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NLN may refer to:

  • National Lampoon Inc (stock symbol NLN)
  • National League for Nursing
  • National League of the North
  • National Learning Network, a large UK repository of online learning materials
  • Neurolysin, a human protein found in the mitochondria
  • New London Northern Railroad
NLN (gene)

Neurolysin, mitochondrial is a protein that in humans is encoded by the NLN gene. It is a 78-kDa enzyme, widely distributed in mammalian tissues and found in various subcellular locations that vary with cell type. Neurolysin exemplifies the ability of neuropeptidases to target various cleavage site sequences by hydrolyzing them in vitro, and metabolism of neurotensin is the most important role of neurolysin in vivo. Neurolysin has also been implicated in pain control, blood pressure regulation, sepsis, reproduction, cancer biology pathogenesis of stroke, and glucose metabolism.