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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
an established convention (=one that has been used for a long time)
▪ There are established conventions for how you should end a letter.
an established custom
▪ He had criticized some of the school’s established customs.
assess/establish/determine the extent of sth
▪ We are still trying to assess the extent of the problem.
build up/establish a circle
▪ Michael built up a wide circle of customers and friends worldwide.
create/produce/establish a code
▪ They have established a code of practice for advertisers.
determine/establish/identify the cause (=discover definitely what it is)
▪ A team of experts is at the scene of the accident, trying to determine the cause.
establish a basis (also lay a basis) (= create something from which something can be developed)
▪ The agreement established a sound basis for international commerce.
establish a business
▪ She overcame many financial difficulties to establish her business.
establish a connection (=show that there is one)
▪ Scientists have attempted to establish a connection between these two theories.
establish a pattern
▪ You should try to establish a pattern of working that suits you.
establish a principle (=make it accepted)
▪ Establish the principle that when your office door is shut you must not be disturbed.
establish a relationship (=prove that it exists)
▪ The book tries to establish a relationship between the war and social unrest in Europe.
establish a reputation (=make people accept that you are good at doing something)
▪ By then Picasso was already establishing his reputation as an artist.
establish a tradition
▪ They are continuing a tradition established by the firm’s Victorian founder.
establish communication
▪ My job is to establish good communication with our hotel guests.
establish contact
▪ The police are trying to establish contact with the kidnappers.
establish the criteria for sth
▪ Management establishes the criteria for each project.
establish ties
▪ Israel established full diplomatic ties with the Vatican in 1994.
establish your credibility
▪ Dave had already established his credibility with the department managers.
establish/assert/impose/stamp your authority (=show people that you have authority)
▪ The new manager was anxious to establish her authority.
▪ Robertson quickly stamped his authority on the team.
▪ The State Department pressed him to take bolder steps to assert his authority.
establish/build up/develop (a) rapport
▪ He built up a good rapport with the children.
establish/create/provide an agenda (=begin to have an agenda)
▪ We need to establish an agenda for future research.
▪ He spent the first part of the interview trying to establish his credentials as a financial expert.
establish/develop relations
▪ The company has tried to establish relations with several universities.
establish/form/set up a council
▪ A National Radio and Television Council was established to regulate the market.
establish/piece together the facts (=find out what actually happened in a situation)
▪ The police are still piecing together the facts.
establish/reach a diagnosis
▪ It is important to establish the diagnosis and begin treatment quickly.
find/establish a motive
▪ So far the police have been unable to establish a motive for the murder.
forge/establish links
▪ Organizers of the project hope that international links will be forged.
found/establish a company
▪ The company was founded in 1993 by William J. Nutt.
gain/establish a foothold
▪ Extreme right-wing parties gained a foothold in the latest European elections.
lay down/establish ground rules for sth
▪ Our book lays down the ground rules for building a patio successfully.
long established
long established traditions
prove/confirm/establish the existence of sth (=prove that something exists)
▪ The images confirm the existence of water on the planet's surface.
securely established
▪ By that time, democracy had become securely established in Spain.
set up/establish a fund
▪ They have set up a fund to build a memorial to all those who died.
set up/establish a working group (to do sth)
▪ The commission has set up a special working group to look at the problem.
set up/establish/create a commission
▪ They set up a commission to investigate the problem of youth crime.
set up/establish/create a zone
▪ The government intends to set up an enterprise zone in the region.
set/establish a precedent
▪ The decision is important as it could set a legal precedent for other similar cases.
▪ She has already established herself as a backing singer specialising in jazz and stands to win professional recording sessions.
▪ These are instructions telling us how we may derive new propositions from propositions already established.
▪ He stupidly took off on the outside of a wave when some one else had already established priority on the inside.
Already established as one of the top full-service U.S.
▪ Stirling has already established an undoubted reputation for innovative teaching and offers its students an excellent learning environment.
▪ This is especially true if you introduce your spouse into an already established business partnership.
▪ Significantly, it allows us to utilise our extensive content and brands in an already established digital business.
▪ Because Dave had already established his credibility with the department managers, they were willing to take him at his word.
▪ Whether or not these family resemblances are accurately identified, this kind of inheritance is now firmly established by experience and science.
▪ Biological, social, or economic systems enter periods of punctuated equilibrium with slowly evolving but firmly established structures.
▪ This would ensure that they would be firmly established within heroin user networks and not peripheral to them.
▪ Often the first separation was literal, through hospital isolation and quarantine, practices firmly established during the 1916 polio epidemic.
▪ The magnetic bipolar nature of the features is now firmly established.
▪ More pertinent, the United States has firmly established itself as a power in this region.
▪ By the end of the twelfth century the modern distribution of settlements was firmly established.
▪ In view of this, one would expect the breed to have firmly established itself long ago.
▪ The habit of giving reversions had become well established by the sixteenth century.
▪ Across our organization the one-book-per-month practice is pretty well established.
▪ Barbara Lipscombe gives the impression that it is well established and almost never disturbed.
▪ The power of feedback to motivate improved performance is well established.
▪ By this time his workaholic lifestyle was well established, though always hidden behind his easy friendliness.
▪ Greater is the irony that twenty years earlier the open mind for this view was well established in economic circles.
▪ Metered dose inhalers have a well established role in the management of bronchial asthma.
▪ All of these craters were well established by 1965.
▪ Finally, how can we establish our authority over this department? 4.
▪ Witches are simply women who control symbolic power that neither men nor established religious authorities can wrench from them.
▪ In the past he has sought to be aggressive early on to establish his authority at the crease.
▪ The participating States will not tolerate or support forces that are not accountable to or controlled by their constitutionally established authorities.
▪ System-based rationality as constructed by information specialists, however, functioned within parameters established by command authority.
▪ Congress could explicitly establish such authority, or it could award jurisdiction over tobacco to another agency.
▪ As it was, Kim Il Sung worked successfully to establish his authority.
▪ We have already announced our intention to establish independent authorities for the eight national parks currently run as county council committees.
▪ Look ahead five or so years to when might be an established business.
▪ This is especially true if you introduce your spouse into an already established business partnership.
▪ Significantly, it allows us to utilise our extensive content and brands in an already established digital business.
▪ As established, business teams were designed to be relatively self-managed.
▪ He became a freeman of the London Broderers' Company on 26 February 1691, soon afterwards establishing his own business.
▪ Unlike therapists who deal with psychological problems, coaches help their clients establish business goals and stay on track.
▪ The first step consists of establishing the company's business model, although this may already be fixed in established companies.
▪ Some directors eventually acquire enough money and experience to establish their own funeral businesses.
▪ The Staffordshire authorities are carrying out an inquest into the accident to establish the exact cause of death.
▪ But 4 postmortem examinations have failed to establish the cause of his death.
▪ The important issue, before deciding upon remedial action, is to establish the cause of the movement.
▪ Connections had postponed running plans for the previously unbeaten Tenby until they had established the cause of his failure.
▪ Investigators are still at the scene in Woodside Road, trying to establish the cause of the blaze.
▪ The three year survey will establish the cause of the decline and decide whether a closed season is necessary.
▪ A postmortem examination failed to establish a definite cause of death and the results of further forensic tests are awaited.
▪ But the Crown Prosecution Service has dropped the case after four post mortems failed to establish a cause of death.
▪ Companies or governments might establish committees with powers to investigate, recommend or even to make decisions.
▪ One of the changes was establishing a partnership committee to evaluate whether to go public.
▪ The final communiqué reported the decision to establish an observation committee to monitor the cease-fire as well as the forthcoming elections.
▪ The meeting had ended in agreement to establish a permanent liaison committee.
▪ They established a committee to meet with DeGrazia to try to find solutions both sides could support.
▪ Some governing bodies have been sensitive to this danger and have established committees and structures involving teachers other than the teacher-governors.
▪ Already, one top Republican fund-raiser, Ohio attorney Thomas Tripp, has established such a committee.
▪ The case studies will be undertaken to establish how a bus company operates from the viewpoint of its management and organisation.
▪ With her attempt to establish a company at the Imperial Theatre, Westminster, having failed, Lillie resumed touring.
▪ Wayne, the treasurer and controller, exercised power to successfully establish an offshore trading company.
▪ In 1686 they declared war on him in order to establish a separate company state from which they could trade.
▪ Children's Theatre Center director Gayle Cornelison, who established the company 25 years ago, produced and wrote the play.
▪ Shindler will carry out an environmental compliance audit, to establish how well a company is complying with existing legislation.
▪ To establish a correlation is not necessarily to establish a connection.
▪ But a stubborn, argumentative child may try to draw you into too many debates as you try to establish a connection.
▪ The achievement of a goal will serve to reinforce the behaviour and so establish a causal connection between needs and goals.
▪ He says the city wants to establish a citywide internet connection through the cable system.
▪ As the analysis developed, our attention was drawn towards the way the document attempts to establish other forms of connection.
▪ It simply establishes a much closer connection between the process of socialization and its symbolic consequences.
▪ It can take full credit for the success it has achieved, establishing a clear connection between results and core organizational beliefs.
▪ Therefore, with a half to 1 minute still to run we should be able to establish visual contact.
▪ The point was to establish contact, to see whether the path through the hedge might be cleared again for passage.
▪ Every month or so a pair will be despatched to meet established contacts in Manchester or Liverpool.
▪ He established contacts with townspeople and religious leaders that would be invaluable to him in his later research.
▪ He was particularly keen to establish contacts between the college and what was happening elsewhere in post-war Britain.
▪ For lawyers it is especially important to establish contact with colleagues in other member states.
▪ Peter has established all the necessary contacts and made preliminary negotiations to obtain these aircraft.
▪ These are established through national joint councils, consisting of representatives of employers and employees, supplemented by local variations and agreements.
▪ Two of the many ways that cities organized themselves were to establish ruling councils and to issue coins.
▪ We accept that the Minister has honoured his commitment; he has brought forward powers to establish a funding council.
▪ The Monday open market at Hemlington was established by the council at the suggestion of residents.
▪ A statement must be obtained from the Insured to establish the facts and to avoid subsequent dispute as to the circumstances.
▪ It was studiously careful not to speculate beyond the established facts.
▪ The guilt is established by proof of facts.
▪ It took Doyle a moment to establish that fact.
▪ Pardons initiated by the White House customarily are granted by presidents outside the regular procedures established by law.
▪ Carnot established the second law of thermodynamics; demonstrated the wave nature of light.
▪ Others were established under the Poor Law.
▪ Finally we establish the so-called laws of exponents for positive integral powers.
▪ Policy making is the process by which the state establishes laws, policy decisions, and value allocations. 7.
▪ At the same time he established important links with the continental book trade.
▪ Even if such reports were accurate, these phenomena have no established link with the onset of earthquakes.
▪ The Profitboss has a simple way of establishing the contribution link to profit.
▪ Many Northern Ireland companies already have well established exporting links.
▪ Threatened groups bring in wives from outside and thus establish important social links promising external support and succour.
▪ Take each item and establish a contribution link to profit.
▪ Its mission is to establish effective links between education and business.
▪ When only a few people are involved, a system of property rights may establish the missing market.
▪ The terms of the struggle were established by the market.
▪ Why don't private individuals establish the missing market through a system of bribes or compensation?
▪ For this to happen, they have to begin to establish a market presence now.
▪ However, even in these cases it will probably not be necessary to establish the market value immediately.
▪ That last requirement could best be met by establishing a large enough market to warrant actual manufacture in the Far East.
▪ However, in more established markets, such mid-sized firms are being squeezed out.
▪ These are elements in marketing that help to establish the company's market share and competitive performance.
▪ With little official funding or backing, the team went ahead to establish just such a network.
▪ Yet I was able to establish a network of valuable career contacts.
▪ This would ensure that they would be firmly established within heroin user networks and not peripheral to them.
▪ In this way you may be able to establish another network that could pay off handsomely.
▪ In the long-term, the centre aims to establish a network for the exchange and distribution of news programmes and documentaries.
▪ Cable companies are cooperating to establish fiber networks involving different operators so that they can compete with the telephone companies.
▪ Breeders have established their own intelligence network in a bid to combat the crime.
▪ For many, establishing a network of informal support can help.
▪ We can, however, establish the correct order of magnitude from a number of sources.
▪ The character who can maintain such an idea is a formidable opponent to established order.
▪ This disjunctive, unfinished quality challenges readers to establish an order which the text does not entirely provide for them.
▪ The reasons for doing so, he felt, are to establish order and to protect private property.
▪ Once the component parts have been established, their order in terms of time-scale can be decided.
▪ Most of those words are cynical, humorous and often subversive to the established order.
▪ Conservatism may represent the attempt to establish some continuity and order in these precarious circumstances.
▪ Among those who say that Maciel abused them are two men who helped to establish the order in the United States.
▪ If a pattern of anticipation is to be disrupted, it must first be established.
▪ Regardless of your preference you should try to establish a pattern.
▪ It's now an established pattern.
▪ Premium fares were charged on these cars, establishing a pattern which is maintained to this day.
▪ And what are the molecular processes involved in establishing that new pattern?
▪ This should include establishing a regular pattern of breathing which will, of course, make that relaxation even deeper.
▪ They establish a conventional pattern and timescale for basic interlocutory stages in personal injury litigation.
▪ They can do this by establishing clear guiding principles against which all actions need to be evaluated.
▪ Quintilian was one who credited Zeuxis with having established painterly principles of light and shade.
▪ The convention establishes the principle that nothing that is harmful to human health and marine life can be dumped at sea.
▪ In resolving these conflicts, the courts establish legal principles that apply to similar cases.
▪ The research nurses are establishing the principle that the rigid compartments of the medical profession are not as watertight as they appear.
▪ Although not intransigent, Wash was clearly uneasy about the specific link with Bedfordshire as the precedent to establish a principle.
▪ As some observers noted, the new regulation establishes the principle that environmental concerns take precedence over commercial arguments.
▪ It will also seek to establish any general principles connected with successful schemes of joint consultation.
▪ Having established the phasor relationship between the fundamental components of phase voltage and current, the pull-out torque can be found directly.
▪ They also need tact, good judgment, and the ability to establish effective personal relationships to oversee staff.
▪ Wrangham found that by following chimpanzees daily, he could establish the ranging relationships of the animals.
▪ Thus was established a symbiotic relationship between the power companies and the chemical indus-try.
▪ Robinson established a close relationship with Monck and was himself returned to the Convention Parliament for London.
▪ Drift-netting is another example of our inability as humans to establish a sustainable relationship with the planet.
▪ The father, who had established a stable relationship with another woman, wanted the children to live with him.
▪ Member of the multidisciplinary team Primary nurses aim to establish an emotionally therapeutic relationship with their patients based on trust and confidence.
▪ Yet he had somehow established a reputation in political circles as something out of the ordinary.
▪ To have work bought by one of the bigger private collectors could establish reputations, as could publication or exhibition abroad.
▪ Above all the farm worker could establish his reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable craftsman among his fellow workers.
▪ Stirling has already established an undoubted reputation for innovative teaching and offers its students an excellent learning environment.
▪ Although he never published the systematic economic treatise which might have established his reputation, Barton's closely argued pamphlets were influential.
▪ He quickly established its critical reputation and the Institute became the focal point of specialist dissent from the official line.
▪ Before the match the Aussies had established such a reputation that people began to believe they were unbeatable.
▪ Many families experience the problems of squabbles between siblings and learn to establish rules for mediating a problem.
▪ It has failed to establish the rule of law, allowing gangsters and militants to intimidate at will.
▪ This was supposed to be her final victory over him, supposed to establish her rule once and for all.
▪ Ground rules Always establish good ground rules at the beginning of each session.
▪ The 18-year-old king moved quickly to establish rule under his personal control.
▪ The World Trade Organisation establishes rules governing trade, why can't we have something similar for finance?
▪ Government is important because it can and should establish and enforce rules of conduct and protect property rights.
▪ The accord tried to establish standards to protect basic rights even when a government declared a state of emergency.
▪ These standards have been adopted by many states, counties, and cities; others have established their own standards.
▪ Congress ought to establish minimum standards for licensing of handgun owners and registration of handguns.
▪ The group is working to establish national crime lab standards.
▪ Values: these define what is seen as success by the organisation and establish standards of achievement within the organisation.
▪ The law calls for the government to establish programming standards unless the industry devises its own after one year.
▪ Thus the need for the Archivist to establish selection standards.
▪ Products graded in accordance with established standards bear the appropriate grade marks.
▪ That the court is entitled to establish its own classification system has been seen already.
▪ But moving towards social justice means also establishing a just system.
▪ Various arrangements were tried when Gorbachev established a presidential system in the late 1980s.
▪ Buddha established his belief system built around the principles of self-restraint and caring for the poor.
▪ Having established this knowledge a system of ideas has been formulated for intervening and hence preventing the disease or problem.
▪ Take for example, the matrix structure, what it does is establish an adversary system, thereby institutionalizing organizational conflict.
▪ Young magistrates formed a union and voted to establish an independent judicial system.
▪ Congress later established a system for appointing investigators independent of such influence and beyond retaliation.
▪ We agree that it is the best way to help those countries to establish sound democracies and a sound economy.
▪ The new guarantee is designed to help farmers establish a base farming income, needed to secure agricultural loans.
▪ The recordings would have helped to establish the role played by the police.
▪ Thus the recognition of values helps health practitioners establish priorities and hierarchies of importance among needs and goals.
▪ It could, indeed, help to establish the kind of ethos which might make recourse to legal remedies unnecessary.
▪ We want the people down here to name it, to help us get established.
▪ Indeed, it was the pressure from this large and disadvantaged constituency that helped to establish vernacular literary education.
▪ Among those who say that Maciel abused them are two men who helped to establish the order in the United States.
▪ Further north they may need some protection to establish and thrive.
▪ Despite some good acting from the ensemble cast, the characters slip into the stereotypes needed to establish the political debate.
▪ Through trial and error you need to establish what times suit you best and then keep to them.
▪ Time and experience were needed to establish new working practices.
▪ You will need to establish rapport quickly, so that they can trust you.
▪ First of all she needed to firmly establish the connections.
▪ Parents may then need help in establishing the setting cues associated with eating.
▪ Repeated regular practice may be needed to establish this awareness.
▪ It will also seek to establish any general principles connected with successful schemes of joint consultation.
▪ Domain name registration for customers seeking to establish a Web address.
▪ A notional/functional approach essentially seeks to establish correlations between systemic and schematic elements.
▪ The project will seek to establish how and with what consequences more formal structures of employment were created.
▪ My present purpose is to try to establish the reasons.
▪ Western science got it wrong in many crucial respects, as a few prophetic members of that tradition tried to establish.
▪ I forget which you're trying to establish.
▪ Back then, we tried to establish the run.
▪ Air accident investigators are now trying to establish what caused the crash.
▪ Various arrangements were tried when Gorbachev established a presidential system in the late 1980s.
▪ Comparison can also be important when the researcher is trying to establish what is not an independent variable.
▪ A number of experiments have been set up to try to establish a satisfactory method of appraisal.
established church/religion
▪ Carroll did not choose to keep a low profile but spoke up on many issues, often against the officially established religion.
▪ During the plague, the rich people and most of the ministers who had remained in the established church fled from London.
▪ His rebellion began quietly enough in a dispute over whether or not to pay taxes for established religion.
▪ Naturally most of the more established churches were embarrassed and angered by the unseemly goings on.
▪ That same light revealed the corruption of the established Church.
▪ The only result of clerical opposition was that the established Church once again forfeited its chance to control developments.
▪ The representatives from seventeen national parties at the Paris conference were quite plainly non-attenders in the established church of politics.
▪ Therefore, it is certainly more comfortable to remain in the security of stable established church life.
▪ A committee hopes to establish a new drug policy by the end of the month.
▪ Investigators have not established a reason for the attack.
▪ It was quickly established that several members of the crew had been negligent.
▪ Matt hoped to establish a caring relationship with Sandy.
▪ Most of the money will be used to establish local industries and mobilize the work-force.
▪ The company was established in 1899.
▪ The university was established in 1922.
▪ They are carrying out research to establish exactly why so many species of songbird are disappearing.
▪ We haven't yet established the cause of the accident.
▪ Another condition requires Harvard to establish a reserve account to make sure that the insurer can pay outstanding medical bills.
▪ Be positive and determined, and establish disciplined routines.
▪ Citing mathematical probabilities clearly does not establish the nonexistence of extraterrestrial being.
▪ For information on how to establish such a scheme write to Friends of the Earth, enclosing an s.a.e.
▪ In contrast to other trichostrongyles hypobiosis occurs at the L3 stage although their role in outbreaks of disease has not been established.
▪ Shortly after the rampage, the railroad established a victims fund that raised $ 519, 397.
▪ The power of feedback to motivate improved performance is well established.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Establish \Es*tab"lish\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Established; p. pr. & vb. n. Establishing.] [OE. establissen, OF. establir, F. ['e]tablir, fr. L. stabilire, fr. stabilis firm, steady, stable. See Stable, a., -ish, and cf. Stablish.]

  1. To make stable or firm; to fix immovably or firmly; to set (a thing) in a place and make it stable there; to settle; to confirm.

    So were the churches established in the faith.
    --Acts xvi. 5.

    The best established tempers can scarcely forbear being borne down.

    Confidence which must precede union could be established only by consummate prudence and self-control.

  2. To appoint or constitute for permanence, as officers, laws, regulations, etc.; to enact; to ordain.

    By the consent of all, we were established The people's magistrates.

    Now, O king, establish the decree, and sign the writing, that it be not changed.
    --Dan. vi. 8.

  3. To originate and secure the permanent existence of; to found; to institute; to create and regulate; -- said of a colony, a state, or other institutions.

    He hath established it [the earth], he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited.
    --Is. xlv. 18.

    Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and establisheth a city by iniquity!
    --Hab. ii. 12.

  4. To secure public recognition in favor of; to prove and cause to be accepted as true; as, to establish a fact, usage, principle, opinion, doctrine, etc.

    At the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.
    --Deut. xix. 1

  5. 5. To set up in business; to place advantageously in a fixed condition; -- used reflexively; as, he established himself in a place; the enemy established themselves in the citadel.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French establiss-, present participle stem of establir "cause to stand still, establish, stipulate, set up, erect, build" (12c., Modern French établir), from Latin stabilire "make stable," from stabilis "stable" (see stable (adj.)). For the excrescent e-, see e-. Related: Established; establishing. An established church or religion is one sanctioned by the state.


vb. 1 (context transitive English) To make stable or firm; to confirm. 2 (context transitive English) To form; to found; to institute; to set up in business. 3 (context transitive English) To appoint or adopt, as officers, laws, regulations, guidelines, etc.; to enact; to ordain.

  1. v. set up or found; "She set up a literacy program" [syn: set up, found, launch] [ant: abolish]

  2. set up or lay the groundwork for; "establish a new department" [syn: found, plant, constitute, institute]

  3. establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment; "The experiment demonstrated the instability of the compound"; "The mathematician showed the validity of the conjecture" [syn: prove, demonstrate, show, shew] [ant: disprove]

  4. institute, enact, or establish; "make laws" [syn: lay down, make]

  5. bring about; "The trompe l'oeil-illusion establishes depth" [syn: give]

  6. place; "Her manager had set her up at the Ritz" [syn: install, instal, set up]

  7. use as a basis for; found on; "base a claim on some observation" [syn: base, ground, found]

  8. build or establish something abstract; "build a reputation" [syn: build]


Usage examples of "establish".

We may, however, omit for the present any consideration of the particular providence, that beforehand decision which accomplishes or holds things in abeyance to some good purpose and gives or withholds in our own regard: when we have established the Universal Providence which we affirm, we can link the secondary with it.

Creating Pygmalion without establishing a check on his ability to assume power had been a gross blunder.

Menstruation may fail to be established in consequence of organic defects, or from some abnormal condition of the blood and nervous system.

The job of my task force is to establish Abraxas and his good works all over the world.

Eads, the engineer, determined to establish the piers and abutments on rock at a depth for the east pier and east abutment of 136 ft.

His fortunate son, from the first moment of his accession, declaring himself the protector of the church, at length deserved the appellation of the first emperor who publicly professed and established the Christian religion.

Sir John Fenwick, Smith, and Cook, to say nothing of the corroborative evidence of Goodman, establish beyond doubt that you were accessorily, though perhaps not actively, guilty of high treason--at this period, I say, there can be little doubt that if you were brought to trial--that is, in the course of next week, as I have heard it rumoured--the result would be fatal, such, in short, as we should all deplore.

And, lest the expense or trouble of a journey to court should discourage suitors, and make them acquiesce in the decision of the inferior judicatures, itinerant judges were afterwards established, who made their circuits throughout the kingdom, and tried all causes that were brought before them.

Pope Gregory the Great, in the sixth century, either borrowing some of the more objectionable features of the purgatory doctrine previously held by the heathen, or else devising the same things himself from a perception of the striking adaptedness of such notions to secure an enviable power to the Church, constructed, established, and gave working efficiency to the dogmatic scheme of purgatory ever since firmly defended by the papal adherents as an integral part of the Roman Catholic system.

Was Aden really doing what I thought he was doing, essentially establishing me as the goto person for conducting archaeological research in Stone Harbor?

And in the event, it has hitherto been found, that, though some sensible inconveniencies arise from the maxim of adhering strictly to law, yet the advantages overbalance them, and should render the English grateful to the memory of their ancestors, who, after repeated contests, at last established that noble, though dangerous principle.

The exposed bone is somewhat decalcified, and adipocere seems firmly established throughout.

By the solemn adjudication of courts, and under the safeguards of law, the fact of guilt is to be established, and the guilty punished.

It is our pride that our townsman, David Davis, was among the ablest of the great court, by whose adjudication renewed vigor was given to the Constitution, and enduring safeguards established for national life and individual liberty.

Also, in a suit to enforce double liability, brought in Rhode Island against a stockholder in a Kansas trust company, the courts of Rhode Island were held to be obligated to extend recognition to the statutes and court decisions of Kansas whereunder it is established that a Kansas judgment recovered by a creditor against the trust company is not only conclusive as to the liability of the corporation but also an adjudication binding each stockholder therein.