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Answer for the clue "Cartoonist Foster", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word hal

Movie computer

9000 in "2001"

Actor Linden

Hotspur's slayer

Shakespearean prince

Falstaff's prince

"2001" mainframe

Fictional supercomputer

Prince of Broadway

Kubrick's "2001" mainframe

"2001" computer

1940's Tigers All-Star Newhouser

"2001" name

Old-time Yankee great Chase

"Alfie" lyricist David

Author Bennett

Country singer Ketchum

Computer in "2001"

P.G.A. champ Sutton

Discovery I computer

"Prince Valiant" cartoonist Foster

Prince of the theater

Golfer Sutton

Sci-fi lip-reader

"2001" processor

"I'm sorry, Dave" speaker of sci-fi

Talking computer of film

"Shallow ___" (2001 Jack Black movie)

Film producer Roach

March who hosted "The $64,000 Question"

Linden of "Barney Miller"

Sutton of the P.G.A.

Lyricist ___ David

Broadway's ___ Prince

With 34-Across, 1982 A.L. r.b.i. leader

March who hosted TV's "The $64,000 Question"

Actor Linden or Holbrook

Lyricist David

Memorable 1968 movie villain

___ 9000, sci-fi computer

Friend of Falstaff

Evil computer in "2001"

Anthropomorphic film villain

Movie villain voiced by Douglas Rain

Anthropomorphic cinema computer

Space movie villain

Film villain who sings "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!"

Falstaff's princely friend

Speaker of the film line "This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it"

___ Jordan, real name of the Green Lantern

"Shallow ___" (Jack Black film)

Nonhuman villain of a classic 1968 film

Protagonist in David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest"

Bad computer?

1968 space movie villain

Dad on "Malcolm in the Middle"

Drinking buddy for Falstaff

"2001: A Space Odyssey" villain

Villain of "2001"

Prince with 21 Tonys

___ Steinbrenner, principal owner of the Yankees

Roach of old comedy

Film character who says menacingly "I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do"

Rogue computer in "2001"

Actor Holbrook

Malicious fictional computer

Prince who became Henry V

Kubrick's computer

Prince of Wales, in "Henry IV"

A "2001" star

Director Roach

Belgian pilgrimage town, to a Parisian

Cinematic computer

Falstaff's princely pal

Film producer Wallis

March or Roach

Tyrant in "2001"

Producer Wallis

Roach or Holbrook

Roach of film fame

Holbrook or Linden

Linden or Holbrook

Film computer

Prince or Prince

Film director Roach

Jazz altoist McIntyre


Henry V, as prince

Actor Holbroock

Falstaff's friend

Linden or March


Dancer LeRoy

McRae of baseball

Holbrook or March

Prince ___

Linden that sprouted in N.Y.C.

Newhouser or McRae

Bandleader Kemp

Holbrook from Cleveland

Roach or Chase

Computer in a space film

Boar's Head Tavern habitué

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__NOTOC__ Hal may refer to:

Usage examples of hal.

When they anchored in the deepest part of the channel, Hal dropped a hand line over the side, the hooks baited with crabs they had taken from their holes on the sandy beach.

Just before sunset Hal called a Halt, and they rowed back towards the anchored galleon.

Hal said, as the shapes of the anchored ships began to merge with the dark mass of the forest behind them.

Hal anchored well clear of these burned and battered hulks, and Fasilides sent one of his servants ashore in the longboat.

They had never before had a chance to look into the armoury, but now at a glance Hal saw that it was all laid out in a neat and orderly fashion.

Hal appeared in the armoury doorway with a sword in one hand and a burning torch that he had seized from its bracket in the other.

The enormous painting had been only recently completed by the young Dutch artist Pieter Codde, a student of Franz Hals who had managed to escape Amsterdam just before the siege closed in.

He laughed gaily and went into the hall with her, and now was it well dight with bankers and dorsars of goodly figured cloth, and on the walls a goodly halling of arras of the Story of Alexander.

Owens, Jon Halper, Jackson Schmidt, Steve Horst, and Chris Doolan all said or did things that got blended in.

Jay Kalam habitually taciturn, Hal Samdu, slow with words, Giles Habibula overly cautious.

The others swiftly followed, Giles Habibula puffing, hauled by John Star from above, pushed by Hal Samdu beneath.

Hal Samdu, cool, composed Jay Kalam, wheezing, groaning Giles Habibula.

Hal Samdu and Giles Habibula were busy over a little fire by the edge of a tiny, flashing stream that crossed the glade.

Hal and poor old Giles got the two of you out of the mortal jungle, after you fell back wrapped in the end of that evil tentacle.

Hal felt the fire ship bows thump heavily into the Gulls stern timbers.