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Go! (Letters to Cleo album)

Go! is the third studio album by the alternative rock band Letters to Cleo. It was released in 1997 on Warner. This was their first album without the band's original drummer, Stacy Jones, and the first with Tom Polce in his place.

Go! (airline)

Go! (styled as go!), based in Honolulu was a regional brand of Phoenix, Arizona-based Mesa Airlines. Go! operated inter-island services within Hawaii. Its main base was Honolulu International Airport. It was a division within the Mesa Airlines subsidiary of Mesa Air Group and its flights were operated by Mesa Airlines. The airline ceased operations in Hawaii on April 1, 2014.

Go! (Common song)

"Go!" is the third single from the Common album Be. It is produced by Kanye West, who also performs backing vocals for the track alongside John Mayer. The track's percussion is handled by Num Amuntehu, while its scratches are provided by A-Trak. Its beat contains a sample from "Old Smokey" by Linda Lewis. Its lyrics deal with sexual fantasies.

Two remixes of "Go!" featuring Joy Denalane were released as singles: one was remixed by Kanye West and the other by Jazzanova. J. Cole also raps over the "Go!" beat on "Knock On Wood Freestyle" on his The Blow Up mixtape.

Go! (Fair Warning album)

Go! is the third studio album released by the hard rock band Fair Warning.

Go! (Cartman album)

Go! is the debut album by Cartman and was released January 14, 2002 by Embryo Records and distributed by MGM Distribution.

Scott Nicholls designed and produced the artwork for the album Go!. The East Perth Train Terminal was chosen as the location for the photo shoot, accompanied by a small library of additional band photos taken throughout the bands career.

Go! was selected as Triple J's Album of the Week. The first track to be lifted from the album, "Shock" raced across the national airwaves and was selected as the eviction music for reality TV show Big Brother. "Shock" spent 17 weeks in the Triple J Net 50 and was voted in the Triple J Hottest 100 songs for 2002. "Shock" was followed closely by the country tinged break up song "Got No Reason" which spent 5 weeks in the Triple J Net 50 and received significant airplay across the country, The third single lifted from the album was the pop rock ballad "George", a Joe Hawkins/Cartman song. Rotation on Triple J and the commercial networks cemented the album as one of the best Australian releases for 2002.

Go! (Jupiter Rising song)

"Go!" is the debut single of American pop duo Jupiter Rising, taken from their first and second albums Jupiter Rising and Electropop. The song received notability when it was played on the Disney Channel Original Movie Jump In! and charted on the Hot Dance Airplay charting for 12 weeks, and 12 weeks on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Airplay.

Go! (programming language)

Go! is an agent-based programming language in the tradition of logic-based programming languages like Prolog. It was introduced in a 2003 paper by Francis McCabe and Keith Clark.

Go! (Joe Inoue song)

is Japanese-American recording artist Joe Inoue's fourth single, and the first off of his second album Dos Angeles. Inoue worked with producer Mine-Chang on the single, which is described as an electro-pop tune.

Go! (Tones on Tail song)

"Go!" is a song by English post-punk band Tones on Tail.

The song was sampled in American electronic musician Moby's 1990 dance hit of the same title. The song was also notably featured in the 2003 cult film Party Monster.

Go! (band)

GO! is an American hardcore punk band that were active in the late 1980s and early 1990s and reunited in 2006.

Based in New York, GO! were contemporaries of bands such as Life's Blood, Citizen's Arrest and Sticks and Stones. GO! play fast typical American hardcore similar to bands such as Youth of Today and Minor Threat. Lyrically politically forthright, GO! speak out against racism and sexism. Most notably, lead singer Mike BS is one of a handful of openly gay musicians involved in the hardcore scene. Mike made a point to speak about gay rights at every show. They became well known for attacking the perceived homophobia of the punk band Bad Brains, and their set included one anti-Bad Brains song called "Holy Roller", which included the chorus "Justify your prejudice through religion - Eat shit dreadlocked mother fucker!". The song appears on their EP And The Time Is Now... When the band played the song live they would often point out "This is an anti 'Bad Brainian' song not an anti rastafarian song" In order to clarify that the song was specifically directed towards said individuals rather than it being perceived as possibly against all rastafarians or even having racist undertones ( Rastafari, like all Abrahamic religions, teaches that sex is purely for procreation).

The band played most frequently at ABC No Rio in New York. GO! toured the U.S. in 1990 and in 1991, toured Europe.

Singer and lyricist Mike BS published his own fanzine called Bullshit Monthly which covering New York City hardcore. His publication carried the byline "proud to be gay owned and operated" He was also a columnist for Maximum Rock 'N' Roll zine and became a prominent voice for gay rights in the punk scene.

GO!'s line up changed regularly, except for Mike and guitarist Aaron. GO! released several EPs and an album before breaking up in the early 1990s. In 2006 GO! reunited and began performing and recording again, releasing a new EP titled Reactive. They are part of the Queercore scene.