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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a haven of peace/tranquillity/calm
▪ In the middle of the city, this garden is a haven of tranquillity.
a peace agreement (=a permanent agreement to stop fighting)
▪ The five countries in the region signed a peace agreement.
a peace deal (=an agreement to end fighting between countries)
▪ Hopes of a peace deal are fading.
a peace plan
▪ Both sides have agreed to implement the UN peace plan.
a peace proposal (=a plan to achieve peace)
▪ The Israeli government responded positively to the US peace proposals.
a peace rally
▪ CND are organising a massive Peace Rally on the second Sunday in July.
a peace settlement (=one which ends a war)
▪ Hopes of a peace settlement receded.
a peace treaty
▪ Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel.
a peace/climate/sales etc conference
▪ an international climate conference in Sweden
an uneasy peace
▪ There was an uneasy peace in the region for nearly three years before the conflict flared up again.
bring peace/war
▪ The treaty brought peace to both England and France.
Justice of the Peace
lasting peace
▪ a solution that would bring lasting peace
leave sb in peace (=go away from someone so that they can think, work etc alone)
▪ Just a few more questions, then we’ll leave you in peace.
live in peace/poverty etc
▪ The people in this country just want to live in peace.
▪ People should not live in fear of crime.
▪ We live in hope that a cure will be found.
peace and harmony
▪ We must stop these disagreements in the interests of peace and harmony.
peace and quiet
▪ I’ve had an awful day – now I just want some peace and quiet.
peace dividend
peace offering
peace pipe
peace talks
▪ All four Arab delegations walked out of the Middle East peace talks yesterday.
peace/human rights etc monitors
▪ The UN is sending peace monitors to the area.
peace/trade etc negotiations
▪ A new round of global trade negotiations is due to start next week.
pipe of peace
protest/civil rights/peace etc march
▪ I went on a lot of peace marches when I was a student.
rest in peace (=often written on a grave)
restore peace
▪ initiatives to restore peace in the Middle East
the peace process
▪ They are frustrated with the lack of progress in the peace process.
▪ What followed was a delight - an inner peace.
▪ Like other Whole Being participants, Roujansky said she relishes the inner peace fostered by the retreat.
▪ His reactions caused him pleasure, fury, deep repose or inner peace.
▪ Those Buddhists do not give me inner peace.
▪ Its greatest enemy is inner peace.
▪ I think I lacked inner peace.
▪ I saw centuries of craving for inner peace in those little figures.
▪ When we observe the Ego instead of taking it seriously, we find inner peace.
▪ For the pacifist mainstream, however, the threatened industrial explosion fed nightmares of social collapse rather than dreams of international peace.
▪ But that review did not anticipate the additional burdens placed on our military in the past few years by international peace operations.
▪ Because of international insistence on it, Resolution 242 is undoubtedly the entry ticket to an international peace conference.
▪ Unilateral State intervention in the absence of an authoritative decision can promote international disorder and disrupt international peace and security.
▪ President Bill Clinton remained involved in Middle East peace efforts until the last days of his administration.
▪ S.-sponsored Middle East peace process appeared to be on track.
▪ Mr. Janner I am sure that the Secretary of State recognises the sensitivities of the middle east peace process.
▪ So complete was this victory that it ensured a kind of uneasy peace for nearly three years.
▪ There was a strange, uneasy peace in the city.
▪ After the devastation an uneasy peace settled over the Empire.
▪ With an uneasy peace prevailing along the border the international community launched a series of missions to defuse the crisis.
▪ But now the ship was almost ready and though the uneasy peace remained intact, soon it would be broken.
▪ Husseini was somewhat sidelined by the dramatic announcement of the secret Oslo peace accords in August 1993.
▪ S.-sponsored Dayton peace accord ended the killing in Bosnia, the Clinton administration is discovering how right he was.
▪ It is a result that will no doubt call into question the viability of the 1995 Dayton peace accords.
▪ National elections called for under the peace accord are expected to place around Sept. 1.
▪ Despite October's United Nations-brokered peace accord, landmines still maim about 300 people every month.
▪ For the first year of the Dayton peace accords, international attention centered on Bosnia.
▪ Indeed, the Prime Minister sent a message of congratulation to President Christiani when the peace agreement was reached.
▪ S.-brokered peace agreement in Bosnia as 2. 9 million people prepare to vote in national elections scheduled Saturday.
▪ A peace agreement was signed in Lusaka in 1999, but never implemented.
▪ S.-brokered peace agreement suspended the bloodshed.
▪ After seven hours of talks it was announced that they had signed a peace agreement.
▪ The issue now is to ensure that the ceasefire turns into a lasting peace agreement.
▪ Right-On movements such as the feminists and the peace campaigners evolved complicated systems to ensure this happened.
▪ The movement attracted widespread support from peace campaigners.
▪ Today to mark that anniversary a veteran peace campaigner cut through the base fence.
▪ Read in studio A peace campaigner has appeared in court charged with criminal damage.
▪ John Bugg died in January and peace campaigners have now named the path in his memory.
▪ During their trip, they also met world-famous peace campaigner Gordon Wilson, whose daughter Marie died in the Enniskillen massacre.
▪ April/May 1990: Paris peace conference reconvenes.
▪ Thus everything went smoothly when the peace conference reconvened at Michaelmas at Montlouis, between Tours and Amboise.
▪ This first session dealt mainly with co-operation between the two countries at the forthcoming Middle East peace conference.
▪ The peace conference in Madrid seems to me to subsume all past resolutions.
▪ In his view peace conferences were a waste of time; the old elm had outlived its usefulness.
▪ Because of international insistence on it, Resolution 242 is undoubtedly the entry ticket to an international peace conference.
▪ Soon Richard and Philip were in agreement and, at the Duke's insistence, a fresh peace conference was arranged.
▪ His proposals also called for an international peace conference on the Middle East.
▪ It may be here that Mr Pastrana's best hopes of ending his term with a peace deal lie.
▪ Under the peace deal, men of military age should be allowed to cross the former front line boulevard starting next week.
▪ Both are leftwing groups that control large zones of the countryside after temporary peace deals with President Pastrana.
▪ He almost single-handedly brokered a peace deal with secessionist rebels in Chechnya last fall, thereby ending an inordinately bloody war.
▪ He mumbles some nonsense about clowns being the cause of peace - perhaps the money for the convention is the peace dividend?
▪ But the base is about to become a casualty of the peace dividend.
▪ But Cheltenham has been hit by the recession, the signs are there, fuelled in part by the so-called peace dividend.
▪ The peace dividend has contributed to thousands of job cuts at defence contractors like Dowty group and Smiths industries.
▪ President Bill Clinton remained involved in Middle East peace efforts until the last days of his administration.
▪ The Middle East peace process was stalemated; negotiations were stymied.
▪ Mr. Janner I am sure that the Secretary of State recognises the sensitivities of the middle east peace process.
▪ The Clinton team did, as a flurry of recent revisionist accounts of the Camp David peace effort last summer shows.
▪ S.-led peace effort.
▪ We pray for these and other peace efforts.
▪ S.-brokered peace efforts in the Middle East and Northern Ireland.
▪ They also promised to continue to back his peace efforts.
▪ President Bill Clinton remained involved in Middle East peace efforts until the last days of his administration.
▪ Relations were already strained as a result of Likud's approach to US-sponsored Middle East peace effort.
▪ We need increased levels of humanitarian and development aid across the region, and the promotion of grassroots peace efforts.
▪ With Vance, he was to co-chair the UN-EC peace initiative.
▪ Britain and Ireland announce a new peace initiative that would separate political talks from the disarmament issue.
▪ Resolution 242 became the corner-stone of almost every peace initiative that followed.
▪ Local peace initiative activities were themselves the targets of violence attacks.
▪ As the months went by and peace initiatives came and went, the situation on the border became increasingly tense.
▪ Indeed when the hope finally collapsed, in the first six months of 1939, the peace movement collapsed with it.
▪ In their latest incarnation, these cheerful blooms have lost their association with the peace movement.
▪ Early in 1915 most of the younger activists resigned in order to devote their energies to developing a women's peace movement.
▪ If Peres and Labor are defeated, the Likud Party has vowed to put the brakes on the peace movement.
▪ This in turn raises a series of further issues about rights of crucial importance to the peace movement.
▪ The idea that the peace movement was responsible for the National Government's policy of appeasement will not withstand examination.
▪ The peace movement and the criminal law None of these protests proved of any avail.
▪ Campbell's argument would imply a strategy for the peace movement that is heavily law-based, or at least centred on legal institutions.
▪ Rowland had assisted in peace negotiations from 1984.
▪ Although further peace negotiations were scheduled for the latter half of 1991, the situation remained unresolved.
▪ The move was conceivably intended to thwart peace negotiations conducted by the archbishop of Canterbury.
▪ It was announced on Feb. 25 that a ceasefire had been agreed in principle as a prelude to full peace negotiations.
▪ Intensified diplomatic activity from mid-June around the possibility of peace negotiations had not inspired much optimistic comment.
▪ While the government-in-exile headed by Sawyer proposed to send representatives to Monrovia to discuss its peace plan, the military conflict continued.
▪ Sierra Leone is a matter of a bad peace plan and bad military organisation on the ground.
▪ This superbly staged meeting between the two heads of state did little to further the peace process in the Middle East.
▪ Some introduced measures in Congress to prevent Washington from helping move the peace process forward.
▪ This is the essence of a reasonable peace process.
▪ Mr Trimble is a vital part ofthe peace process.
▪ However, two important developments occurred to derail the peace process.
▪ I agree with him about the irreversibility of the peace process.
▪ We strongly support the peace process in the Middle East.
▪ This international acceptance was emphatically less the result of the peace process than of the Uprising.
▪ He found it hard enough to persuade senior officers to go along with the peace settlement.
▪ The tentative discussions in Washington towards a peace settlement are now irrelevant.
▪ It was an essential part of the peace settlement package but has a wider significance than just between the parties.
▪ The Soviet leadership appeared concerned that it should ensure for itself a role in any future Middle East peace settlement.
▪ Abetted by her husband, she refused to countenance the renunciations which Henry was to make in the peace treaty.
▪ In the spring of 1950 decisions were reached in Washington that at last pointed the way forward towards a peace treaty.
▪ It is the first of several accords that are expected to culminate in a peace treaty to formally end the Chiapas conflict.
▪ Independent means gave her the opportunity to devote her life to social causes and world peace.
▪ But Roosevelt believed that world peace required small countries to cease their trouble-making.
▪ After one hundred days of world peace, all surviving were to put it mildly, a little bothered and regretful.
▪ Those from the late 1970s look like advertisements for world peace.
▪ At home, Mami and my sisters and I said a rosary for world peace.
▪ All these developments, reinforced by a stretch of world peace, brought about a great surge in travel.
▪ The lofty but toothless declarations on behalf of world peace and brotherhood of man were gone.
▪ That brings peace to our inner conscience.
▪ What kind of love was theirs, that it brought strife instead of peace?
▪ That brings peace to us in the midst of our outward circumstances.
▪ But it will take more than words to bring peace back to the Middle East.
▪ It's hard to see how any of these options brings peace closer.
▪ Beauty leads us on, Harvey, and for some of us presumably it brings satisfaction; peace.
▪ There seems to be only one feasible solution that could bring lasting peace.
▪ Hiring a private nurse or nurse's aide brings peace of mind to patients and their families, say its proponents.
▪ Kenneth Jackson's crooning struck a wrong note with police who arrested him for allegedly disturbing the peace.
▪ Unfortunately, thoughts of the future Mrs Blue occasionally disturb his growing peace of mind.
▪ Riders heard disturbing the peace will have their registrations noted, and these will then be passed on to the police.
▪ When she none the less returned to school, the board president had her arrested for disturbing the peace.
▪ It disturbed his peace of mind.
▪ I was also frightened that she wrote to accuse me of disturbing her peace.
▪ She promised herself never again to disturb the peace of this man's life.
▪ So I have to ask you to leave me to find my peace again.
▪ As one biographer reports, it almost killed him, but he found no peace until he had finished every last one.
▪ That was all I needed ... just when I had found a little peace at last.
▪ AsIread during the next few weeks, I began to find the most amazing peace.
▪ Going out into the night George Grindal also hoped to find peace.
▪ You must, in short, become a born-again consumer, redeem yourself, and find peace.
▪ May we find an inner peace and happiness which is beyond the price of money.
▪ He was finding scant peace in his own home these days.
▪ Blue-helmet blues United Nations forces sometimes have to fight to keep the peace.
▪ To show the world that the United States does not want reunification, it is necessary to keep making new peace proposals.
▪ He protested to Theo at one point that he was trying hard to keep the peace - but how hard?
▪ Some conditions, nevertheless, did contribute toward keeping the peace.
▪ Even so, she wanted to keep the peace so she said nothing when she got indoors.
▪ Carrillo managed to keep the peace and promote cooperation among rival drug bosses.
▪ But Kate knew when enough was enough so she kept her peace.
▪ Callaghan not unreasonably claimed in his memoirs that the Tories won the Falklands War but that Labour had kept the peace.
▪ Unless these conditions are met, there is no hope of lasting peace in the Middle East.
▪ None of the dreams of lasting peace in Northern Ireland have yet come true.
▪ A lasting peace requires the slate to be wiped clean.
▪ The issue now is to ensure that the ceasefire turns into a lasting peace agreement.
▪ Is Corsica ready to seize the chance of lasting peace?
▪ The lawyer for the three men cleared says they should now be left in peace.
▪ But the fat lady left me in peace.
▪ And now at least he'd be left in peace to get on with some real work.
▪ Please, Franklin concluded, do not publish that paragraph; he wanted to leave this world at peace with the sects.
▪ They fail to observe the right of the dead to be left in peace.
▪ Did he sense she may be willing to back off and leave him in peace?
▪ So he's staying in sunny California, where punters leave him in peace.
▪ We thought that if women wanted to know about separatism they could read this, and then leave us in peace.
▪ We remember the past as something bitter, but we are going to create conditions for two communities to live in peace.
▪ Voltaire was wrong, of course, about the degree to which the multitude would live in happiness and peace.
▪ Or, more to the point, how they could live in peace and make money.
▪ You have to live in war and peace the same way.
▪ The other principle is the right of every state in the area to live in peace within secure and recognised borders.
▪ Now Aladdin and his wife lived in peace, and when the old sultan died, Aladdin ruled.
▪ It would be impossible for the affluent to live in peace if conflict after conflict exploded in the third world.
▪ He has certain guarantees to live in peace in Cuernavaca.
▪ Before Nina dies she and Gael again make peace, she repents her sins, and Gael vows to rewrite his novel.
▪ You see, gentlemen, my position is simply to invite the two nations to come together to make peace.
▪ Was it really too late to go back - to make her peace with Mach?
▪ The national-greatness conservatives, as represented by Kristol and Brooks, make their peace with big government.
▪ It was probably not long after this that they made their peace with the Yorkists and entered Gloucester's service.
▪ In making peace, we are one people.
▪ We're willing to make peace if we can all agree.
▪ However, with his defeat at Puebla, the moderates secured a majority in Congress and determined to make peace.
▪ From now on Mr Trimble can negotiate peace only under two, severe constraints.
▪ The outcome might then have been a negotiated peace or, at best, a military stalemate, he contends.
▪ The discredited army came under popular pressure to step aside and allow an elected civilian to negotiate a peace process.
▪ Kornblum helped negotiate the peace agreement signed in Dayton, Ohio, last November, which included a 16-page constitution.
▪ But resting in peace is not always easy.
▪ They need to find the killers of Peter and Gwenda so they can rest in peace.
▪ For Tony, that he may rest in peace, and for his family for their strengthening and peace.
▪ Ashamed of your old man, want the whole gruesome mess to rest in peace?
▪ So much for the residents being allowed to rest in peace.
▪ But the pensioners won't let him rest in peace.
▪ This he would find touching beyond anything: Sien brought to rest, at peace in a thrilling silence.
▪ He was buried in Auchinleck kirkyard but, even in death, he was not allowed to rest in peace.
▪ Sometimes you're treated like some one who might be able to restore peace there, sometimes like a mere diamond trafficker.
▪ Let us strike the blow which is to restore peace and union to this distracted land.
▪ Even the acquittal pronounced by Athena had not restored to him his peace of mind.
▪ The fact that the government was willing to sign a new peace agreement was its concession.
▪ Insurgents'; but in 1782 the latter signed a secret peace with Britain, abandoning their allies.
▪ On May 21 Haqqani announced that Masud and Hekmatyar had agreed upon, but not signed, a five-point peace pact.
▪ After seven hours of talks it was announced that they had signed a peace agreement.
▪ But Richard was in no mood to sue for peace.
▪ She was compelled to sue for peace and under the terms of the Treaty of Paris was disarmed on the Black Sea.
▪ They are prepared to sue for peace.
▪ Baldwin's task, if he wanted peace, was to prevent this sector from flaring into conflict.
▪ Like many in my generation, I wanted to believe that peace could come from perfect breathing.
▪ If you want to starve in peace.
▪ What she wanted was perfect peace.
▪ Even so, she wanted to keep the peace so she said nothing when she got indoors.
▪ But even if it's just darkness I want that peace.
▪ Why did he want to hold his peace?
▪ All they wanted was the peace of defeat.
a road map to peace
breach of the peace
▪ It must also be remembered that the fundamental duty imposed on the police is to prevent a breach of the peace.
▪ Novinpoor admitted conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace and was bound over.
▪ Sometimes, the prospect of a breach of the peace may form the basis of pre-planned preventive action.
▪ To begin with, there was no evidence from either of the policemen concerned that he feared a breach of the peace.
▪ What factors may the policeman take into account in deciding whether or not a breach of the peace is likely?
disturb the peace
▪ Foreigners are seen to contaminate their precious homogeneity and disturb the peace.
▪ Here a total sense of calm prevails and only church bells disturb the peace.
▪ In 1668 he found himself in gaol once again, this time on a charge of disturbing the peace.
▪ Kenneth Jackson's crooning struck a wrong note with police who arrested him for allegedly disturbing the peace.
▪ Riders heard disturbing the peace will have their registrations noted, and these will then be passed on to the police.
▪ She promised herself never again to disturb the peace of this man's life.
▪ The accused batterer was fined $ 150 for disturbing the peace.
▪ When she none the less returned to school, the board president had her arrested for disturbing the peace.
shatter the silence/peace
sue for peace
▪ They had hoped to force the North to sue for peace.
▪ But Richard was in no mood to sue for peace.
▪ She was compelled to sue for peace and under the terms of the Treaty of Paris was disarmed on the Black Sea.
▪ They are prepared to sue for peace.
▪ All her life she'd been an active member of the peace movement.
▪ Can't we just have peace in the family?
▪ In 1648 the Peace of Westphalia ended the 30 Years War.
▪ It was a dangerous situation that threatened world peace.
▪ More than 250,000 people died before a peace agreement was reached.
▪ Now go away and let me get on with my work in peace.
▪ Residents say that the new development would shatter the peace of their area.
▪ Some of these children have never known a time of peace.
▪ the Middle East peace process
▪ the search for inner peace
▪ The United States urged Moscow and the rebels to resume peace talks.
▪ There has been peace in the region for six years now.
▪ They've gone to the countryside for some peace and quiet.
▪ Top footballer Bobby Mimms loves coming back to the peace of his home village in North Yorkshire.
▪ For the first time in days Hilary felt at peace, the hurt and pain pushed aside for a while.
▪ Once again, by failing to opt clearly enough for peace, he seems to have opted for war.
▪ The drawings with their restrained colours give a feeling of peace and contemplation.
▪ They have no bearing on postwar peace and stability in the area or stopping some other middle-sized gangster swallowing a weaker neighbour.
▪ What anthropologists stressed was that the State brought safety for the individual, peace, and the rule of law.
▪ Why does peace come into Paul's concern for others?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Peace \Peace\, v. t. & i. To make or become quiet; to be silent; to stop. [R.] ``Peace your tattlings.''

When the thunder would not peace at my bidding.


Peace \Peace\, n. [OE. pees, pais, OF. pais, paiz, pes, F. paix, L. pax, pacis, akin to pacere, paciscere, pacisci, to make an agreement, and prob. also pangere to fasten. Cf. Appease, Fair, a., Fay, v., Fang, Pacify, Pact, Pay to requite.] A state of quiet or tranquillity; freedom from disturbance or agitation; calm; repose; specifically:

  1. Exemption from, or cessation of, war with public enemies.

  2. Public quiet, order, and contentment in obedience to law.

  3. Exemption from, or subjection of, agitating passions; tranquillity of mind or conscience.

  4. Reconciliation; agreement after variance; harmony; concord. ``The eternal love and pees.'' --Chaucer. Note: Peace is sometimes used as an exclamation in commanding silence, quiet, or order. ``Peace! foolish woman.'' --Shak. At peace, in a state of peace. Breach of the peace. See under Breach. Justice of the peace. See under Justice. Peace of God. (Law)

    1. A term used in wills, indictments, etc., as denoting a state of peace and good conduct.

    2. (Theol.) The peace of heart which is the gift of God. Peace offering.

      1. (Jewish Antiq.) A voluntary offering to God in token of devout homage and of a sense of friendly communion with Him.

      2. A gift or service offered as satisfaction to an offended person.

        Peace officer, a civil officer whose duty it is to preserve the public peace, to prevent riots, etc., as a sheriff or constable.

        To hold one's peace, to be silent; to refrain from speaking.

        To make one's peace with, to reconcile one with, to plead one's cause with, or to become reconciled with, another. ``I will make your peace with him.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-12c., "freedom from civil disorder," from Anglo-French pes, Old French pais "peace, reconciliation, silence, permission" (11c., Modern French paix), from Latin pacem (nominative pax) "compact, agreement, treaty of peace, tranquility, absence of war" (source of Provençal patz, Spanish paz, Italian pace), from PIE *pag-/*pak- "fasten," related to pacisci "to covenant or agree" (see pact).\n

\nReplaced Old English frið, also sibb, which also meant "happiness." Modern spelling is 1500s, reflecting vowel shift. Sense in peace of mind is from c.1200. Used in various greetings from c.1300, from Biblical Latin pax, Greek eirene, which were used by translators to render Hebrew shalom, properly "safety, welfare, prosperity."\n

\nSense of "quiet" is attested by 1300; meaning "absence or cessation of war or hostility" is attested from c.1300. As a type of hybrid tea rose (developed 1939 in France by François Meilland), so called from 1944. Native American peace pipe is first recorded 1760. Peace-officer attested from 1714. Peace offering is from 1530s. Phrase peace with honor first recorded 1607 (in "Coriolanus"). The U.S. Peace Corps was set up March 1, 1962. Peace sign, both the hand gesture and the graphic, attested from 1968.


interj. 1 (context archaic English) shut up, silence; be quiet, be silent. 2 (context slang English) Shortened form of peace out; goodbye. n. 1 A state of tranquility, quiet, and harmony; absence of violence. For instance, a state free from civil disturbance. 2 A state free of oppressive and unpleasant thoughts and emotions. 3 harmony in personal relations. 4 A state free of war, in particular war between different countries. vb. (context neologism English) To make peace; to put at peace; to be at peace.

  1. n. the state prevailing during the absence of war [ant: war]

  2. harmonious relations; freedom from disputes; "the roommates lived in peace together"

  3. the absence of mental stress or anxiety [syn: peacefulness, peace of mind, repose, serenity, heartsease, ataraxis]

  4. the general security of public places; "he was arrested for disturbing the peace" [syn: public security]

  5. a treaty to cease hostilities; "peace came on November 11th" [syn: peace treaty, pacification]


Peace occurs between heterogeneous social groups and is characterized by a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace often involves compromise, and therefore is initiated with thoughtful listening and communication to enhance and create mutual understanding.

Peace can be defined in a positive direction and in a negative sense. Positively, peace is a state of tranquility and stillness; however, in a negative sense, peace is the absence of war or violence.

Peace (Eurythmics album)

Peace is the ninth and final studio album by the British band Eurythmics, released in October 1999. It was the band's first album of new material in ten years, following 1989's We Too Are One.

Peace (disambiguation)

Peace is a state of tranquility or harmony.

Peace may also refer to:

  • World peace
  • Peace treaty
Peace (Anything Box album)

Peace is the debut album by Anything Box, released in 1990 on Epic. The album played a significant role in the resurrection of American synthpop/ electronic in the late 1980s and early 1990s. With catchy synth-driven hooks and sing-along vocals, the album contains many of the band's most popular songs to date. The album spawned three singles, most notably "Living In Oblivion", which is Anything Box's highest charting song to date. The album, often considered an essential "classic" in the synthpop community still remains in print.

Peace (The Cult album)

Peace was the once unreleased third album by The Cult. Upon completion of the album the band was unhappy with the sound, and began recording what would become their next release, Electric, which featured new versions of several Peace songs. Although a few of the original versions were released on singles and EP's, the full Peace album was not released in its entirety until 2000, when it was included as Disc 3 of the Rare Cult boxed set.

In 2013, The Peace album was released as a two disc set alongside the originally released Electric album, under the title Electric Peace.

Peace (play)

Peace ( Eirēnē) is an Athenian Old Comedy written and produced by the Greek playwright Aristophanes. It won second prize at the City Dionysia where it was staged just a few days before the Peace of Nicias was validified (421 BC), which promised to end the ten-year-old Peloponnesian War. The play is notable for its joyous anticipation of peace and for its celebration of a return to an idyllic life in the countryside. However, it also sounds a note of caution, there is bitterness in the memory of lost opportunities and the ending is not happy for everyone. As in all Aristophanes' plays, the jokes are numerous, the action is wildly absurd and the satire is savage— Cleon, the pro-war populist leader of Athens, is once again a target for the author's wit even though he had died in battle just a few months earlier.

Peace (Sabrina Johnston song)

"Peace" is a 1991 single released by Sabrina Johnston, reaching number eight in the UK Singles Chart.

Peace (surname)

Peace, as a surname, and may refer to:

  • Anita Chanda Peace (contemporary), Indian-British artist
  • Charles Peace (1832–1879), English burglar and murderer
  • David Peace (born 1967), British author
  • Heather Peace (born 1975), English actress
  • Jeremy Peace (born 1956), English football club director
  • Joe Raymond Peace (born 1945), American football player and coach
  • Larry Peace (1917-2009), American football player
  • Roger C. Peace (1899–1968), American politician from South Carolina; U. S. senator 1941
  • Stephen Peace (born 1953), American politician from California; member of the State Assembly 1993–2002
  • Warren Peace (contemporary), English vocalist, composer, and dancer
Peace (rapper)

Mtulazaji Davis, better known by his stage namePeace (usually styled P.E.A.C.E.) is a rapper from Los Angeles, California. He is a member of Freestyle Fellowship along with Aceyalone, Myka 9 and Self Jupiter. He has released two solo albums.

Peace (Depeche Mode song)

"Peace" is Depeche Mode's second single from their studio album, Sounds of the Universe, and their 47th UK single overall. It was released on 15 June 2009. Martin Gore told The Sun newspaper that he thought "Peace" is one of his favourite songs that he has ever written. He explained that both "Peace" and "Little Soul", "give the album a kind of thread. Both of those songs have a real spiritual feel, though we have to be really careful using that word."

The song charted at #57 in the UK charts, equal to their first ever single, " Dreaming of Me" in 1981. This is the band's second lowest UK singles chart position after " Little 15", originally intended to be a France-only release which reached #60 upon limited UK release in 1988. In Germany, "Peace" reached #25.

The single version of the song has a completely different introduction.

The music video for "Peace" was filmed in Romania by French duo Jonas & François, it features Romanian actress Maria Dinulescu and marks the first Depeche Mode video to not include any of the band members (because of Dave Gahan's illness), save for a promotional poster near the end.

The single was not released in the USA, where instead "Perfect" was released for promotional purposes only (i.e. non-commercial).

A Dash Berlin remix of "Peace" and a Talla 2XLC remix are also available but do not appear on any of the official releases below.

It was the first single by Depeche Mode not to be issued on 12" vinyl since " Dreaming of Me" in 1981. Fans had reacted angrily to this decision and an on-line petition had been launched to try to convince Mute Records to release it. The petition could be signed at

This song was performed on the 1st leg of the band's Tour of the Universe between "Come Back" and " In Your Room", but after the 1st leg was dropped and did not return for the rest of the tour.

Peace (cigarette)

Peace cigarettes are produced exclusively in Japan by Japan Tobacco. Peace's Package logo was designed by Raymond Loewy in 1952.

Peace (Libera album)

Peace is a studio album by London-based boy choir Libera, which was released in March 2010 by record label EMI Classics.

Peace (York album)

Peace is the second studio album by German electronica act York. The album is a mixture of trance, pop and Chill-Out. Even though York is commonly known for their trance and House tracks, this time the two brothers have changed their path. With Peace they are focusing more on downtempo productions, in order to describe and catch the atmosphere of their home island Ibiza. CD two features completely new remixes by renowned producers that represent the state of the art in the field of dance music; remixes by producers such as Roger Shah, Aly & Fila and Airwave.

Peace (Bill Dixon and Archie Shepp album)
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Peace (Jim Brickman album)

Peace is the name of an album by Jim Brickman released on September 23, 2003. It is a Christmas album and received a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Pop Instrumental Album.

Peace (Walt Dickerson album)

Peace is an album recorded by composer and vibraphonist Walt Dickerson in 1975 for the SteepleChase label.

Peace (Horace Silver song)

"Peace" is a composition by Horace Silver. The original version, by Silver's quintet, was recorded on August 29, 1959. It has become a jazz standard. Silver also wrote lyrics for the tune.

Peace (novel)

Peace is an early novel by Gene Wolfe that on its surface is the story of a man growing up in a small Midwestern town in the early to mid-20th century. The narrator, Alden Dennis Weer, goes over memories from different parts of his life—his childhood, early adulthood, middle age, old age. Unlike many of Wolfe's most well-known works, it is a stand-alone novel rather than part of a series, and at least ostensibly takes place in a realistic, present-day world instead of a fantastic setting.

As in many of Wolfe's novels, much of the novel is taken up with stories within stories—particularly stories told to Weer as a child. Many of the key events of the novel are not explicitly narrated, but can be inferred or guessed at based on information in the stories.

Different critics interpret differently what is actually happening in the novel. One interpretation is that Weer is dead, and the scattered memories are those of a ghost; in 2014, Wolfe confirmed that this was his intention. Another interpretation is that the memories of his old age are the fantasies of a middle-aged Weer, who is experiencing a nervous breakdown. The novel includes subtle clues to guide the reader's understanding of the story, although the mysteries behind these clues have been hotly debated.

Wolfe has described Peace as his favorite work, as it is the one where he came closest to achieving his original goals. Neil Gaiman, who has frequently praised the novel, said: "Peace really was a gentle Midwestern memoir the first time I read it. It only became a horror novel on the second or the third reading."

Peace (band)

Peace are an English indie rock quartet, formed in Worcester. The band consists of brothers Harry (vocals, guitar) and Sam Koisser (bass), Doug Castle (guitar) and Dom Boyce (drums). The band began to receive critical acclaim in early 2012 from publications such as The Guardian and NME, who compared them to The Maccabees, Foals, Wu Lyf and Vampire Weekend. They were considered part of the B-Town movement, along with other bands such as Swim Deep, Jaws and Superfood.

Their first single, "Follow Baby", was self released in April 2012 in the form of 500 7" vinyl copies. The band then signed to Columbia Records & released their debut extended play, EP Delicious, on 7 September 2012. With their debut studio album, In Love, released on 25 March 2013, the band released their lead single " Wraith" on 13 January 2013. It was announced by the BBC on 9 December 2012 that Peace had been nominated for the Sound of 2013 poll.

Peace (Vista Chino album)

Peace is the debut album of stoner rock band Vista Chino. Featuring three former members of Kyuss, Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri and John Garcia, along with new guitarist, Bruno Fevery, who was born in Belgium and spent his youth in a Kyuss cover band. Originally known as Kyuss Lives!, but a lawsuit by former member Josh Homme forced the band to change its name before releasing this album.

Guest appearances include Mike Dean of Corrosion of Conformity and bassist Chris Cockrell who appear on one track each.

Napalm Records released the record on 2xLP in colored versions of red, green, blue, orange, gold, bone, and black. Along with a limited edition digipak version of the CD featuring 2 bonus tracks.

The album peaked at #14 on the Billboard Heatseekers Album chart.

Usage examples of "peace".

I will never give peace to the emperor of Rome, till he had abjured his crucified God, and embraced the worship of the sun.

Light glowed in his eyes, a look of peace that Abrim had never seen there.

However, she blushed so terribly that I thought I must be distressing her, and I left her in peace, hoping to become better acquainted with her.

To be sure, if we will all stop, and allow Judge Douglas and his friends to march on in their present career until they plant the institution all over the nation, here and wherever else our flag waves, and we acquiesce in it, there will be peace.

We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity which pronounces our separation, and hold them as we hold the rest of mankind, enemies in war, in peace, friends.

The house having addressed the king for a particular and distinct account of the distribution of two hundred and fifty thousand pounds, charged to have been issued for securing the trade and navigation of the kingdom, and preserving and restoring the peace of Europe, he declined granting their request, but signified in general that part of the money had been issued and disbursed by his late majesty, and the remainder by himself, for carrying on the same necessary services, which required the greatest secrecy.

Adrumetum in ashes, he calmly admonished the emperor that the peace of Africa might be secured by the recall of Solomon and his unworthy nephews.

Finally, after having remarked that times of tranquillity were the proper seasons for lessening the national debt, and strengthening the kingdom against future events, he recommended to the commons the improvement of the public revenue, the maintenance of a considerable naval force, the advancement of commerce, and the cultivation of the arts of peace.

Disturbance at home immediately succeeds to peace abroad: the commons were goaded by the tribunes with the excitement of the agrarian law.

Or perhaps it was just the ambience of the ancient place they had come to reinhabit, their return to this old place of earth and blood, as if the age of the Roman peace had been nothing but a glittering dream.

Libby Ames, do you really love that buffoon of a doctor, he thought as he lay in restful peace in the silent room.

During my stay in Turin, no amorous fancy disturbed the peace of my soul, except an accident which happened to me with the daughter of my washerwoman, and which increased my knowledge in physics in a singular manner.

Should Italy feel unable to endure the continued attacks which will be made upon her from the air, and presently, I trust, by amphibious operations, the Italian people will have to choose between, on the one hand, setting up a Government under someone like Grandi to sue for a separate peace, or, on the other, submitting to a German occupation, which would merely aggravate the severity of the war.

How sad it is you will realize when I tell you that daily I thank God on my knees - for I still believe in God, despite what was alleged against me by the inquisitors of Aragon - that she who inspired this love of which I am to tell you is now in the peace of death.

We decided that now was a good time to send Kahei and Gemba to Arai to try to make peace of some kind for however short a period.