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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a film soundtrack (=the recorded music for a film)
▪ The film’s soundtrack was composed by Ennio Morricone.
▪ Plus, we argue about music and movie soundtracks.
▪ He grows exasperated when movie soundtracks feature the songs of birds not native to the region portrayed in the picture.
▪ The ideal would be to have the soundtrack on an audio cassette.
▪ The Jam and Lewis soundtrack powers up some fairly physical action sequences, and there is a surprising amount of killings.
▪ The melancholy was as asphyxiating as the soundtrack offence with its cacophony of four-letter obscenities.
▪ The stereo soundtrack has different information on each channel, so that sequences can be played twice with a different soundtrack each time.
▪ The trilogy will include previously unreleased footage as well as new visual effects and an enhanced soundtrack.
▪ To carry emotional moments, Miller pumps up the treacly soundtrack, lending it the importance of a main character.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1929, from sound (n.1) + track (n.).


n. 1 A narrow strip running down a movie film that carries the recorded sound in synchronization with the pictures. 2 The sound (especially the music) component of a movie, video game, etc. 3 A recording of such music for sale. 4 Background sounds that are part of a bigger event. vb. To provide, or to act as the sound or music component of a film


n. sound recording on a narrow strip of a motion picture film


A soundtrack, also written sound track, can be recorded music accompanying and synchronized to the images of a motion picture, book, television program or video game; a commercially released soundtrack album of music as featured in the soundtrack of a film or TV show; or the physical area of a film that contains the synchronized recorded sound.

Soundtrack (disambiguation)

A soundtrack is recorded music accompanying and synchronized to the images of a motion picture, television program or video game.

Soundtrack or The Soundtrack may also refer to:

Soundtrack (Charles Lloyd album)

Soundtrack is a live album by jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd recorded at The Town Hall in 1968 by the Charles Lloyd Quartet featuring Keith Jarrett, Ron McClure and Jack DeJohnette.

Soundtrack (Modern English album)

Soundtrack is the seventh studio album of English rock band Modern English. The first to be released on Darla Records, Soundtrack marks a new territory for the band, as they continue on making music nearly 30 years after their debut album. The album was produced by Hugh Jones.

Soundtrack (film)

Soundtrack is a 2011 Bollywood Stoner drama film and is an official remake of the Canadian independent film It's All Gone Pete Tong (2004). The film was directed by Debutant Neerav Ghosh and features Rajeev Khandelwal and Soha Ali Khan. The film received positive reviews from critics but was a flop at the box office.

Soundtrack (Fullerton College Jazz Band album)

Soundtrack is a CD released by the Fullerton College Jazz Bands and Vocal Jazz for the Discovery Records Trend AM-PM label.

Soundtrack (Guy Barker album)

Soundtrack is a 2001 album by jazz trumpeter Guy Barker. The album was nominated for the 2002 Mercury Music Prize.

Usage examples of "soundtrack".

The shooting was sporadic, it almost sounded half-hearted in comparison with movie soundtracks, and it seemed to be moving here and there all around the cabins.

I was aware of it even as I slept: it was what I rose to in moments of near-wakefulness and it was the soundtrack for a dozen uneasy dreams.

In his mind he is now hearing a very strange thing, a kind of soundtrack.

Not surprisingly, he preferred the soundtracks from action movies.

Black clothes and heavy eye make-up, and the obligatory Cure albums providing their soundtrack of facile angst-platitudes, essential listening for huffy teenagers.

The film appeared to be a composite of any number of works by Italian splatter film directors, but with an all-male, homosexual cast, set to a screeching saxophone soundtrack.

He saw them screwing to a Gene Autry soundtrack: I'm back in the saddle again, out where a friend is a friend.

Close on him, close on you as the music rises up in the kind of triumph only Korngold can write - the soundtrack alone will go platinum.

The soundtrack has been beefed up and Dolbyized from its original monaural version.

Scenes from her early days with Coyote predominated, showing his kind face and bringing with it a soundtrack filled with warm praise for her efforts.

As the soundtrack of Rannaldini's film of Don Giovanni flooded the tower and its surrounding woodland, Flora bounded up a spiral staircase into a sitting room furnished with pale grey sofas and chairs and two high footstools covered in buttercup-yellow and crimson silk.

Apt: I pulled up to the Cooley ranchhouse soundtracked by Spade's own, "Shame, Shame on You.

I pocketed the key and drove there, thinking of a Maggie-to-Lorna reunion parlay--cool silk sheets and a sleek tanned body soundtracked by the torch song supreme.

No voiceovers, no soundtrack, no living color, except in Brendan's head.