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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
explicit instructions
▪ The kidnappers gave us explicit instructions not to involve the police.
Follow the instructions very carefully when filling in the form.
give orders/instructions
▪ She certainly likes giving orders.
▪ They were given strict instructions not to tell anyone.
instruction/training/reference etc manual
▪ Consult the computer manual if you have a problem.
obey an order/command/instruction
▪ The first duty of a soldier is to obey orders.
step-by-step guide/approach/instructions etc
▪ a step-by-step guide to making it in the music business
strict orders/instructions
▪ He’s left strict instructions not to be disturbed.
verbal agreement/instructions etc
▪ A computer needs one cycle to process a basic instruction.
▪ The companies are likely to provide basic instruction on how to use the computer.
▪ Netscape's is adequate for basic instructions.
▪ These are mostly fairly straight forward with clear and concise instructions for jellies, jams, dumplings and suchlike.
▪ Her favorite goddess had vanished, leaving clear instructions, however.
▪ It gives clear detailed instructions, answers queries and suggests ways to improve your technique.
▪ Notice that a clear accumulator instruction can be seen as such an instruction with an implied operand value of zero.
▪ It is therefore vital to take clear and full instructions before beginning to draft.
▪ All tapes carry clear instructions about a strict embargo until broadcast on Christmas Day.
▪ I don't mean art should be as clear as the instructions on a packet of seeds.
▪ It gives clear detailed instructions, answers queries and suggests ways to improve your technique.
▪ To convert the principle into practice he needed detailed instructions from the centre.
▪ More detailed instructions will be found taped on the walls over the appliances concerned.
▪ There is much to see, and hopefully the detailed instructions and maps will prevent you from getting lost.
▪ Colette had written three pages of detailed instructions about every room and gadget.
▪ It was in character that he referred to detailed oral instructions about all this.
▪ The detailed instructions which were obtained were followed, and the famous garden flourished in the sand dunes as a direct result.
▪ Both products come with detailed instructions for use.
▪ Special manuals provide explicit and elaborate instructions as to the creating of different icons and the use of different kinds of material.
▪ Her explicit instructions were not to get involved, nor ever to reveal her real purpose there.
▪ Such an approach occasionally misrepresents the composer's explicit instructions.
▪ The half-day courses include two hours practical experience of firing and driving with full instruction on safety and how the engine works.
▪ Each packet includes a leaflet giving full instructions for successful cultivation.
▪ Walks in South Somerset gives full instructions and a detailed map for ten walks ranging from 2-1/2 to seven miles long.
▪ Installation is claimed to be a simple d-i-y job, and full instructions are supplied.
▪ It is attractively packed with full instructions and makes an ideal present for any gardener.
▪ The plants will be despatched at the end of September, with full cultural instructions.
▪ Included in the package is the alloy frame, a fine-toothed blade, allen key and full instructions.
▪ Young plants in each of the three colours will arrive in late March, with full planting instructions.
▪ Once fired, they do not require further instructions from the launch platform.
▪ What I felt as she stood there, waiting for further instructions from Sister Mary, was a moment of envy.
▪ When a further instruction stated that vessels used in services were not exempt, the Patriarch Tikhon told the faithful to resist.
▪ The women needed no further instruction.
▪ A senior staff member should contact the resident's doctor who will give further instructions.
▪ They too had been promised further instruction on the ground, but there was no one to provide it.
▪ Once the initial skills have been mastered, progression relies upon plenty of practice interspersed with further instruction and coaching.
▪ When she arrived in Hollywood, she had taken further instruction from Earl Daugherty, who taught her stunting.
▪ In return, local authorities were empowered to appoint the teachers in such schools for all subjects other than religious instruction.
▪ She started giving children religious instruction and grew to love teaching.
▪ Gradualism had failed to secure the collaboration of masters or their agents in educating or providing religious instruction for the slaves.
▪ More prayers, more training, sometimes with live firing, followed by more religious instruction.
▪ Before the 1988 Act, the governing bodies had control only over religious instruction.
▪ Can students receive religious instruction during school hours?
▪ It laid down guidelines for religious instruction.
▪ There the religious instruction started by his father, who for all the lean years had been his schoolteacher, continued.
▪ Installation is made easy by using the fixing kit and simple instruction booklet that is supplied with the hood.
▪ And only the simplest of computer instructions were allowed.
▪ Donors will be responsible for assembly, for which simple instructions will be provided.
▪ She was an automaton, carrying out the simple instructions of her neural program: If whit fly occupied, withhold sperm.
▪ You can keep your carpet in good condition and looking beautiful by following the simple instructions suggested in this leaflet.
▪ In the simplest case an instruction tests for all, some or none of the bits being set to one.
▪ Following the simple instructions in this leaflet should solve the problem.
▪ Computing Techniques Today we build an electronic digital computer and program it with a set of simple logical instructions.
▪ This led to an unfortunate incident at Leamington Station in 1874. Special instructions were issued to keep the station completely private.
▪ This child would normally be given special reading instruction.
▪ This card has no special instructions under the picture but does have a slight variation in the symbols.
▪ A better method is to provide a special supervisor call instruction which causes a distinguishable interrupt into the supervisor to be generated.
▪ An instinct involves not only the impulse to do something, but also specific instructions on how to do it.
▪ The patient is not given any specific instruction.
▪ I also remember a specific instruction: come alone.
▪ The book gives fairly specific instructions to make choices in order to simply.
▪ These examples show clearly that the human genetic code does not contain specific instructions to behave in a particular way.
▪ Get detailed and specific instructions on planting.
▪ It may be run at other time during the working day on specific instruction.
▪ Further, it is not the standard for pharmacists to provide a specific patient instruction sheet when dispensing sildenafil.
▪ In the light of this distrust in the effectiveness of verbal instruction, what was Rousseau's opinion of reading?
▪ Students are therefore required to comply with all verbal or written instructions on safety given to them by staff.
▪ He gave no verbal instruction but occasionally would gesture with his hand, like a conductor.
▪ The learner acts appropriately on receiving verbal instructions or requests.
▪ She unpacked a self-locating mine, punched in her identifier and gave it a simple verbal instruction.
▪ They are non-verbal tests, though there are verbal instructions which had to be translated into sign for deaf participants.
▪ Photographs of children carrying out each step provide visual reinforcement of the verbal instructions.
▪ The adjutant directed him to the hospital next door, giving him written instructions on how to find the ward.
▪ Inefficiency obviously arises because of the necessity to reduce everything to written instructions.
▪ Problems may arise with obtaining written instructions for the lace carriage and motif cams.
▪ Students are therefore required to comply with all verbal or written instructions on safety given to them by staff.
▪ A diagram is easier to follow than written instructions.
▪ On 26 October 1856 Alexander gave written instructions to Nazimov to collect the ideas of the north-western gentry more systematically.
▪ What he experienced through his hands made more sense to him than written words of instruction.
▪ For this intarsia collar, follow the written instructions at the same time as following the intarsia chart.
▪ Where a manufacturer's instruction book specifies the use of alkaline batteries, then these should be used.
▪ There are very full instructions for doing this on pages 125 to 132 in the instruction book.
▪ LEFT-HANDED Chapman Stick, including case lead and instruction book, £500.
▪ An instruction book is included in the box, with helpful hints and suggestions for projects.
▪ Change-ringing combinations are almost endless, and the instruction books look like circuit diagrams for a missile.
▪ I was wondering if you have, or know where I can get, an instruction book.
▪ Also does anyone have an instruction book for a Singer Magic Memory.
▪ Pages 72 to 74 in the instruction book give details of reading the card.
▪ During recent years, librarians have become more aware of the need to evaluate programmes of library instruction.
▪ Motivation can be increased in another way - by introducing credits for library instruction courses.
▪ Psychometric methods have also been used in comparisons of two or more methods of library instruction.
▪ At the University of Denver Computer-Assisted Library instruction was developed in 1972 and used until 1977.
▪ Users also stated that they lied this type of audio-visual material for library instruction.
▪ I think perhaps you should have paid more attention to Chapter 85 in your instruction manual.
▪ How she found the instruction manual.
▪ Several basic procedures are included in the instruction manual supplied with the de Fonbrune microforge.
▪ But another factor is that instruction manuals that usually accompany new computer hardware and software are difficult to understand.
▪ The company provide a glossy instruction manual and a telephone support service to make sure your project is a success.
▪ There is little point in reproducing the instruction manual here.
▪ Probably the instruction manual for the first vacuum cleaner.
▪ Stewart and Jones have produced something extremely rare - a computer instruction manual written with verve, life and humour.
▪ It may be uneconomic or too inflexible to implement in hardware all of a computer's instruction set.
▪ The full power of the instruction set is now available for manipulating each half of the product.
▪ To achieve a more uniform instruction set, such specialized registers are replaced by the use of accumulators in the array.
▪ How would you modify the instruction format and add to the instruction set?
▪ This computer has no machine code instruction set or data formats in the ordinary sense.
▪ You can also expect to see true multi-tasking and use of the faster 386 instruction set.
▪ But the advent of almost universal programming in high-level languages alters the requirements of a computer's instruction set.
▪ The run-time code is loaded on to a real processor and translated on the fly into the chip's native instruction set.
▪ While the Quorn mixture is cooking, cook the rice according to the instructions.
▪ Meanwhile, prepare polenta according to instructions in recipe, but do not pour into pan to cool.
▪ Cook the rice according to the instructions.
▪ Bake free-standing loaves or rounds according to the instructions on pages 10-11.
▪ In the meantime, boil the rice according to the instructions.
▪ It puts these images in the right locations on your screen, according to instructions from the server.
▪ Bring to the boil and make the gravy according to the instructions.
▪ The whole business had been ordered from the Sears, Roebuck catalog and erected according to mail-order instructions.
▪ I did not carry out their instructions very well so they had to be very precise in explaining things to me.
▪ She was an automaton, carrying out the simple instructions of her neural program: If whit fly occupied, withhold sperm.
▪ When the experiment was carried out using phone instructions however, only nine out of a group of 40 obeyed totally.
▪ A document carries data and often carries instructions about the actions to be performed on the data.
▪ Gabriel carried out Rose's instructions and kept the process of work going, ignoring the intense excitement of all the women.
▪ Some one who will carry out Detroit instructions.
▪ The radar beam which tracks the Patriot missile carries instructions updating it on which way to go to head off the enemy.
▪ And like a faithful friend, she had carried out these instructions to the letter; with one unforeseen eventuality.
▪ Section 3.0 of these notes contain instructions regarding the use of such support.
▪ Discourse Model theories assume that language utterances contain instructions for building such models.
▪ It will contain two instructions or authorisations.
▪ The tapes contain instructions that guide the machines' cutting heads to shape components.
▪ These examples show clearly that the human genetic code does not contain specific instructions to behave in a particular way.
▪ Both records and timetables will contain messages and instructions specific to individuals if invalid module registrations have been attempted.
▪ One contains instructions for the activities, pronunciation models, and the chants and songs.
▪ The kit also contains a disposal instruction guide, temporary disposal bag and tie.
▪ It gives detailed instructions on guerrilla warfare, converting shotguns into grenade-launchers and building home-made silencers for pistols.
▪ Necessarily, the authors have had to provide very detailed instructions on the use of various Excel commands.
▪ The theory necessary to understand the methods and interpretation of results is also included, as are numerous detailed instructions on experiments.
▪ It comes with a 52-page book with pictures and detailed instructions.
▪ Of course it was faintly possible that masons unused to waterproofing could nevertheless carry out the architects' detailed instructions effectively.
▪ Get detailed and specific instructions on planting.
▪ The control unit executed first the left-hand instruction, then the right-instruction, of each word in the program.
▪ It has been designed to execute most single-word instructions in a single clock cycle through a four-stage instruction pipeline.
▪ But have tried to follow your instructions and arrange to see people.
▪ More prayers, more training, sometimes with live firing, followed by more religious instruction.
▪ All he had done was follow instructions.
▪ Aside from easy-to-#follow wiring instructions, Cambridge SoundWorks guides you to proper speaker setup.
▪ Take care to follow instructions, Try to obtain lifting aids or ask whether these are available.
▪ The book includes a bag of balloons, a hand pump and easy-to-#follow instructions.
▪ This is the cheapest type of service, because all the broker has to do is follow your instructions.
▪ A film of Tuva will be shown, followed by instruction in throat-singing.
▪ Melissa could not catch the words, but it appeared that Gebrec was giving instructions which Fernand appeared reluctant to carry out.
▪ I assumed the instructions were given, but the instructions to the police were to use their own judgment.
▪ What he must do is to formulate an assertion which contradicts our own, and give us his instruction for testing it.
▪ The book gives fairly specific instructions to make choices in order to simply.
▪ It is necessary to give the parser instructions on how to search for the correct parse.
▪ They beep, whir, thank, apologize, greet, inform, and give instructions.
▪ In the former the student is given one unit of instruction and then tested.
▪ In Delhi, an International Labor Organization-backed pilot program gives instruction on how to rehabilitate discarded shoes.
▪ This includes giving instructions to the language helper and when communicating with any fellow students.
▪ If the program seemed useful, she would suggest that they renegotiate her contract for the next year to include language instruction.
▪ Several basic procedures are included in the instruction manual supplied with the de Fonbrune microforge.
▪ The latest issue of the San Francisco magazine Might includes instructions for bathroom attendants who want to boost their tips.
▪ Only a psychopath would include children in the instruction.
▪ Even courses in effective communication rarely include instruction on media use.
▪ Because of the frequency of occurrence of this device, most computers include instructions tailored to its use.
▪ Directions included detailed instructions of how children were to plant their garden experiments.
▪ Most preschool children are well able to issue instructions.
▪ Based on the reports, he said he issued immediate instructions.
▪ The State Committee's resolution was issued on Yeltsin's instruction.
▪ After issuing instructions to Edelstein, Clanahan, and Boyd, the President adjourned the meeting until noon.
▪ Our policy is that Information memoranda should be issued only on the instruction of the disposing entity.
▪ For example, the manager of the Oldham branch of a clearing bank can not issue instructions to employees in the Huddersfield branch.
▪ They will then issue instructions as to the action you should take.
▪ The tutor will provide instruction in methodologies involved in an investigation and in the interpersonal skills which may be required.
▪ The following chapters provide step-by-step instructions for practical applications.
▪ The company provide a glossy instruction manual and a telephone support service to make sure your project is a success.
▪ Failure to be more careful when dangers are greater-to provide careful instructions, clear warnings, and close supervision-would constitute negligence.
▪ We do not attempt to provide systematic instructions or guidelines as to how to establish Compacts.
▪ State officials put the price at up to $ 3 billion to provide a half-day of instruction for 1 million children.
▪ We don't provide formal instruction, but novices pick up a lot by sailing out and back in light winds.
▪ The activities of the business partners provide other sources of instruction and motivation for students besides those provided by teachers.
▪ Last I saw, a couple of hand-in-hand schoolkids had fished them out and were avidly reading the instruction leaflet.
▪ Finally I arrive at the Mairie and read the instructions.
▪ During one of these rest periods, I decided to read the instructions some more.
▪ Application Have your students read the information and instructions on the application sheet.
▪ These were great men of theater, and all they could do was read instructions to each other.
▪ Sit down and read the instructions fully. 2.
▪ But make sure you get and read safety instructions.
▪ And if you intend to erect the garage yourself, you will of course receive comprehensive instructions that tell you where everything goes.
▪ The jury will then receive jury instructions and begin deliberations.
▪ Prior to sharing her young mistress's lessons, she received instruction in deportment and etiquette.
▪ Students in the more-advanced classes are more likely to receive better instruction and spend more time on learning.
▪ All men would receive instruction in women's rights as well.
▪ As a junior nurse it is important that you receive extra instruction and practice under supervision before caring for these patients.
▪ Can students receive religious instruction during school hours?
▪ Once fired, they do not require further instructions from the launch platform.
▪ This task requires comprehension of comparable instructions, but does not require left-sided information.
▪ The system being constructed will require its own operating instructions, maintenance procedures and perhaps safety regulations.
▪ The second assumption is that females require step-by-step instruction and continuing education in the arts and crafts of femininity.
▪ In many of the exercises pupils are required to follow simple instructions which involve colouring, cutting out, and sticking.
▪ This was required, so the instructions read, for other than commercial reasons: a submarine refuelling point, perhaps.
▪ He said traces showed irregularities but Mrs Busuttil was sent home without any instructions.
▪ Eight women sent away for instruction booklets, pliers, beads, crosses and hundreds of feet of wire.
▪ Some were sent on courses of instruction.
▪ It is not known who sent the instructions, nor exactly what they were.
▪ I am prepared to send instructions on peppermint cracking, with diagrams, if asked.
▪ This week it is sending out instructions to members not to administer or mark the tests.
▪ The defendant must show that he sent out adequate instructions.
▪ Unable to speak as a result of a stroke, he gave written instructions to strangers to have his lawyer fetch him.
▪ When writing instructions, mention advantages first, actions second.
▪ This allows us to write programs which incorporate instruction modification.
▪ She never gives orders out loud or leaves written instructions that might be found by a visiting wife or schoolteacher.
medium of instruction
▪ All the children receive religious instruction.
▪ Half an hour's instruction from an experienced horse-rider is much better than anything you can learn from a book.
▪ The trainees work at their machines under instruction from a supervisor.
▪ Young drivers come to us for instruction in safe and skilful driving.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Instruction \In*struc"tion\, n. [L. instructio: cf. F. instruction.]

  1. The act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with knowledge; information.

  2. That which instructs, or with which one is instructed; the intelligence or information imparted; as:

    1. Precept; information; teachings.

    2. Direction; order; command. ``If my instructions may be your guide.''

  3. (Computers) a segment of coded data that is interpreted by a computer as a command to perform an operation or series of operations. The term instruction is applied to both the electronic form of the data as represented in and executed by the computer, and to any line of written computer code which is interpreted as one instruction by a compiler. A computer program is comprised of one or more instructions.

    Note: Instructions as contained in a program are formulated in a programming language, which may be an assembly language, in which one instruction corresponds to one command executed by the coputer, or in a higher-level programming language, in which one instruction may represent one of many instructions in assembly language. Higher-level programming languages include, for example, FORTRAN, ALGOL, ADA, C, "C++", COBOL, and JAVA; each of these languages have their own distinctive set of allowable instructions.

    Syn: command, statement, line of code, program line.

    Syn: Education; teaching; indoctrination; information; advice; counsel. See Education.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, instruccioun, "action or process of teaching," from Old French instruccion (14c.), from Latin instructionem (nominative instructio) "building, arrangement, teaching," from past participle stem of instruere "arrange, inform, teach," from in- "on" (see in- (2)) + struere "to pile, build" (see structure (n.)). Meaning "an authoritative direction telling someone what to do; a document giving such directions," is early 15c. Related: Instructions.


n. (lb en uncountable) The act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with information or knowledge.

  1. n. a message describing how something is to be done; "he gave directions faster than she could follow them" [syn: direction]

  2. the activities of educating or instructing or teaching; activities that impart knowledge or skill; "he received no formal education"; "our instruction was carefully programmed"; "good teaching is seldom rewarded" [syn: education, teaching, pedagogy, educational activity]

  3. the profession of a teacher; "he prepared for teaching while still in college"; "pedagogy is recognized as an important profession" [syn: teaching, pedagogy]

  4. (computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program [syn: command, statement, program line]


Instruction(s) may refer to:

  • Teaching, education performed by a teacher
  • One operation of a processor within a computer architecture instruction set
  • Instruction manual (gaming), a booklet that instructs the player on how to play the game
  • Instruction (band), a rock band from New York City that formed in 2002
  • Instructions (album), the second solo album by Jermaine Dupri, released in 2001
  • Instruction, in inquisitorial systems of justice, the pre-trial phase of an investigation led by a judge
  • Sebayt, a work of the ancient Egyptian didactic literature aiming to teach ethical behaviour
Instruction (band)

Instruction were an alternative rock band that formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York. The band consisted of lead vocalist Arthur Shepherd, bassist Adam Marino, lead guitarist Tom Capone and drummer Ti Kreck.

Usage examples of "instruction".

Senate committee and the mess in his courtroom over this wrongful death case, apparently that insane law clerk is sending you a copy of his instructions to the jury just to make things more difficult for everyone since that seems to be his main purpose in life and, what is it now Lily.

But Congress had neglected to provide any instruction for what he, Adams, was to do, neither recalling him nor assigning him to a new post, which was both mystifying and insulting.

Franklin gave instructions that the Alliance carry Adams to Lorient, but on arrival Adams found that Minister La Luzerne had been delayed.

Since he could not have the intractable Adams standing in the way, the French Foreign Minister sent specific instructions to La Luzerne to do whatever necessary to have Adams removed.

He issued instructions to have the CRAF aircraft inspected by maintenance experts from his old squadron and, if it passed muster, have it put back in service and flown to Atlanta for repainting as an Aer Lingus cargo aircraft on charter to the UN.

Nor is the possible utility of imitation diminished, but rather increased, when we contemplate the method of a teacher like Agassiz, whose mental operations had the simplicity of genius, and in whose habits of instruction the fundamentals of a right procedure become very obvious.

In regard to the methods of instruction of Agassiz I must say that so far as I saw and experienced he had no regular or fixed method, except that his plan was to make young students depend on natural objects rather than on statements in books.

That, so far as possible, all biologic instruction should be objective was with Agassiz an educational dogma, and upon several notable occasions its validity had been demonstrated under very unfavorable conditions.

And we find the same thought expressed in the final instructions delivered to the departed in the Ainu rites of burial.

In there, Leading-aircraftman Knox and Aircraftman Botterill, their headsets over their ears, sat huddled over the receiver, waiting for any instructions that might advance the search.

Within three hours, John Carter was standing on the roof of the Royal Airdrome giving last-minute instructions to a fleet of twenty-four fast, one-man scouts.

During these periods the universities north of the Alps had to discontinue t heir classical instruction because soldiers in the passes prevented the Aldine classical texts from being transported from Venice to their destination.

I had been giving instructions to the driver, who claimed never to have set foot in Alsatia, a record he seemed anxious to preserve, until I offered the incentive of an extra two shillings.

With a few additional instructions to the analyzer, tin-red off every system--including life support, amlUsht.

The analyzer would have to shout blow-by-blow tactical instructions to Alaskan ground forces as well as direct the air armada.