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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mammalian \Mam*ma"li*an\, a. Of or pertaining to the Mammalia or mammals.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1813, from mammal + -ian. As a noun, from 1835.


a. Of, or pertaining to, mammals. n. Any mammal.


adj. of or relating to the class Mammalia

Mammalian (film)

Mammalian is a 2010 documentary film that follows Frank Wolf and Taku Hokoyama as they take on a 2,000 km canoe journey through the largest wilderness area in North America. Their route travels from Yellowknife, YT to Rankin Inlet, NT through a region with one of the highest concentrations of land mammals on earth. The pair encounter Arctic wolves, the caribou migration, musk ox and- most importantly- make the first ever recording of a rare and elusive creature not previously thought to exist in northern Canada. With a sense of humour and purpose, they track down politicians, First Nation chiefs, elders and others living in the few communities that frame the wilderness in order to present a clear picture of the area and the issues that face the land and its people. The film was the winner of the 'Best Environment Film' at the 2011 Kendal Mountain Festival and was one of the Top Ten Most Popular Canadian Films of the 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival. It airs on CBC's documentary (TV channel) in Canada multiple times through 2013.

Usage examples of "mammalian".

This not only contradicts the modern theory of human evolution, but it also casts grave doubt on our whole picture of the evolution of mammalian life in the Cenozoic era.

From such cases, it seems apparent that so complex a mammalian activity as sex is controlled simultaneously by all three components of the triune brain-the R-complex, the limbic system and the neocortex.

During adolescence the visible differences between the mammalian sexes increase under the influence of a mix of hormones from the gonads, adrenal glands, and pituitary gland.

Dinosaurs developed from thecodont reptiles, and some therapsid reptiles became rather mammalian.

Wu more or less admitted that the Chi is similar to terrestrial bacteria, it is odd that a mammalian paramyxovirus rather than a bacteriophage was chosen, but Mariella dismisses it as a minor mystery, is more concerned with proving her hypothesis that, after infection, the Chi altered the virus.

And what have they discovered, beyond the elementary fact that clams have a fully developed philoprogenitive tendency, to put it that way, or, to come right out with it, a grasp of fundamentals surpassed only by some of the mammalian bipeds, such as business men, politicians and any one else with the time and money?

He had decided that the Shaaran was a bossy female, and he did not like bossy females, mammalian, arthropodal or whatever.

That is, although the chick brain, like the mammalian brain, is bilaterally symmetrical, being composed of two apparently identical hemispheres, the effects of training are asymmetric - when it comes to learning, chicks are left-hemisphere creatures.

Successful activated transfer of mammalian genes, Virunga Biocontrol Institute.

Lubin gave thanks for cells forcibly overcrowded with mitochondria, for trimeric antibodies, for macrophage and lymphokine and fibroblast production cranked up to twice the mammalian norm.

The part that is involved is in the oldest part of the forebrain, a part that humans as well as other primates share with out mammalian and reptilian ancestors.

Michel Jouvet, a French neurologist at the University of Lyons, has found that dream sleep is triggered in the pons, which, while it resides in the hindbrain, is a late and essentially mammalian evolutionary development.

Those cadavers which have been dissected have not been especially informative, though I am told preliminary examinations suggest that their neuromuscular systemology is unusually dense for a mammalian life-form.

Grimes stared at the three-dimensional depiction of a young lady with two pairs of overdeveloped breasts, indubitably mammalian and probably from mutated human stock, turned from it to the picture of a girl with less spectacular upperworks but with brightly gleaming jewelry entwined in her luxuriant pubic hair.

During adolescence the visible differences between the mammalian sexes increase under the influence of a mix of hormones from the gonads, adrenal glands, and pituitary gland.