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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
conger eel
▪ He began to doubt the giant eel would bite.
▪ He grabbed hold of the net and prepared himself for when the giant eel came thrashing into sight.
▪ I came to the school some time ago to investigate the giant eel and got lost.
▪ Also, the threat of the giant eel was getting worse and worse.
▪ You can't escape by sea because of the giant eel.
▪ A great big eel, one day, swam past and touched her.
▪ Fossils of eels have been found in rocks a hundred million years old.
▪ I have eaten part of an eel, but as far as I know I have never eaten a couscous.
▪ In Nagano we closed our eyes and swallowed eel.
▪ Near to large rivers and lakes, fishing would always have been a major activity, particularly for salmon and the ubiquitous eels.
▪ The eel fry, awaited impatiently each year, provided sport and income.
▪ The hard, black eel curves at the top, a perfect cane.
▪ The smell of stewed eels streams from a steaming vat into the busy street.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eel \Eel\, n. [AS. ?l; akin to D., G., & Dan. aal, Icel. [=a]ll, Sw. [*a]l.] (Zo["o]l.) An elongated fish of many genera and species. The common eels of Europe and America belong to the genus Anguilla. The electrical eel is a species of Gymnotus. The so called vinegar eel is a minute nematode worm. See Conger eel, Electric eel, and Gymnotus.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English æl "eel," from Proto-Germanic *ælaz (cognates: Old Frisian -el, Middle Dutch ael, Dutch aal, Old Saxon and Old High German al, German Aal, Old Norse all), which is of unknown origin, with no certain cognates outside Germanic. Used figuratively for slipperiness from at least 1520s.


n. 1 Any freshwater or marine fish of the order Anguilliformes, which are elongated and resemble snakes. 2 The European eel, (taxlink Anguilla anguilla species noshow=1). vb. 1 To fish for eels. 2 To move with a sinuous motion like that of an eel.

  1. n. the fatty flesh of eel; an elongate fish found in fresh water in Europe and America; large eels are usually smoked or pickled

  2. voracious snakelike marine or freshwater fishes with smooth slimy usually scaleless skin and having a continuous vertical fin but no ventral fins

Eel (disambiguation)

An eel is a fish in the order of Anguilliformes.

Eel or eels may also refer to:

Eel (comics)

The Eel is an alias used by two fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The first character to take up the identity was Leopold Stryke who first appeared in Strange Tales #112 created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, while his successor, Edward Lavell, first appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist #92 (Apr 1983). Both Eels were at one point a member of the Serpent Squad even though the character they portray was not actually based on a snake. Neither Eel has ever been featured as a regular character in any of Marvel's ongoing or limited series.

The original Eel character, Leopold Stryke, wore a suit that could generate an electrical charge like an Electric eel and was coated with a slippery substance. He was often depicted as a henchman, normally teaming up with other criminals such as Plantman, Scarecrow, Unicorn and Porcupine. He later became a founding member of the Serpent Squad along with his brother Jordan, the original Viper. He even worked for Madame Hydra, unaware that she killed his brother. Stryke was killed by the Gladiator during a heist.

The second Eel, Edward Lavell, started out as a foe of Power Man and Iron Fist, but later became a general henchman like the original Eel working for Justine Hammer's Masters of Evil and the Maggia. At one point Lavall appeared to have been killed, but later appeared as part of the latest incarnation of the Serpent Squad led by Sin, the daughter of the Red Skull. Subsequently the Eel became part of "Serpent Solutions", the evolution of the Serpent Society.


An eel is any fish belonging to the order Anguilliformes or Apodes, which consists of four suborders, 20 families, 111 genera and about 800 species. Most eels are predators. The term "eel" (originally referring to the European eel) is also used for some other similarly shaped fish, such as electric eels and spiny eels, but these are not members of the Anguilliformes order.

Usage examples of "eel".

A large eel suddenly broke the surface tearing at the side of my abraided leg.

They were closer to Red Bluff than Redding, putting down finally on the edges of what the map showed as the Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Wilderness.

While I fed the monster with scraps of eel, Chubby trussed up the stick of gelignite in a neat parcel of eel flesh, with the insulated copper wire protruding from it.

Lovely maidens sit in close proximity to the roots of the lovely trees singing the most lovely songs while they play with all kinds of lovely objects as for example golden ingots, silvery fishes, crans of herrings, drafts of eels, codlings, creels of fingerlings, purple seagems and playful insects.

There, under two green umbrellas, like two fat rajahs in their shaking howdahs upon the backs of two white elephants, the friends would sit in solemn equanimity awaiting the evasive cunner, the vagrant perch or cod or the occasional flirtatious eel.

There are many unpleasanter ways of spending a warm autumn afternoon than standing under the willows of Fleam Dyke watching the pools of a river for the smoke of disturbed mud and the wavering silver which is an eel.

By early evening, the central cauldron was full of soup or stew and all available surfaces were covered with brie tart, humble, galantine, and eel pie, haslet for the hunters, leek dishes for the lustful as well as meat laid out ready for the spit and an odd assortment of other viands depending on who was in town for what religious festival.

Now and then a flicker of small jellyfish flew past, and occasionally an angler fish or a big-mouthed gulper eel.

Among all the many stories of Hina, however, probably the most commonly known one was that of the goddess and her lover, the eel.

Living on earth as a mortal woman, Hina bathed in a quiet pool where, one day, she had intercourse with an eel.

So he ranged abroad and gathered to his laboratory and injected his beloved terrible bacilli into tortoises, sparrows, five frogs and three eels.

The taking of life being displeasing to Buddha, outside many of the temples old women and children earn a livelihood by selling sparrows, small eels, carp, and tortoises, which the worshipper sets free in honour of the deity, within whose territory cocks and hens and doves, tame and unharmed, perch on every jutty, frieze, buttress, and coigne of vantage.

By the time their portions of eel stew arrived, they were well on their way to Saint Leines hall.

It had lidless eyes and horrible writhing hair that was a mass of eels with tiny sharp teeth nipping at her face.

Their garments, of silk and cloth of silver, of velvets cunningly embroidered, displayed the new heraldry that honored the Empress, and was therefore watery and lunar: crabs, crayfish, clamshells, lymphads, the moon in all her phases, fish, eels, crocodiles.