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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
chiselled features/chin/mouth/nose etc
▪ his chiselled good looks
▪ Luke was sitting at his desk, one hand cupping his chin.
double chin
rub your nose/chin/eyes/forehead etc
▪ She yawned and rubbed her eyes.
▪ Your face will be more likely to have a dull complexion, with podgy, sagging cheeks and double chin.
▪ Derek began to stroke his double chin.
▪ I sensed that little hesitation when I floated the subject of his double chin.
▪ Dimples appeared in her fat cheeks, her double chin quivered, her teeth were huge.
▪ That's his big nose and double chin.
▪ Her mouth was a thread-like incision above almost a double chin.
▪ Do you have a double chin?
▪ It draws the eye to any double chin occupying space just above.
▪ Her long neck and strong pointed chin were shown to advantage by the gesture.
▪ With tummy pulled in, raise your head and shoulders, bringing your chin towards your chest.
▪ Do not lean forwards as you block since this will bring your chin close to the opponent's other fist.
▪ It caught on his chin as he tilted his head up and drew in a breath of salted air.
▪ Lucy's firm small hand cupped her chin and drew her face upwards.
▪ The superintendent sat slumped back in her chair, cupping her chin in her hand.
▪ Her knees were drawn up to her chin and her head rested on them, her hair covering her face.
▪ He turned on the television and sat on the couch, his knees drawn to his chin.
▪ Ruth sat hunched, knees drawn up under her chin, and waited.
▪ We sat down; in the berth opposite the old man lay sleeping, the blankets drawn up to his chin.
▪ She was sitting with her knees drawn up to her chin, gazing at the far wall.
▪ She had drawn it up to her chin.
▪ Guido continued to look down at her, almost making her heart stop, his fingers still lightly holding her chin.
▪ He held his pale chin in his thin hands.
▪ He held it under her chin and lowered his mouth to hers.
▪ She sat erect, holding her chin high, waiting.
▪ Soon there was a puddle in the saucer she held under Antoinette's chin.
▪ Lee looked at his bloated face peering in above the set of credentials he held under his chin.
▪ When you run, he advises that you don't keep your chin up.
▪ She was quite literally keeping her chin up.
▪ Calm down. Keep your chin up.
▪ So they need fresh enemies ordered up from time to time just to keep their chins jutting.
▪ Breathe out as you lift and breathe in as you lower, keeping your chin away from your chest.
▪ She looked at her reflection in the wall-length mirror, lifting her chin.
▪ Her back arched, lifting her chin into the air.
▪ Letty seemed about to demur but Emily lifted her chin challengingly and the maid bobbed and left the room.
▪ Often, as he gave away his gifts, he closed his eyes and lifted his chin.
▪ He saw her lift her chin, trying to once again lift the wrinkles.
▪ Naughtily, she lifts her little chin.
▪ Aggie lifted Kim-s chin with her fingers.
▪ He lifted her chin to look down into her eyes, a dangerous look.
▪ She lowered her chin and looked up at him.
▪ He lifted her chin to look down into her eyes, a dangerous look.
▪ Mama Sipcott's butter sauce was gleaming on her chin and she looked very beautiful.
▪ Lying on your tummy, raise your head and shoulders. Point the chin upwards and hold for 5 counts.
▪ He raised his chin a notch and swiveled his head at Earl Varney and Floyd Johnson standing half behind him.
▪ He flexed his narrow shoulders and placed his elbows on the desk, steepled fingers resting against his chin.
▪ He put his elbows on his knees and rested his chin on his fists.
▪ She rested her chin on her knees, preparing herself for the long wait.
▪ She leant her elbows on the table, clasped her hands lightly and rested her chin on them.
▪ Paige drew her knees up inside the bag, resting her chin on them.
▪ Now, in the reluctant dawn light, he stood eyeing the carriage and rubbing his grizzled chin.
▪ He stood for a moment, rubbing his chin.
▪ With her other hand she rubbed me under my chin - my other weak spot.
▪ He rubbed his chin absently on the top of Tessa's head, so that he could look over it at the girl.
▪ Rip rubbed his chin, and noticed that he had a long, scraggly beard.
▪ Don't twiddle your hair, pull your ears, scratch your face, nor rub your nose or chin.
▪ Jo watched the butter sauce running down her chin.
▪ Spittle was running down his chin and dripping on to his clothes.
▪ It's juice running down chins, fingers instead of forks, plates licked squeaky clean and belts loosened around waists.
▪ Sylvia watched Estelle's mouth fill, as the pale yellow liquid ran out on to her chin.
▪ He put down the phone and scratched his chin.
▪ He scratched chin, neck, belly.
▪ I practised sticking my chin out and narrowing my eyes suggestively in the mirror.
▪ Instead he stuck his chin in his hand, so removing his arm from her touch.
▪ She reached up and stroked his chin.
▪ Derek began to stroke his double chin.
▪ He began thoughtfully stroking his chin.
▪ Cantor slowly stroked his chin while staring at Stafford.
▪ Lufkin stroked his chin, as if contemplating her request.
▪ With his right hand he takes hold of his chin.
▪ Short sellers took it on the chin last year.
▪ He should have just taken it on the chin...
▪ The car's manufacturers are taking it on the chin.
▪ Her toecap took him under the chin, close to the throat.
▪ He took her chin between thumb and forefinger, tilting her mutinous face up for his cool inspection.
▪ He thrust out his chin and smiled.
▪ He thrusts his chin forward to over-emphasise words.
▪ Then she reached over and gently tilted my chin up so that I had to look into her eyes.
▪ She tilted her chin upwards and put on her loftiest expression.
▪ He reached his hand down to tilt her chin or did she raise it to anticipate him?
▪ Just thinking about it now made her tilt her chin higher.
▪ A comprehensive white linen napkin was tucked under his chin.
▪ Kathy tucked her chin into the life vest, closed her eyes.
chuck sb under the chin
receding chin
▪ His spare middle-aged frame is topped by a large head with sallow cheeks, thin lips, and receding chin.
▪ She had a primly censorious mouth above a slightly receding chin already showing the first slackness of a dewlap.
strong nose/chin/features
▪ Beneath the strong nose was a dark moustache, thin and slicked down, which gave him a Latin look.
▪ Eyes closed, his strong features were peaceful in repose.
▪ He had a large square head, strong features, the worried look of a rustic crossing streets in the capital.
▪ I think Janir resembles her more, with his dark skin, curly hair and strong features.
▪ It actually detracts from one of email's strongest features-simplicity.
▪ She gets my goat sometimes with her long, strong nose and her self-assertion.
▪ She liked a man to have strong features.
▪ Sunlight reflected from the snow outside flashed off his rimless pince-nez perched on the bridge of his strong nose.
▪ Dolly watched him, bedclothes up to her chin.
▪ He smelled light sweat, felt spittle reaching to his chin.
▪ Her chin is low and stubborn and insane.
▪ Her head was back and her chin raised, resin plugging the eye sockets.
▪ Her short red hair was crudely shaped in a wedge and her pallid cheeks and small chin were peppered with unsightly acne.
▪ His chin hung farther down on his chest as his shoulders hunched closer together.
▪ Lufkin stroked his chin, as if contemplating her request.
▪ The night before the trials, he shaved a gnarly goatee off his chin.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chin \Chin\ (ch[i^]n), n. [AS. cin, akin to OS. kin, G kinn, Icel. kinn, cheek, Dan. & Sw. kind, L. gena, Gr. ?; cf. Skr. hanu. [root]232.]

  1. The lower extremity of the face below the mouth; the point of the under jaw.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) The exterior or under surface embraced between the branches of the lower jaw bone, in birds.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English cin, cinn "chin" (but in some compounds suggesting an older, broader sense of "jawbone"); a general Germanic word (compare Old Saxon and Old High German kinni; Old Norse kinn; German Kinn "chin;" Gothic kinnus "cheek"), from PIE root *genu- "chin, jawbone" (cognates: Sanskrit hanuh, Avestan zanu- "chin;" Armenian cnawt "jawbone, cheek;" Lithuanian žándas "jawbone;" Greek genus "lower jaw," geneion "chin;" Old Irish gin "mouth," Welsh gen "jawbone, chin").


1590s, "to press (affectionately) chin to chin," from chin (n.). Meaning "to bring to the chin" (of a fiddle) is from 1869. Slang meaning "talk, gossip" is from 1883, American English. Related: Chinned; chinning. Athletic sense of "raise one's chin over" (a raised bar, for exercise) is from 1880s.


Etymology 1 n. 1 The bottom of a face, especially, the lower jaw or the region below the mouth. 2 (context slang US English) talk. 3 (context slang British English) A falsehood. 4 (context boxing uncountable English) The ability to withstand being punched in the face without being knock out. vb. 1 (context slang intransitive English) To talk. 2 To perform a chin-up. 3 (context UK transitive English) To punch (someone)'s chin (gloss: part of the body). Etymology 2

n. (context endearing English) a chinchill

  1. n. the protruding part of the lower jaw [syn: mentum]

  2. Kamarupan languages spoken in western Burma and Bangladesh and easternmost India [syn: Kuki, Kuki-Chin]

  3. [also: chinning, chinned]

  1. v. in gymnastics: raise oneself while hanging from one's hands until one's chin is level with the support bar [syn: chin up]

  2. [also: chinning, chinned]

Chin (disambiguation)

The chin is the lowermost part of the human face.

  • Double chin, an extra layer of fat that protrudes from underneath the chin
  • Cleft chin, a chin with a dimple in the center
  • Chin-up, a strength training exercise
  • Chin (boxing), "a good chin", a boxer's ability to tolerate hard punches in the face without being knocked out
  • Chinface, a comical performance where eyes are drawn on the chin and it is filmed upside-down

Chin may also refer to:

Chin (Mayan god)

In describing the customs of the Mayas inhabiting the Verapaz province (including the Alta Verapaz and Baja Verapaz) of 16th-century Guatemala, Bishop Bartolomé de las Casas mentions sexual relationships, regulated by customary law, between unmarried young men and boys, as well as similar relations prevailing among adolescents receiving instruction in the temples. Chin, together with Cu, Cavil ('idol'), and Maran, is mentioned as the name of the male deity said to have demonstrated homosexual intercourse with another 'demon', and thereby to have introduced such relationships: "From that time on some fathers gave their sons a little boy to be used as a woman; and if someone else took the boy, they demanded pay as is done when someone violates another's wife." Institutionalized pederastic prostitution, including transvestism, is recorded in 17th-century Spanish reports of the Itzá Mayas living in the Petén. Among the Classic Period scenes found in a cave of Naj Tunich is a depiction of a naked, sexually excited male creature embracing a nude Maya nobleman, possibly by way of initiation.


The chin or the mental region is the area of the face below the lower lip and including the mandibular prominence. It is formed by the lower front of the mandible. In humans there is a wide variety of chin structures, e.g. cleft chin.

In human evolution, the chin is a cladistic apomorphy, partially defining anatomically modern humans as distinct from archaic forms. Non-human anthropoid apes have a simian shelf for example. Elephants are the only other animals considered to display such a feature, although this leads to debate over the use of the term.

The chin emerged during the Middle and Late Pleistocene, but its origin and biomechanical significance are the subjects of controversy. Prominent hypotheses include buttressing the jaw against stresses resulting from speech or chewing as well as simple sexual selection through mate choice. With the advent of more advanced computational facilities, finite element analyses have been used to support hypotheses involving mechanical stress. On the other hand, increased availability of data regarding sexual dimorphism in chins has also lent support to the sexual selection hypothesis as sexual dimorphism is more difficult to explain under other regimes. It is possible that multiple causal factors have played a role in the chin's evolution.

Chin (combat sports)

In combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts, a fighter's chin is a figurative term that refers to an ability to tolerate physical trauma to the head without being knocked unconscious. The fictional Rocky Balboa character of the Rocky franchise epitomizes the concept of a boxer with a granite chin.


CHIN is a Canadian radio station, which broadcasts multilingual programming at AM 1540 in Toronto, Ontario. It is a Class B station broadcasting on a clear-channel shared by The U.S. and The Bahamas. It is owned by CHIN Radio/TV International, and also has an FM rebroadcaster at 91.9 to fill in reception gaps in parts of the Toronto area — this should not be confused with CHIN-FM, which offers a distinct program schedule. CHIN's studios are located on College Street in the Palmerston-Little Italy neighbourhood of Toronto, while its AM transmitters are located on Lakeshore Avenue on the Toronto Islands, and the FM rebroadcaster is located atop an apartment tower complex near Bathurst and Sheppard in Toronto's Clanton Park neighbourhood.

The station, one of Canada's first multilingual broadcast outlets along with Montreal's CFMB, was launched in 1966 by Toronto broadcaster Johnny Lombardi. CHIN-FM was launched the following year, and a second FM signal acting as the AM station's FM rebroadcaster was added in 1997 (at 101.3 MHz) with the call letters CHIN-1-FM.

On April 17, 2003, Radio 1540 Ltd. was given approval to change the frequency of CHIN-1-FM Toronto from 101.3 MHz to 91.9 MHz and to increase the effective radiated power from 22 to 35 watts.

CHIN's daytime lineup consists primarily of Chinese ( Cantonese & Mandarin) and Italian programming, with some Albanian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Greek, Irish, Jewish, Romanian, Somali, Spanish and Ukrainian programming airing on Saturdays & Sundays.

On January 14, 2011, CHIN received approval to increase the effective radiated power for the CHIN-FM-1 91.9 FM transmitter from 161 to 1,850 watts (maximum ERP from 350 to 5,000 watts with an antenna height above average terrain of 86 metres).

On February 10, 2016, CHIN dropped the simulcast of China Radio International in the evening and overnight hours and replaced it with dance music-formatted programming originating from internet broadcaster "DJFM Toronto."

Usage examples of "chin".

Granpa spoke no Afrikaans and she no English so she thumped up and down in silence with her chins squashing onto her chest with every bump of the old truck.

I was in mid-air for an agelong enough to chew and swallow a tongueand then I hit on my stomach, rocked forward on my receding chest and two of my chins, and slid.

Mother Aglee, younger than Jonea, but showing tired lines around her mobile lips, rested her chin in her hand.

After another minute or so with nothing but a few eye blinks lending her face a live look, she shook her head a slightly, moving her chin a bare inch each way, then with her eyes glued to Andi until the final second, she slipped out the door without comment.

Nom Anor shifted his weight forward, resting his chin on his knuckles as he stared into the optical jelly.

As she saw the last time, the lines seemed especially predominant near his chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead areas, running mostly vertical on his forehead, diagonally and horizontally on his nose, vertically and diagonally on his chin and cheekbones, with a strange sort of oval or circular pattern around his eyes.

Not only did his strange hair stand out blatantly, but so did the taut, blue tendons beneath his skin, especially by his cheekbones, nose, and chin, the tensest areas of his skin.

Staffa leaned back in the command chair, elbow braced on an armrest, chin cupped in his palm.

As tears ran through the blood on his face and trailed down his chin, Aspar realized that even fifteen had been an overestimate.

Urge undertake immediate measures translation Esslemonts New Era into Nepali Assamese Chin languages.

Her cheekbones were high and flat and just beginning to take on that bronze tint he had noticed during previous summers, all gifts of her Aleut heritage, although the high bridge of her nose was all Anglo and the jut of her chin as Athabascan as it got.

He jerked with his chin toward the last of the long houses where boys played with small baggataway sticks in a noisy game.

Even intellect condescends to intellectual jugglery, balancing thoughts as a juggler balances pipes on his chin.

He fired and the ball took Barker under the chin, and then a musket banged from the courtyard and tore a splinter from the balustrade beside Sharpe.

Hearing his breath suck in, she nipped his bottom lip, then his chin, moving further down, taking the small sting of her bites away with concupiscent, open-mouthed kisses.