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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Complot \Com*plot"\, v. t. & i. [imp. & p. p. Complotted; p. pr. & vb. n. Complotting.] [Cf. F. comploter, fr. complot.] To plot or plan together; to conspire; to join in a secret design.

We find them complotting together, and contriving a new scene of miseries to the Trojans.


Complot \Com"plot\, n. [F. complot, prob. for comploit, fr.L. complicitum, prop. p. p. of complicare, but equiv. to complicatio complication, entangling. See Complicate, and cf. Plot.] A plotting together; a confederacy in some evil design; a conspiracy.

I know their complot is to have my life.


n. (context archaic English) A plot (involving more than one person), conspiracy vb. (context archaic English) To plot.

  1. v. engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together; "They conspired to overthrow the government" [syn: conspire, cabal, conjure, machinate]

  2. [also: complotting, complotted]

Usage examples of "complot".

I spent almost all my mornings with him, and it was from this prelate that I learnt all the intrigues and complots by which the ancient Polish constitution, of which the bishop was a great admirer, had been overturned.

But perhaps he has not forgotten England, and came back over at last to play some role in the complot to assassinate William.

Su efecto fue inmediato: las buenas gentes no dejaron de adivinar que Sir Roger Charles era blanco de un complot abominable de los jesuitas.

So, having learned that Fra Cipolla was to breakfast that morning in the town with one of his friends, as soon as they knew that he was at table, down they hied them into the street, and to the inn where the friar lodged, having complotted that Biagio should keep the friar's servant in play, while Giovanni made search among the friar's goods and chattels for this feather, whatever it might be, to carry it off, that they might see how the friar would afterwards explain the matter to the people.

They, perceiving that he was a merchant, and judging that he must have money about him, complotted to rob him on the first opportunity.

Master Alberto thus continuing to haunt the front of the house, it so happened that one feast-day the lady with other ladies was seated before her door, and Master Alberto's approach being thus observed by them for some time before he arrived, they complotted to receive him and shew him honour, and then to rally him on his love.

But thinking best by counterfet disguiseTo their deseigne to make the easier way,They did this complot twixt them selues deuise,First, that sir Artegall should him array,Like one of those two Knights, which dead there lay.