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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Direct marketing is the fastest growing segment of retailing.
▪ the retailing industry
▪ And the way that food retailing is developing, the range and quality of those opportunities can only increase.
▪ At the hearts of these industrial towns the old marketing and retailing functions remained of paramount importance.
▪ But by far the biggest service activity in terms of turnover is retailing.
▪ By 1996, the group plans to inject £85m and double its airport retailing space.
▪ Conran's transition from manufacturing to retailing was a gradual process.
▪ It also provides an invaluable reference for professionals in architecture, design, manufacture, marketing, publicity or retailing.
▪ There are further opportunities in design-related employment in government, manufacturing and retailing.
▪ You can be sole trader, in a partnership or limited company, in the manufacturing, retailing or service industries.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Retail \Re*tail"\ (r[-e]*t[=a]l"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Retailed;p. pr. & vb. n. Retailing.] [Cf. F. retailler to cut again; pref. re- re + tailler to cut. See Retail, n., Tailor, and cf. Detail.]

  1. To sell in small quantities, as by the single yard, pound, gallon, etc.; to sell directly to the consumer; as, to retail cloth or groceries.

  2. To sell at second hand. [Obs. or R.]

  3. To distribute in small portions or at second hand; to tell again or to many (what has been told or done); to report; as, to retail slander. ``To whom I will retail my conquest won.''

    He is wit's peddler, and retails his wares At wakes and wassails.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., verbal noun from retail (v.).


vb. (present participle of retail English)


n. the activities involved in selling commodities directly to consumers

Usage examples of "retailing".

Malls are a good place to think about retailing and retail culture, an important subset of American commercial culture.

A lot of retailing takes place in strip centers and community centers, in power centers and outlet malls, but those are stories for other people and other books.

We assume that the business of retailing is sales, not personal growth or maturity.

Similarly, retailing is almost as seasonal as agriculture, with its primary peak during the Christmas season, when additional staff are needed.

So the tax-increment financing of shopping centers can sacrifice the local character of retailing for the predictably larger incomes produced by national merchants.

In any of the sixteen different locations in which he and his bride lived during the war, Walton might have come across the sort of retailing opportunity that would have compelled his return as a civilian.

Wal-Mart did not pioneer self-service, deep-discount pricing, warehouse club stores, big-box superstores, or any of the other retailing concepts that it came to dominate and epitomize.

In creating a retailing machine that spun faster and ground finer than any other in business history, Wal-Mart progressively transformed its store workers into faceless, low-cost, and frequently replaced component parts.

Under Walton, Wal-Mart developed a reputation within retailing as a great place to work even as it continued to pay lower wages than did its competitors.

The impressive growth of Wal-Mart and the handful of other mass discounters that had moved into Iowa was counterbalanced by the utter collapse of Mom and Pop retailing throughout the state.

Market is that it has prospered not because of its location but despite it, defying the first commandment of retailing and of real estate.

By the early 2000s, it was no longer possible for Regency Center to sustain its growth at an acceptable rate without doing deals with Wal-Mart, the most prolific builder in grocery retailing by far.

Scott recalled a few weeks after Katrina had devastated the western Gulf Coast, where Wal-Mart dominates retailing with twenty stores in greater New Orleans alone.

Wal-Mart, as always, is relying heavily on price to close a sale, in defiance of the general rule in retailing that the more expensive and technically complex a product, the more salesmanship required to move it off the shelves.

Now I realize the simple truth: I got into retailing because I was tired and I wanted a real job.