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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a product range
▪ We need to broaden our product range.
beauty products
▪ Millions of dollars are spent each year on beauty products.
consumer goods/products (=things that people buy for their own use)
▪ Our demand for consumer goods increases all the time.
end product
▪ a high-quality end product
finished product
▪ It took a long time to do, but the finished product was worth it.
flagship product
▪ the company’s flagship product
food products
▪ The nutrient content of most food products is displayed on the packaging.
gross domestic product
gross national product
household goods/products/items etc
▪ washing powder and other household products
▪ household chores
inferior goods/products
▪ The public are being deceived into buying inferior goods.
milk product
▪ I’ve tried to cut down on milk products.
product launch
▪ a new product launch
product placement
skincare products
▪ expensive skincare products
Universal Product Code
waste product
▪ nuclear waste products
▪ They can provide extension services for farmers and invest in industries to process agricultural products.
▪ Cargill is an international processor and distributor and agricultural and food products.
▪ Guaranteed prices for agricultural products have created a knock-on effect resulting in high land prices and high food costs.
▪ Over one million tonnes of agricultural related products pass over the quays in Belfast each year.
▪ Trade in agricultural products would be covered by bilateral agreements.
▪ Rural areas supplied not only agricultural products but also a considerable proportion of manufacturing output.
▪ The initiative will allow the entrepreneurs to test new approaches to agriculture or develop new agricultural products and activities.
▪ Saouma called for fair trade terms to allow developing countries to sell their agricultural products to the industrialized countries.
▪ It now accounts for only 20 to 25 percent. of the total gross domestic product of Britain.
▪ Dini said inflation was kept to a moderate pace during the year, even as gross domestic product rose 3 percent.
▪ But how important is another domestic product launch in 1992?
▪ An inflation measure linked to the gross domestic product had its smallest rise since 1964.
▪ Tourism is our second biggest contributor - after North Sea oil - to gross domestic product.
▪ In the former case, we need make no adjustment but the figures are renamed domestic product, income and expenditure.
▪ Investment was sharply down and was estimated to represent only 9 percent of gross domestic product.
▪ In the mid-1970s, public spending peaked at over 49 percent of our gross national product.
▪ Dini said inflation was kept to a moderate pace during the year, even as gross domestic product rose 3 percent.
▪ Possibly one fifth of their loans are bad debts or some 30 per cent of gross domestic product.
▪ Most countries in the world attempt to monitor the total value of their output, or gross national product.
▪ An inflation measure linked to the gross domestic product had its smallest rise since 1964.
▪ When do the Government expect to meet the target for overseas aid of 0.7 percent. of gross national product?
▪ That achievement represents a larger share of a larger national product and the Conservative party can be extremely proud of it.
▪ So, more marginally, has the competitive prestige that goes with expanding national product.
▪ Affluence is measured by the per capita gross national product.
▪ All of the nonperishable items were national brand products.
▪ Gross national product fell 5.8 percent in January-February 1991 compared with the same period in 1990.
▪ The country had the largest gross national product of any nation.
▪ Leaflets on all National Savings products are available at post offices.
▪ Spending on health has risen from 4.7 percent of the gross national product in 1979 to 5.7.
▪ With a new product this is the market segment buying the product.
▪ Invention Policies help employees patent and develop new products or processes they invent.
▪ It does not at this stage include any specific new products.
▪ The three planners then turned to how Mike should market test the new product.
▪ Which doctors are most or least likely to use new products?
▪ Online services like Napster helped generate interest in a slew of new computer products in recent months.
▪ It is generally sensible to limit the additional capabilities that the new desktop publishing product will give you to the bare minimum.
▪ Thus, firms entering overseas markets must bear this in mind when introducing new products or services.
▪ But Mars say it's unfair that Walls have banned other products from their freezers.
▪ Both in summer and winter thousands came to the mountains, returning home with yoghurt, cheese and other products.
▪ The cost of the failure of one product is not spread in an insurance fashion by having the other products around.
▪ If other absorbing products or intermediates occur there will be no isosbestic point.
▪ The deal will include racing strips, tracksuits and other related products.
▪ One deals in telecommunications equipment and the other in lighting products.
▪ Steaming softens and opens the pores so that the skin is more receptive to other products and ingredients.
▪ Enhancements will be made to Equation and other products this year, with development of an object-oriented version on the cards.
▪ It is the biggest single concept, many others being devoted to using methane gas at waste product dumps.
▪ The algae consumed waste products from the reef and under the intense artificial sunlight they proliferated in stringy green mats.
▪ The nitric acid solution is then mixed with an organic solvent and the uranium and plutonium are separated from the waste products.
▪ It is excreted in the urine as a waste product of creatine. 194.
▪ But this alone will not purify your water of waste products that are invisible to the eye.
▪ Elimination Elimination is the process by which waste products are excreted from the body.
▪ A two-way hatch facilitates the serving of carefully calculated meals and the removal of waste products in the appropriate receptacles!
▪ During the summer these may include small animals known as dinoflagellates, which produce toxic waste products.
▪ Its use is most frequent in the field of consumer products.
▪ S.-made consumer products.
▪ If you handle a consumer product for a manufacturer you deal with members of the press on an hour to hour basis.
▪ A new consumer product must be introduced with a suitable advertising campaign to arouse an interest in it.
▪ As consumer products have become more sophisticated, so too have their semi-conductors.
▪ The boom has been fuelled by accelerated demand for consumer products with even small grocery stores receiving up to 12 deliveries every day.
▪ Electra, a maker of consumer products, fell 2. 25 percent.
▪ Price controls on dairy products were lifted on June 11.
▪ She then gave the dairy product to a leper, whose affliction immediately disappeared.
▪ The materials cover the production and manufacture of milk and dairy products, as well as providing nutrition information.
▪ Vegans: Vegetarians who eat neither eggs nor dairy products may have a tough time consuming enough vitamin B-12.
▪ However these products tend not to be as rich in calcium as dairy products and red fish.
▪ MlLchig a. Milk or other dairy products.
▪ Vitamin B12 is found in dairy products, and a number of cereals and yeast extracts, such as Marmite.
▪ However, households also paid sharply more for some items they bought every few days, such as gasoline and dairy products.
▪ This matters most in fuzzy, creative processes such as product development.
▪ In part, our failure had to do with our traditional approach to new product development.
▪ There are significant differences between vendors offerings, and future product development plans.
▪ New product development in other industries will similarly increasingly shift to focus on older citizens.
▪ One of the most exciting concepts coming through Charnos' latest product development is the control top with lycra.
▪ His challenge was to maintain his vision during the long struggle of product development.
▪ Oddly, the most successful firms spent proportionately less on product development.
▪ The model permits comparison and discussion of techniques of approach to new product development in terms of five variables.
▪ Though he said it himself, Hans was a masterpiece of genetics - the end product of two centuries of breeding.
▪ Similarly, e-mail can be considered both a messaging infrastructure and a purchasable end product.
▪ The end product of such a course of evolution is an obligate parasite that is inextricably linked to a particular host.
▪ Assimilation is always the end product.
▪ But unlike its predecessors, Midnight Club fails to blend individual brilliance into a quality end product.
▪ The end product of such processes as these was the primitive nucleus of a continent, which grew as this process continued.
▪ But the end product would be very different - not indecisive and multiple, but single and decisive.
▪ All I want is the end product.
▪ Direct mail order sale of food products by food manufacturers and specialty shops has become big business.
▪ Cleanliness is essential when carrying a food product like sugar.
▪ Prepare a list of six food products that are available as store brands, generic brands, and national brands.
▪ As future food products become diversified, so will the means for infection.
▪ Read the labels on all food products for levels of fat content.
▪ The local grocery in Brandon, Manitoba, sports 12,000 food products and flaunts 56 brands of breakfast cereal.
▪ Advertising costs are supported by local food retailers and by manufacturers of food products.
▪ The volume of semiconductor business was up 8% on last year after product line pruning.
▪ Microsoft, meanwhile is pursuing a far different on-line strategy of weaving Internet features into its existing product lines.
▪ They're happy to back a complete new product line.
▪ To keep track of all the various product lines, companies structured according to specialized functions.
▪ The company will have about 15 management heads along product lines, with specialization on a regional basis depending on demand.
▪ This, coupled with internal conflicts at Motorola over the 680x0 program, led to a weak positioning of both product lines.
▪ They learn delivery schedules, work routines and product lines.
▪ Where goat milk or milk products are used for human consumption, milk-withholding periods for different drugs should be observed.
▪ Yogurt is a cultured milk product prepared from either whole or skim milk.
▪ Avoid unpasteurised goat's milk and unpasteurised goat's milk products.
▪ Cholesterol is found only in animal products, such as meats-especially organ meats-whole milk products and the yolk of eggs.
▪ Some went into cereal or malted milk products.
▪ It can be reconstituted and used like any fluid milk product.
▪ Several new milk products are being developed with this goal in mind, and there are two notable entries in the field.
▪ So, however much you think you know about the Rockwool product range, think again.
▪ In the United States, Franklin has long sold its product range through retail outlets.
▪ Another reason for developing the alliance portfolio is the need to broaden the product range offered to customers.
▪ Involvement in a very wide range of chemistry, extending well outside the company's standard commercial product range.
▪ Each new financial futures exchange initially concentrates on local cash market instruments as a basis for its product range.
▪ New Fabric Backgrounds Colorama Photodisplay have extended their range of backgrounds by adding three new fabric materials to their product range.
▪ Briefly, this involves recasting the company into a number of operating divisions which take day-to-day decisions concerning particular product ranges.
▪ It is essential to realise at the outset that desktop publishing software is totally unlike any other software product category.
▪ Farmington Hills, Michigan-based Compuware develops software products for mainframe computer users.
▪ People were using any of a large range of software products to perform what appeared to be the same basic tasks.
▪ Symantec was hurt because of slow sales of its software products designed to run on Windows 95.
▪ WordPerfect Corporation offers a host of other software products, including spreadsheets, graphics, databases, and office automation.
▪ The company rolled out a series of new, easier-to-use Windows-based software products last year, most of them hits.
▪ The company is also adding ClearCase and Track to its CASEVision family of software products.
▪ Martin is now creating a new software product that will help large companies manage their files in a more effective way.
▪ Women think: buy the product, look like that.
▪ Yet people keep buying these products, and blaming themselves when the products fail to help them lose weight.
▪ I refused to buy any of these products, telling the vendor why.
▪ Last year, consumers spent $ 2. 2 billion buying products over the Internet.
▪ Unfortunately, people do not feel quite the same craving to buy products made of recycled materials.
▪ For a number of years, artificial sweeteners were mainly used by diabetics, who bought the products in drugstores.
▪ Pledge five: forests I pledge not to buy any products made from tropical hardwoods.
▪ Consumers get to feel good about making a donation while buying a product.
▪ Such foreign-controlled labs may help adapt or develop products and/or production processes to better conform to local conditions.
▪ Farmington Hills, Michigan-based Compuware develops software products for mainframe computer users.
▪ Suppose a company develops a product in secret, and then markets it.
▪ Time spent communicating with managers is one of the major bottlenecks in developing new product prototypes and packaging.
▪ Marconi has had to invest heavily in developing new products to keep in step with rivals such as Nortel and Alcatel.
▪ FemRX Inc., which is developing surgical products for women had its first stock offering last week.
▪ Cypress has no plans to develop future Sparc products but it will continue to handle distribution during the transition.
▪ Some 40 other photo companies, including Cambridge-based Polaroid, have also secured licenses to develop products for the new format.
▪ You shouldn't pay for them as they're not finished products.
▪ Students will take home the finished products.
▪ The reviews in your excellent magazine focus on finished products, or peripherals.
▪ Or the fact Florida high schools are permitted to conduct spring football camps that deliver him more finished products, they speculate.
▪ Liberon are very positive about the future and are set to expand their range of wood finishing products.
▪ These formulas and the labels for the finished products must be approved.
▪ But manufacturing was not enough; he needed missionaries to peddle the finished product.
▪ A greater emphasis is likely to be placed on the finished product.
▪ Zeneca has launched no new products since 1989.
▪ An entrepreneur we interviewed was given the opportunity to launch a new product for a major international company.
▪ Are you launching a new product?
▪ It was as though he had created a virtual company for a specific time period to launch that particular product.
▪ Over the past 18 months we have launched a number of products offering opportunities for existing customers.
▪ Growing competition is prompting banks, building societies and insurers to launch new financial products almost on a daily basis.
▪ The immediate aim is to launch at least five such products on the market within two years.
▪ A decision has to be made whether or not to launch the new product.
▪ The Schott Group manufactures 50,000 special glass products.
▪ They fueled the industrial revolution in both Great Britain and the United States but are today a standard third-world-#manufactured product.
▪ Currently the companies manufacture these products under the trade names of Altuglas and Plexiglas.
▪ Another unsettling trend in this area is the erosion in our ability to design and manufacture products.
▪ The inventor may not be the best man to develop and manufacture the product.
▪ Hence the country with the lower p will be a net exporter of manufactured products.
▪ The Times is a business, but it does not manufacture a product.
▪ Most of its business is solving problems rather than manufacturing tangible products.
▪ Time to market for new products was typically 204 weeks; at Enfield, they wanted to cut that by one year.
▪ CyberMedia has done an excellent job marketing this product, using an extensive direct-mail campaign.
▪ It markets its products through all of them, as well as through GTE-California and most other local companies.
▪ The court may have to balance the risk against the benefits in deciding whether the decision to market the product was justified.
▪ Jobs's genius had always been for marketing the products made by Wozniak and the others.
▪ The only way they can market their products is to produce literature detailed enough to convince the prospective buyer.
▪ Companies should be allowed to use reasonable bandwidth to market their products.
▪ Surely manufacturers who offer these products and recommend them of use as a priming support for oils have done their research properly?
▪ It will continue to offer a lineup of products that, well, cover the gamut of all users.
▪ However, these scams are not connected to the mainstream offshore financial services community, which continues to offer good products.
▪ Like Blue Bell, many companies offer free or discounted products to their employees.
▪ Support may also be offered by firms whose products may in some ways be harmful to children.
▪ It also allows employees to offer testimonials on which products and services are good, Phillips said.
▪ Since then, residents have been hard-pressed to find nearby stores that offer quality products at reasonable prices.
▪ The service also offers access to the products and services of important Journal advertisers.
▪ We should reduce the amount of hazardous waste that is produced when making products - often useful products - for the market.
▪ Those who invented new products would produce those products during the initial, high-profitability, high-wage, Stages of their life cycle.
▪ During the summer these may include small animals known as dinoflagellates, which produce toxic waste products.
▪ Others manage research and development activities that produce new products and processes or improve existing ones.
▪ Yet the custom side is more challenging and helps us to design and produce new and better products.
▪ Toshiba's commitment to our society has produced two very different products, both designed to look after you.
▪ Consider a world with a number of sectors, some of which produce differentiated products.
▪ What sort of shops will sell the product?
▪ Another way to make money online is by selling a unique product.
▪ Saouma called for fair trade terms to allow developing countries to sell their agricultural products to the industrialized countries.
▪ The company does not sell its products outside its own stores and buys ginseng from wholesalers, Miller said.
▪ Comart expects to sell products worth £11 million this year, double the figure for 1981-82.
▪ By selling its products and services, the workshop's expected to earn £300,000 this year.
▪ An international company is likely to rely on agents to sell its products to the country's markets.
▪ A spokesman for the bank said the computers will ensure that clients are not sold unsuitable products.
▪ Most hair care worries can be sorted out by changing your basic routine or using products to suit your hair type.
▪ Both compounds once were widely used in household products such as glass cleaners, paints and paint thinners.
▪ Which doctors are most or least likely to use new products?
▪ The same goes for any other overhaul of a widely used product.
▪ To use this product it must be created using option 5.1.1 - Create Product.
▪ The results obtained using this product are, from all reports, excellent.
▪ To use an existing product, use option 5.4.4 - View Product Titles, to view the names of all existing products.
▪ People are very accepting of using fitness products.
animal products/fats/protein etc
▪ A recently proposed federal ban on feeding animal protein to animals is encouraging, writes Rhodes, but has too many loopholes.
▪ Cholesterol is found only in animal products, such as meats-especially organ meats-whole milk products and the yolk of eggs.
▪ In general, the consumption of animal products has decreased while the consumption of plant products increased during recent years.
▪ It can only obtain it by eating animal proteins.
▪ Licensed hawkers were circulating, braying the merits of spiced sausages containing only real animal protein - so they claimed.
▪ The method was designed to estimate the intakes of total and saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein.
▪ The sanctions could take the form of a ban on virtually all trade in wild animal products with the two countries.
▪ What animal products are used in other wines, and why are producers not obliged to list the ingredients?
competing products/brands/companies etc
▪ A simple comparison of total estimated income from the competing products may provide as good a guide to decision making.
▪ Being a suspicious soul I also ran a competing companies test disk on the system.
▪ Invariably, the own-brand range is offered at lower prices than the competing brands.
▪ Price is now the main factor differentiating competing brands.
▪ They do not adjust their shopping list to take advantage of price fluctuations among competing products.
▪ This analysis will use recently developed techniques for measuring the competitiveness of a product amongst a group of similar competing products.
dairy products/produce
▪ Dunlop parish had been long-famed for its dairy produce.
▪ However these products tend not to be as rich in calcium as dairy products and red fish.
▪ However, households also paid sharply more for some items they bought every few days, such as gasoline and dairy products.
▪ In general, nondairy products such as whipped toppings coffee creamers, and margarine are replacing the corresponding dairy products.
▪ No oil, dairy products or sweeteners are added so the principle of slow rise will prevail.
▪ She pruned her diet drastically, cutting down dairy produce and other foods high in cholesterol.
▪ The most harmful type are saturated animal fats, found in meat and dairy products.
▪ Vegans: Vegetarians who eat neither eggs nor dairy products may have a tough time consuming enough vitamin B-12.
entry level product/model/computer etc
performance-enhancing drug/product/supplement etc
▪ Seven of the 12 winners tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.
styling products/mousse/spray etc
▪ By Bryan at Rare Moods Add body and volume to fine hair with styling products and back-combing.
▪ Choose styling products formulated to give a natural-looking hold for casual styling.
▪ Look out for two great new styling products from Sebastian, the range favoured by professionals nationwide.
▪ To create a textured separated look with movement, use about a rounded tablespoon of styling mousse, as shown. 3.
▪ To create great styles from one cut, you need versatile styling products.
▪ Whichever curling method you choose, styling products are invaluable for setting hair beautifully.
▪ You can do this by using different after shaves and mouthwashes, and putting different styling products in your hair.
▪ a new range of skin-care products
▪ I'm allergic to dairy products.
▪ None of our products are tested on animals.
▪ The bill will restrict the advertising of tobacco products.
▪ The company manufactures and delivers paper and paper products.
▪ The new product took more than three years to develop before being put on the market.
▪ There is less demand now for products like coal and steel.
▪ There was a ban on meat pies, gelatine, and other British beef products.
▪ We spend a lot of money on product development.
▪ But his aides stress that the final product, while reflecting the input of dozens of others, is predominately Clinton.
▪ Graphically, the intersection of the supply curve and the demand curve for the product will indicate the equilibrium point.
▪ If not detected and corrected this error would have priced the said products out of the market.
▪ On this basis, by about 1996, sales of electronic information products will be generating more revenue than sales of books.
▪ Several additional features can now be added like colour or photographs and the product starts to take on a more professional look.
▪ That would be another major breakthrough, offering a huge distribution channel for the product.
▪ They enlighten us on the mystery, we are grateful to them, we trust them and then we buy their product.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Product \Pro*duct"\, v. t.

  1. To produce; to bring forward. ``Producted to . . . examination.'' [Obs.]

  2. To lengthen out; to extend. [Obs.]

    He that doth much . . . products his mortality.

  3. To produce; to make. [Obs.]


Product \Prod"uct\, n. [L. productus, p. pr. of producere. See Produce.]

  1. Anything that is produced, whether as the result of generation, growth, labor, or thought, or by the operation of involuntary causes; as, the products of the season, or of the farm; the products of manufactures; the products of the brain.

    There are the product Of those ill-mated marriages.

    These institutions are the products of enthusiasm.

  2. (Math.) The number or sum obtained by adding one number or quantity to itself as many times as there are units in another number; the number resulting from the multiplication of two or more numbers; as, the product of the multiplication of 7 by 5 is 35. In general, the result of any kind of multiplication. See the Note under Multiplication.

    Syn: Produce; production; fruit; result; effect; consequence; outcome; work; performance.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "mathematical quantity obtained by multiplication," from Medieval Latin productum, in classical Latin "something produced," noun use of neuter past participle of producere "bring forth" (see produce (v.)). General sense of "anything produced" is attested in English from 1570s.


n. 1 (label en countable uncountable) A commodity offered for sale. 2 (label en cosmetics uncountable) Any preparation to be applied to the hair, skin, nails, etc. 3 Anything that is produced; a result.

  1. n. commodities offered for sale; "good business depends on having good merchandise"; "that store offers a variety of products" [syn: merchandise, wares]

  2. an artifact that has been created by someone or some process; "they improve their product every year"; "they export most of their agricultural production" [syn: production]

  3. a consequence of someone's efforts or of a particular set of circumstances; "skill is the product of hours of practice"; "his reaction was the product of hunger and fatigue"

  4. a chemical substance formed as a result of a chemical reaction; "a product of lime and nitric acid"

  5. a quantity obtained by multiplication; "the product of 2 and 3 is 6" [syn: mathematical product]

  6. the set of elements common to two or more sets; "the set of red hats is the intersection of the set of hats and the set of red things" [syn: intersection, cartesian product]

Product (mathematics)

In mathematics, a product is the result of multiplying, or an expression that identifies factors to be multiplied. Thus, for instance, 6 is the product of 2 and 3 (the result of multiplication), and x ⋅ (2 + x) is the product of x and (2 + x) (indicating that the two factors should be multiplied together).

The order in which real or complex numbers are multiplied has no bearing on the product; this is known as the commutative law of multiplication. When matrices or members of various other associative algebras are multiplied, the product usually depends on the order of the factors. Matrix multiplication, for example, and multiplication in other algebras is in general non-commutative.

There are many different kinds of products in mathematics: besides being able to multiply just numbers, polynomials or matricies, one can also define products on many different algebraic structures. An overview of these different kinds of products is given here.

Product (category theory)

In category theory, the product of two (or more) objects in a category is a notion designed to capture the essence behind constructions in other areas of mathematics such as the cartesian product of sets, the direct product of groups, the direct product of rings and the product of topological spaces. Essentially, the product of a family of objects is the "most general" object which admits a morphism to each of the given objects.


Product may refer to:

Product (De Press album)

Product is the second album by Norwegian group De Press. It was released in 1982, and was produced by John Leckie.

Product (Brand X album)

Product is an album by British jazz fusion group Brand X, originally released in 1979.

Product (Sophie album)

Product is the debut studio album by British electronic music producer Sophie. It was released by Numbers on 27 November 2015. Four of the eight songs on Product have appeared on singles released by Numbers from 2013 to 2015. The album will be available in "silicon bubble cases", and its release coincides with the launch of a line of apparel and a "silicon product" resembling a sex toy.

Product (business)

In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. In retailing, products are called merchandise. In manufacturing, products are bought as raw materials and sold as finished goods. A service is another common product type.

Commodities are usually raw materials such as metals and agricultural products, but a commodity can also be anything widely available in the open market. In project management, products are the formal definition of the project deliverables that make up or contribute to delivering the objectives of the project. In insurance, the policies are considered products offered for sale by the insurance company that created the contract. In economics and commerce, products belong to a broader category of goods. The economic meaning of product was first used by political economist Adam Smith.

A related concept is that of a sub-product, a secondary but useful result of a production process.

Dangerous products, particularly physical ones, that cause injuries to consumers or bystanders may be subject to product liability.

Product (chemistry)

Products are the species formed from chemical reactions. During a chemical reaction reactants are transformed into products after passing through a high energy transition state. This process results in the consumption of the reactants. It can be a spontaneous reaction or mediated by catalysts which lower the energy of the transition state, and by solvents which provide the chemical environment necessary for the reaction to take place. When represented in chemical equations products are by convention drawn on the right-hand side, even in the case of reversible reactions. The properties of products such as their energies help determine several characteristics of a chemical reaction such as whether the reaction is exergonic or endergonic. Additionally the properties of a product can make it easier to extract and purify following a chemical reaction, especially if the product has a different state of matter than the reactants.

Spontaneous reaction

R → P

  • Where R is reactant and P is product.

Catalysed reaction

R + C → P + C

  • Where R is reactant, P is product and C is catalyst.

Much of chemistry research is focused on the synthesis and characterization of beneficial products, as well as the detection and removal of undesirable products. Synthetic chemists can be subdivided into research chemists who design new chemicals and pioneer new methods for synthesizing chemicals, as well as process chemists who scale up chemical production and make it safer, more environmentally sustainable, and more efficient. Other fields include natural product chemists who isolate products created by living organisms and then characterize and study these products.

Usage examples of "product".

The products resulting from the waste of the tissues are constantly being poured into the blood, and, as we have seen, the blood being everywhere full of corpuscles, which, like all living things, die and decay, the products of their decomposition accumulate in every part of the circulatory system.

Springmuhl in 1873 obtained an accessory product in the artificial manufacture of alizarin out of anthracene, from which a beautiful blue was made, superior in many respect to the aniline blues.

Also, serious penalties are levied for product tampering, and even for falsely alleging that products have been tampered with.

Every physical comportment is the immanent product of a struggle or a pact among competing demonic forces: hence the violent, yet often surprisingly delicate, ambivalence with which the body expresses heterogeneous or conflicting intentions.

Movements of precious metals and ambulatory currency spiked metropolitan areas, while consumer spending showed up as gangs of small people, one per million, flashing their spending areas and products like dust motes dancing on sunlight.

Winthrop was only beginning to understand, picked up the emotional sequence as a sort of Empathy track surrounding the product and when the tape was played through the telethesia projector, the result was analogous to a posthypnotic suggestion to purchase the product.

And so, as a result of the 1925 strike, the anthracite industry went back to work without nearly the demand for the product that there had been when the strike was called 110 days before.

Whereas in the ancient world the imperial crisis was conceived as the product of a natural cyclical history, and whereas in the modern world crisis was defined by a series of aporias of time and space, now figures of crisis and practices of Empire have become indistinguishable.

To this pleasurable feeling is easily added the effort, at favorable opportunity, to reproduce the product of the apperception, to supplement and deepen it, to unite it to other ideas, and so further to extend certain chains of thought.

A DOI is a permanent identifier, analogous to a telephone number for life, so tomorrow and years from now a user can locate the product and related resources wherever they may have been moved or archived to.

In this case a North Carolina tax was assessed on the income of a New York corporation, which bought leather, manufactured it in North Carolina, and sold its products at wholesale and retail in New York.

Benzoline is not the same as benzene or benzol, which is one of the products of the dry distillation of coal.

The raw product which was obtained dry in a vacuum was dissolved in a mixture of benzol and Methanol and was brought to crystallization through an addition in portions of Petrol-ether.

Philadelphia, at Marcus Hook, on the busy Delaware river where the ships of the world are being made, the Benzol Products Company turns out large quantities of aniline oil.

Contrast its restrained tone with, say, the products of modern advertising, political speeches, authoritative theological pronouncements - or for that matter the blurb on the cover of this book.