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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Assemble \As*sem"ble\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Assembled; p. pr. & vb. n. Assembling.] [F. assembler, fr. LL. assimulare to bring together to collect; L. ad + simul together; akin to similis like, Gr. ? at the same time, and E. same. Cf. Assimilate, Same.]

  1. To collect into one place or body; to bring or call together; to convene; to congregate.

    Thither he assembled all his train.

    All the men of Israel assembled themselves.
    --1 Kings viii.

  2. 2. To collect and put together the parts of; as, to assemble a bicycle, watch, gun, or other manufactured article.


n. A gathering or assembly. vb. (present participle of assemble English)


n. the act of gathering something together [syn: collection, collecting, aggregation]

Usage examples of "assembling".

The period between the adjournment of the conventions and the assembling of the Legislatures was so short that there was no time for the maturing of public opinion in the North, and still less for bringing it to bear in any way upon Southern action.

A counter-proclamation was adopted by this meeting, in which the abandonment of the intended assembling at Clontarf was announced, and the people were exhorted not to assemble.

The awesome, aperiodic double helixwith its seductive suggestion of encoded information assembling an entire organismspread before him at twenty-one, wider than the American Wilderness.

The wrath of the king was now terrible to behold, and assembling his council, he bade them decide how he should punish the wretch who had twice ill treated his messengers.

Piece by piece he was assembling the costly treasures for its furnishing fine hand-turned bedsteads and chests and chairs from the skilled Wethersfield joiner, Peter Blinn, glossy pewter plates and a set of silver spoons from Boston, real china bowls of blue and white Delft from Holland.

Boudreau at the back of his property, under shade trees by the coulee, uncrating and assembling an irrigation pump.

Bhatterji saw Raphael Evermore in the machine shop on third watch assembling a tool of some sort and he paused to watch the boy at work from the entryway.

The last one he questioned was a countryman from Goshen, and from him he learned that the army was assembling in a great pasture on the southern limits of the Israelitish country.

In 1931 Van de Graaff joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and began assembling a double generator composed of two twenty-three-foot-high columns, each containing two belts and supporting an aluminum sphere six feet in diameter.

And it finally culminated in the following frightful picture which still lowers and blazes in the imagination of ecclesiastical Christendom as a veritable revelation of what is to take place at the end of the world: While the stars are falling, the firmament dissolving, the dead swarming from their graves, and the nations assembling, Christ will come in the clouds of heaven with a host of angels and sit in judgment on collected mankind.

Cathy assures me that no one has suffered harm there since the great attack, but this has been a busy week for me on Earth, assembling supplies for our colonists.

News that Stice had very nearly beaten an Inc nobody but John Wayne has been able to beat has made its figure-eight way around the tables and serving line and salad bar, and lots of younger kids keep looking to the best table and Stice, sixteen, crew-cutted and still in his black Fila sweats with no shirt under the unzipped top, assembling a complex sandwich on his plate, and they let their eyes widen and postures sag to communicate awe: R.

Part of the Highland detachment were assembling around the flagstaff, the trumpeter and four kettledrummers already in position for the lowering of the flag.

She took an intense interest in the layette that Isabella was assembling.

They waited, watching: Niner could hear Atin a few meters away, gathering up equipment and assembling it, ready to pull out.