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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Leaders gather in closed-door cabals and carry on regardless of what their citizens think.
▪ People who imagine that some small cabal of powerful investors move the market often talk about the gnomes of Zurich.
▪ The Tyrrell Society and all that pining after defunct Oxford cabals - it's irrelevant, Harry, don't you see?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cabal \Ca*bal"\ (k[.a]*b[a^]l"), n. [F. cabale cabal, cabala, LL. cabala cabala, fr. Heb. qabb[=a]l[=e]h reception, tradition, mysterious doctrine, fr. q[=a]bal to take or receive, in Pi["e]l qibbel to adopt (a doctrine).]

  1. Tradition; occult doctrine. See Cabala. [Obs.]

  2. A secret. [Obs.] ``The measuring of the temple, a cabal found out but lately.''
    --B. Jonson.

  3. A number of persons united in some close design, usually to promote their private views and interests in church or state by intrigue; a secret association composed of a few designing persons; a junto.

    Note: It so happend, by a whimsical coincidence, that in 1671 the cabinet consisted of five persons, the initial letters of whose names made up the word cabal; Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley, and Lauderdale.

  4. The secret artifices or machinations of a few persons united in a close design; intrigue.

    By cursed cabals of women.

    Syn: Junto; intrigue; plot; combination; conspiracy.

    Usage: Cabal, Combination, Faction. An association for some purpose considered to be bad is the idea common to these terms. A combination is an organized union of individuals for mutual support, in urging their demands or resisting the claims of others, and may be good or bad according to circumstances; as, a combiniation of workmen or of employers to effect or to prevent a change in prices. A cabal is a secret association of a few individuals who seek by cunning practices to obtain office and power. A faction is a larger body than a cabal, employed for selfish purposes in agitating the community and working up an excitement with a view to change the existing order of things. ``Selfishness, insubordination, and laxity of morals give rise to combinations, which belong particularly to the lower orders of society. Restless, jealous, ambitious, and little minds are ever forming cabals. Factions belong especially to free governments, and are raised by busy and turbulent spirits for selfish purposes''.


Cabal \Ca*bal"\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Caballed (-b[a^]ld"); p. pr. & vb. n. Caballing]. [Cf. F. cabaler.] To unite in a small party to promote private views and interests by intrigue; to intrigue; to plot.

Caballing still against it with the great.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1520s, "mystical interpretation of the Old Testament," later "society, small group meeting privately" (1660s), from French cabal, in both senses, from Medieval Latin cabbala (see cabbala). Popularized in English 1673 as an acronym for five intriguing ministers of Charles II (Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley, and Lauderdale), which gave the word its sinister connotations.


n. 1 A usually secret exclusive organization of individuals gathered for a political purpose. 2 A secret plot. 3 An identifiable group within the tradition of http://en.wikipedi

  1. org/wiki/Discordianism. v

  2. To engage in the activities of a #Noun

  1. n: a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue [syn: faction, junto, camarilla]

  2. a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot) [syn: conspiracy]

  3. v : engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together; "They conspired to overthrow the government" [syn: conspire, complot, conjure, machinate]

  4. [also: caballing, caballed]


A cabal is a group of people united in some close design together, usually to promote their private views or interests in an ideology, state, or other community, often by intrigue, usually unbeknown to persons outside their group. Cabals are sometimes secret societies composed of a few designing persons, and at other times are manifestations of emergent behavior in society or governance on the part of a community of persons who have well established public affiliation or kinship. The term can also be used to refer to the designs of such persons or to the practical consequences of their emergent behavior, and also holds a general meaning of intrigue and conspiracy. The use of this term usually carries strong connotations of shadowy corners, back rooms and insidious influence. The term is frequently used in conspiracy theories; some Masonic conspiracy theories describe Freemasonry as an internationalist secret cabal.

Cabal (video game)

is a arcade video game originally developed by TAD Corporation and published in Japan by Taito Corporation and in North America and Europe by Fabtek. In this game, the player controls a commando, viewed from behind, trying to destroy various enemy military bases. The game was innovative for the era, and a modest success in sales.

Cabal (novella)

Cabal is a 1988 horror novel by the British author Clive Barker. It was originally published in the United States as part of a collection comprising a novel and several short stories from Barker's sixth and final volume of the Books of Blood.

The book was adapted into the film Nightbreed in 1990, written and directed by Barker himself, starring Craig Sheffer and David Cronenberg.

Cabal (disambiguation)

A cabal is a group of people united in some design, often secretively.

Cabal, Kabal, or the Cabal may also refer to:

  • The Cabal Ministry, a government under King Charles II of England
  • Cabal (set theory), an American group of mathematicians concentrated in southern California
  • Conway Cabal, an effort to remove George Washington as commander of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War
  • Kabal, a desert fortification found in northern Kuwait used to house American military and coalition forces
  • Kabal, Tehsil, a town in Pakistan
Cabal (set theory)

The Cabal was, or perhaps is, a grouping of set theorists in Southern California, particularly at UCLA and Caltech, but also at UC Irvine. Organization and procedures range from informal to nonexistent, so it is difficult to say whether it still exists or exactly who has been a member, but it has included such notable figures as Donald A. Martin, Yiannis N. Moschovakis, John R. Steel, and Alexander S. Kechris. Others who have published in the proceedings of the Cabal seminar include Robert M. Solovay, W. Hugh Woodin, Matthew Foreman, and Steve Jackson.

The work of the group is characterized by free use of large cardinal axioms, and research into the descriptive set theoretic behavior of sets of reals if such assumptions hold.

Some of the philosophical views of the Cabal seminar were described in and .

Cabal (software)

The Haskell Cabal is the Common Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries; it aids in the packaging and distribution of software packages. It is contained in the Haskell Platform.

Cabal (Dibdin novel)

Cabal is a novel by Michael Dibdin, and the third entry in the Aurelio Zen series.

When, one dark night in November, Prince Ludovico Ruspanti fell a hundred and fifty feet to his death in the chapel at St. Peter's, Rome, there were a number of questions to be answered. The answer the Vatican housekeepers want is rubber-stamped suicide. Zen, whose bad luck it is to be on call that night, is keen to oblige and return to his girlfriend's bed. Unfortunately for him, things turn out to be not that simple and he finds that getting the real answers is by no means easy, as witness after witness is mysteriously silenced - by violent death. To crack the secret of the Vatican, Zen must penetrate the most secret place of all: the fabled Cabal. How much of a threat does it represent? How far could it reach? Does it even exist?

Cabal (novel)
Cabal (comics)

The Cabal is a comic book secret society of supervillains and antiheroes in Marvel Comics' main shared universe. The group was formed in the " Dark Reign" storyline very shortly after the Secret Invasion event.

Usage examples of "cabal".

He became an expert, and worked for the Cabal for ten years before the Bendy murder.

The First ordered every able-bodied Cabalist to harry the invaders until they were a mile outside the city walls, and the righteous crusat raid on Cabal City ended in disaster.

Krager asked CabaL, a shabby Dacite brigand of his acquaintance with whom he had frequently gotten drunk.

Through the widening gaps aether poured down into the world below, invisible to mortal eyes but blazing with power that Anne and her cabal gathered into their loom.

He had been exiled to Asia, but only for a short time, for, as he told me, the cabals are not so tenacious in Turkey as they are in Europe, and particularly at the court of Vienna.

Gospel preachers joined all on one side, and the upholders of pure morality and a blameless life on the other, so that this division proved a test to us, and it was forthwith resolved that we two should pick out some of the leading men of this unsaintly and heterodox cabal, and cut them off one by one, as occasion should suit.

I am somehow aligned with Gabriel Sandford or the Nast Cabal, let me assure you that I would not debase my reputation with such an association.

I am in no way associated with the Nast Cabal, nor do I work for any Cabal.

Our most pressing concern, however, is preventing the Nast Cabal from learning of your good news.

He continued to casually spin the censer while he waited for Skellum to return and take him back to Cabal City.

Even they, lowest of the low, incapable or unwilling to go against the formidable odds when attempting to produce High Art, understood that Treasure of the Sierra Madre and The 400 Blows and La Str ada and King Kong-- by chance or intent -- transcended the callow commercial goals set by the secret cabal of Schlock Entrepreneurs and Anal Retentive Intellectuals.

The new elections had been carried on with great tranquillity and freedom: the prince had ordered the troops to depart from all the towns where the voters assembled: a tumultuary petition to the two houses having been promoted, he took care, though the petition was calculated for his advantage, effectually to suppress it: he entered into no intrigues, either with the electors or the members: he kept himself in a total silence, as if he had been nowise concerned in these transactions: and so far from forming cabals with the leaders of parties, he disdained even to bestow caresses on those whose assistance might be useful to him.

So, apparently, I guess, people here got together and murdered Cabal Thorne and buried him in unhallowed ground somewhere without the local authorities knowing about it.

If the Barracuda delivers her missiles, we will be involved in a war, and if we sink her and bring certain men to trial, the entire story of the cabal is going to come out.

Until four months ago, when our sources in Detroit told the Cabal that there were new purchases being made similar to the ones that were bought by Bently two years ago.