share of the rent until I found another job.
▪ What are they paying for their shares in Newco?
▪ If applicable, arrangements will need to be made for you to pay your share of health insurance premiums while on leave.
▪ The other men pull out their wallets and pay up their shares.
▪ That partner then has to pursue the others to get them to pay their share.
▪ According to this conventional wisdom, the middle class and the poor think the rich should pay a heavy share.
▪ I know what that means-even when he promises, he always wriggles out of paying his share of anything.
▪ It got him enough money so he could buy some lids and sell enough weed to pay his share of the rent.
▪ As long as competition prevails on the relevant market, consumers will receive a fair share of the resulting benefit.
▪ Shareholders in Ketchum, which is employee-owned, will receive shares in Omnicom in exchange for their Ketchum shares.
▪ Holders of Legrand preferred shares will receive two Schneider shares for each share held, a 25.5 % premium.
▪ Mattel shareholders would receive one share for each outstanding Mattel share.
▪ The Directors propose to offer ordinary shareholders the opportunity to receive fully paid ordinary shares in the Company in lieu of the cash dividend.
▪ The regulatory filing made yesterday reiterated that shareholders may receive a lower share price if regulatory costs for the merger rise.
▪ Everyone has a right to his or her opinion and mum has received her fair share of opposition.
▪ Exchange, like Notes, lets workers send and receive corporate e-mail and share documents over a network.
▪ Total unleaded petrol rose from a market share of 7.7 percent in January 1987 to 32 percent by the beginning of 1991.
▪ Volume rose to 596 million shares, up from a six-month average of 422 million shares a day.
▪ Consumption would rise as a share of production, and profits and investment decline.
▪ So the profit rate rose faster than the share.
▪ As the shares in dotcom and other e-stocks rose, the shares in other companies began to look relatively cheap.
▪ But breadth in the Nasdaq market was positive, as rising shares outpaced decliners by more than two to one.
▪ Volumes were moderate at 568m shares traded and rising shares outnumbered falling issues 756 to 532.
▪ To keep the budget deficit down, the government proposed to sell off shares and property valued at around 1,000 million kroner.
▪ Their redemptions are forcing institutions to sell shares.
▪ In November, 15 executives sold 772, 505 shares.
▪ You should sell some shares for cash and invest that money in other areas.
▪ I sold shares and got a bunch of different people to invest in it.
▪ They're selling off their shares for cash rather than accepting Wanadoo's offer of 0.225 shares for every Freeserve share.
▪ In the 128 countries where Roundup is sold, total market share is more than 90 %.
▪ Its fledgling Instinet system already allows fund managers to trade share parcels direct with one another, eliminating the human broker.
▪ At the close of trading, Borland shares were up 1 1 / 8, at 15 1 / 4.
▪ Volumes were moderate at 568m shares traded and rising shares outnumbered falling issues 756 to 532.
▪ Wednesday, on heavy trading, Hasbro shares fell 2 1 / 4 to 41 1 / 2.
▪ New York trading of Loral shares is delayed because of an order imbalance.
▪ In recent trading, Borland shares were up 7 / 8, at 15.
▪ An Australian businessman has bought a 10 percent share in the project.
▪ If your grandfather left any money, you will get your share.
▪ The price has gone up to $4.50 a share.
▪ Wilson's share of the business is worth $500,000.
▪ According to this conventional wisdom, the middle class and the poor think the rich should pay a heavy share.
▪ Between 1980 and 1990 their share of total retail trade fell from 5.2% to 4.5%, according to Verdict, a retail analyst.
▪ Earnings per share fell to 15.6p from 24.1p but the 1991 dividend total of 14.85p per share is to be maintained.
▪ Economies of scale are also a feature likely to be associated with the struggle for market share.
▪ Excite will pay for McKinley by issuing 1. 2 million shares of stock, currently valued at $ 18 million.
▪ The Class A shares rose 3 / 4 to 40 5 / 8.
▪ They enter at the peak and like those who buy shares at their peak they suffer badly.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Share \Share\, n. [OE. schar, AS. scear; akin to OHG. scaro, G. schar, pflugshar, and E. shear, v. See Shear.]

  1. The part (usually an iron or steel plate) of a plow which cuts the ground at the bottom of a furrow; a plowshare.

  2. The part which opens the ground for the reception of the seed, in a machine for sowing seed.


Share \Share\, v. i. To have part; to receive a portion; to partake, enjoy, or suffer with others.

A right of inheritance gave every one a title to share in the goods of his father.


Share \Share\, n. [OE. share, AS. scearu, scaru, fr. sceran to shear, cut. See Shear, v.]

  1. A certain quantity; a portion; a part; a division; as, a small share of prudence.

  2. Especially, the part allotted or belonging to one, of any property or interest owned by a number; a portion among others; an apportioned lot; an allotment; a dividend. ``My share of fame.''

  3. Hence, one of a certain number of equal portions into which any property or invested capital is divided; as, a ship owned in ten shares.

  4. The pubes; the sharebone. [Obs.]

    To go shares, to partake; to be equally concerned.

    Share and share alike, in equal shares.


Share \Share\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Shared; p. pr. & vb. n. Sharing.]

  1. To part among two or more; to distribute in portions; to divide.

    Suppose I share my fortune equally between my children and a stranger.

  2. To partake of, use, or experience, with others; to have a portion of; to take and possess in common; as, to share a shelter with another.

    While avarice and rapine share the land.

  3. To cut; to shear; to cleave; to divide. [Obs.]

    The shared visage hangs on equal sides.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"portion," Old English scearu "a cutting, shearing, tonsure; a part or division," related to sceran "to cut," from Proto-Germanic *skaro- (cognates: Old High German scara "troop, share of forced labor," German Schar "troop, band," properly "a part of an army," Old Norse skör "rim"), from PIE root *(s)ker- (1) "to cut" (see shear (v.)).\n

\nMeaning "part of the capital of a joint stock company" is first attested c.1600. Share and share alike attested from 1560s. The same Old English noun in the sense "division" led to an obsolete noun share "fork ('division') of the body at the groin; pubic region" (late Old English and Middle English); hence share-bone "pubis" (early 15c.).


"iron blade of a plow," Old English scear, scær "plowshare," properly "that which cuts," from Proto-Germanic *skar- (cognates: Old Frisian skere, Middle Low German schar, Old High German scar, German Schar, Dutch ploegschaar, Middle High German pfluocschar), from PIE root *(s)ker- (1) "to cut" (see shear).


1580s, "to apportion to someone as his share; to apportion out to others; to enjoy or suffer (something) with others," from share (n.1). Meaning "to divide one's own and give part to others" is recorded from 1590s. Meaning "confess one's sins openly" (1932, implied in sharing) is from "the language of Moral Rearmament" [OED]. Related: Shared; sharer; sharing.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A portion of something, especially a portion given or allotted to someone. 2 (context finance English) A financial instrument that shows that one owns a part of a company that provides the benefit of limited liability. 3 (context computing English) A configuration enabling a resource to be shared over a network. 4 The sharebone or pubis. vb. 1 To give part of what one has to somebody else to use or consume. 2 To have or use in common. 3 To divide and distribute. 4 To tell to another. Etymology 2

n. (context agriculture English) The cutting blade of an agricultural machine like a plough, a cultivator or a seeding-machine.

  1. v. have in common; "Our children share a love of music"; "The two countries share a long border"

  2. use jointly or in common

  3. have, give, or receive a share of; "We shared the cake" [syn: partake, partake in]

  4. give out as one's portion or share [syn: divvy up, portion out, apportion, deal]

  5. communicate; "I'd like to share this idea with you"

  1. n. any of the equal portions into which the capital stock of a corporation is divided and ownership of which is evidenced by a stock certificate; "he bought 100 shares of IBM at the market price"

  2. assets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group; "he wanted his share in cash" [syn: portion, part, percentage]

  3. the result of parcelling out or sharing; "death gets more than its share of attention from theologicans" [syn: parcel, portion]

  4. any one of a number of individual efforts in a common endeavor; "I am proud of my contribution to the team's success"; "they all did their share of the work" [syn: contribution, part]

  5. a sharp steel wedge that cuts loose the top layer of soil [syn: plowshare, ploughshare]

Share (P2P)

is the name for a closed-source P2P application being developed in Japan by an anonymous author. Since the author of Winny was arrested, Share was developed as its successor, also focusing on higher security. Share functions in much the same manner as Winny, using encrypted caches, file names and IP addresses, and is based on the same node-organized architecture as Winny.


Share may refer to:

  • To share a resource (such as food or money) is to make joint use of it; see Sharing
  • Share, Kwara, a town and LGA in Kwara State, Nigeria
  • Share (finance), a stock or other security such as a mutual fund
  • Share (newspaper), a newspaper in Toronto, Canada
  • Share (film), a 2015 short drama film
  • Southern Hemisphere Auroral Radar Experiment, tracking space weather from Antarctica
  • Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe, a health and social study in Europe
  • Percentage of television sets in use tuned to a program, according to the Nielsen Ratings
  • Plowshare, the cutting blade of a plow (plough)
Share (finance)

In financial markets, a share is a unit of account for various investments. It often means the stock of a corporation, but is also used for collective investments such as mutual funds, limited partnerships, and real estate investment trusts.

Corporations issue shares which are offered for sale to raise share capital. The owner of shares in the corporation is a shareholder (or stockholder) of the corporation. A share is an indivisible unit of capital, expressing the ownership relationship between the company and the shareholder. The denominated value of a share is its face value, and the total of the face value of issued shares represent the capital of a company, which may not reflect the market value of those shares.

The income received from the ownership of shares is a dividend. The process of purchasing and selling shares often involves going through a stockbroker as a middle man.

Share (newspaper)

Share is a Caribbean Canadian and Black Canadian community newspaper, based in Toronto, Ontario. Canada's largest ethnic newspaper, Share has two times the circulation of any other Canadian newspaper serving the same ethnic community. It is distributed free of charge in many locations, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area.

The weekly publication, on quarter-folded, tabloid-sized newsprint, includes news from the Caribbean and Africa, sports, entertainment, business, religion, analysis, and commentaries from its community's point of view.

Arnold Auguste is the newspaper's publisher. Founded in April 1978, Share is owned by Arnold A. Auguste Associates Limited.

SHARE (computing)

SHARE Inc. is a volunteer-run user group for IBM mainframe computers that was founded in 1955 by Los Angeles-area users of the IBM 701 computer system. It evolved into a forum for exchanging technical information about programming languages, operating systems, database systems, and user experiences for enterprise users of small, medium, and large-scale IBM computers such as IBM S/360, IBM S/370, zSeries, pSeries, and xSeries. Despite the capitalization of all letters in the name, the official website says "SHARE is not an acronym; it's what we do."

A major resource of SHARE from the beginning was the SHARE library. Originally, IBM distributed its operating systems in source form and systems programmers commonly made small local additions or modifications and exchanged them with other users. The SHARE library and the process of distributed development it fostered was one of the major origins of open source software.

In 1959 SHARE released the SHARE Operating System (SOS), originally for the IBM 709 computer, later ported to the IBM 7090. SOS was one of the first instances of " commons-based peer production" now widely used in the development of free and open-source software such as Linux and the GNU project. In 1963 SHARE participated with IBM in the development of the PL/I programming language as part of the "3x3" group.

SHARE later incorporated as a non-profit corporation based in Chicago, Illinois and is located at 330 N. Wabash Ave. The organization produces a newsletter and conducts two major educational meetings per year.

In September 1999, GUIDE International, the other major IBM mainframe users group, ceased operation. Although SHARE did not formally take over GUIDE in the United States, many of the activities and projects that were undertaken under the aegis of GUIDE moved to SHARE, and GUIDE suggested to its members that they join SHARE. In August 2000, SHARE took over the domain name.

In 2005 SHARE's membership of 20,000 represented some 2,300 enterprise IBM customers.

Share (command)

In computing, share is a command for MS-DOS that allowed software to perform file locks. Locking files became necessary when MS-DOS began allowing files to be accessed simultaneously by multiple programs, either through multitasking or networking.

There were five locking modes:

  • Deny None
  • Deny Read
  • Deny Write
  • Deny All
  • Compatibility (designed for backward compatibility with existing MS-DOS programs)

The program runs as a Terminate and Stay Resident program and is typically loaded at boot-up.

Share (film)

Share is a 2015 American short drama film written and directed by Pippa Bianco, and starring Taissa Farmiga, Keir Gilchrist, Madisen Beaty, and Andre Royo. It follows a 15-year-old girl as she returns to school after an explicit video of her goes viral online. The film had its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 14, 2015, where it won the Special Jury Recognition Award for Narrative Short. It was then selected as the only American short film at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the first prize Cinéfondation Award. The film was released online on May 3, 2016 by Memory.

Usage examples of "share".

And you alone shall share it with me, keeping me strong, and helping me accomplish what I must.

He was content to do his share in accomplishing public results, and leave to others whatever of fame or glory might result from having accomplished them.

Accordingly, He experienced death by sharing in our human feeling, which of His own accord He had taken upon Himself, but He did not lose the power of His Nature, through which He gives life to all things.

I realized that as there was no limit to the number of operations which could be conducted, you could even have multiple independent units, bonded by affinity, and sharing a single identity.

Beside all this, Roderic had had communicated to him, by a supernatural afflatus, that wondrous art, as yet unknown in the plains of Albion, of turning up the soil with a share of iron, and scattering it with a small quantity of those grains which are most useful to man, to expect to gather, after a short interval, a forty-fold increase.

And this imprisonment continued six years, and when this was over, another short affliction, which was an imprisonment of half a year, fell to his share.

These victorious Saracens enjoyed at Damascus a month of pleasure and repose: the spoil was divided by the discretion of Abu Obeidah: an equal share was allotted to a soldier and to his horse, and a double portion was reserved for the noble coursers of the Arabian breed.

While one of the candidates boasted the honors of his family, a second allured his judges by the delicacies of a plentiful table, and a third, more guilty than his rivals, offered to share the plunder of the church among the accomplices of his sacrilegious hopes.

I have shared my vision in the Alluvium, and you should know it has placed you in some peril.

When I entered the room, to my amazement I found that of the five directors only one was present besides myself, an honest old retired sea captain who had bought and paid for 300 shares.

We got arrested shooting them off in a park and I had to sell off some shares of my old Mass Anal stock to pay the fine.

I hocked a few more shares of my old Mass Anal stock and bought an antique locomotive.

From the definition of anosognosia to the words of the national anthem, we share a common knowledge domain.

Henry, laughing at the antics of a trio of jugglers, shared a cup of wine with a pretty young woman who looked a few years younger than Sanglant.

It proves the moral superiority of the poor, for the rich hoard all their wealth to themselves while the poor are willing to share their largesse of antimony with anybody.