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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a preliminary/initial examination
▪ The inland revenue began a preliminary examination of his tax returns in August.
an early/initial setback (=happening quite soon)
▪ The policy has been successful, despite some early setbacks.
initial enthusiasm (=happening at the beginning, but not lasting)
▪ After a few months, their initial enthusiasm had started to wane.
initial reluctance
▪ Despite some initial reluctance, they approved the plan.
initial/early optimism (=optimism that you feel at the start of a process, especially when it does not continue)
▪ There was initial optimism about a breakthrough in relations between the two countries.
sb's first/initial impulse
▪ Her first impulse was to turn and walk away.
sb's first/initial instinct
▪ His first instinct was to try and hide.
sb’s first/initial/immediate impression
▪ My first impression was that Terry’s version of the events was untrue.
sb’s first/initial/immediate reaction
▪ His first reaction was to laugh.
the early/initial stages
▪ Sometimes there are problems in the early stages of a project.
the immediate/initial/short-term aim (=that you hope to achieve quickly)
▪ The immediate aim is to develop the travel business.
the initial/early/final stages of negotiation
▪ The offer was in the final stages of negotiation.
▪ Churches To make initial contact with the education sectors of the main churches.
▪ What did their initial contacts suggest for the future?
▪ This is a very valuable method of following up the initial contact and we hope you will agree that this may continue.
▪ We should offer to make the initial contact if the client does not wish to handle this himself.
▪ Sabine makes the initial contact in a correspondence that flowers into an exchange of life stories and, eventually, hearts.
▪ The costs of gathering the initial data are relatively small in relation to the costs of the research itself.
▪ This may lead one to think that simplicity should not be considered as just paucity of initial data.
▪ This is not at all the way that initial data are to be specified in a standard deterministic physical problem.
▪ The aim was to ensure that the information used in the creation of the initial data base was both accurate and complete.
▪ This arises from the fact that the accuracy with which the initial data can be known is always limited.
▪ However, the techniques are still difficult to use in practice for arbitrary initial data.
▪ As soon as this task had been completed a similar procedure to that of setting up the initial data base was adopted.
▪ This means that the environment is often very important to the forming of an initial impression.
▪ The evaluators' initial impression was of a school with a fairly traditional outlook but one in which facilities were enviable.
▪ After initial impressions, Bodnar climbed on to some concrete slabs and stood back to inspect the first fruits of his design skills.
▪ Despite the 12:1 contrast ratio claimed for the screen, my initial impression was that it was poor.
▪ Lack of urgency is the initial impression.
▪ His Lordship's initial impression was that the case fitted more readily into a contractual than a proprietary slot.
▪ Certainly my initial impression was that the older boys in particular were resisting the task I'd set them.
▪ In other words, it is the rate that equates future net cash flows to the initial investment outlay.
▪ It sold parts of the business to the public months later, tripling its initial investment.
▪ Consequently, the subsequent discussion will focus on different analyses which may be pursued before or after the initial investment.
▪ In addition, competition may mean that we are unable to recoup our initial investment even if we win the contract.
▪ The initial investment can be of any size.
▪ The initial investment is for ten years.
▪ People who took up a similar offer about four years ago are making up to five times their initial investment.
▪ The initial investment is recorded at cost and dividends are recorded as income when received.
▪ Drop cap a large initial letter at the start of the text that drops into the line or lines of text below.
▪ Acronyms are words formed from the initial letter or letters of successive parts of a compound term.
▪ There would be twenty-nine days between the initial letter from County Hall and any action.
▪ On this principle write all initial letters together on the day you receive instructions, or at the latest the following day.
▪ The initial letters spell the word H-O-W and serve as a reminder of how recovery is achieved through all one's relationships.
▪ Local authorities were upset because the initial letters of the phrase were highlighted, spelling an obscene word.
▪ As we explained in our initial letter, we have been instructed to conduct the sale by means of a strict auction process.
▪ The method recommended by Rowntree is S Q 3R - the initial letters of the first steps to better reading.
▪ Either: As agreed at our initial meeting, we would need to inform your auditors of this appointment.
▪ By the end of my initial meetings with Robbie, I summed up for myself his emotional development.
▪ Other forms of communication may well be appropriate after an initial meeting.
▪ The engagement letter need only be issued after, not before, an initial meeting where potential services are outlined.
▪ It is necessary, therefore, to be well prepared for the initial meeting.
▪ The physical aspects of the person seemed to be most important feature of the other person at initial meetings.
▪ Specific issues can provide initial meeting places, and open up communication, but that communication must build institutional foundations.
▪ During this initial period it will be necessary to use whatever methods appear appropriate to deal with the patient's distress.
▪ During the initial period, from summer 1994 to summer 1995, Madrid.
▪ The initial period lasts for 20 working days.
▪ If the tank is well-established, however, they will normally find enough microorganisms to keep them going during this initial period.
▪ An initial period of identification is important to a repressed group that has never had adequate self-images.
▪ The successful candidate will be based at Jealott's Hill but will spend an initial period at Leuven.
▪ This concession will be granted for an initial period of five years with possible extension after that.
▪ Ideally the purchaser would wish to have the vendor negotiate actively with the purchaser on an exclusive basis during an initial period.
▪ In each case, I believe that the initial phase of the exercise is similar.
▪ They are known to counteract both the vasoconstriction and the enhanced platelet aggregation present in the initial phase of migraine.
▪ During the initial phase, newly formed mast cell components such as histamine, serotonin, prostaglandins, and leukotrienes may be released.
▪ The above described procedure attempts to match the initial phase of contemporary paper based bill of lading issuance.
▪ The initial phase will concentrate on the monuments housed in the churches and subject them to dusting, washing and cleaning.
▪ The initial phase of the wartime operational expert system was completed towards the end of 1987.
▪ Since no Pareto gain is possible, the initial position - competitive equilibrium in both markets - is Pareto-efficient.
▪ First, they ensure that the initial position of competitive equilibrium is indeed an equilibrium.
▪ We might then expect that final rather than initial position in the clause is where prominence can be achieved.
▪ In the Hallidayan model, thematic choice is expressed by placing one of these elements in initial position in the clause.
▪ This is the material description: we are following the particle Xi from its initial position to its deformed one.
▪ However, latencies were faster for subordinate clauses when they occurred in sentence final position rather than sentence initial position.
▪ It was also found that businesses with strong initial positions outperformed those with weak initial positions.
▪ From a distance of two weeks, the initial reaction to defeat also seems unnecessarily despondent.
▪ My initial reaction was to punch some one....
▪ As an initial reaction the girls' parents might have been shocked by what they got up to.
▪ Accordingly, the initial reaction of the equity markets was utterly perverse.
▪ My initial reaction had been a prime, although mild, example of ageism in operation.
▪ The initial reaction of the community to the news of the dump was that it was only what could be expected.
▪ My initial reaction is that this has to be good news.
▪ My initial reaction was relief: We had averted another financial crisis.
▪ When they were first introduced they were an enormous boon to the farmer and the initial response was almost euphoric.
▪ Robert Kennedy, however, continued to insist on a less belligerent initial response.
▪ Twenty thousand copies were distributed around Birmingham, and Mr Wiseman says that the initial response has been extremely encouraging.
▪ The initial responses from the government suggest that there may indeed be a reckoning ahead.
▪ The initial response to this situation came in 1971.
▪ Bush's initial response has been to lurch to the right.
▪ If we look at the initial response to Maastricht, the omens are not wholly encouraging.
▪ For some, the initial response is a mild fear reaction; it passes quickly.
▪ The initial shock is followed by grief.
▪ He went into cardiac arrest and was brought back to life immediately after the initial shock.
▪ There had been the natural initial shock of disbelief at hearing of the unexpected death of any person even casually known.
▪ After the initial shock brought by his rather sudden decision had worn away Henry says, he felt mostly relief.
▪ Having overcome her initial shock, Polly asked Jack to sit down.
▪ After the initial shock, Daley felt cornered and harassed, and it soon showed in his reaction to questioning.
▪ Would he ever get over this initial shock period?
▪ Within a split second of the initial shock, bodies were running in all directions.
▪ But even that cannon had to go through an initial stage of trial and error.
▪ In the initial stages, the researcher needs to understand the market, and the client's position and objectives within it.
▪ The first two categories represent the initial stages of involvement in learning to be a nurse.
▪ It really should be attractive in the initial stages.
▪ Thus in the initial stages Elliott and Harris were flung on their own resources.
▪ The man-hater is locked into the initial stage of separation, where repressed hurt and previously unarticulated anger are explored.
▪ In the initial stages the puppy is likely to pull on the leash by trying to rush ahead.
▪ As a result of the instability and interactions, the pattern rapidly loses any detailed memory of its initial state.
▪ The evolutionary course followed by a planet is set by its initial state.
▪ And we realize that the initial state may itself have been determined by the laws of science.
▪ The best documented measure of severity was a simple classification based on each patient's initial state of distress on presentation.
▪ But how did he choose the initial state or configuration of the universe?
▪ On the other hand, if the initial state is one of excess supply money-wages will fall at a rate.
▪ This state would be less ordered, and hence have more entropy, than the initial state of two separate boxes.
▪ Perhaps his initial success shouldn't have been all that surprising for he comes of good rugby stock.
▪ But restoration ecology is pointless if it merely leads to a relapse into high-risk behavior the moment it scores some initial success.
▪ After initial successes, Cunningham's offensive had been outflanked by Rommel and brought to a standstill.
▪ For such clients, setting intermediate goals increases the chances of initial success, which will keep their motivation up.
▪ After some initial successes, the authorities cracked down on the protesters.
▪ Charlie decided that, following this initial success, he should extend his delivery service to other customers in the East End.
▪ Satisfaction, even glee at this initial success was, however, soon succeeded by doubts about what to do next.
▪ But I owe its initial success to Eliot.
▪ Members of the Cadbury family did not escape this strict initial training.
▪ However only about one in ten offered is selected for the rigorous 12 week-long initial training course.
▪ For each of these components of primary education the investigator is concerned to improve the quality of initial training.
▪ The package also includes initial training and 24 hour telephone support.
▪ This initial training will often combine off-the-job courses with on-the-job guidance and support.
▪ However, parameters for them for individual writers could be extracted from an initial training phase for a script recognition system.
▪ Then a rigorous initial training period begins.
▪ In either case, an individual's initial training period will be closely supervised as outlined below.
Initial difficulties with the computer system were soon fixed.
Initial sales figures have been very good.
▪ After initial delays, construction on the new library is due to start in two weeks.
▪ After the initial shock, people adjusted to the new circumstances.
▪ Classes in gun handling are recommended as the initial step for those who want to own a handgun.
▪ I was only involved in the initial stages of the planning.
▪ My initial reaction was one of complete disbelief.
▪ Simon's initial feeling when he heard about the wedding was surprise.
▪ The initial cost of the computer system is more than made up for in terms of eventual profit.
▪ the initial stages of the disease
▪ A stride from an adjacent boulder gains the initial crack.
▪ It often happens that the initial choice of weights is poor, and the program should learn improved weights.
▪ Seed Money School-to-work initiatives can not get started without an initial infusion of flexible seed money.
▪ So SunTran canceled its initial call for bids and issued a second one, to which three companies eventually responded.
▪ The training set consists of a variety of initial positions of the truck.
▪ There are no initial charges, only an annual management fee of 1%.
▪ We focused on those three initial regional managers then polled some of the neighboring ones.
▪ To no one else was she known by her initials.
▪ Ed is known as Easy, because of his initials, E.C.
▪ Anyone could have typed that message and his initial, she realised with dismay.
▪ His shirt was first time on, and his initials were monogrammed over his heart.
▪ One was a letter stamped with the initials of the police trade union and addressed to Commissioner Italo Pompeo Baldoni.
▪ Others say the name is an acronym, formed from the initials of three of the first amateur operators.
▪ People asked her, significantly in that suffragette period, if the initials stood for New Women's Movement.
▪ That was one reason he only published under his initials.
▪ There are initials engraved on the inside.
▪ If you alter something you have written on a cheque, you must initial the change.
▪ The memo had been initialled by the President.
▪ You have to initial any corrections you make to the form.
▪ He reached his little office in the square, initialled a few reports, then asked for Sergeant Curtis.
▪ The smaller regional administrative units had initialled the Treaty on March 18.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Initial \In*i"tial\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Initialed; p. pr. & vb. n. Initialing.] To put an initial to; to mark with an initial of initials.


Initial \In*i"tial\, a. [L. initialis, from initium a going in, entrance, beginning, fr. inire to go into, to enter, begin; pref. in- in + ire to go: cf. F. initial. See Issue, and cf. Commence.]

  1. Of or pertaining to the beginning; marking the commencement; incipient; commencing; as, the initial symptoms of a disease.

  2. Placed at the beginning; standing at the head, as of a list or series; as, the initial letters of a name.


Initial \In*i"tial\, n. The first letter of a word or a name.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1520s, "of or pertaining to a beginning," from Middle French initial or directly from Latin initialis "initial, incipient," from initium "a beginning, an entrance," from past participle stem of inire "to go into, enter upon, begin," from in- "into, in" (see in- (2)) + ire "to go" (see ion).


"initial letter of a name or surname," 1620s, from initial (adj.) in a specialized sense "standing at the beginning of a word, sentence, etc."


"to mark or sign with initials," 1864, American English, from initial (n.). Related: Initialed; initialing.

  1. Chronologically first, early; of or pertaining to the beginning, cause or origin. n. 1 The first letter of a word or a name. 2 In plural, the first letter of each word of a person's full name considered as a unit 3 (context typesetting calligraphy English) A distinguished initial letter of a chapter or section of a document. 4 (context phonology English) onset, part of a syllable that precedes the syllable nucleus in phonetics and phonology. v

  2. (context transitive English) To sign one's initial(s), as an abbreviated signature.

  1. adj. occurring at the beginning; "took the initial step toward reconciliation"

  2. [also: initialling, initialled]

  1. v. mark with one's initials

  2. [also: initialling, initialled]

  1. n. the first letter of a word (especially a person's name); "he refused to put the initials FRS after his name"

  2. [also: initialling, initialled]


In a written or published work, an initial or dropcap is a letter at the beginning of a word, a chapter, or a paragraph that is larger than the rest of the text. The word is derived from the Latin initialis, which means standing at the beginning. An initial often is several lines in height and in older books or manuscripts, sometimes ornately decorated.

In illuminated manuscripts, initials with images inside them, such as those illustrated here, are known as historiated initials. They were an invention of the Insular art of the British Isles in the eighth century. Initials containing, typically, plant-form spirals with small figures of animals or humans that do not represent a specific person or scene are known as "inhabited" initials. Certain important initials, such as the Beatus initial or "B" of Beatus vir... at the opening of Psalm 1 at the start of a vulgate Latin psalter, could occupy a whole page of a manuscript.

These specific initials, in an illuminated manuscript, also were called Initiums.

Initial (disambiguation)

An initial is a letter at the beginning of a written work, a chapter or a paragraph that is larger than the rest of the text.

Initial may also refer to:

  • Rentokil Initial, the washroom, hygiene, laundry and building management services division of Rentokil Initial, now branded as Initial
  • Initial (linguistics), part of a syllable that precedes the syllable nucleus in phonetics and phonology
  • Initial Records, an American record label
  • Initial (album), the debut album by the band Person L
Initial (album)

Initial is the debut album from the band Person L, released on August 5, 2008. Kenny Vasoli self-recorded the album in his home studio in late 2007–2008 and released it through his record label, Human Interest. Several of the songs originate from demos he worked on while on tour with The Starting Line.

Usage examples of "initial".

Jeffrey was particularly interested in the initial sequence of events, when Chris was first administering the epidural anesthesia.

The affiches had, of course, gone to the police, but they had the bills for the period in question and he had the initials.

Another normal alphabet, which merely repeats the initial letters of the horizontal ciphertext alphabets, runs down the left side.

He had noticed shortly after his sister had recognized him that the lighthearted ambience the brunette beauty had displayed upon her initial entrance into the manor had vanished.

The reports of the amnestic effects of protein synthesis inhibitors were first ignored, often on the same sorts of a priori grounds that had led to my initial scepticism, and only after some struggle accepted by these definers of the field.

Behind the apex, which has a number of initial cells, a series of amphigastria or ventral scales is formed.

Especially since the initial diagnosis in each case was a hereditary vascular malformation, one being a Berry aneurysm, or sacular weakening of an artery that was leaking blood, and the other a capsular angioma, same as Kathleen Sullivan had.

The machine said: NHLI MASS SPECTRAL SEARCH SYSTEM PROGRAMME: YOUR NAME AND COMPANY PLEASE USER: Fine said Apicultural Research and Development Facility, Ft Detrick, Maryland PROGRAMME: PLEASE TYPE YOUR 3 INITIALS USER: It so happened that George Fine did not have a middle name.

There was no question of his plane having been engulfed: in those initial stages, according to observers, there had been only an inch or two ofwater fanning out over the airfield but that had been enough to make the Fokker aquaplane with disastrous results.

I would be there, observing, listening, and tasting, right from the very first time he met Justin Ascham Raleigh during that initial freshers week, until the night of the murder.

Therefore, we must add to the silent multiple permutations of the authorial selves one more: Kundera as self-inscribed reader who rewrites as he rereads, sending us back to the initial query.

The crucial point in making our plans and preparations was the availability of the special landing-craft required for effecting the initial landing on the very heavily defended enemy coastline.

But through this he got behindhand with his school work and his bad reports, which had to be initialed by his father, were kept back until the last day of the holidays.

The three of them turned as one man and looked across the room at Brodder, the owner of the initials in question.

But for now, getting at least an initial opinion from his accountant will probably be enough to help Ted decide whether he should continue negotiating a possible cash buyout of his stock.