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initial point

n. In surveying, the point where the principal meridian crosses the baseline.

Initial point

In surveying, an initial point is a datum (a specific point on the surface of the earth) that marks the beginning point for a cadastral survey. The initial point establishes a local geographic coordinate system for the surveys that refer to that point.

An initial point is defined by the intersection of a principal meridian and a base line.

Usage examples of "initial point".

His pilot was completely focused on her controls, eyes glued to the red cursor of the initial point as she sped towards it and SG 47 held formation on her.

She watched her display as the cursor marking their initial point flared.

Even so, the Initial Point, called the IP, was too difficult for the unaided human eye to see.

When the big bomber reached its preassigned Initial Point, the bomb coordinator would have complete control of the aircraft.

She would be furious, he knew, if she knew how much influence Mike Packmeyer was having on the course of events--furious, and first on the air with it, trying to take as much credit as she could for being his initial point of contact on board the carrier.

Yegorov had Fursenko configure the release switches and pre-arm the last two remaining Kh-73 laser-guided bombs several minutes before the bombrun initial point.

Five minutes after the last'GL-25 cruise missile hit its initial point, the Kiev and Novorossiysk attack carriers began launching the first of a dozen Sukhoi-24 Fencer supersonic bomber aircraft off their ski-ramp launch platforms toward the American vessels.

The problem of crater flooding was to be only the initial point of discussion for the whole question of watersheds, and the planetary hydrological cycle itself.

From this initial point, quaddie groups had leapfrogged out to build daughter colonies in both directions along the inner of the two rings of asteroids that had made this system so attractive to their ancestors.