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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Scratching \Scratch"ing\, adv. With the action of scratching.


Scratch \Scratch\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Scratched; p. pr. & vb. n. Scratching.] [OE. cracchen (perhaps influenced by OE. scratten to scratch); cf. OHG. chrazz[=o]n, G. kratzen, OD. kratsen, kretsen, D. krassen, Sw. kratsa to scrape, kratta to rake, to scratch, Dan. kradse to scratch, to scrape, Icel. krota to engrave. Cf. Grate to rub.]

  1. To rub and tear or mark the surface of with something sharp or ragged; to scrape, roughen, or wound slightly by drawing something pointed or rough across, as the claws, the nails, a pin, or the like.

    Small sand-colored stones, so hard as to scratch glass.

    Be mindful, when invention fails, To scratch your head, and bite your nails.

  2. To write or draw hastily or awkwardly. ``Scratch out a pamphlet.''

  3. To cancel by drawing one or more lines through, as the name of a candidate upon a ballot, or of a horse in a list; hence, to erase; to efface; -- often with out.

  4. To dig or excavate with the claws; as, some animals scratch holes, in which they burrow.

    To scratch a ticket, to cancel one or more names of candidates on a party ballot; to refuse to vote the party ticket in its entirety. [U. S.]


n. 1 The act or sound of something being scratched. 2 A pork scratching. vb. (present participle of scratch English)

  1. adj. (of a pain) as if caused by scraping with nails or claws

  2. n. a harsh noise made by scraping; "the scrape of violin bows distracted her" [syn: scrape, scraping, scratch]


Scratching, sometimes referred to as scrubbing, is a DJ and turntablist technique used to produce distinctive percussive or rhythmic sounds and sound effects by moving a vinyl record back and forth on a turntable while optionally manipulating the crossfader on a DJ mixer. While scratching is most commonly associated with African-American hip hop music, where it emerged in the mid-1970s, it has been used in the 1990s and 2000s in some styles of pop and in nu metal. Within hip hop culture, scratching is one of the measures of a DJ's skills. DJs compete in scratching competitions at the DMC World DJ Championship and IDA (International DJ Association, formerly known as ITF (International turntablist Federation). At scratching competitions, DJs can use only scratch-oriented gear (turntables, DJ mixer, digital vinyl systems or vinyl records only). In recorded hip-hop songs, scratched hooks often use portions of other songs.

Usage examples of "scratching".

After giving the colt a good scratching and an affectionate hug, she looked up to see Latie staring at the young animal with longing.

Then taking the flint knife from the sheath at her waist, she sat on the ground and began scratching some additional marks on the map.

In the field, they both spent some time stroking and scratching the young stallion.

Jondalar rubbed his neck, and his back, and down his legs, and leaned across him, scratching him and stroking him, and getting him entirely familiar with the feel of the man.

Billy looked around at him, aware that he was constantly scratching himself.

The scratching of the pen was loud in the otherwise silent room and Billy turned his gaze to the shiny pate of the ageing priest.

He parked the cart outside a coffee shop and walked in, taking off his greasy hat and scratching his spiky ginger hair as he stood at the counter.

As the big woman walked back behind the counter she was scratching the back of her hand.

The docker opposite the totter had started scratching now and Sam felt his back itching.

Then she grimaced, scratching herself beneath her Sunday hat, which she was wearing a day early in honor of Dr.

She had come like that each day and had called him, scratching at the earth with her nails.

And she did manage to save a little by scratching away the charred part, dousing the flames, and turning the goose over.

Amsel is scratching again in the dirt with his shoe, looking and looking.

He dove exactly across from the spot which our Harras indicated, first whimpering, then scratching with both forepaws.

And several times Eddi Amsel produced a painful likeness of these shameful positions with dashing rich-black brush, with scratching spread-foot pen, with gushing and gifted bamboo quill.