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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Wheeler and Jones sang a mawkish duet about a girl worth a million wishes.
▪ Once upon a time there was a film with a jolly popular song, sung as a duet.
▪ Rival Cyndi Lauper stepped in to sing a duet for a Christmas album and recorded the track first time with no rehearsal.
▪ For 1996, the solo and duet were tossed out of the Olympics and replaced by the eight-woman team.
▪ He now formed two child duets.
▪ Wheeler and Jones sang a mawkish duet about a girl worth a million wishes.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Duet \Du*et"\, n. [ Duetto.] (Mus.) A composition for two performers, whether vocal or instrumental. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1740, from French duet, from Italian duetto "short musical composition for two voices," diminutive of duo "two" (see two). As a verb, from 1822. The Italian form of the noun was used in English from c.1724.


n. 1 (context music English) A musical composition in two parts, each performed by a single voice (singer, instrument or univoce ensemble). 2 A pair or couple, especially one that is harmonious or elegant. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To perform a duet. 2 (context intransitive zoology of male and female pairs English) To communicate (warnings, mating calls, etc.) through song.

  1. n. two items of the same kind [syn: couple, pair, twosome, twain, brace, span, yoke, couplet, distich, duo, dyad, duad]

  2. two performers or singers who perform together [syn: duette, duo]

  3. a pair who associate with one another; "the engaged couple"; "an inseparable twosome" [syn: couple, twosome, duo]

  4. a musical composition for two performers [syn: duette, duo]

  5. (ballet) a dance for two people (usually a ballerina and a danseur noble) [syn: pas de deux]


A duet is a musical composition for two performers in which the performers have equal importance to the piece. It is often used to describe a composition involving two singers. It differs from a harmony, as the performers take turns performing a solo section rather than performing simultaneously. In classical music, the term is most often used for a composition for two singers or pianists. A piece performed by two pianists performing together on the same piano is referred to as " piano duet" or " piano four hands". A piece for two pianists performing together on separate pianos is referred to as a " piano duo".

"Duet" is also used as a verb for the act of performing a musical duet, or colloquially as a noun to refer to the performers of a duet. The word is also occasionally used in reference to non-musical activities performed together by two people.

A musical ensemble with more than two solo instruments or voices is called trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, septet, octet, etc.

Duet (disambiguation)

A duet is a musical form for two performers.

Duet may also refer to:

Duet (TV series)

Duet is an American sitcom that aired on Fox from April 19, 1987 to August 20, 1989. The series stars Matthew Laurance as Ben Coleman, Mary Page Keller as Laura Kelly, Chris Lemmon as Richard Phillips, and Alison LaPlaca as Linda Phillips. The series was created by Ruth Bennett and Susan Seeger, and was produced by Paramount Television.

Duet (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

"Duet" is the 19th episode of the science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In "Duet", Major Kira finds herself compelled to confront an apparent war criminal, the brutally efficient head of the Gallitep slave-labor camp.

Duet (Doris Day and André Previn album)

Duet was a collaborative album by Doris Day and the André Previn trio, with songs arranged by Previn. The album was issued by Columbia Records (8552) in both monaural (catalog number CL-1752) and stereophonic (catalog number CS-8552) versions on February 22, 1962. Doris Day selected the songs.

Duet (1994 film)

Duet is a 1994 Tamil musical film directed by K. Balachander, starring Prabhu, Hindi film actress Meenakshi Seshadri, Ramesh Aravind and Prakashraj. The film's score and soundtrack is composed by A. R. Rahman. Duet's score is centred on the saxophone. The movie was also dubbed in Hindi as "Tu Hi Mera Dil" and in Telugu under the same name.

Duet (2006 film)

Duet is an 2006 Iranian short mockumentary film, shot in Damavand, Iran and written and directed by Kiarash Anvari.

Duet (Lester Bowie and Phillip Wilson album)

Duet is an album by trumpeter Lester Bowie and drummer Phillip Wilson recorded in 1978 and released on the Improvising Artists label. It features three duet performances by Bowie and Wilson

Duet (Muhal Richard Abrams album)

Duet is an album by Muhal Richard Abrams featuring duet performances with Amina Claudine Myers which was released on the Italian Black Saint label in 1981.

Duet (Ronan Keating album)

Duet is the seventh studio album by Irish singer-songwriter and Boyzone frontman Ronan Keating. It was produced by Greg Wells and features collaborations with Australian, New Zealand and international artists. It was released only in Australia and New Zealand on 12 November 2010.

Duet (Gary Burton & Chick Corea album)

Duet is an album by vibraphonist Gary Burton and pianist Chick Corea recorded in 1978 and released on the ECM label in 1979. The album is the second studio recording by the duo following Crystal Silence (1972).

Duet (Everything Everything song)

"Duet" is a song from British indie pop band Everything Everything. The track was released in the United Kingdom on 24 March 2013 as the third single from the band's second studio album, Arc (2013). The track received its first play on 8 January 2013, with Arc having been selected as BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe's Album of the Week. The single's B-side—"+Pendolino"served as the band's first official instrumental track; having been originally recorded in 2011.

Duet (video game)

Duet (stylized as DUET) is a 2013 action game by Australian game developer Kumobius for iOS and Android. Players control two coloured orbs, guiding them to avoid incoming obstacles. Its Android version was first released as a part of Humble Mobile Bundle 6.

Duet (Neal Hefti composition)

Duet is a jazz composition by Neal Hefti recorded by Count Basie And His Orchestra 1957, Karel Krautgartner And His Orchestra, and other jazz bands. It was recorded by Wild Bill Davison on Just A Gig in 1973. It was recorded by :fr:Jean Leccia in 1965 with French lyrics by J. "Mimi" Perrin and P. Saka, following the arrangements of Count Basie with French lyrics on Les Double Six's album of 1959.

Duet (2014 film)

Duet is a 2014 short film created by Disney animator Glen Keane. The project was done in conjunction with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group (ATAP) as part of Google’s Spotlight Stories.

Duet (Stan Kenton and June Christy album)

Duet is an album by vocalist June Christy and pianist Stan Kenton with featuring performances of jazz standards recorded in 1955 and released on the Capitol label.

Usage examples of "duet".

Look, Lackwit hath learned that he truly lacks wit, and that Amoroso and Belinda are about to sing their love duet to signify that the play is over, and that he was cuckolded before he even wed his Mistress and made her wife!

Craig recognized the high clear duet of a pair of collared barbets in an acacia tree beside the track.

The concert began by a magnificent symphony, after which Laschi and Baglioni sang a duet with great talent and much taste.

I came upon the device of having Clocker and Doc Hawkins do a duet, with a chorus effect from the other characters.

So did soft-singing Tom Paxton and Tom Rush and a rapid-fire acoustic guitarist named Danny Kalb, who did duets with Van Ronk and the great Phil Ochs before Danny helped put together the short-lived but electrifying Blues Project in the late 1960s.

Still, we ended the evening very agreeably, prating about the Bendas in the library: we might play some of their duets that I brought with me when we have finished our wine.

C minor quartette, D major symphony, a concerto by Bach, played by Fanny, and a duet for two pianos.

I was reluctant to comply, as I was not considered a solo singer, my place was always in quartette work and duets.

The sackers barked their staccato duet again, and this time plumes of timber and debris rose above the town.

Mixolydian ensembles are those with two females participating, except for Aeolian Duets, where the whole ensemble is female.

The duet, between Almaviva and Figaro, was sung amid hisses, shrieks, and shouts.

With the two duets she was obedient, tamely accepting the harmonies of the composer, but on the final tenor solo, she played with the music a little, embroidering a little here, echoing a little there.

In fact, I think he spends more and more time with us, for he and Nannie have started in to play violin and piano duets together, and he comes one week-evening to practise.

With the exception of a short visit in the study, he spent the evening with us in the schoolroom, hearing all that has happened to us since he went away, and playing violin and piano duets with Nannie and me.

So what with working and housekeeping, and lessons to Charley, and backgammon in the evening with my guardian, and duets with Ada, the three weeks slipped fast away.