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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
saviour sibling
sibling rivalry (=rivalry between brothers and sisters)
▪ She had never overcome her feelings of sibling rivalry .
▪ Amal's older married siblings were living in other areas of the city.
▪ She cried when the vacuum cleaner made noise or if her older siblings were loud.
▪ The uplift came amidst allegations that the younger children were now subject to abuse from older siblings.
▪ Sometimes older siblings can be harder on you than your parents.
▪ Social workers suspected their older siblings of doing the same.
▪ However, when a pregnancy occurs before normal termination of breastfeeding, the older sibling also suffers a disadvantage.
▪ As a result, copies of her own genes, contained within her young siblings, profit.
▪ Or send a photo of your younger siblings and watch their faces light up when they see themselves in this animated adventure.
▪ One thinks of younger siblings and playmates, handicapped friends, and animals.
▪ Fathers may stay at night, and young siblings may visit as frequently as desired each day.
▪ Angela Brye is the youngest of eight siblings.
▪ We have been reared like our brothers to develop our potential, not to mind younger siblings and learn about infant care.
▪ Everyone is impressed-including fellow students, parents, and younger siblings.
▪ As the oldest child, Kierra had to take care of three younger siblings, including an eighteen-month-old baby.
▪ Others continue the hostility into adulthood and never make peace with their brothers and sisters - a phenomenon called sibling rivalry.
▪ How can siblings, raised in the same family, be so different?
▪ In some families there may be little distinction made between siblings and cousins, and these may be included in any discussion.
▪ Sometimes it is clear that siblings do not like each other.
▪ Their torturer, Maximian, took his own life in frustration when his attempts to execute the siblings failed.
▪ Under rigorous cross examination by prosecution co-counsel Cliff Harris, Sontag acknowledged that Davis' three siblings have led relatively law-abiding lives.
▪ When siblings are in conflict they need consistent and caring control plus help in recognizing each other's needs and feelings.
▪ Your watchful siblings are the editors perched on your lamp shade, magnifying glasses poised to catch your mistakes.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

sibling \sib"ling\ [sub + -ling.] (s[i^]b"l[i^]ng), n. a brother or a sister.

Note: Siblings have at least one parent in common. Those related only by a common mother are uterine siblings; those related only by a common father are agnate siblings or consanguine siblings (a legal term). A sibling having both parents in common is a sibling-german or a full brother or full sister. These modifying terms are more commonly used for the more specific uterine brother, uterine sister, agnate brother, brother-german, etc.


sibling \sib"ling\ (s[i^]b"l[i^]ng), a. of or pertaining to a sibling, n.; as, sibling rivalry: the common rivalry between siblings.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"brother or sister," 1903, modern revival (in anthropology) of Old English sibling "relative, kinsman," from sibb "kinship, relationship; love, friendship, peace, happiness," from Proto-Germanic *sibja- "blood relation, relative," properly "one's own" (cognates: Old Saxon sibba, Old Frisian, Middle Dutch sibbe, Old High German sippa, German Sippe, Gothic sibja "kin, kindred"), from PIE s(w)e-bh(o)- (cognates: Old Church Slavonic sobistvo, Russian sob "character, individuality"), an enlargement of the root *swe- "self" (see idiom). Related to the second element in gossip.\nThe word 'sib' or 'sibling' is coming into use in genetics in the English-speaking world, as an equivalent of the convenient German term 'Geschwister'

[E.&C. Paul, "Human Heredity," 1930]

\nIn Old English, sibb and its compounds covered grounds of "brotherly love, familial affection" which tended later to lump into love (n.), as in sibsumnes "peace, concord, brotherly love," sibbian (v.) "bring together, reconcile," sibbecoss "kiss of peace." Sibship, however, is a modern formation (1908). Sib persisted through Middle English as a noun, adjective, and verb expressing kinship and relationship.

n. A person who shares same parents. One's brother or sister.


n. a person's brother or sister [syn: sib]


A sibling is one of two or more individuals having one or both parents in common. A male sibling is a brother, and a female sibling is a sister. In most societies throughout the world, siblings often grow up together, thereby facilitating the development of strong emotional bonds. The emotional bond between siblings is often complicated and is influenced by factors such as parental treatment, birth order, personality, and personal experiences outside the family. However, there are cases where siblings grow up in separate homes, in different environments. It is known that both nature and nurture figure in development; researchers are attempting to ascertain just which one plays the larger role.

Identical twins share 100% of their DNA. Full siblings are first-degree relatives and, on average, share 50% of their genes out of those that vary among humans. Half-siblings are second-degree relatives and have, on average, a 25% overlap in their human genetic variation.

Usage examples of "sibling".

You get older daughters trying to protect younger siblings by doing anything they can to keep the abusive father focused on them.

It led them to settle on Ansatz in the forgiving dark, where they traded the fruits of their genius for dreams, in penance for the sins of their violent siblings.

Every eye in the crowd fell on the siblings as they left an ashy trail behind them on their way to the cardboard box.

Scylla and Briareus and walks forward into the palace as her siblings phase-shift.

Scylla and Briareus threw themselves at the Shrike, while the Hyperion demon raised four arms and threw itself in the direction of Nemes -- only to be intercepted by the siblings.

Although there had been a half-brother, he had never known him as a sibling and Centaine had raised Shasa as an only child.

But to achieve such skill as an accomplished rider, she had dedicated herself relentlessly to hours of training, something her fainthearted siblings had been disinclined to do soon after discovering they were not always safely ensconced in a sidesaddle.

He gave Fent a cold look that made his younger sibling quail in a new and unusual manner.

The tiny siblings greeted his arrival with weak squeals of joy, for instead of squashy kale pie, Jacko brought spicy chicken galantine, savory and strong.

These children and Girdlers were cursed with siblings to love, no choice in it, an accident of birth.

It was not that long after first light, in the old gompa beneath the Phallus Shiva now turned into Christian enclave, where John Domenico Cardinal Mustafa, Admiral Marget Wu, Father Farrell, Archbishop Breque, Father LeBlanc, Rhadamanth Nemes, and her two remaining siblings met in conference.

My siblings and I were working along the Hoolie River and on the Sea of Grass then.

On Kahu Hidi, had her egg been left in place and the venator survived, Frankie would have hatched first, then killed and eaten her dinosaur siblings.

Syr greets you in the name of she who is daughter of Audhumla, and in the name of all the Vanir, Children of the Nourisher, Siblings of the Vettir.

Thio, mother of the cell, and Tsanan, nurturer of myself and my siblings.