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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
sorry episode (=bad thing that happened)
▪ This whole sorry episode shows just how incompetent the government has become.
▪ The study's design provided the opportunity to examine the predictors of long-term survival after an acute episode of pneumonia.
▪ When the patient is over the acute episode and begins recovery the insulin requirement usually decreases.
▪ Two sets of findings in particular suggest preventive strategies that could considerably reduce the prevalence of acute psychotic episodes.
▪ This was a brief episode of climatic amelioration after the last glaciation.
▪ Likewise, during the frigid eras of ice sheet advances, numerous brief episodes of extreme warming occurred.
▪ However, save for that brief and embarrassing episode, the day had continued to be one of great enjoyment.
▪ This option, at least, allows for a brief semi-humorous episode.
▪ Therefore, the line seeks direction and magnitude at each brief episode of the journey.
▪ But the entire episode left the party looking damaged and fragile.
▪ Others will be completely amnesic for the entire episode and not even aware that a seizure has occurred.
▪ As is invariably the case in such matters, the only people to profit from the entire episode were the lawyers.
▪ For some who have seen the entire episode develop, it practically drips with an uneasy feeling.
▪ Jean hadn't even asked Helen what she had said; the entire episode had slipped her mind.
▪ And you never thought about your role in that entire episode?
▪ The entire episode might have gone unnoticed had there not been a routine monitoring of the base communications tapes last week.
▪ Unenthusiastic about the entire Gulf episode, he is not thrilled at this unprecedented task but he must obey the Security Council.
▪ Robert Hardy says he re-arranged his schedule to make sure he could appear in the final episode of Inspector Morse.
▪ The final episode of the season will feature the group in a live concert.
▪ After this final fatal episode the eruption dragged on for many months, lasting well into 1903.
▪ The final 90-minute episode will be screened on Channel 4 on Sunday night.
▪ Soon, the new form will be gone, and the latest episode in the moth's evolutionary adventures will be over.
▪ In later episodes of thirtysomething, Hope returned to work.
▪ It's the latest episode in a success story for Pete, who has no formal training as a blacksmith.
▪ A major late north-north-west thrust episode has been identified, possibly associated with movements on the Boundary Slide in adjacent areas.
▪ When was the Home Secretary informed about this latest episode?
▪ In the latest episode, rivers and wetlands have often been the field of battle.
▪ This little episode shows how Norman regarded the stress which accompanies any art form when it has been seriously undertaken.
▪ Two months later we pushed off to Paris and, except for one little episode, the journey went well.
▪ That unedifying but intriguing little episode must have been round the Lab within minutes of its happening.
▪ The army hadn't been too pleased about that little episode either.
▪ Firstly, this little episode exposes pre-nuptial contracts in this country to be the complete waste of paper they are.
▪ One presumes this little episode contributed significantly to the breakdown of the Beckers' once-strong marriage.
▪ Now I think we should bring down the curtain on this little episode, and go to bed.
▪ In the new book, the original camp meeting episode is published as an appendix.
▪ Perhaps Boniface was also prejudiced by one particular episode.
▪ No one looked back at that particular episode in the construction of Worldwide Plaza with pleasure or pride.
▪ Certainly the subject, sought from within a particular conscious episode, is peculiarly recessive.
▪ But that for other types, the particular episodes of yesterday and today, is defective.
▪ Esther could not have planned that particular episode better if she had intended it.
▪ Mrs T had recently been readmitted to hospital following a psychotic episode.
▪ Homeless patients receive medication to get well enough to return to the streets where they live until their next psychotic episode.
▪ However, Marsilid also had more unwanted effects than its companion drug, and some patients experienced psychotic episodes.
▪ Larson cites a medical journal article of 22 years ago that compares a religious experience to a psychotic episode.
▪ A number of factors may then precipitate a psychotic episode, including emotionally arousing events and a stressful environment.
▪ Most of the psychotic episodes experienced by people using Halcion involved high doses for extended periods of time.
▪ Two sets of findings in particular suggest preventive strategies that could considerably reduce the prevalence of acute psychotic episodes.
▪ He was referred by his General Practitioner whom he had consulted after experiencing recurrent episodes of upper abdominal pain and severe indigestion.
▪ This single episode gave me a very good picture of Harold Wilson's qualities and defects.
▪ Indeed, no single episode combines as many combustible elements as this one.
▪ In every single episode you see a life saved.
▪ I still have the entire documentation of this sorry episode in my archive.
▪ Tories now fear, however, that the whole sorry episode has damaged the Prime Minister too.
▪ He took the boy through the whole episode.
▪ Demand has been fairly strong throughout this whole bizarre episode....
▪ I can remember vividly the whole episode with Docklands Express.
▪ Though the fault was hardly my own, the President seemed to associate me with the whole unfortunate episode.
▪ This whole episode is probably good news for the hobby.
▪ And he was crucial in the amazing lack of leaks in this whole episode.
▪ Certainly by 1100 the whole episode had fallen into almost complete oblivion.
▪ Later, the whole episode struck Jne as funny.
▪ Hourly frequency and mean duration of reflux episodes in the upright and supine period were also calculated in each patient.
▪ What is distinctive is the idea that consciousness can be adequately described in terms of causal episodes.
▪ Gradually as he described similar episodes in which he was attacked or provoked, Deborah saw two patterns emerging.
▪ Children will be asked to watch and then describe such simple pretend episodes.
▪ The person often describes previous episodes of low back pain with or without lower extremity radiation.
▪ Mrs T had recently been readmitted to hospital following a psychotic episode.
▪ Her depression lifted in March 1990 and quickly was followed by an epic episode of mania.
▪ That is expected to be followed by six more episodes at a cost of £1.6 million each.
▪ Voluminous diplomatic correspondence, in a serious but ridiculous vein, followed this episode.
▪ Certain questions follow from this episode.
▪ An interesting example of this was shown in an episode of the science fiction series Babylon 5.
▪ Fastolf's methods in securing gains are shown by an episode recorded in the archives of the Parlement of Paris.
▪ Traffic showed that it can, with its ingestion of a multiple-storyline epic originally shown over several episodes on television.
▪ Peter Redburn hated Pemberley and he had fed his hatred by watching every episode.
▪ I watched the first few episodes, but quickly lost interest.
▪ The storyline at the moment is very good, gripping and makes you watch the next episode.
▪ But for anyone who had watched the earlier episodes, this was a pointless drama of reiteration.
▪ Brad Pitt made a guest appearance on last week's episode.
▪ Ernie directed all 12 of the half-hour episodes for television.
▪ I've never even seen an episode of Star Trek.
▪ Susan has had several episodes of depression lately.
▪ That was one of the best episodes - I wish I'd got it on tape.
▪ The final episode will be broadcast next week.
▪ Hourly frequency and mean duration of reflux episodes in the upright and supine period were also calculated in each patient.
▪ However, this episode constitutes a reminder of its pitfalls.
▪ In the first episode the islanders interview prospective families.
▪ The basic plan provides for two classroom periods to be spent on each episode.
▪ This episode has seemed strange to Sinologists, and all the more interesting for that.
▪ This patient had experienced several episodes of palpitations although she was otherwise well.
▪ You can still see episodes of this at the Museum of Radio and Television.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Episode \Ep"i*sode\, n. [Gr. ? a coming in besides, ? episode; ? into, besides + ? a coming in, ? into + ? way, cf. Skr. sad to go: cf. F. ['e]pisode.] (Rhet.) A separate incident, story, or action, introduced for the purpose of giving a greater variety to the events related; an incidental narrative, or digression, separable from the main subject, but naturally arising from it.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s, "commentary between two choric songs in a Greek tragedy," also "an incidental narrative or digression within a story, poem, etc.," from French épisode or directly from Greek epeisodion "an episode," literally "an addition," noun use of neuter of epeisodios "coming in besides," from epi "in addition" (see epi-) + eisodos "a coming in, entrance" (from eis "into" + hodos "way"). Transferred sense of "outstanding incident, experience" first recorded in English 1773. Transferred by 1930s to individual broadcasts of serial radio programs.


n. An incident or action standing out by itself, but more or less connected with a complete series of events.

  1. n. a happening that is distinctive in a series of related events

  2. a brief section of a literary or dramatic work that forms part of a connected series

  3. a part of a broadcast serial [syn: installment, instalment]

  4. film consisting of a succession of related shots that develop a given subject in a movie [syn: sequence]


An episode is a coherent narrative unit within a larger dramatic work such as a film or television series. An episode is to a sequence as a chapter is to a book. Most are from 20 to 40 minutes in length.

The word derives from the Greek term (epeisodion), meaning the material contained between two songs or odes in a Greek tragedy.

Episode (Stratovarius album)

Episode is the fifth studio album by power metal band Stratovarius, released on 22 April 1996 through Noise Records. It is the first Stratovarius album to feature keyboardist Jens Johansson and drummer Jörg Michael, both of whom would form part of the band's most stable line-up for nine years. The album reached No. 21 on the Finnish albums chart and remained on that chart for six weeks.

Episode (film)

Episode is an Austrian film from 1935. It belongs to the popular Austrian light romantic comedy genre known as the Wiener Film, but also contains, for a film of this genre, unusually serious social comment. It was written and produced by Walter Reisch. The film has a particular importance in German-language film history as the only Austrian film with a Jewish producer that was permitted to be imported and shown in Nazi Germany after 1933 and the ban on Jews working in the film industry.

The German premiere took place on 23 August 1935 in the Gloria-Palast in Berlin. The Austrian premiere was in a Vienna cinema on 13 September of the same year. It was first broadcast on television by the ARD on 2 December 1958. On 1 April 1994 it was released on VHS video.

Episode (disambiguation)

An episode is a part of a dramatic work such as a serial television or radio program.

Episode may also refer to:

  • Episode (music), a term for a section in music
  • Episode (Stratovarius album), a 1996 album by Stratovarius
  • Episode (Gen Hoshino album), a 2011 album by Gen Hoshino
  • Episode (film), a 1935 Austrian film by Walter Reisch
Episode (Gen Hoshino album)

is the second studio album by Japanese singer-songwriter and Sakerock frontman Gen Hoshino. It was released in Japan on 28 September 2011 on CD on Speedstar Records and Haruomi Hosono's Daisyworld Discs.

Episode is the follow-up to Baka no Uta, Hoshino's debut as a solo artist. It reached #5 at Oricon album charts. The only single from the album, " Kudaranai no Naka ni", was released on CD on 2 March 2011.

Usage examples of "episode".

In the meanwhile, the episode had shown that Adams was quite as capable as ever of furious indignation.

The sudden change, plus the welcome sight of the oh-so-familiar servitors, plus his terror in being back in the firmary so soon after the allosaurus episode, made his legs too weak for him to stand even in the swimming-pool g-field.

Shakspere--and of Moliere also, altho in a less degree--is evidenced not only by their eager adoption of an accepted type of play, an outer form of approved popularity, it is obvious also in their plots, wherein we find situations, episodes, incidents drawn from all sorts of sources.

Modern thought, then, will contest even its own metaphysical impulses, and show that reflections upon life, labour, and language, in so far as they have value as analytics of finitude, express the end of metaphysics: the philosophy of life denounces metaphysics as a veil of illusion, that of labour denounces it as an alienated form of thought and an ideology, that of language as a cultural episode.

Was my restriction to the adamant sickle and the shadow-trick in the Cetus episode self-imposed or laid on by Athene, and if the former, was my motive to impress Andromeda with skill and valor rather than with magic?

Cornwell turns many of the traditional Arthurian episodes into examples of moral quandaries.

While some segregationists admired his attempts to resist the federals during the Ole Miss crisis, many ordinary Mississippians viewed the episode as a disaster and a tragedy, and blamed Barnett for mismanaging the crisis.

The Pyrenees served, too, for Baronne Dudevant as the setting for an episode which was unique in her sentimental life.

The most dramatic episode unfolded in May 1961, when the tiny Congress of Racial Equality sent biracial teams of volunteers into Alabama and Mississippi to conduct a nonviolent test of Supreme Court decisions banning segregation on interstate travel.

Do you know, Miss Callier, I have been fancying a sequel to that episode.

He proceeded to give Lopez a quick sketch of what he and Diego had learned from local canalers about what had quickly become a rather famous little episode.

The commercials consist of extremely short episodes of encounters between two attractive-looking neighbors, a man and a woman about each of whom little if anything is known.

The series was, needless to say, being coproduced with an Australian company, and episodes were to be shot alternately in London and Sydney.

You have already accepted the episode of my coming, or you would have shut the covers before arriving at this page of my modest narrative, and this emboldens me.

All he needed to do was remember that episode with Durango a few years ago to screw his head back on tight.