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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Birt \Birt\ (b[~e]rt), n. [OE. byrte; cf. F. bertonneau. Cf. Bret, Burt.] (Zo["o]l.) A fish of the turbot kind; the brill. [Written also burt, bret, or brut.] [Prov. Eng.]


acr. (context software eclipse English) (acronym of w:BIRT Project Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools English)

Birt (crater)

Birt is a lunar impact crater located in the eastern half of the Mare Nubium and west of the Rupes Recta.

Birt is a bowl-shaped formation with a raised rim, slightly intersected along the southeast edge by the much smaller crater Birt A. To the west of Birt, a rille named Rima Birt runs north-northwest in an arc from Birt F to Birt E.


BIRT may refer to:

  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, a provider of specialist brain injury rehabilitation in the UK
  • BIRT Project (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools), an open source software project
  • BIRT, stock ticker symbol for Actuate Corporation
  • Be it resolved that, a phrase that frequently begins an operative paragraph of a resolution

Usage examples of "birt".

George Birt had carefully laid himself down on his stomach, only protruding his head beyond the verge of the crag, that he might not fling away his life in his curiosity.

One of my ancestors followed Robert of Normandy to the wars of Palestine, and from plain John Birts changed his name to John de Brute.

Here, on the conversion of the Birts to Christianity, the sacred rite of baptism was performed by immersion in the waters of the Severn, and when they died, our Edwards, or Ealdwulfs, and their Ethelgifas were laid in the grave to the ringing of the passing bell.

Pendyke bore the name of Kite, and in Saxon times the Birts of Deorhyst, and the Kitels of Pendyke, were mighty hunters in the forest, and many a wolf and many a wild boar fell before their spears.

Kitels that the Birts fled for safety at the burning and sacking of Deorhyst by Sweyne, and it was by their aid that our family reclaimed some hides of forest land within a short distance of Pendyke and established a settlement, to which they gave the name of Birtsmereton, or the ton or village where the Birts settled close upon the borders of a great mere or moor-land swamp.

Fine bambooze shoots, spirit-pine, sparkling aspen, birts, vampire-oaks - also fibertrees, nevergreens and cranials.