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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a book/volume/collection of poems
▪ She has a new collection of poems coming out soon.
a book/volume/collection of poetry
▪ He had two books of poetry published.
a CD collection
▪ Luke has a massive CD collection.
a collection of essays
▪ She published a collection of essays on philosophy.
collection box
collection plate
data collection
▪ Choosing the right method of data collection will be crucial to the experiment’s success.
▪ She undertook the first serious application of photography to science by making photograms of her extensive collection of algae.
▪ His extensive collection on transgenderism includes his own diaries as far back as junior high school.
▪ Most trains are steam hauled by one of the railway's extensive collection of tank engines and include full buffet car facilities.
▪ Preservation is less a problem than exhibition. Extensive collections of silent classics are maintained in public and private film archives.
▪ Maybe if you'd spared a few minutes, you could've become part of Gillian Wearing's extensive collection of personalised banners.
▪ The Society already has an extensive collection of gas appliances which will also be displayed.
▪ The Library has an extensive collection of files for correspondence and papers on all aspects of the Department's work.
▪ The latter proteins are also responsible for the exceptionally smooth consistency of all the Hydro-Protein cosmetic treatments in this extensive collection.
▪ Investigating officers hope to seize the car, house and a fine collection of designer jewels at a hearing this spring.
▪ Read in studio Part of one of the finest book collections in the world is being auctioned tomorrow.
▪ Compton House, another stately home, houses a fine collection of butterflies from all over the world.
▪ But this was by then certainly one of the finest collections of its kind, if not the finest, in existence.
▪ The first rooms here contain very fine collections of stove tiles from the medieval period and the Renaissance.
▪ In an adjoining spinning mill there is a fine collection of early spinning machinery and power looms.
▪ They seemed to be mostly marine literature, and a fine collection.
▪ I had an older brother who had and still has a great collection of 45s, but we were actually swimmers.
▪ Nor was this the only subtle and half-conscious bias which shaped this great collection.
▪ You can create a superb living room spring garden with a great indoor bulb collection for only £13.95.
▪ We've also chosen a great collection of great curly styles to help you find the look you want.
▪ One of the greatest comprehensive collections of the decorative arts, natural history, geology and technology in the United Kingdom.
▪ These were the growth of organised and comprehensive diplomatic archives and the publication of the first great printed collections of international treaties.
▪ Crammed under one roof is one of the world's greatest collections of artefacts, from human cultures through the ages.
▪ Purchases of prints included sheets from the great Lanna collection sold in 1909 and 1910.
▪ Christie's offered the second part of the important Korthaus collection in a mixed owner sale.
▪ The particular materials are not important; what is important is that collections be available for exploration.
▪ Then in the 1960s Picasso gave an important collection to the city and Miró a large donation of paintings and sculptures.
▪ She says it's one of the most important collections of the century.
▪ Other important London history collections will be searched in due course.
▪ The Frith &038; Co. archive in Reigate became one of the most important collections of topographical photographs in existence.
▪ From this pontificate come, not surprisingly, important collections of church, or canon, law.
▪ A much larger collection - 200 products - will be published and sent to five million homes next February.
▪ All along, authorities feared for their safety, because du Pont is an expert marksmen with a large gun collection.
▪ There are two comfortable lounges with open fires, one with a large collection of books for guests to read.
▪ Immediate access without formality to the largest public collection of science literature in Northern Ireland.
▪ To do this, one needs large collections in order to make comparisons.
▪ There is an already large microfilm collection, including microfiche herbaria.
▪ Barat et Haimet is one of the robber's tales, relatively long and preserved in four large manuscript collections of fabliaux.
▪ Dwarfs and miniatures are becoming increasingly popular as you can grow a large, varied collection in quite a small space.
▪ The party is not a motley collection of ageing hippies, but an arm of a wealthy and complex organisation.
▪ If so, is what you have put together really just a motley collection with a messy clash of styles and materials?
▪ These confiscated nets were a very motley collection.
▪ All had several days' growth of beard and were dressed in a motley collection of civilian clothing.
▪ A motley collection of tawdry items was scattered over an area at least four feet square.
▪ A middle-aged couple got out and began to unload a motley collection of boxes and bags.
▪ A group appear from the house, a motley collection like a troupe of clowns.
▪ Photographs of the period show groups of men in a motley collection of semi-uniform.
▪ Meanwhile, the town's Musée des Beaux Arts will be showing a selection of the Carré d'Art's permanent collection.
▪ The Center for International Exhibitions would have non-profit Kunsthalles without permanent collections in those cities.
▪ Museum and Art Gallery host exhibitions and a permanent collection.
▪ He is considering ways' to develop exhibitions beyond the permanent collection that will relate to different sectors of the population.
▪ This matched the initial outlay by the city, regional and provincial governments for the building and a £20 million permanent collection.
▪ It will also be used to show work by design students inspired by the permanent collections.
▪ Portions of the collection also will be rotated in a permanent collection gallery.
▪ Right: Victor Hugo, ink blot, about 1855. Private collection, Paris.
▪ Many of these treasures had been repurchased by Cartier, but some remain today in private collections.
▪ The influence of works such as Brittania led to the creation of private collections, and so to the formation of private museums.
▪ There are probably a number of books with the Coats bookplate, many in Gaelic, to be found in private collections.
▪ Eight paintings, supplemented with a generous selection of drawings and prints, have been lent by private and public collections.
▪ Many of the works are from private collections and have not previously been exhibited.
▪ Slight knowledge of other inhabitants comes from a small collection of material.
▪ Van Buskirk, who had already begun a small collection at the library, joined the effort early.
▪ A small collection of reference books is a most valuable asset on any farm.
▪ Triumphantly he promised four breeding pairs from his own small collection to the Trust.
▪ Highly suitable for a small children's collection with modest funds for annual updating of stock. 8.
▪ Ultrasound showed a small subhepatic fluid collection.
▪ Do not miss the fine but small collection of icons in this gallery too.
▪ Civilisation soon came back into evidence again as we approached the small collection of buildings of North Eggardon Farm.
▪ Go right here to reach almost immediately the Poldi-Pezzoli Museum and one of the most prestigious private art collections in the world.
▪ He can well afford extravagances and is expected to expand his art collection still further.
▪ New public art outside of the gallery is something of an oxymoron since ironically most art collections are public.
▪ You can use images from either your Clip Art collection or your hard drive.
▪ It has an interesting art collection including works by Henry Moore and Max Ernst.
▪ But it is Winterthur's art collections that almost dwarf the rest of its cultural life.
▪ The outlet for this fortune, apart from an art collection which shames the San Diego Museum of Art, is his sailing.
▪ Marlin's record collection was chiefly seduction songs of his sixties adolescence, which suited her fine.
▪ Celestine was scraping the last traces from her bowl when Lufkin walked over to the cabinet holding his record collection.
▪ This is one Luna that deserves asylum in your record collection.
▪ The only thing that's ultra tidy is my record collection.
▪ Early music influences: His sister's record collection.
▪ They've scoured their record collections for their favourite chic embellishments soas to enhance the luxury commodity aura of their product.
▪ Pastimes include listening to his vast record collection, cooking, photography and snooker.
▪ The initial order calls for 350 multi-user tax collection systems to be installed in Moscow by the end of the year.
▪ They created an administrative grill, issuing identity cards to families, partly to control them and partly to streamline tax collection.
▪ Since August, retail sales, tourism and tax collection have all plunged.
▪ Officials had said the Kremlin meeting would focus on back wages, tax collection and military reform.
▪ It also envisaged changes in the tax collection system.
▪ The budgets for federal law enforcement and tax collection would both be down more than 10 percent in real terms by 2002.
▪ It is, though, not entirely clear to what extent they were liable for tax collection and assessment.
▪ Their intent is to seek a court order to stop the tax collection.
▪ If it has the album if its library, it adds the your personal collection.
▪ Do you think you will be adding to the collection?
▪ Two acres have been added to its six-acre collection of grave sites.
▪ The tomb was added to the collection in the early years of the century.
▪ Later, Taylor added sticks to the collection.
▪ Certainly one to add to the collection of board games available on shareware such as monopoly and chess.
▪ Worth adding to your collection of graphical adventures and other Hugo Games.
▪ However, with the help of grants and donations we have continued to build the collections.
▪ An office is not merely a building but a complex collection of very human processes.
▪ School library services are also now increasingly building up software collections, allowing school librarians and teachers to see demonstrations of software.
▪ Eventually he built up a collection of bells which he played in time to the tunes he would play on his harmonium.
▪ John also began building up a collection of gramophone records.
▪ This does involve a lot of money laid out on different colours and a lot of time to build up a collection.
▪ As one of his responsibilities he began to build up a permanent collection of works of Art for West Riding Schools.
▪ Gradually he builds up a collection of all sorts of different books and reads them secretly at night while his wife sleeps.
▪ The possibility of a new wing to house the future photographic collections is under discussion.
▪ The society is also arranging a house to house collection.
▪ Railway enthusiasts will be interested in the Richard Guinness Hall which houses his magnificent collection of many prototypes of early railway engines.
▪ The Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle houses an exquisite collection of objetsd'art.
▪ For a short time in the 1920s this library housed the collections of the National Gallery.
▪ Baron Ferdinand wanted to house his fine collections and have somewhere to entertain his guests.
▪ Today the Gallery houses a fine collection of furniture and paintings.
▪ More surprisingly, the Pitti Palace at Florence housed a collection of amber vessels, cabinets, figures, caskets and crucifixes.
▪ Miss Bosworth's hat library includes a collection of styles from the forties, fifties and sixties as well as more up-to-date models.
▪ A heavily revised version of this madrigal was included in Morley's collection.
▪ This year's annual sale of photographs and related material includes pieces from the collection of the Reverend Calvert Jones.
▪ The firm's wines, mostly bearing its own distinctive labels, include a magnificent collection of ready-to-drink burgundy.
▪ Analysis of the choice opportunity to include data collection and evaluation of alternatives. 3.
▪ Ramsey's last act for the Durham diocese was to publish a collection of his Durham Essays and Addresses.
▪ Publishers will not publish chancy, fat collections when they can publish a small number of readily marketable volumes.
▪ Contest is open to all Arizona poets without a full-length, published collection to their name.
▪ Rather than produce a catalogue, the Ruskin Programme is publishing a collection of scholarly essays to mark the occasion.
▪ Whatever it meant in 1943 has been superseded by its function as an introduction to the published collection.
▪ She was syndicated in 20 cities within a month, and published her first collection of essays two years later.
a motley collection/crew/assortment etc
▪ A group appear from the house, a motley collection like a troupe of clowns.
▪ A middle-aged couple got out and began to unload a motley collection of boxes and bags.
▪ All had several days' growth of beard and were dressed in a motley collection of civilian clothing.
▪ If so, is what you have put together really just a motley collection with a messy clash of styles and materials?
▪ Photographs of the period show groups of men in a motley collection of semi-uniform.
▪ The party is not a motley collection of ageing hippies, but an arm of a wealthy and complex organisation.
▪ When he stalked out he left her with a motley crew mostly of accountants and lawyers.
house-to-house inquiries/search/collection etc
▪ Another was a newcomer to our church and to our city, doing an Edinburgh house-to-house collection for the first time.
▪ It was Major Volpi who had been given responsibility for putting up road-blocks and carrying out house-to-house searches.
▪ Officers would also be making house-to-house inquiries, said a Hertfordshire Police spokesman.
▪ Peacekeeping troops set up road blocks and conducted house-to-house searches.
▪ Road blocks were set up and a helicopter brought in from Manchester as police began house-to-house inquiries.
▪ Some 200 militants were arrested in house-to-house searches beginning on April 13.
▪ The street collection raised £255.41 and the house-to-house collection realised £2,928.
▪ We will be making street and house-to-house collections during Battle of Britain Week.
▪ a collection of ancient Greek coins
▪ a collection of old newspapers
▪ a coin collection
▪ Armani's summer collection
▪ Christmas trees can be picked up with regular trash collection.
▪ Have you seen Alvin's stamp collection?
▪ Have you seen her CD collection - it's enormous!
▪ On the shelf was his mother's collection of crystal vases.
▪ Perrault published his collection of fairy tales in 1697.
▪ The collection of data is not always something that a researcher can control.
▪ The museum has a superb collection of Mexican pottery.
▪ The museum has one of the world's finest collections of Impressionist paintings.
▪ The new system should speed the collection of debts in the future.
▪ the Permanent Collection at the Whitney Museum
▪ They get together and behave like a real collection of idiots.
▪ Designer of the Year Vivienne Westwood included ripped denim in her Spring/Summer 1991 collection.
▪ Most of the conglomerates which were made up of a disparate collection of businesses have failed.
▪ Of course, PeÜek's collection automatically scores points over the competition by virtue of its uniqueness.
▪ One needs the basic skills of research, including the ability to use the full resources of a research collection.
▪ Special thanks to Laura Ashley at Ipswich for providing the outfits pictured which were from their summer collection.
▪ The collection is one of the most important of its kind in the United States and focuses on landscape and still life.
▪ This will be followed by a period of continued observation and data collection of the target behavior or set of behaviors.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Collection \Col*lec"tion\, n. [L. collectio: cf. F. collection.]

  1. The act or process of collecting or of gathering; as, the collection of specimens.

  2. That which is collected; as:

    1. A gathering or assemblage of objects or of persons. ``A collection of letters.''

    2. A gathering of money for charitable or other purposes, as by passing a contribution box for freewill offerings. ``The collection for the saints.''
      --1 Cor. xvi. 1

    3. (Usually in pl.) That which is obtained in payment of demands.

    4. An accumulation of any substance. ``Collections of moisture.''
      --Whewell. ``A purulent collection.''

  3. The act of inferring or concluding from premises or observed facts; also, that which is inferred. [Obs.]

    We may safely say thus, that wrong collections have been hitherto made out of those words by modern divines.

  4. The jurisdiction of a collector of excise. [Eng.]

    Syn: Gathering; assembly; assemblage; group; crowd; congregation; mass; heap; compilation.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "action of collecting," from Old French collection (14c.), from Latin collectionem (nominative collectio) "a gathering together," noun of action from colligere (see collect). Especially of money gathered for religious or charitable purposes from 1530s. Meaning "a group of objects viewed as a whole" is from c.1400.


n. 1 A set of items or amount of material procured or gathered together. 2 Multiple related objects associated as a group.

  1. n. several things grouped together or considered as a whole [syn: aggregation, accumulation, assemblage]

  2. a publication containing a variety of works [syn: compendium]

  3. request for a sum of money; "an appeal to raise money for starving children" [syn: solicitation, appeal, ingathering]

  4. the act of gathering something together [syn: collecting, assembling, aggregation]


Collection or Collections may refer to:

  • Cash collection, the function of an accounts receivable department
  • Collection agency, agency to collect cash
  • Collection (abstract data type), the abstract concept of collections in computer science
  • Collection (artwork), objects in a particular field forms the core basis for the museum
  • Collection (Oxford colleges), a beginning-of-term exam or Principal's Collections
  • Collection (horse), a term referring to the horse carrying more weight on his hindquarters than his forehand
  • Collection (racehorse), an Irish-bred, Hong Kong based Thoroughbred racehorse
Collection (horse)

Collection occurs when a horse carries more weight on the hind legs than the front legs. The horse draws its body together so that it becomes like a giant spring whose stored energy can be reclaimed for fighting or running from a predator. The largest organic spring in the horse's body, and therefore the easiest one to observe in action, is the back, including the spine and the associated musculature that draws it together in much the same way that a bow is drawn by an archer.

Collection (Men Without Hats album)

Collection is the first compilation album by the Canadian pop group Men Without Hats. It was released in 1996.

Collection (Oxford colleges)

At Colleges of the University of Oxford, a Collection may be one of two things:

  • An examination taken at the beginning of term by undergraduates/graduates, testing the work done in the previous term, and often based on past paper questions (typically a three-hour exam). Undergraduates usually sit one or two Collections per term, but this can vary by tutor and by college. Collections are College (or sometimes departmental), rather than University, examinations and assist in predicting a student's final degree result rather than constituting a part of it.
    • A Penal Collection might be set if an undergraduate has failed to work hard enough. Failure to achieve a minimum mark set in advance may result in the student's being rusticated for a set period, or even being “sent down” — that is, permanently expelled from the College.
  • A meeting at the end of term, usually with a set of tutors or - very occasionally - with the Head of House of the College, at which reports of the term's work are read, or (especially for postgraduates) the student's progress is discussed. These are sometimes known as “hand-shaking”, or “Principal's (Dean's/Master's/Warden's/President's/Provost's/Rector's, etc.) Collections”.
Collection (The Stranglers album)

Collection is a compilation album by The Stranglers.

Collection (Tracy Chapman album)

Collection is a greatest hits album by Tracy Chapman, it features tracks from her first five studio albums. The tracks include her two U.S. Top Tens, " Fast Car" and " Give Me One Reason". Other charted singles on this album include " Talkin' 'bout a Revolution", "Crossroads", "Telling Stories", and " Baby Can I Hold You".

Collection (The Jam album)

The Jam Collection is a compilation by The Jam. It includes only one of the band's singles (" Just Who Is the 5 O'Clock Hero?" which was unreleased in the UK), as it focuses on the group's album tracks and B-sides.

Collection (Arvingarna album)

Collection is a 2002 compilation album from Swedish " dansband" Arvingarna.

Collection (Magnus Uggla album)

Collection is a 1985 half official double compilation album from Swedish pop and rock artist Magnus Uggla. The album was released for the Finnish market.

Collection (artwork)

A museum is distinguished by a collection of often unique objects that forms the core of its activities for exhibitions, education, research, etc. This differentiates it from an archive or library, where the contents may be more paper-based, replaceable and less exhibition oriented, or a private collection of art formed by an individual, family or institution that may grant no public access. A museum normally has a collecting policy for new acquisitions, so only objects in certain categories and of a certain quality are accepted into the collection. The process by which an object is formally included in the collection is called accessioning and each object is given a unique accession number.

Museum collections, and archives in general, are normally catalogued in a collection catalogue, traditionally in a card index, but nowadays in a computerized database. Transferring collection catalogues onto computer-based media is a major undertaking for most museums. All new acquisitions are normally catalogued on a computer in modern museums, but there is typically a backlog of old catalogue entries to be computerized as time and funding allows.

Collection (The Warratahs album)

Collection is a greatest hits album by New Zealand band, The Warratahs released in 2003.

Collection (Joe Sample album)

Collection is a compilation album of jazz songs by American pianist Joe Sample that was released in 1991 through GRP Records.

This album sampler includes tracks from albums released in 1978-1985 while Joe Sample recorded with Blue Thumb and MCA recording companies.

Collection (abstract data type)

In computer science, a collection or container is a grouping of some variable number of data items (possibly zero) that have some shared significance to the problem being solved and need to be operated upon together in some controlled fashion. Generally, the data items will be of the same type or, in languages supporting inheritance, derived from some common ancestor type. A collection is a concept applicable to abstract data types, and does not prescribe a specific implementation as a concrete data structure, though often there is a conventional choice (see Container for type theory discussion).

Examples of collections include lists, sets, multisets, trees and graphs.

Fixed-size arrays (or tables) are usually not considered a collection because they hold a fixed number of data items, although they commonly play a role in the implementation of collections. Variable-size arrays are generally considered collections.

Collection (Thee Michelle Gun Elephant album)

Collection is an album by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, released in 2001.

This release was for North America only. Around the same time, in Japan, the band released 'TMGE 106', which contained similar (although not identical) tracks.

Collection (Mike Oldfield album)

Collection is a compilation album written and mostly performed by Mike Oldfield.

Collection (The Charlatans album)

Collection' is a compilation album by British band The Charlatans, it was released in October 2007.

Collection (Praxis album)

Collection is a compilation album by the super-group Praxis, released in 1998 by the label Douglas.

This album does not contain any songs from their first album Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) (1992) and focuses more on the next albums Sacrifist (1994) and Metatron (1994).

The songs "Maggot Dream" and "Dark Hood" belong to Death Cube K (an anagram of Buckethead), and were released in the album Dreamatorium in 1994.

Collection (Jason Becker album)

Collection is an album by Jason Becker released by Shrapnel Records on November 4, 2008. The album includes three new songs in addition to some older recordings. It includes many musicians and features guitarists such as Marty Friedman, Greg Howe, Joe Satriani, Michael Lee Firkins, Steve Vai, and Steve Hunter.

Collection (Spyro Gyra album)

Collection is the fifteenth and debut compilation album by Spyro Gyra, released in 1991 (see 1991 in music). The album cover showed a couple of fairies above a city with flowers.

The first two tracks are new recordings. "Mallet Ballet" is a live recording from a 1979 promo EP. "Harbor Nights" is from the live album Access All Areas. The remaining tracks are the original studio versions.

Collection (The Rankin Family album)

Collection is the first greatest hits album by Canadian folk music group The Rankin Family. It was released by EMI in 1996. The album peaked at number 1 on the RPM Country Albums chart.

Collection (2NE1 album)

Collection is the debut Japanese studio album and is the second studio album overall of South Korean girl group 2NE1. It was released on March 28, 2012 in 4 different editions: CD+2DVD+Photobook, CD+DVD, CD+Goods ( HMV stores only) and a Regular edition.

Collection (Agnes album)

Collection is a greatest hits album by Swedish recording artist Agnes, and was released on December 27, 2013 in Sweden. It includes most of her singles to date, omitting Stranded, Kick Back Relax, All I Want for Christmas Is You, Sometimes I Forget and Life (Diamonds in the Dark).

Collection (Wynonna Judd album)

Collection is the title of the first compilation album released by the American country music artist Wynonna Judd. The standard version of the album reprised eleven tracks from her first three studio albums: her 1992 self-titled debut, 1993's Tell Me Why, and 1996's Revelations. The standard edition of the album contained no new tracks, but a number of the songs were presented in remixed versions.

The Australian edition of the album was a more comprehensive collection and included an additional six tracks. This edition added the international singles "Making My Way (Any Way That I Can," "Father Sun," and Wynonna's duet with Michael English "Healing." It also included her cover of the Lynyrd Skynyrd's " Free Bird."

Collection (racehorse)

Collection is an Irish-bred, Hong Kong based Thoroughbred racehorse.

In the season of 2008–09, Collection won the Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Derby (HK G1-2000m) on 22 March. Collection also was one of the nominees of Hong Kong Horse of the Year in the seasons of 2008–09 and 2009–10.

Collection began his racing career in England where he was trained by William Haggas. Haggas trained Collection to win three of his seven races in 2007 and 2008, including the Listed Hampton Court Stakes at Ascot.

In 2009, Collection was exported to race in Hong Kong and won the Hong Kong Derby on his third appearance for his new trainer John Moore.

In the following season, Collection finished runner up to the French-trained Vision d'Etat in the Hong Kong Cup in December and won the Hong Kong Gold Cup in February.

Collection (Dave Grusin album)

Collection is an album by American pianist Dave Grusin released in 1989, recorded for the GRP label. Collection contains a retrospective of Grusin's 1976-1989 work. The album reached #3 on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz chart.

Collection (Lee Ritenour album)

Collection is an album by American guitarist Lee Ritenour released in 1991, recorded for the GRP label. Collection contains a retrospective of Ritenour's 1979-1991 work. The album reached #7 on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz chart.

Usage examples of "collection".

A large collection of Acadian documents, from the archives of Paris, is in my possession.

I have also examined the Acadian collections made for the government of Canada and for that of Massachusetts.

How long would it be, Adams wondered, before America had such collections.

His large library included a fine collection of Aldine editions and Greek and Latin MSS.

To an ameba, this was easily the most exciting photograph in the collection.

Within two years he put him on the Ammonites, a big collection having been received from Europe at that time.

She had swooped into Pottery Barn one afternoon for simple, disposable furniture, but the walls were adorned with truly beautiful works of art from the collection of her mother, a woman of discerning taste and double fortune after remarrying an Argentinean named Helmut.

By noon, October 30th, we had seen our Andean collections in the hands of arrieros bound for Guayaquil, whence they were to be shipped by way of Panama to Washington, and our baggage train for Napo headed toward the rising sun.

Perhaps if her collection included species from Phylum Arthropoda rather than the tediously inelegant Mammalia, I might find it of some small value.

The collection, such as it was, was in the Avestan dialect, which had grown partially obsolete and unintelligible.

Second, you show up dressed to party with your pet in tow at that club, the club that Balthazar uses as his main collection area.

In conclusion, it may be said that the present volume contains many precious relics of the Bewick, Newbury, Goldsmith, Newcastle York, Banbury, Coventry, and Catnach presses, and a representative collection of the stock of workable woodcuts of a provincial printer in the latter part of the 18th century, and to those who would like to inspect the rentable copies of those valuable and interesting little books, and some of the original Horn Books, etc.

Martin, and during the course of the evening I decided to mention the prospective collections in case he had ever done a unicorn story or a barroom story.

Her collection of beargrass, cattail leaves and stalks, reeds, willow switches, roots of trees, would be made into baskets, tightly woven or of looser weave in intricate patterns, for cooking, eating, storage containers, winnowing trays, serving trays, mats for sitting upon, serving or drying food.

He always did it, in these spells, and the word was like a skewer pinning her to the beaverboard among the other butterflies of his collection.