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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And they lived in Atlanta-where talk-ing about the latest health food fads had lately become a passionate way of life.
▪ This is not simply a passing fad.
▪ Arts education may be the fad du jour.
▪ It could be that old Henry Flagler himself started the fad, back when he started the town.
▪ It is only in the fashion or fad field that the later comers get badly burned.
▪ They know this is just another fad.
▪ This is not simply a passing fad.
▪ Very trendy new hotel run by Christina Ong, the Met adheres to the current fad for minimalism.
▪ Will upsizing be the next management fad?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fad \Fad\ (f[a^]d), n. [Cf. Faddle.]

  1. A hobby; freak; whim.

    It is your favorite fad to draw plans.
    --G. Eliot.

  2. a practise followed enthusiastically by a number of people for a limited period of time; as, the latest fad in fashion.

    Syn: craze; mania. [PJC] -- Fad"dist, n. -- Fad"dish, a.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1834, "hobby, pet project" (adjective faddy is from 1824), of uncertain origin. Perhaps shortened from fiddle-faddle. Or perhaps from French fadaise "trifle, nonsense," which is ultimately from Latin fatuus "stupid." From 1881 as "fashion, craze," or as Century Dictionary has it, "trivial fancy adopted and pursued for a time with irrational zeal."


n. A phenomenon that becomes popular for a very short time.


n. an interest followed with exaggerated zeal; "he always follows the latest fads"; "it was all the rage that season" [syn: craze, furor, furore, cult, rage]

FAD (disambiguation)

A fad is a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal.

FAD or fad may also refer to:

  • Dominican Air Force (Spanish: )
  • FAD assault rifle
  • Fad Browne (1906–1991), Irish politician
  • Familial Alzheimer disease
  • Fatty acid desaturase
  • First appearance datum
  • First assistant director
  • Fish aggregating device
  • Flavin adenine dinucleotide
  • Fox's Animation Domination, a programming block on the Fox television network
  • Wagi language, spoken in Papua New Guinea
  • Food availability decline; see Theories of famines

A fad or trend or craze is any form of collective behavior that develops within a culture, a generation or social group and which impulse is followed enthusiastically by a group of people for a finite period of time.

Similar to habits or customs but less durable, fads often result from an activity or behavior being perceived as emotionally popular or exciting within a peer group or being deemed " cool" as often promoted by social networks A fad is said to "catch on" when the number of people adopting it begins to increase to the point of being noteworthy. Fads often fade quickly when the perception of novelty is gone.

Usage examples of "fad".

It was such as these, their successors, whom his daughter characterised with scorn, impatient of the passing fads and fancies common to their age, of an immaturity which she herself had exemplified so much less venially.

Persimmon Sea flew the Suaniset utility vehicle, an ungainly Apex A-15, lacking all style or flair and Schaine suspected that Gerd Jemasze intended nothing less than a demonstration of contempt for the fads of Olanje.

I laughed at this fad, and, not thinking him incorrigible I took him into my service.

The current fad in body design, for humanoform females, was towards a flat-breasted, hipless, buttock-less shape that looked like an anorexic male or a dying lizard.

Showing, while millions of souls hurry on, The virtues of collars, from sunset till dawn, By dart or by tumble of whirl within whirl, Starting new fads for the shame-weary girl, By maggoty motions in sickening line Proclaiming a hat or a soup or a wine, While there far above the steep cliffs of the street The stars sing a message elusive and sweet.

A lazy Susan stood in the middle of the table, so crowded now with jars and bottles and cruets and sifters containing all their particular fads in condiments and seasonings that the twirling platform stalled out mid-circuit beneath the burden it bore.

With one sweep he eliminated the centuries-old butchery of lobotomy and topectomy which had maimed hundreds of thousands in its long fad.

It is really one of the maladies of American democracy to be swept by these prairie fires of pseudo-scientifc fads, and throw itself into Eugenics or Anthropometric inquiry with the buoyancy of babies.

Fraij, do you remember a message from some youngling in that area saying her parents had gone overside into the psychoplanetary fad, and she needed arguments to combat them?

And there were obvious advantages when it came to the other fads of the day: bicycling and lawn tennis.

I do analyzing fads and fashions, you get so you can spot them at first sight: ecohippie, jogger, Wall Street M.

Science has its fads and crazes, like anything else: string theory, eugenics, mesmerism.

They were, in the late eighties, and then, like a lot of fads, instead of dying out, they settled into a small but permanent niche in society.

Bo Derek, Dorothy Hamill, Jackie Kennedy, had all started hairstyle fads, and they were by no means the first.

HiTek would like nothing more than to know what causes fads so they could invent the next one.