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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a hotel bill
▪ He paid the hotel bill by credit card.
a hotel chain
▪ Hilton is an international hotel chain.
a hotel reservation
▪ I canceled my hotel reservation.
a luxury hotel/home/apartment
▪ They stayed at luxury hotels during their trip.
a resort hotel
▪ There are plans for a major resort hotel and golf course to be built.
an exclusive hotel
▪ With its marble columns and crystal chandeliers, the Crillon is one of the most exclusive hotels in Paris.
book a room/hotel
▪ Ross found a good hotel and booked a room.
boutique hotel
freebie holiday/hotel/flight etc
▪ A waiter was handing round freebie glasses of wine.
home/hotel/apartment etc
▪ This is a friendly and comfortable hotel.
hotel facilities
▪ Make use of the hotel facilities, which are excellent.
hotel register
▪ Have you signed the hotel register?
hotel/theatre/cinema etc foyer
the hotel/hospital/museum etc entrance
▪ Our taxi pulled up outside the hotel entrance.
▪ Older or better-heeled visitors have a choice of comfortable hotels, where rooms go for about $ 50 per night.
▪ This is a well-equipped and comfortable hotel, offering good value for money.
▪ AH4 Grades: Highly recommended, comfortable 4 star hotels, offering a higher standard of facilities.
▪ Villanova Hotel D Comfortable friendly hotel.
▪ It's a friendly, comfortable welcoming hotel with good rooms, all of which have facilities and balconies.
▪ A large hotel with several floors would have a density chart for every floor.
▪ At some of the larger hotels the amount was said to approach six thousand.
▪ The company says it is already the largest hotel group in the region.
▪ It supplies about a hundred pubs, and three large hotels in Skegness.
▪ They put up at taverns, boarding houses, and, in the larger towns, hotels.
▪ There are no longer any large functioning hotels and there are no conference centres.
▪ It had the proportions of a very large grand hotel such as the Plaza-very bulky and very low.
▪ He began to read a piece about the proposed transformation of a disused mill into a luxury hotel.
▪ Accommodation varies from luxury hotels to farmhouses.
▪ More recently, this was made into a luxury hotel for the top brass of the Communist world.
▪ Floirat also owned luxury hotels, the principal concern of the new conglomerate Matra-Hachette.
▪ Today it is a luxury hotel about 15 minutes walk from the centre of Florence.
▪ This luxury hotel is located a little way out of town, past Reid's, on the road to Cãmara de Lobos.
▪ The item states' Guests at a luxury hotel were poisoned by cyanide in the swimming pool yesterday.
▪ Buses were destroyed and a luxury tourist hotel burnt to the ground, although no holidaymakers were injured.
▪ Hotel am Thielenplatz A modern hotel situated right in the city centre and only 300 metres walk from the railway station.
▪ Two modern hotels at Willerby offer superior services over a large area, in addition to several public houses dispensing their brands of hospitality.
▪ Detail some of the features of modern hotel communication systems. 15.
▪ This modern three-star hotel is conveniently located in the city.
▪ This modern 3 star hotel has proved very popular with our guests and is well recommended.
▪ The system has been designed and developed specifically for use in today's modern hotels.
▪ The les fortunate guests had to come daily from the new hotel on Persepolis or even form Shiraz, forty miles away.
▪ He wore well-pressed fatigues and had the distant look of a doorman in a gold coat outside a new hotel.
▪ When the 28-bedroom Sundial opened it was the first new hotel in the town for 240 years.
▪ We made a date to meet at a New York hotel anyway.
▪ The Sheraton Hotel Edinburgh's newest luxury hotel.
▪ Last year, commissioners approved the concept of three new or expanded hotels in the south Embarcadero.
▪ Suarez predicts that new hotels, new signs and a new consciousness will be ready in a year or two.
▪ My companion and I walked towards a small, nearby hotel that we knew.
▪ It was your basic small, upscale hotel room.
▪ He could still be here, staying at some small hotel.
▪ Running a small, intimate hotel was his dream.
▪ An additional number-primarily owners of small hotels and motels-were self-employed.
▪ She had slept so badly in the small hotel.
▪ Like Kimpton, Conley believes that the small tightly run hotel is often the better route to profitability.
▪ It's a three star hotel patronised by many different nationalities.
▪ AH4 Grades: Highly recommended, comfortable 4 star hotels, offering a higher standard of facilities.
▪ One lucky reader and a friend will stay in a 3 star hotel in the heart of New York.
▪ Utell launched Summi International Hotels, a new consortium specialising in deluxe and five star hotels.
▪ Bed and breakfast or half-board. 3, 4 or 5 star hotels can also be arranged on request.
▪ There is now a modem three star hotel if you wish to spend the night in Ribeira Brava.
▪ We chose Bedford as it was almost the only place in the locality where hotel accommodation was available.
▪ Included in the cost are round-trip airfare from New York, hotel accommodations, kosher breakfasts and dinners, sightseeing and transfers.
▪ The first prize includes return flights London-Delhi, half-board hotel accommodation and all transfers.
▪ After the war everything cost more: gasoline, buses, hotel accommodations, and musicians' salaries.
▪ An allowance is made for unused hotel accommodation in Bangkok.
▪ The price of your fly-drive holiday includes both car hire and hotel accommodation vouchers.
▪ The hotel accommodation is provided by the Friendly Hotels Group.
▪ The company also paid for one week's hotel accommodation for the employee and spouse to house hunt in the new location.
▪ Rather than stop him, we drain it and then decide to order more -- at the hotel bar.
▪ Though Manhattan sports any number of bars capable of making a great drink, the grand hotel bar is a rare breed.
▪ So it's come to this; sitting in a hotel bar in New Orleans partaking in solvent abuse.
▪ In our quest for experiencing the ultimate New York hotel bar, we must pare down the prospects.
▪ But I digress ... We are all somewhat the worse for wear after a long night in the hotel bar.
▪ But what is it doing in a grown-up hotel bar?
▪ We're in the hotel bar after the second show, when we hear the bad news.
▪ The tale: A business traveler meets a seductive woman in a hotel bar.
▪ Average room and car rates based on averages from 10 leading hotel chains and six car-rental companies.
▪ Its strength and abrasion resistance have made it ideal for shoe cleaning cloths, as provided by most hotel chains.
▪ The group would continue to manage its various hotel chains, which include Sofitel, Mercure and Novotel.
▪ Acorn would provide us with a ready-made hotel chain ripe for further expansion.
▪ We worked with one hotel chain that avowed to the point of dementia its commitment to customer service and comfort.
▪ But although he now runs a hotel chain with 160 properties in 47 countries, he has never actually managed a hotel.
▪ Bodie had arrived in the hotel lobby just after Lin Foh had left his room.
▪ In the hotel lobby she continues to teach her own hard-learned lessons.
▪ I am unaware that any of this is going to happen as I enter the hotel lobby on my way to dinner.
▪ Dominic had met one person in the hotel lobby, in Paris.
▪ Rachel is inside the hotel lobby, waiting for me to walk her upstairs and round off our meal.
▪ We left the vast ballroom and headed for the bar in the hotel lobby.
▪ As I walk through the hotel lobby in Manila I know that something is up.
▪ Time-share hucksters lurk in many hotel lobbies.
▪ By comparison with the cold cobbled alleys, the hotel restaurant was a scene of throbbing gaiety.
▪ He glanced at the two doors of the hotel restaurant, automatically looking for police.
▪ Shall I go down and eat in the hotel restaurant, or shall I go out?
▪ She agreed, and the next day she and a girlfriend met Garcia for lunch at a hotel restaurant.
▪ They competed to see who could eat most in the hotel restaurant and gorged themselves on Cornish cream teas.
▪ Going Upscale For lunch-goers with an expense account, two classic hotel restaurants offer lavish possibilities.
▪ They had dinner at the hotel restaurant on their first night.
▪ There isn't a hotel restaurant, but when it comes to eating out in Stuttgart you're spoilt for choice.
▪ He sat on the edge of the bed in his hotel room and waited for the phone to be answered.
▪ That afternoon the phone rang in my hotel room.
▪ They finished chatting in the afternoon, and the researcher went back to her hotel room.
▪ It was your basic small, upscale hotel room.
▪ Mac had a girlfriend and a baby with whom he lived in a Bayswater hotel room provided by Westminster Council.
▪ Visitors have already booked every hotel room within 80 miles of downtown Atlanta.
▪ Every hotel room in a 40-mile radius was booked.
▪ In that hotel room in Carlsbad, I wondered what I would want in their shoes.
▪ The morning visit to Victor's hotel suite would be a waste of time.
▪ There's not a Pringle sweater to be seen in his hotel suite.
▪ He'd been living in a £500-a-week hotel suite in Nottingham, spending £2,000 a month on clothes.
▪ The two paid a call on former President Bush and his wife, Barbara, at their hotel suite.
▪ She left the track without a backward look, intent on hiding in the hotel suite until Ace returned to rescue her.
▪ The Harrick hotel suite was bustling in the early morning of April 4, 1995.
▪ Visitors have already booked every hotel room within 80 miles of downtown Atlanta.
▪ No one knows how many are coming; the fully booked hotels say perhaps 100,000.
▪ You needn't, but I thought ... tonight ... I booked into a hotel and we can go if you like.
▪ After leaving the letter in a drawer she had gone to a nearby town and booked in at a hotel.
▪ Instead of booking a class, the passenger booked different forms of sleeping arrangement rather like booking a hotel room.
▪ After booking into a London hotel you will get the chance to relax and meet the other finalists over lunch.
▪ They drove to Bologna and booked into a hotel.
▪ If you want to build an hotel in an attractive location how attractive does it have to be?
▪ To make the country even more civilized the railways were embarking on building great hotels by their stations for the first time.
▪ Each hotel will cost between $ 5. 4 million and $ 15 million to build.
▪ Conway is building the shops and hotels in the graveyard.
▪ We are basically now committed to building a major international hotels business.
▪ Said she could check with the hotel if she wanted to be sure.
▪ Margarett would come to New York and check into a hotel.
▪ The police could then check the hotels for that day.
▪ Transfer to Kaprun and check in at the hotel.
▪ When he stays out of town, he frequently checks into deluxe hotels that charge hundreds of dollars a night.
▪ How many people take the trouble to check their hotel or restaurant bills these days?
▪ So check with your hotel or corporate sponsor in advance about possible child-care arrangements.
▪ Delegates will include senior executives from hotel and catering companies and leading academics.
▪ Cost: $ 2, 300 per person, double occupancy, including hotels, most meals, ground transportation and sightseeing.
▪ These include flights, hotel with private facilities, breakfast, taxes and entrance to the fair.
▪ Some private employers, including hotels and news organizations, have the opposite problem.
▪ Like most package holidays, this includes breakfast at the hotel, but any other meals are additional to the quoted price.
▪ Quikbook. com, which includes detailed hotel descriptions but no photos.
▪ Settings include the airport, hotel, restaurant, and doctor's office.
▪ Accommodations include several hotels and small inns, guest houses, farmhouses and self-catering units.
▪ The same desk clerk was on duty when Kragan left the hotel two hours later, at nine in the evening.
▪ Lining the road are hundreds of what look like workers leaving hotels.
▪ Today he'd left that hotel.
▪ Police said the players had taken their passports and baggage and left their hotel.
▪ By the time she left the hotel Duncan was in bed, the light and television both switched off.
▪ A friend and I, by chance leaving the hotel, stopped to watch the candidates greet the crowd.
▪ Your travel case reminded me of it when we left the hotel.
▪ A Las Vegas police report says Paganelli was leaving a hotel when a police officer stopped him and asked for identification.
▪ Within the hour the show is cancelled and everyone returns to the hotel to drown their sorrows.
▪ They returned to their hotel, packed their bags, and left for Penn Station to catch a train for Washington.
▪ When I return to the hotel room Lucker is checking the room numbers of the band.
▪ I returned to the hotel hoping to find a message.
▪ Tories more famous than he had come nasty croppers in the past at conference time, returning tight to their hotels.
▪ The teams will return to those hotels Sunday night after the game.
▪ The female Lionisers left the rest of their hollands untouched and began to think in terms of returning to the hotel.
▪ Yesterday, having recovered sufficiently to return to his hotel, he attempted to withdraw from international judo by offering his resignation.
▪ Its interests run to hotels, construction companies and dabbling in currency futures.
▪ He was such a gracious host, it was remarked that in another life he might have run a great hotel.
▪ Charity runs a couple of hotels there with her husband Luiz Santana.
▪ Are we running a penitentiary, or are we running a hotel?
▪ If they were caught it was Leonore who was running the hotel.
▪ Like Kimpton, Conley believes that the small tightly run hotel is often the better route to profitability.
▪ His campaign is being run from a Darlington hotel.
▪ It was a small, unpretentious, privately run hotel, with small rooms where conversations were not likely to be overheard.
▪ He could still be here, staying at some small hotel.
▪ I wanted to stay in a hotel.
▪ There are also two-day tours involving overnight stays at country hotels as well as delicious food.
▪ You are staying at a hotel?
▪ Characteristically, Adam decided to stay at the best hotel in Dresden.
▪ He stayed in a local hotel and had the boys join him on weekends.
▪ We were all forced to stay in hotels and eat in hotels and sign for it.
▪ On the second last day Dilip drove to Jodhpur to stay in a hotel.
▪ Only here and there, as I walked past the seafront hotels, I could see the occasional lighted window.
▪ Masses were ending everywhere in Dublin, and I walked back to my hotel through streams of home-going worshippers.
▪ I told him how it was and he left, walking over to the hotel.
▪ They walked back to the hotel in a silence that was becoming unhappily familiar.
▪ I had walked into a hotel and saw Eddie in a coat and tie across the lobby registering at the desk.
the hotel/tourist etc trade
▪ A plan, already under way, seeks to manage the tourist trade.
▪ And with it, the sudden fear of what it could do to the tourist trade.
▪ But environmentalists have long claimed that the scheme has been underfunded, badly run and above all exploited by the tourist trade.
▪ His attempts to corral the tourist trade at the Falls had failed.
▪ Neither Bradford nor Birmingham regrets entering the tourist trade - the industry waits with bated breath to see how Swindon fares.
▪ Prospective customers should always be on the look-out for good communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of the hotel trade.
▪ They say so-called home improvements can kill off the tourist trade.
▪ At dock, the operation would be supported with a Westernthemed entertainment complex and a 300-room hotel.
▪ Despite the lack of gas and electricity, the hotel coffee was hot.
▪ Don't phone home from your hotel.
▪ He took all meals in his room, owed money to the hotel, expected a visit from an assistant manager.
▪ Its strength and abrasion resistance have made it ideal for shoe cleaning cloths, as provided by most hotel chains.
▪ Police raided its founding conference at a Casablanca hotel, where 40 people were arrested and cautioned.
▪ Tents and marquees have traditionally been used in the grounds of hotels and country clubs for special functions such as receptions and parties.
▪ The hotels and restaurants failed to prosper.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hotel \Ho*tel"\, n. [F. h[^o]tel, OF. hostel. See Hostel.]

  1. A house for entertaining strangers or travelers; an inn or public house, of the better class.

  2. In France, the mansion or town residence of a person of rank or wealth.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1640s, "public official residence," from French hôtel, Old French hostel "a lodging" (11c.), from Medieval Latin hospitale "inn" (see hostel). Modern sense of "an inn of the better sort" is first recorded 1765.


n. 1 (context now chiefly historical English) A large town house or mansion; a grand private residence, especially in France. (from 17th c.) 2 An establishment that provides accommodation and other services for paying guests; normally larger than a guesthouse, and often one of a chain. (from 17th c.)


n. a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services


A hotel is an establishment that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis. Facilities provided may range from a modest-quality mattress in a small room to large suites with bigger, higher-quality beds, a dresser, a fridge and other kitchen facilities, upholstered chairs, a flatscreen television and en-suite bathrooms. Small, lower-priced hotels may offer only the most basic guest services and facilities. Larger, higher-priced hotels may provide additional guest facilities such as a swimming pool, business centre (with computers, printers and other office equipment), childcare, conference and event facilities, tennis and/or basketball courts, gymnasium, restaurants, day spa and social function services. Hotel rooms are usually numbered (or named rooms in some smaller hotels and B&Bs) to allow guests to identify their room. Custom-decorated rooms in some boutique, high-end hotels, make the stay more memorable. Some hotels offer meals as part of a room and board arrangement. In the United Kingdom, a hotel is required by law to serve food and drinks to all guests within certain stated hours. In Japan, capsule hotels provide a tiny room suitable only for sleeping and shared bathroom facilities.

The precursor to the modern hotel was the inn of medieval Europe. For a period of about 200 years from the mid-17th century, coaching inns served as a place for lodging for coach travelers. Inns began to cater to richer clients in the mid-18th century. One of the first hotels in a modern sense was opened in Exeter in 1768. Hotels proliferated throughout Western Europe and North America in the early19th century, and luxury hotels began to spring up in the later part of the 19th century.

Hotel operations vary in size, function, and cost. Most hotels and major hospitality companies have set industry standards to classify hotel types. An upscale full-service hotel facility offers luxury amenities, full service accommodations, on-site restaurant(s), and the highest level of personalized service, such as a concierge, room service and clothes pressing staff. Full service hotels often contain upscale full-service facilities with a large number of full service accommodations, on-site full service restaurant(s), and a variety of on-site amenities. Boutique hotels are smaller independent, non-branded hotels that often contain upscale facilities. Small to medium-sized hotel establishments offer a limited amount of on-site amenities. Economy hotels are small to medium-sized hotel establishments that offer basic accommodations with little to no services. Extended stay hotels are small to medium-sized hotels that offer longer-term full service accommodations compared to a traditional hotel.

Timeshare and Destination clubs are a form of property ownership involving ownership of an individual unit of accommodation for seasonal usage. A motel is a small-sized low-rise lodging with direct access to individual rooms from the car park. Boutique hotels are typically hotels with a unique environment or intimate setting. A number of hotels have entered the public consciousness through popular culture, such as the Ritz Hotel in London. Some hotels are built specifically as a destination in itself, for example at casinos and holiday resorts.

Most hotel establishments are run by a General Manager who serves as the head executive (often referred to as the "Hotel Manager"), department heads who oversee various departments within a hotel (e.g., food service), middle managers, administrative staff, and line-level supervisors. The organizational chart and volume of job positions and hierarchy varies by hotel size, function and class, and is often determined by hotel ownership and managing companies.

Hotel (disambiguation)

A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis.

Hotel may also refer to:

Hotel (1967 film)

Hotel is a 1967 Technicolor film adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Arthur Hailey. The film stars Rod Taylor, Catherine Spaak, Karl Malden, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Rennie, Merle Oberon, and Melvyn Douglas. It is directed by Richard Quine.

Hotel (band)

The band Hotel was a power pop group that formed in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1973 and disbanded in 1982. They had a strong regional following and were loaded with highly talented musicians.

Hotel (board game)

Hotel (known as Hotels in North America) is a dimensional real estate game created by Milton Bradley in 1986. It is similar to Square Mile and Prize Property. In Hotel the players are building resort hotels and attempting to drive their competitors into bankruptcy.

Hotel (U.S. TV series)
''For the situation comedy, see Hot l Baltimore; for the UK documentary series, see Hotel (UK TV series)

Hotel is an American prime time drama series which aired on ABC from September 21, 1983, to May 5, 1988, in the timeslot following Dynasty.

Based on Arthur Hailey's 1965 novel of the same name (which had also inspired a 1967 feature film), the series was produced by Aaron Spelling and set in the elegant and fictitious St. Gregory Hotel in San Francisco (changed from the New Orleans setting of the novel and film). Establishing shots of the hotel were filmed in front of The Fairmont San Francisco atop the Nob Hill neighborhood. Episodes followed the activities of passing guests, as well as the personal and professional lives of the hotel staff.

Hotel (novel)

Hotel is a 1965 novel by Arthur Hailey. It is the story of an independent New Orleans hotel, the St. Gregory, and its management's struggle to regain profitability and avoid being assimilated into the O'Keefe chain of hotels. The St. Gregory is supposedly based on the Roosevelt Hotel, although the old St. Charles Hotel is also cited as the basis for the novel.

The novel was adapted into a movie in 1967, and in 1983 Aaron Spelling turned into a television series, airing for five years on ABC. In the TV series the St. Gregory Hotel was moved from New Orleans to San Francisco.

Hotel (album)

Hotel is the seventh studio album by American electronica musician Moby, first released internationally on March 14, 2005 and then on March 22, 2005 in the United States. Hotel was recorded under the Pacha label and mixed at Moby's apartment, Electric Lady Studios, and Loho Studios in Manhattan, New York City. Initial quantities of the album came with a second CD of ambient music entitled Hotel: Ambient.

The album was a departure from Moby's previous two electronica- and dance-driven albums ( Play and 18), incorporating a more alternative rock-based approach, and is the first Moby album since 1993's Ambient to not contain any vocal samples. The album received a mixed critical reception. Despite this, it reached number 8 in the UK and debuted straight at number 1 in some European countries and went on to earn gold and platinum awards in over twenty countries, with global sales of over 2 million copies.

On December 16, 2014, Hotel: Ambient was reissued as a standalone release with additional tracks.

Hotel (song)

"Hotel" is a song by American hip hop recording artist Cassidy, released September 23, 2003 as his debut single and the lead single from his debut studio album Split Personality. The song, produced by Swizz Beatz, features singer-songwriter R. Kelly and charted in February 2004, reaching #4 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The song makes lyrical references to The Sugarhill Gang's " Rapper's Delight", " Chingy's "Holiday Inn", and Dr. Dre's "Housewife".

Hotel (2001 film)

Hotel is a 2001 experimental British/Italian comedy/thriller film directed by Mike Figgis.

Hotel (1976 TV series)

Hotel is a TVB television series, premiered on 1 November 1976. Theme song "Hotel" composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyricist by Wong Jim, sung by Susanna Kwan.

Category:1970s Hong Kong television series Category:1976 Hong Kong television series debuts Category:1977 Hong Kong television series endings Category:TVB television programmes

Hotel (2004 film)

Hotel is a 2004 Austrian drama film directed by Jessica Hausner. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

Hotel (Pakistan TV series)

Hotel is a crime drama series that airs on TVOne Global.

Hotel (UK TV series)
For the Channel 4 documentary series, see The Hotel (UK TV series)

Hotel is a 1997 eight-episode BBC "fly on the wall" production that followed the general day-to-day running of a hotel giving viewers a rare glimpse of life behind the scenes of the Britannia Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. The series first aired 3 November 1997 on BBC1 with the first episode receiving viewing figures on 11 million. The series was directed by Neil Grant and narrated by Andrew Sachs.

Hotel (Kumi Koda song)

Hotel (stylized as HOTEL) is the fifty-seventh single by Japanese artist Kumi Koda. It was her first single release since 2013's Dreaming Now!. It debuted at #5, but took the weekly position of #7 on Oricon and remained on the charts for four weeks. The A-side's music video was heavily inspired by Koda Kumi's time in Dubai.

The single contained two a-sides and one b-side. The a-sides were the title track and the song MONEY IN MY BAG, which the music video was only released on the "fan club" edition of the single. The b-side was the poppy ballad TURN AROUND.

Hotel (Kid Ink song)

"Hotel" is a song by American hip hop recording artist Kid Ink. The song was released on January 9, 2015 by Tha Alumni Music Group, 88 Classic and RCA Records, as the second single from his third studio album Full Speed (2015). It was sent to US urban adult contemporary radio on January 27, 2015.

Hotel (book)

Hotel is a 2015 book by British writer, illustrator and critic Joanna Walsh. The book is in the Bloomsbury series Object Lessons

Usage examples of "hotel".

Hotel, and has been attended by the most happy results, yet the cases have presented so great a diversity of abnormal features, and have required so many variations in the course of treatment, to be met successfully, that we frankly acknowledge our inability to so instruct the unprofessional reader as to enable him to detect the various systemic faults common to this ever-varying disease, and adjust remedies to them, so as to make the treatment uniformly successful.

A large sign in the lobby of the hotel directed him to the fifth-floor headquarters of the Tonsil, Adenoid and Vas Deferens Society.

I deserved a kick in the pants for my meddlesomeness, but lo and behold, three weeks later a fragile blue aerogramme with a Swiss postmark arrived from the Montreux-Palace Hotel.

I pulled off the main road and found my way down towards the se afront where the tourist hotels were.

CHAPTER 13 SUNDAY, 12 MAY 0530 GREENWICH MEAN TIME Go had bay sixty miles east OF point hotel USS seawolf 1330 beijing time Pacino watched from the galley door to the darkened wardroom as the officers concentrated on the large projection screen on the aft wall.

Ah, well, now that the hotel was getting under way, and so efficiently, no doubt there would soon be many visitors, Americans too, and Agios Georgios would prosper.

John Grady and told him that it was all right and that far worse things than horses had passed through that hotel lobby and John Grady looked at the clerk and then went out and untied the horse and led it in.

Our great achievement was achieved--the possibility of the impossible was demonstrated, and Harris and I walked proudly into the great dining-room of the Riffelberg Hotel and stood our alpenstocks up in the corner.

Even raunchy jokes embarrassed him, never mind sleazy amourettes in hotels.

It was only through an unlikely series of investment reverses, and the malice of her great aunt Amelia, Anadem allowed, that she had come to manage the Hotel Gijon.

First thing he had to plan was how to get his things out of the hotel without Anadem seeing him.

The Dictator sent Paul to the Hotel Americano, where fine quarters were prepared for him and he took a much needed rest, not waking until the next day when a message was conveyed to him from Don Nicholas to the effect that they were going to Ancon that day to try some torpedo experiments.

Tuff is much softer than basalt and andesite, and over the years this exposed layer has eroded away, leaving us with our wonderful hotel.

He prefers a comfortable hotel on the Promenade des Anglais at Nice, where he recovers health and renovates his nervous system by taking daily excursions along the coast to the Casino.

The result was that when the newcomer left the hotel with the cicerone, a man detached himself from the rest of the idlers, and without having been seen by the traveler, and appearing to excite no attention from the guide, followed the stranger with as much skill as a Parisian police agent would have used.