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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
peer pressure
▪ A lot of kids start drinking because of peer pressure.
▪ And they are given interpersonal strategies to avoid peer pressure to make these unhealthy choices.
▪ Any lack of required work effort by an individual will affect the immediate group bonus and so peer pressure can be significant.
▪ Carl Gunnersley, defending Khan, said his behaviour was also affected by drink and peer pressure.
▪ First, there was the peer pressure from my colleagues.
▪ However, unsophisticated people should not let peer pressure push them into a fad.
▪ In part, the growth of peer pressure will result from revolutionary changes in pay practices.
▪ They discovered spectator peer pressure, fans nudging recalcitrant neighbors to participate.
peer pressure

n. encouragement or influence by one's peers.

Peer pressure

‘’’Peer pressure’’’ (or ‘’’social pressure’'') is influence on observers, or an individual who get encouraged to follow others by changing their attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform to those of the influencing group or individual. Social groups affected include both membership groups, in which individuals are "formally" members (such as political parties and trade unions), and cliques in which membership is not clearly defined. However, a person does not need to be a member or be seeking membership of a group to be affected by peer pressure. One may also recognize dissociative groups, with which one wishes to avoid associating, and thus behave counter to that group's norms.

Peer Pressure (game show)

Peer Pressure is an American television game show where youths performed stunts and answered questions about moral dilemmas. The show aired in syndication from 1997-1998 in first-run (with re-edited repeats airing until 2000), and was hosted by Nick Spano and Valarie Rae Miller.

Peer pressure (disambiguation)

Peer pressure may refer to:

  • Peer pressure, a set of group dynamics whereby a group of people pressures an individual to do something he or she wouldn't normally do
  • Peer Pressure (game show), an American television game show (1997–1999) where youths performed stunts and answered questions about moral dilemmas
  • "Peer Pressure," a song by De La Soul from their 2000 album AOI: Bionix
  • "Peer Pressure," a song by Pretty Ricky from their 2007 album " Late Night Special"
Peer Pressure (song)

"Peer Pressure" is the first single from Mobb Deep's debut album Juvenile Hell. It was released under the 4th & Broadway label. The b-side features the song "Flavor For The Non-Believers". On Prodigy's first verse, he stated that he "dreamed of being an architect" before taking up hip hop.