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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a career in journalism/politics/teaching etc
▪ At the age of 15, he knew he wanted a career in politics.
a teaching method
▪ Neill had considerable influence over modern teaching methods.
a teaching post
▪ My first teaching post was in outer London.
a teaching/acting/sporting career
▪ Her acting career lasted for more than 50 years.
a teaching/medical/legal etc qualificationBrE:
▪ She has a degree and a teaching qualification.
language teaching
▪ recent developments in language teaching
student teaching
teaching assistant
teaching hospital
teaching practice
▪ You have to do three months of teaching practice before you qualify.
teaching/classroom aids
▪ teaching aids and resources
the teaching profession
▪ There are not enough physicists entering the teaching profession.
▪ Or, in an established school where they may not be using the most effective language teaching methods.
▪ In particular, there appears to be a paucity of effective teaching on the theology of music and its significance in worship.
▪ The effective teaching of history requires first and foremost a healthy environment in which to flourish.
▪ For effective teaching, the confidence and co-operation of the patient are essential.
▪ This may well mean developing the range of presentational skills which have been part and parcel of effective classroom teaching for generations.
▪ This process of continuous evaluation, if carried out conscientiously, will lead to more effective teaching.
▪ Flooding schools with teachers in itself solves nothing, and may merely disrupt effective solo teaching.
▪ Allocation of time and facilities with ample free time for discussion is essential for effective team teaching.
▪ What was different, however, was that formal teaching was offered when it was required, not because of a timetable.
▪ This may be because no formal teaching sessions took place, and no specific assessment of skills occurred.
▪ Decide what teaching resources you will need for the formal teaching sessions.
▪ There was seldom any time for formal teaching sessions, and students received most of their practical tuition from learners and auxiliaries.
▪ Subject specialization and formal teaching would be undermined.
▪ There are numerous examples of the manner in which distorted religious teaching has done harm.
▪ Examples are constitutions, revered leaders, widely respected media or books, and religious teachings.
▪ It is not surprising to find, therefore, that the womb has a key role in many religious teachings.
▪ In most religious teachings it is said that no lasting realization can be achieved without many years of practice.
▪ The child starts off with an in-built certainty that sooner or later his intelligence will clash with his religious teaching.
▪ Opposition to contraception is often reinforced by religious teachings and the fear that contraceptives will encourage wives to be unfaithful.
▪ Inpart this reflected religious scruples since mechanical explanations for our behaviour were incompatible with religious teaching.
▪ Students are invited to undertake a programme combining, concurrently, the traditional teaching practice with a social work placement.
▪ That it turned aside from the traditional teaching of scholasticism and theology is certain.
▪ The current education debate also seems to be pushing for a return to traditional teaching methods.
▪ The courses provided at Sunderland, for example, combine traditional teaching with vocational training.
▪ Mr Lang is understood to favour a strong emphasis on more traditional teaching methods, stressing discipline and focus.
▪ Again, traditional teaching has tended to dissociate grammar from context and to deal in isolated sentences.
▪ The lecture Lectures are one of the traditional forms of teaching in higher education.
▪ To do so effectively requires a commitment from the teaching force - from headteacher to probationer.
▪ It could be that this development marks the beginning of a teaching force which is professional in reality as well as in name.
▪ This saves on training facilities and teacher trainers and also helps fill the gaps in the ranks of the existing teaching force.
▪ Rather it points to the fact that there has been a subtle change in the composition of the teaching force.
▪ The teaching force then has the task of meeting the criteria established by these guidelines.
▪ Creating a teaching force which is adequate to the rapidly growing system has been another problem.
▪ Clearly, therefore, they constitute, and will continue to do so, a very important element in the teaching force.
▪ Is it the fault of an overburdened teaching force, for whom full time class teaching is the norm?
▪ No doubt there will be many further developments, but already there is a great range of material available for history teaching.
▪ Museums, historic buildings and historical sites and places of historic interest are key resources for history teaching.
▪ Classroom management for the use of computers A new style of classroom management may be required when using computers in history teaching.
▪ It is hoped that the study will be of interest to all those who are involved in current developments in history teaching.
▪ Role-play and drama Role-play or drama also has an important place in history teaching with young children.
▪ Documents Written sources have become almost indispensable for today's history teaching.
▪ Databases One of the earliest uses of computers in history teaching involved the use of database software.
▪ Museum loan services to schools are another useful resource for history teaching.
▪ It is the first medical technique of its kind to be practised by a major Belfast teaching hospital.
▪ Edinburgh is well provided with clinical teaching hospitals.
▪ It operates from a large teaching hospital which until recently had no community links.
▪ In Dublin, for example, two teaching hospitals were closed in 1987.
▪ What these men gained in return was the prestige and professional recognition that came from practising at one of the teaching hospitals.
▪ Setting - Clinical investigation unit of teaching hospital recruiting from diabetes clinics of five teaching hospitals and one district general hospital.
▪ For months, the spin doctors relied on the training imparted at such teaching hospitals as the Downing Street Policy Unit.
▪ Setting - Clinical investigation unit of teaching hospital recruiting from diabetes clinics of five teaching hospitals and one district general hospital.
▪ The books demystify language teaching theory, and provide invaluable background knowledge which will extend professional skills.
▪ This is the starting-point for behavioural approaches to language teaching.
▪ Using an integrated programme of modules, the programme achieved outstanding results in language teaching.
▪ Is there any place for practice exercises in a communicative approach to language teaching?
▪ He has expressed scepticism about the significance of linguistics for language teaching.
▪ Vocabulary Vocabulary provides a clear and comprehensive overview of this important area of language teaching.
▪ Series which are marketed for other fields of training can sometimes be used effectively in language teaching.
▪ Many approaches to second language teaching have been tried so far, each with differing degrees of success.
▪ Teachers in a cluster group might share the work of producing teaching materials or assessment materials.
▪ Earlier publication will make timetabling easier, and reduce the pressure on staff who need to review and develop teaching materials.
▪ One other possibility that is sometimes considered if a camera is available in an institution is local production of teaching materials.
▪ It is easy to get teaching materials wrong, difficult to get them right.
▪ The Department is committed to teaching materials in an engineering context and much of its research reflects this attitude.
▪ The national clearinghouses co-operate to some extent but largely through exchanges of information and teaching material.
▪ The larger format will offer at 3-4 levels a range of self-study language teaching materials.
▪ Nurses in Training Questions: Do nurse teachers take time out to discuss their teaching methods with their peers?
▪ This is achieved in a variety of ways, including the design of the courses and the teaching methods adopted.
▪ It was interested in curriculum development and course planning, research and staff training, resources and teaching methods.
▪ Learners can evaluate a film not only for the content, but also for the teaching method.
▪ Well, clearly she must give thought to how she could change her teaching methods.
▪ This was evidenced by the continuation of her long-established teaching methods and forms of classroom organisation between sessions with the advisory teacher.
▪ The first consisted of an analysis of curriculum content and teaching methods conducted by questionnaire.
▪ Language teaching methods had 50 and 125 hours respectively, with 20 and 90 respectively offered to Language in Education.
▪ Some former course members have since obtained fulltime teaching posts in adult education.
▪ Local Management of Schools also raises the problem of how extensively and at what costs a teaching post should be advertised?
▪ Julie Jack, emeritus fellow in philosophy, was appointed to a teaching post at King's College, Cambridge.
▪ His father had been accepted for a teaching post.
▪ And several teaching posts may also go.
▪ Everyone in the profession is aware that some people can be absent from teaching posts and not be missed.
▪ A prestigious teaching post at Winchester had been terminated abruptly some years before, and Hugo had failed to hold another since.
▪ Term 5 contains a block teaching practice, and thus the course has a programme allocation of five weeks.
▪ Parental involvement is crucial, both in terms of political campaigning and in terms of developing relevant language teaching practice.
▪ The model that we have developed is to attach students in pairs to a general practice tutor in a teaching practice.
▪ This effectively reduces the teaching practice experience to years four and six.
▪ Students are invited to undertake a programme combining, concurrently, the traditional teaching practice with a social work placement.
▪ It is easy to understand the excitement that such new teaching practice could generate.
▪ I expect that I shall think of the term's work as a preparation for the second teaching practice.
▪ They had 100 hours and 120 hours of teaching practice respectively.
▪ The teaching profession is in disarray, speaking with no coherent voice.
▪ And that the Department could make better use of the great store of experience within the teaching profession during the consultation process.
▪ In 1904 he left the teaching profession to become missioner to the deaf in Carlisle for the next thirty-one years.
▪ It is vital that the teaching profession has full confidence in the processes of career development and advancement.
▪ Despite her failure to enter the teaching profession, she's now published a book promoting phonetic teaching.
▪ Friends with children and those in the teaching profession all wanted to visit us then, in the school holiday time.
▪ I look forward to that beginning to apply to the teaching profession.
▪ But in the late 1960s the relative autonomy of the teaching profession over the curriculum came increasingly under attack.
▪ Co-operation with teaching staff or subject departments in the use of the library as part of a specific teaching programme. 4.
▪ Step-by-step suggestions for incorporating the video into the teaching programme are provided.
▪ If you are considering going on secondment during term time it is obviously important to minimise disruption to the teaching programme.
▪ We were expected to plan, implement, and evaluate a short teaching programme.
▪ The successful candidate will be expected to register for a higher degree and will also contribute to the teaching programme.
▪ The great success of a teaching programme in chemical theory was the Periodic Table of Dmitry Mendeleev, first published in 1869.
▪ Adapted in various ways, they formed part of the teaching programme for mainstream and special pupils for many years.
▪ In cases where students achieve all objectives satisfactorily, step six provides information for step two of the next related teaching programme.
▪ Official explanations of deficiencies in teaching quality have tended to equate such deficiencies with tendencies to adopt transmission patterns of teaching.
▪ What explains these seeming deficits in teaching quality?
▪ They appeal to the characteristics of individuals - to competence, skill and personal qualities - as determinants of teaching quality.
▪ What alternative framework is there for analysing teaching quality?
▪ Poor teaching quality, it is implied, results from an absence of the required competences and qualities.
▪ It is as if teaching quality is only an issue in subjects like mathematics and science.
▪ What teaching quality might look like in drama, physical education, music and art, for instance, scarcely gets a mention.
▪ The first is the lack of experiments - some might call it a betrayal of science teaching.
▪ The older universities of Oxford and Cambridge were also persuaded to modernize their science teaching in the 1870s.
▪ Present science teaching generally assumes implicitly that pupils possess the reasoning patterns.
▪ But the department's bootstrap operation did help create science teaching in Britain.
▪ It recommended expansion of universities' science teaching and the creation of colleges of advanced technology.
▪ In other words, what are the areas of weakness in science teaching, and why?
▪ It enables governors to draw upon the creativity, expertise, experience and commitment of the teaching staff.
▪ It is also possible for the teaching staff to obtain a record of the student's progress.
▪ Students of Belgrade University went on strike on June 14, supported in their demands by the teaching staff.
▪ They had taken on extra teaching staff.
▪ Co-operation with teaching staff or subject departments in the use of the library as part of a specific teaching programme. 4.
▪ The teaching staff of the faculty of divinity was not - with one exception, Hoskyns.
▪ Tutorials or seminars for teaching staff on the library's resources.
▪ Terms of office Field Chairs are elected from the teaching staff members of the committee by the staff members.
▪ The commended approach to teaching strategies was highly partisan in respect of the particular kinds of practice which were endorsed.
▪ Thus tutorial support of students' progress remains an important teaching strategy.
▪ Groups of sources Groups of documents offer even more versatile and creative teaching strategies.
▪ Later in this paper I intend to outline the curriculum and teaching strategies I hope will be retained within the national curriculum.
▪ The need for a review of teaching strategies in the light of the National Curriculum requirements is evident.
▪ It therefore needs to be incorporated systematically into teaching strategies and practices at all levels.
▪ His humorous and anecdotal but scholarly teaching style did not go unnoticed.
▪ So, in our example, it would be the experimental group which was exposed to the new teaching style.
▪ It may be possible to identify two or more teaching styles based on different frequencies of use of the activity groups.
▪ Choice will have implications both for the timetable and for teaching styles.
▪ From the 1950s to the 1990s radical changes in teaching styles reflect major changes in social and cultural values.
▪ His suggestion is that teaching styles are related to the poor language performance.
▪ For different teaching styles and situations certain combinations of these variables may prove more effective than others.
▪ They have helped to defuse the arguments about teaching style and concentrate attention upon content and delivery.
▪ Preparation for instruction is again minimal, but with help from the trained staff the senior learner can develop a teaching role.
▪ Earlier publication will make timetabling easier, and reduce the pressure on staff who need to review and develop teaching materials.
▪ There is great potential in developing the teaching role of clinical practitioners, with benefits for both the individual and the service.
▪ In Further and Higher Education, no access courses specifically targeted to develop teaching and training in community languages are available.
▪ The operational function is the provision of teaching and learning opportunities for students.
▪ Its main focus is foreign languages: teaching, learning, research and policy.
▪ There are implications for language teaching and learning in all of them.
▪ It is therefore a continuous enquiry into the relationship between teaching and learning as it is enacted in particular classroom contexts.
▪ All of the sixteen teachers in the school were experienced in teaching children with learning difficulties.
▪ One of the difficulties in teaching, or learning about, electronic publishing seems to be identifying the scope of the subject.
▪ New styles Course are being broken down into modules and a variety of new teaching and learning styles have to be employed.
▪ The need for live online instruction has been recognized by systems operators, who have provided various aids for teaching.
▪ Bright new facilities and therapies were provided, plus enlightened teaching and special care.
▪ These will provide background information and teaching aids.
▪ Programmes can be designed to provide comprehensive teaching, drawing on all nursing-related disciplines.
secondary education/schooling/teaching etc
▪ A father explained to me that he would put one of his three sons through primary and secondary education.
▪ All had to prepare a Development Plan describing five years' improvement to bring about secondary education for all.
▪ During secondary education, the use of the spoken word increases.
▪ Full mixed-ability teaching, especially if it reached into the middle and later years of secondary schooling, was comparatively rare.
▪ If you came from a poor family the only way you could get secondary education was by gaining a scholarship.
▪ In practice, given the monoglot tendency in secondary education it might be difficult to recruit students with the necessary competence.
▪ Remember that people were then leaving school at 12 or 14 and there was no secondary education available in the town.
▪ These differences increased during secondary education: children from lower-status occupational groups declined from their 11 plus position relative to higher groups.
the teaching/scientific/criminal etc fraternity
▪ Andrea took some time off from teaching when her children were small.
▪ Ann's planning to go into teaching after she graduates from college.
▪ He left teaching and took a job as a truck driver.
▪ the teachings of Confucius
▪ What made you go into teaching?
▪ As well as his teaching, and a planned series of concerts in the autumn, Mozart was also working on a new opera.
▪ He has expressed scepticism about the significance of linguistics for language teaching.
▪ The School of Geography has a range of micro-computing facilities available for both teaching and research use.
▪ The very phrase implies exclusion, segregation, a particular approach to learning and teaching.
▪ These will provide background information and teaching aids.
▪ Until recently, graduate teaching was a very marginal activity.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Teach \Teach\ (t[=e]ch), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Taught (t[add]t); p. pr. & vb. n. Teaching.] [OE. techen, imp. taughte, tahte, AS. t[=ae]cean, imp. t[=ae]hte, to show, teach, akin to t[=a]cn token. See Token.]

  1. To impart the knowledge of; to give intelligence concerning; to impart, as knowledge before unknown, or rules for practice; to inculcate as true or important; to exhibit impressively; as, to teach arithmetic, dancing, music, or the like; to teach morals.

    If some men teach wicked things, it must be that others should practice them.

  2. To direct, as an instructor; to manage, as a preceptor; to guide the studies of; to instruct; to inform; to conduct through a course of studies; as, to teach a child or a class. ``He taught his disciples.''
    --Mark ix. 31.

    The village master taught his little school.

  3. To accustom; to guide; to show; to admonish.

    I shall myself to herbs teach you.

    They have taught their tongue to speak lies.
    --Jer. ix. 5.

    Note: This verb is often used with two objects, one of the person, the other of the thing; as, he taught me Latin grammar. In the passive construction, either of these objects may be retained in the objective case, while the other becomes the subject; as, I was taught Latin grammar by him; Latin grammar was taught me by him.

    Syn: To instruct; inform; inculcate; tell; guide; counsel; admonish. See the Note under Learn.


Teaching \Teach"ing\, n. The act or business of instructing; also, that which is taught; instruction.

Syn: Education; instruction; breeding. See Education.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English tecunge "act of teaching," verbal noun from teach (v.). As "that which is taught" from c.1300.


n. 1 Something taught by a religious or philosophical authority. 2 The profession of teaching. vb. (present participle of teach English)

  1. n. the profession of a teacher; "he prepared for teaching while still in college"; "pedagogy is recognized as an important profession" [syn: instruction, pedagogy]

  2. a doctrine that is taught; "the teachings of religion"; "he believed all the Christian precepts" [syn: precept, commandment]

  3. the activities of educating or instructing or teaching; activities that impart knowledge or skill; "he received no formal education"; "our instruction was carefully programmed"; "good teaching is seldom rewarded" [syn: education, instruction, pedagogy, educational activity]


Usage examples of "teaching".

Weavers travelled from town to village to city, appearing at festivals or gatherings, teaching the common folk to recognise the Aberrant in their midst, urging them to give up the creatures that hid among them.

To begin with, the four different classes were not hereditary but in time they became so, probably led by the Brahmans, whose task of memorising the Vedas was more easily achieved if fathers could begin teaching their sons early on.

Thus, all the while that Galileo was inventing modern physics, teaching mathematics to princes, discovering new phenomena among the planets, publishing science books for the general public, and defending his bold theories against establishment enemies, he was also buying thread for Suor Luisa, choosing organ music for Mother Achillea, shipping gifts of food, and supplying his homegrown citrus fruits, wine, and rosemary leaves for the kitchen and apothecary at San Matteo.

With his guardian Addis de Valence teaching him to see the small evidence left behind by men on horse or foot, he had led the small troop that caught them.

In parting from you, I beg to express the gratitude I have felt all my life for the affectionate fidelity which characterised your teaching and conduct toward me.

The Gospel of Thomas contains some sayings of Christ and I believe there must be other types of agrapha, non-canonical documents, yet undiscovered that at least allude to the teachings of Christ.

It is hard to doubt that alchemical teachings concealed magical sexual secrets that were closely allied to tantric knowledge.

She follows the teachings of the alchemist and tells me his spirit has already consulted with her.

Micum began with the basics, teaching Alec how to grip the weapon so that it balanced to his advantage, what stances presented the smallest target to an opponent, and simple slash and parry maneuvers.

But this discussion is immaterial, since these supreme examples of literary excellence exist in all kinds of composition,--poetry, fable, romance, ethical teaching, prophecy, interpretation, history, humor, satire, devotional flight into the spiritual and supernatural, everything in which the human mind has exercised itself,--from the days of the Egyptian moralist and the Old Testament annalist and poet down to our scientific age.

Dame Prudence, and her wise information and teaching, his heart gan incline to the will of his wife, considering her true intent, he conformed him anon and assented fully to work after her counsel, and thanked God, of whom proceedeth all goodness and all virtue, that him sent a wife of so great discretion.

He wanted to see Aris there, using his healing magery, teaching others how to heal.

Shoghi Effendi hopes that the National Assembly will do its best to win the admiration of all the assembled delegates for the teachings of the Cause along that line.

Ingersoll, removed the prejudices that many persons formerly had against Socialism on account of the atheistic teachings of its leaders, it seems but fitting to give a short refutation of the deceptive argument and to point out the absurdity of the comparison just mentioned.

American Socialists should in no way be held responsible for the anti-religious and atheistic teachings of their comrades abroad, the attention of the reader is called to the fact that the Socialist movement is an international one, and that nearly all the Marxian leaders in Europe are considered by the American Socialists as first class authorities on Socialism.