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impact crater

n. (context geology English) A crater formed from an impact, typically of a meteorite, as opposed to one formed by other means such as vulcanism.

Usage examples of "impact crater".

The miners came in, picking up the radioactives and the heavy metals, and they built their boomtown in this big impact crater, the only crater on the planet big enough and stable enough to provide a decent shelter, near the dawn line but safely in the dark, and everything was fine until somebody noticed that the city was still moving, and always in the same direction, toward the dayside.

If you draw a line from the Kukulcan pyramid to the center point of the impact crater, the angle measures 23.

Finally she reached the top edge and sat down to rest on the hard rock outcropping that looked out over the impact crater.

A plain opened up before her: shaded red and black, littered by sand dunes and what looked like a big, heavily eroded impact crater.

The morphology of this formation was like no other impact crater or volcanic caldera she had encountered.

All I know for certain is there's evidence of a lot of money up on that plateau, and there's an impact crater in the same place.

But if the impacting object is larger or made primarily of rock, there is an explosion on impact that carves out a hemispherical bowl called an impact crater.

For instance we've found a huge new impact crater on the far side of the Moon, fifteen hundred miles across&mdash.

By the time they reached the impact crater, they were all winded, panting hot breaths that were smothered by the cloths over their mouths.

It was built into the rim of an asteroid impact crater seven miles in diameter, the largest terrain feature on this side of Gehenna.

Perhaps three meters deep, the bowl was easily three hundred long and a hundred wide, probably not an impact crater, but the scar of some ancient mishap.